Yumi’s Cells Episodes 11-12 Explore Sweet Cohabitation and Set Up Yumi and Woong Needing to Decide on Their Future Together

This coming weekend is the finale of Yumi’s Cells, it’s a bit short with the drama ending on episode 14 but the original production intended for the drama to be multi-seasons to coincide with the webtoon. Whether that will happen has not been announced as the drama has been getting mid-2% ratings, not the success tvN would have liked to see. It’s a shame because this drama continues to be so well-written and with top notch acting and chemistry, it’s one of the those rare unicorns that packages a complete production with no element lacking. The last two episodes 11-12 actually ramped up the relationship between Yumi and Woong, continuing the sensible approach that each misunderstanding and conflict is resolved only to make them stronger. Woong moves in with Yumi after he sells his place to fund his start up and they get along even better with Woong’s OCD complementing Yumi’s lack of housekeeping cell. Bobby continues to be a supportive coworker but gets dumped by his girlfriend, of course setting up for him to eventually have a shot with Yumi. She’s only got eyes for Woong especially when he does things like move a painting while shirtless from a bath, rawr. But sadly his immaturity with respect to his pride and tendency to get silent when pressed on topics he’s not ready to answer will all come to a head with Yumi’s desire to move forward with Woong beyond just dating. It’s all so relatable and modern love, it’s a shame this drama isn’t as buzzy as it deserves.


Yumi’s Cells Episodes 11-12 Explore Sweet Cohabitation and Set Up Yumi and Woong Needing to Decide on Their Future Together — 7 Comments

  1. It’s really nice to see normal people acting normaly! The cells are a nice and fun touch.

    I like the fact that Woong is not the ultim guy, she will date someone else.

    I like Woong (I want his cleaning cell!) but I found more interesting to see a character with different relationships for once.

  2. I find Woong so boring. He’s so like so many guys. All so keen at the beginning but immaturity and pride will get in the way. Claiming up when doesn’t want up answer a question. Rooting for Bobi. I think the chemistry is better there. And I really really wish, the stupid hair will get chopped off at some point. Looks like a toupee.

  3. i notice there are similarities of higher rating drama in korea. korean seems to prefer drama which explore relationships beyond the lead couple, example exploring relationships involving family, neighbours or community. i’m really glad korean has different taste than the international audience because those dramas are usually more heartwarming and what makes korean drama being different in my view. example including drama such as when the camellia blooms, my mister and hot stove league are really gems which are somewhat overlooked by international audience which i’m glad it gain recognition in korea. i usually pick those with high rating in korea because many suit my taste, although a few are not.

    yumi cell suits international audience better, hence it is doing well on other platforms. it is a matter of taste and preference i guess..

  4. I like it . And the cells are The + . The actors are doing a good job in playing a normal relation between 2 persons who are equal . No cinderella in distress with a prince charming rescuing her . the 2 helped each other .

  5. I completely disagree with that comment about Woong being boring up top. This is supposed to be a realistic slice of life drama. Woong isn’t supposed to be that perfect swoony male lead and that is what makes him engaging as a character. Yumi and Woong both have their own flaws and that’s why so many viewers find them relatable. They’re not a perfect couple, but they love each other so much.

    Also I’m starting to think that Woong and Yumi might be endgame. They are already filming S2 and the casting for Soonrok hasn’t even been announced yet. Also read a translated interview where the original webtoon author had planned for a Yumi & Woong ending but the readers loved Bobby so much more when he first appeared. Bobby and Yumi were only supposed to date for a short while and she was supposed to get back with Woong. When Woong and Yumi were about to get back together he read all the negative comments and changed his mind. The author thought Yumi and Bobby were so dull and boring so he broke them up and made the character Soonrok. I guess the webtoon author is the type to get easily swayed by the comments.

    Anyways this time around, the drama writers made Woong a lot better than the webtoon and most of the viewers adore Woong so I would not be surprised if they changed the ending. Plus KGE and ABH have amazing chemistry and it would be a waste not to have them work together more.

    • Really hoping that what you’re thinking is right! Really love Woong and Yumi, sure, they need to grow more mature in their relationship, but they deeply care about each other and deserve a second chance.

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