Kim Yoo Jung Stunning in Youthful Couture in Vogue Korea November 2021 Fashion Spread

There is something indelible about Kim Yoo Jung that I’m always enchanted by whatever she’s doing onscreen or posing offscreen. She simultaneously looks young, looks her age, but also has this softly mature vibe. Her most recent drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) she only looked young though which suited her character as she basically was a one-note thought process that Kim Yoo Jung managed to bring to life on the sheer force of her acting ability. She made Chun Gi feel like a real young woman despite being a paper thin personality. But this Vogue Korea pictorial has her hanging up her painting frock for some of the chicest fall 2021 trendy couture completed with accessories and handbags very suitable for the twentysomething fashionista. Like always, I hope her next drama is better but Red Sky as stupid as it was failed solely on the script and I found her performance highly watchable as long as I turned my brain off on the nonsense plot.


Kim Yoo Jung Stunning in Youthful Couture in Vogue Korea November 2021 Fashion Spread — 90 Comments

  1. She don’t have an eye for the best roles as her fans claim. I feel like KYJ accepts a project if it involves popular co-star, popular PD, popular writer, or popular source material, hoping it will hit high ratings.

    • LOL. She don’t choose like that.
      But anyway, I am expecting this site to bombard her with so much hate and negative comments.
      So yeah, feel free to shower her with all unnecessary and hateful opinions, observations, assumptions, scrutiny and everything.
      The hate towards her recent drama in this site is too much, but then, it’s opinion. The actual result is far different from what everything people read here.

      • agree!i wonder why but anyway its their opinion.even if youve done nothing wrong people still criticize wonder.!but we love your kim yoo other actress ive seen as versatile and unique as you.god bless you because you deserve it

    • Just because you don’t like the roles she portray doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the eye for good roles. Have you ever considered that KYJ may be choosing roles based on the strength of a character? Or bec of things she may learn as an actor? She defo did not choose bec of a popular male lead. She was casted first bef Ahn Hyo Seop in CWPFN (AHS was still a rookie that time, no lead on any drama yet), and the PD is not popular. With BR, she was also casted first. The PD may be popular but what’s wrong with working with one if you really like all the aspects combined? Which actor does not like to work with a popular and accomplished PD tho? Aside from the script, that’s the first thing that an actor considers in taking on a project.

  2. Koala and the people here is always bothered on the way she chose her scripts and flock her with all evil comments that dragged her down. Calling her drama stupid because you don’t like the plot, the writing, the story, and everything, is just really pure evil.
    Good thing, koala’s blog is just plain gossip blog. The negative and unnecessary comments about her drama is just here.
    The result in Korea is good.

    • Honestly it’s just opinions and I read comments over the web and naver that many people don’t like the plot and the writing, it’s almost unanimous disliked. Acting on the hand is a mixed, some people like and some people don’t. It’s not evil if it’s a negative comment, I’ll be surprised if you never posted a negative comment in your life.

    • That’s right. I agree with your opinion. In fact, Koala and Setyang raised many negative issues about the Rek Sky drama. Meanwhile, the drama received a good response from Korea itself.

      • @Ronnie

        do you know in korea, many knetz are sympathise with yoojung due the drama was badly written? and there’re korean articles talking about how bad the drama was despite the good casting. and the cgi regarding the drama also was badly received. so no.. it doesn’t receive a good response as you thought. if anything, they only praised abt visuals and acting, not the drama as overall

    • Some people here are weird and too sensitive. past articles and this, as well as the comments talks about how poorly written LOTRS LOTRS that can not be saved with the famous director and good actors. No one talked badly about the female lead, it just that some weird fans taking such criticism as personal attack to her, no one is hating her but some fans make her difficult to be liked (atleast on this site). Such weirdo, some even drag an actress’ forehead and flat face. YOU WANTED A PERFECT FACE YET YOU’LL THROW STONE TO SOMEONE WHO TRIES TO FIX IT!HYPOCRITES

  3. She is such a beautiful young woman. Her new agency have done a great job with getting her more sophisticated editorials and her styling has improved so much really emphasising her natural beauty. Her Sidus stylist was more like an anti-fan with some of the atrocious fits they had her in.

    I don’t blame her for signing on to “Lovers of the Red Sky” as on paper it seemed like a surefire success. I hope her agency will work hard to find her some stronger projects. She is a talented actress and it is disappointing to see she hasn’t had a good role or successful, acclaimed project in years.

  4. Kim Yoo Jung is really a relevant actor. Her choice of script, all about her career is being scrutinized. I’m glad in Korea, her drama is considered successful on it’s timeslot of Monday and Tuesday. Number 1 on ratings versus Dramas like Police University and King’s Affection.
    The opinion about the plot will always stay here as an opinion. It will never add to its good result. I’m Thankful as a fan of KYJ.

