Moon Chae Won is Wonderous in White in CF Spread for December Elle Korea

It feels like tvN thriller melodrama Flower of Evil was eons ago, goes to the show the speed at which new entertainment replaces the old in the mind. The drama was emotionally intense so the production must have been equally hard hitting but thankfully the result was as good as hoped and the praise was deserving all around. I felt that Moon Chae Won‘s character as the wife and detective was the straw man, she was the one hiding nothing and finding out everything, the stand in for us. So we rooted even more for her to be validated and for her to pick her man despite it all made her choice even more satisfying because she made it knowing all the facts. This role felt like a return to her full glory, a drama worthy of her blend of warmth and steely strength. After trading in her cop casual, she’s showcasing her full fashion allure for Elle Korea in a refreshing and eye cleansing all white pictorial.


Moon Chae Won is Wonderous in White in CF Spread for December Elle Korea — 27 Comments

  1. She is looking great. I have seen some comments saying she has slimmed too much. Some even said did she have facial surgery blah blah.But tbh I like her look like this compared to her look when she was filming Mama and the Fairy back in 2018.She looks mature and glamourous.

    As far as acting goes, she was amazing in Flower of Evil. This is the MCW I fell in love with back in 2012, just the mature version. She finally landed a role and production that show her acting strength and brought weight to her title as the queen of melodrama. Its been so long. Her projects between 2014 -2018 were not it. I hope her streak continues in 2021.

    • She was chubby during her last dramas, and movies.
      You probably never seen her all these years…

      Her face looks exactly the same as always, but she lost a lot of weight during Flower of Evil, more than she have ever lost all these years.

    • When celebs gets mature, they’d doubted to have received PS.

      Maybe you should probably check yourself. Take a photo from 10 & 5 years and compare them with your current look.

      • I meant photos from 10 and 5 years ago, and compare them with your current look. Then tell us what you see.

    • Jealous much that your girl didn’t receive any awards or her dramas didnt get high ratings

      You are so busy insulting against other actresses other than your gal.

      • @LPY
        she does it becoz she is unhappy in life
        When u reply and insult yoo jung she rejoices it which has become her only source of happiness

    • @Joane

      Never heard of Park Kin Young sorry and Seo Ye Ji hasn’t had PS because the photo floating around on the internet is another person with the same name but not the SYJ you keep wanting to take digs at.

      Can you please take a hobby like tap dancing or crochet because your below the belt side remarks are actually quite boring and predictable.

      You’re anti Kim Yoo Jung so kinda know you like to incite the negativity and nasty comments whenever you post because the satisfaction you must get when there is a ton of replies in response really is the highlight of your day.

      We’re heading into Christmas soon so hopefully Santa will bring you a dose of good cheer and a sprinkling of kindness because you certainly do need it. In the meantime I would like you to console yourself with the ‘Butterfly hug’ off IOTNBO. ❤️

    • @joane
      U r too much
      U deserve all the hate u get but dont pull yoo jung with you
      Ur hate for other actors shows how unhappy u r in life
      U r clearly an anti with ulterior motive

    • Her in make up in Flower of Evil actually reminds me of her looks back in Painter of the Wind. Especially when she is not wearing her hair up in Painter.

  2. Sigh. She did not. She slimmed down a lot. How long people have seen her last time? Nice Guy from 8 years ago? Or Good Doctor where she wad chubby?

    She always had a chubby face and she lost a lot of weight for FOE we can practically see how much by comparing her scenes from episode 1 to episode 16.

    All the facial features are the same minus the chubby cheeks. The cheeks are gone

    • I’m pretty sure she has been working consistently over the years. I looked up Wikipedia and she was in 4 dramas since Good Doctors.

      • Lol she is working consistently but most people didn’t watch those works when they said she ‘looks different’. They always compared to her old popular works. Just like you also obviously don’t follow her works and have to checked her wikipedia to see her filmography 🙂

      • And also, she lost a of of weight since her Mama Fairy in 2018 (last work before FOE). Same chubby face as in Good Doctor.

  3. She looks elegant, mature. Beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see her next project and I hope to continue seeing her in great dramas like Flower of Evil!

  4. she looks different. I didn’t recognized her at first. It doesn’t matter to me if she has done some PS or not. It’s her life.

    However, it irritates me when any changed appearance is labled with previously “chubby” to notoriously slim korean actress, idols or singers.

    • Well, for her it IS due to her face and that’s a fact. She has always been known to have a chubby cheeks and now they are gone. Maybe compare them first? 🙂

      If losing weight doesn’t play a role in person’s look then healthy vs sick person would also look the same with no changes in the face.

    • Don’t know what’s wrong in using the wrong chubby, but if it offends you in any way, I will word it better: She had a plumpier cheeks before. She doesn’t have them anymore.

  5. Everyone saying she looks so different here, and I don’t see it? She still looks the same except with a slightly slimmer face (not that her face was super chubby before in the first place..).
    Also, let’s not forget that celebs often look a bit different in photoshoots because of angles, lighting and editing.

    BTW, love this photoshoot! She has always been one of my favorite Korean beauties, very elegant and simple. Crazy how she looks so much like Blackpink Jisoo in the last photo!

    • Of course. To people who are following the girl and sees her enough know that no different but to those who only seen her randomly from random pictures here and there or watched her from years ago are the ones who wrote all those ‘she looks different’

      They should just make a pictures comparison to proof their point and not just talking 🙂

      • I saw her editorial back in 2015 with instyle magazine. She looked like this too. This is her when she loses weight in her face. But her facial features(nose, eyes, lips) remain the same. Nevertheless, she is a very gorgeous and talented woman

      • @Rubyred

        Oh yes. Definitely. Can go check mika_bbong on instagram to see the comparison pics fron her debut days till now. Got a lot of them and they are all the same features. Lol. Those naysayers should also do their comparison posts to prove their point than just making careless comment lol

  6. Y’all are wasting your breath with this @joane user. She is a known troll here. Just ignore her. Her favourite pasttime is bashing other people’s looks.

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