Kim So Yeon Offered the Female Lead in the Second Season of tvN Drama Tale of Gumiho Opposite Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum

Hhhmmm, this drama offer seems totally not worthy of her but if she accepts she can only make the drama better. K-actress Kim So Yeon has been tapped as the female lead of the second second of tvN fantasy horror drama Tale of Gumiho, and her agency says she is still considering it. I still can’t imagine anyone other than diehard fans clamoring for a second season and honestly the drama kinda just ended without the type of open ending that would necessitate a second season narratively. With that said, Kim So Yeon is a queen and makes any role pop with her icy energy and ability to take a crappy script and/or a crappy character and make it worth your while to watch. Case in point the devolving seasons of Penthouse. If she accepts she will join returning male leads Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum, but of whom only seemed to have fun in the drama when acting opposite each other. Lee Dong Wook in particular went dead onscreen anytime he had a scene with first season female lead Jo Boa, I’m still scratching my head on the reasons for their ice cold chemistry.


Kim So Yeon Offered the Female Lead in the Second Season of tvN Drama Tale of Gumiho Opposite Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum — 23 Comments

  1. I really don`t want her to take the offer.I don`t know why they want to do a second season. I did not watch the drama but from that I read, they have finished the story in the first season. I am not a fan of reincarnation or gumiho either.But I want to see Kim So Yeon in Japanese colonial era setting. In movie Gabi was not enough. I wish the offer would have been for a new drama.
    If she will take the offer, they better give Kim So Yeon, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum a good script.

    • The japanese colonial setting would be the only reason for me to watch the drama. There just aren’t enough dramas set in that era unfortunately.

      • It will be another one next year, the one with Kim Nam Gil and Lee Yoo Young.I can`t wait to watch it. And I think it will be another one but I can`t remember right now.
        I wanted Kim So Yeon and Kim Nam Gil to be in the same drama togheter. Too bad it was not this time. Perhaps another drama, someday.

      • I searched for the other drama. It was a discussion that they will produce a remake after the popular Naver webtoon named `The Whale Star`.

      • It was rumoured that yoo in na was supposed to be the female lead, it hurts but I’m excited to see how this works, can’t wait to see Lee dong wook on screen again yayy :))

    • It is weird. First season in modern day, the second in Japanese colonial era and then Joseon. But I don`t think it is confirned a third season just yet. It was an idea.

    • Why is this even getting a sequel or prequel or whatever? And why erase the og female lead entirely? The whole process behind this is very strange!

      • I don`t think they will erase the previous story. She was his first love. I read that Jo Bo Ah did not want to appear in the other seasons and I can understand why. The story has finished.
        Perhaps they wanted to show the gumiho brothers story more. In so many years of existence,I can see how the protagoinist could have had have an emotional closiness with another women. That doesn`t erase his great destiny first love.

      • Or maybe the lead female role will be a vixen gumiho who will challenge the brothers. We still don`t know what role they have been offered to So-yeon.

  2. I really don’t like this idea. They will destroy the first season to make the second one works. I don’t understand why they chose this show for that…

  3. My only takeaway is that I have forgotten what it’s like for a KDrama to cast two actors who are not only close in age but also became popular in the early 2000s.

  4. I’m digging the pairing, but do not want a prequel to this drama. So we’ll have to return to a time when little bro was a lot less interesting. He was either in puppy mode or murder-y mode.

    I wouldn’t mind if they were playing completely different characters in the same gumiho fantasy world.

    And I hope they show some tails this time. One of my biggest disappointments with the first season.

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