    • Who said its successful. Dear, remember it is aired in SBS, directed by a popular PD and based on popular source material but, it performed poorly. Yeah, it is no. 1 in its timeslot but, if you look at the bigger picture, it did not meet the expectations.

      • @Marga What kind of expectations are you talking about? To hit 40% rating like the moon embracing the sun back in 2012 because of the writer and star PD? You have to be realistic. LOTRS is not just airing in SBS. It is also simultaneously airing in platforms in korea like wavve. But it was still able to have number 1 ratings on it’s timeslot. And other things like it is sold in different countries and a lot of articles to back it up. Go search it.

      • Dear, How’s your fav actress these days..are they even active?? Worry about yours..we dont need “but” here…Don’t try to discourage our actress and her fans

      • @marga it may not meet your HIGH expectations but consider this: LOTRS ranked 5th on the highest viewership by a terrestrial channel so far this year. The other 4 on the list (PH 2&3, Taxi Driver, One the Woman) were all shown during Fri-Sat timeslots, only LOTRS is shown on Mon-Tues.

      • @marga it is also consistently on top 5 of VOD (video on demand) sales ranking while on its run. Not meeting your high expectation doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a success.

      • @ marga if everything is based on ratings then your fave actress’s dramas are not that high in ratings too.. Its all about the hype(excuse me!)

      • God, people like actors and actresses for various reasons. Not just because they are bankable and always busy. Bankable and busy doesn’t mean they are great actors/actresses. Having a lot of fans doesn’t mean they are good.

    • SBS dramas doing no.1 on a time slot has zero relevance who are you trying to convience? Compared to all the other SBS drama LOTRS is the least successful and the least popular. Compare like for like don’t try and make up stats against weaker competition who were always bound to fail. This drama was hyped since last year and was even promoted at the SBS drama awards more than 8 months before it released. Compared to all the hype and noise marketing it seriously under performed and isn’t even considered a success in South Korea and has only 1.6 million viewers average which is very low compared to Secret Royal Inspector, Bossam or even River. All the top 5 in ratings is SBS dramas which is not an achievement its channel privilage.

  5. Kim yoo jung a pretty young lady ….really beautiful inside and out….way to go kim yoo jung …congratulations to the success of LOTRS…will be waiting for your next netflix drama…

  6. How can you say that LOTRS is a failed one? Seriously? FYI, It has its best viewership rating since the beginning. Also, it is the most viewed drama compared to other dramas being aired at same time. With that viewership,lots of people are watching it. Get yourself updated!

    • It is not a failure. It just did not meet the expectations. Its ratings are just average in SBS level. Further, it was directed by a well-known PD and based on popular source material. May expected it will hit 20% but, it failed miserably due to poor writing, directing and acting.

      • Again, what kind of expectations are you talking about? If its origin country (korean audience) considered it successful, why question it?

      • When it is topping the ratings for its timeslot since 1st week versus its competitor, it is not consider a success? Go search it yourself. It’s hard to get ratings from at least 8 percent above this days given the timeslot of monday and tuesday. But they were able to pull through and even had 10.4 on its finale episode. Why can’t I consider it as a success? It is not like the success of the weekends dramas but still, it did good.

      • When I say success, it is mostly about the ratings being number 1 on it’s timeslot with 2 drama competitors, regardless if it’s just 8% above. (They had 10.4 as the highest in the finale) If this is not a success to you, well for me, it is. And
        Here are some articles to back it up. It’s just 2. But you can search for more if you want. And just why, why can’t we celebrate it?

        “HongChunGi sets off the craze for sageuks.. ”

        “HongChunGi is considered to be the word that caused the romance historical drama craze on small screen recently. It has been ranked no.1 in viewers ratings for it’s timeslot:

      • Don’t delude yourself. I already explained that even if it is no. 1 in its timeslot, it does not mean it is a success. Look at the bigger picture. A 10% rating for SBS is just average while it is a success for KBS and MBC.So,it did not really perform well in terms of SBS level of ratings.

      • @myrrana
        Aren’t you the one who always acted as yoojung fan and bought kimsohyun in your comments to start a fight.
        Lol why are u fighting against someone who is talking good about our girl.
        U really clowned me the fake yoojung fan

      • It is SBS you are talking abt. The show should be able to bring in at least 11%. It is not on TvN or JTBC, where it excusable.

      • Who said that I am anti-KSH and anti-KYJ. I am just commenting my thoughts. If you cannot accept constructism, well, you are thr problem.

      • I think you are the type that’ll say ratings don’t matter when it comes to your fave’s dramas, when they can’t even reach 8% but then again judges others dramas.. saying it as a failed if they didn’t reach 20% ..wake up… If Maintaining no. 1 in its time slot without proper promotions until its last epidose isn’t considered success then we don’t know what success means…

      • @P who said sbs always need 11% ratings to become successful ..Racket boys was also considered successful even if it didn’t reach 10%, Damn you talk like you knew everthing.. Search before you speak, know the facts first..

      • Lol. Stop deluding yourselves. Racket Boys and LOTRS are not considered successful in Korea. Only fans of those dramas claim it to feed their ego. But, the general public says otherwise. These dramas are forgettable.

      • It has the 5th highest viewership among terrestrial channels so far, the first 4 are on Fri-Sat slots
        1. Penthouse 2
        2. Penthouse 3
        3. One The Woman
        4. Taxi Driver
        5. Lovers of the Red Sky

      • LOL. Stop inventing lies. Secret Royal Agent has higher ratings than LOTRS. And I agree that even if it is in top 5,it does not mean it is a success. Ruler was 4th among dramas in terrestrial dramas in 2017 but, still considered as underwhelming. Just accept that it performed poorly despite being high profile.

      • @myrrana dear, SRI average rating is at 8.11 while Red Sky is at 9.02. Please check your facts, you’re the one who’s delusional. Shame on you lol.

      • Since Red Sky has higher ratings than Secret Royal Inspector, are you saying that Secret Royal Inspector is a failure too? Or are you refuting the data and will stick to your highly prejudiced opinion?

      • I expected a lot that your brain will work. But girl, you have a poor analytical skills. SRI is successful because it was aired in KBS. It has been a long time since KBS achieve double digits. Reaching 14% is already a big feat for KBS. Further, let me tell you that dramas rating rankings are based on peak ratings not average. In that means, SRI is higher than LOTRS.

      • @myrrana why are you trying so hard to show that LOTRS is not successful? Are you korean keep talking these are not successful in korea this are successful in korea.. Like stop! Don’t judge easily.. Okay i am tired!

      • What do you mean? The fact that it’s the only Mon-Tue drama on the top 5 list should tell you that it’s successful. It’s quite hard to have high viewership on weekday slots and to exceed 10% ratings. I wish I could post ss here to provide more data.

    • I don’t understand the fight about ratings. If for you a drama is good, great, entertaining, what’s the importance of ratings. Just enjoy the drama, ignore all the negative comments. Dramas are created to be enjoyed not to be a source for a fight online.

      • Unfortunately, haters use the ratings to shame or invalidate an actor. The fact that Red Sky received high viewership and haters still refute the data just to prove that the drama is a failure is so infuriating. Imagine if the drama received lower ratings, I cannot fathom the vile words they would throw at the actor.

      • I see. I can’t too relate because I rarely take seriously about haters. Because no matter what you would say. Haters gonna hate.
        Like Monthly Magazine Home. I reaaally like it. It’s ratings not so good. But who cares. If I only see ratings, I’ll be dowm and don’t focus on the drama itself.
        Now I’m watching Jirisan, and, because it’s highly anticipated drama, it’s ratings will be tightly monitored. Like now eps 3 its ratings down to 7,9%. I’m sure people will talk about it. Esp haters. But for me it’s still really good. Don’t care if it’s ratings gonna down to under 5%, if the story still great for me, so be it.

  7. Sung Dong Il is correct in always mentioning her eyes are such gifts for an actor. Love her styling and she suits this type of editorial.

  8. KYJ is gorgeous, dazzling! Titular character, sole female lead, appearing in more than 80% of all the scenes…certainly a most coveted role any actress would wish for.

  9. Koala, you should have also mention that her last drama, HCG had 10.4 finale ratings in your last post about Hong Chun Gi. Maybe the plot for you is stupid. But it is not for many. It did good on its timeslot. The word stupid is too much. It’s not just your preference. Maybe in this site, KYJ really is just really bombarded with scrutiny.

  10. She looks pretty. Girl be happy and stay healthy
    You are already a star for me and waiting for the day u get what you truly deserve.

  11. With her talent, beauty, charisma and early start in the industry, she should be a much bigger star than she is now. It’s rather unfortunate her last few works have been highly unsatisfactory. Rooting for her future projects to do her justice and showcase the stellar abilities I know she’s capable of. Best of luck, dear.

  12. The main thing holding KYJ back from fulfilling her acting potention is her unwillingness to break with her conservative image as a nice girl. She needs to take on more fearless roles like Bae Doona, Kim Tae Ri or Han So Hee.

    • Did you watch Lovers of the red sky? Did you even see her acting in this drama.. Its not all about the nice girl image go watch ep 15-16 .After that come here and drop your comment again. Thank you

      • @Ping Pong/Ping/Tae/Kook/Kim

        Stop posting under different user names, you insufferable dumbass. We still know it’s you, delusional fantard whose only purpose in life is to go online to fight strangers over celebrities who don’t know you or give a fig about you. Get a life, you sad puppet!

      • And who do you think you are,a smartass.. Did i say anything wrong tho.. You must be among the ones that started the hate comments..aren’t you ?! That’s why you are so angry pathetic…I don’t stan my actress or idols to recognize me.. I just stan them coz i like them and respect them.. That’s it..i’m living my life to the fullest watching LOTRS atm..

    • Yeah, I can see why you would think that. But have you watched CWPFN? She took on a mature role for that one. She was not conservative at all. But I do agree that she has a lot of potential, and she has shown some on Red Sky. Biases aside, she has shown strength, stability and consistency in acting on the drama. Even if you don’t like her acting…

  13. as an actor or actress they want to explore or want to experience different’s for them to gain learning acting’s their own choices,as an avid fan we have to supoort them in what they want do,they’re also people that has their own decision and they have their freedom to’s their own growth as an individual..atleast they are not afraid to take risk and challenges even though they know the result..we should respect them..they also human,people,that’s the one of the reason why they exist..each individual has their own purpose of existence..stop bashing or chatting any negative comments..we should motivate them to do their job well..RESPECT,PUT YOURSELF IN THE SHOES OF OTHERS..we different walks in life..

  14. How is it nonsensical? Dude, what’s wrong with the writer of this site? It’s unproffesional! I know you have your own opinions, but if that opinion is just full of hate and negative things, better keep that within yourself. Keep the hate to yourself. If it’s nonsensical, how come it’s rate reached 10.1? It’s not really the best rate but it reached the average meaning a lot of people liked it too. I totally understand if you didn’t like the drama but dude, do you really need to include it in a article that is about the actress’s appearance on Vogue? It’s not the actress that you are insulting but the writer who worked hard for that story, if you don’t like it then atleast keep to yourself because not all people can like a certain drama, have some respect Mr/Ms Writer. You have not only insulted the writer and fans, but also created an entire argument in this site.

    • Well that forehead girl just got a Baeksang Best Actress nomination and is considered the most beautiful actress of her generation.

      • @luna Exactly! Plus male celebs like Cha Eunwoo and Kwak Dong Yeon always choose “miss forehead” over flat-faced KYJ lmao
        “That “miss forehead” is also the the ideal type of many male korean celebs and is always high up on many most beautiful actresses list lol

        Literally what is there to be jealous of this flat-faced KYJ? If anything, it’s more logical for other fans to be jealous of actresses more beautiful and popular than flat-faced KYJ, like Han So Hee lmao ?

        (Hey Koala, let me post my comment lol)

      • kyj fans always thought that whenever their fav is criticized, they’ll always thought abt kim sohyun. why? they also always put a bitchy remark towards ksh like that forehead things ? stay jealous, insecure and press. she is already on another level compared to your fav.

      • @you are insecure
        Because KYJ fans are obsessed with Kim So Hyun lmao
        They can’t admit the fact that many people who are not even Kim So Hyun fans don’t like their flat-faced fave and their flat-faced fave isn’t as popular anymore and many newer actresses have surpassed her already in terms of popularity, relevance, and being in-demand lmao
        Her IG followers didn’t increase much either following the airing of LOTRS, compare that to other actresses who gained literal millions of followers just this month lol

        And even if LOTRS got 10% ratings on 2 episodes, it got low premiere ratings which means their flat-faced, flat-nosed fave doesn’t have as much star power as they’re claiming ?

        (Don’t be mad, y’all started the looks-bashing with the forehead comment ?)

        Once again, Koala, let me post my comment lmao

      • @lmfao just because OP wrote a toxic comment doesn’t mean you should retaliate. Both yoojungie and ksh are beautiful and talented so who cares about flat face and forehead?
        it’s all just so childish
        also not all yoojung fans are toxic. I for one hate the original comment so just know that when you insult yoojung, you’re also hurting us fans who aren’t toxic.
        oh well, i wish you well and i hope the anger in your heart goes away, it’s not healthy

        @not a forehead fan just what I thought, someone would insult yoojung’s appearance in retaliation. happy now? or maybe you’re just a yoojung hater who wants to see this happen?

    • Can you stop? This type of comments just bring hate to yoojungie and can even lead to some commenters here insulting yoojungie’s appearance in retaliation, do you want that to happen? Because I sure don’t

      and you do realize that myrrana who’s pushing the LOTRS is not successful narrative also makes shady comments on the actress you’re insulting? myrrana hates her and yoojungie both and so do other trolls here, so just ignore them instead of instigating a fanwar with a stupid comment

    • I like KYJ just fine, but man does she have some of the weirdest fans. I’ve never seen any fandom take drama criticism as personally as KYJ fans did lol, they act as if Koala and other commenters here insulted KYJ or something. Sure, some slightly went overboard with their comments, but for the most part, most comments are just criticizing the drama, not KYJ herself (those who did are known trolls here, so just ignore them)

      And then there’s dumbasses like this commenter who automatically jumps to accusing KSH fans of being “jealous” and even bashed KSH’s looks just because their fave’s drama got criticized, when most of the commenters criticizing are not even KSH fans (@Myrrana is DEFINITELY NOT a KSH fan).

      Super weird and immature.

    • I like KYJ just fine, but man does she have some of the weirdest fans. I’ve never seen any fandom take drama criticism as personally as KYJ fans did lol, they act as if Koala and other commenters here insulted KYJ or something. Sure, some slightly went overboard with their comments, but for the most part, most comments are just criticizing the drama, not KYJ herself (those who did are known trolls here, so just ignore them)

      And then there’s dumbasses like this commenter who automatically jumps to accusing KSH fans of being “jealous” and even bashed KSH’s looks just because their fave’s drama got criticized, when most of the commenters criticizing are not even KSH fans (@Myrrana is DEFINITELY NOT a KSH fan).

      Super weird and immature.

      Anyway, big forehead or not, it will never change the fact that KSH is a very beautiful and talented actress and will always be praised by koreans for her beauty and talent. Her Baeksang Best Actress nomination at such a young age speaks for itself.

    • wth just because somebody says something about your fav you just assume it to be ksh fans. I don’t know what really is wrong with you. I don’t know what you get by attacking somebody facial features. You did not have to stoop so low like that.

  15. Yes you right! I agree with you. They busy with the rating and the scrip…?? The important thing is Kyj is a good and excellent actor. She still young. She can act many dramas in next time…give her change to prove herself.

  16. Kim Yoo Jung has been in the industry for more than 15 years. She has proven her acting skills since young. From being child actress to versatile actress. She’s evolve into being mature actress as she surpass being a child. Never compare anyone/ any actress to her as she have made her name since young. She already proven herself being talented, dedicated and sincere actress. She’s great and hardworking individual which keeps her in the industry.

    • The fact that she’s still relevant up to now means she’s versatile and there are many who believe in her power. And before someone else say that she’s not relevant, the fact that she’s always been nitpicked and talked about on this site says otherwise. Anyway, we’re excited about her incoming movie on Netflix. So haters, stay pressed.

  17. Some people here are weird and too sensitive.past articles and this as well as comments talks about how poorly written LOTRS that can not be saved with the famous director and good actors. No one talked badly about the female lead, it just that some weird fans are taking such criticism as an attack to her,no one is hating her but some fans make her difficult to be liked(atleast on this site). Such a weirdo,some even drag an actress’forehead and flat face. You wanted a perfect face yet you’ll throw stone to someone who tries to fix it!hypocrites!!

  18. Yoojung fans might be weird but KSH fans are the most insecure fans in my opinion.
    Its obvious that forehead commentor is a troll but still yoojung was bashed.
    You fandoms are like a bull who will get aggrieved after seeing red.
    U start listing her success list. A person only try to show off their achievements when they are insecure about things.
    If she is successful everyone will
    Know, u bring down others and showing ur girls popularity always using superlative adjectives while describing her confirms my opinion about how insecure you are.
    Now surround me all of you and prove me right.
    I can say a lot about your girl too but u know what, why should she suffer because of her fanbase insecurities plus i will use my brain unlike some who will commit wrong because someone else did it first.

    • The fact that you’re picking a fight for the rights of “who’s the worse fandom” justifies your above remark that YJ has really weird fans.

  19. Kim Yoo Jung said she’s living her life peacefully and I will fangirl her peacefully too… So peace yo.. This photoshoot of Yoojung makes her so expensive how I wish she could play a glamorous kind of character? Like rich af heiress…

  20. @guru
    And what does it prove about ur co-fandoms (flat face commentor)
    Who bashed yoojung as a reply to a troll with an excuse “you started first”. I guess nothing to say about that.
    I think only those opinions which are not biased should be considered by me, the rest ill just have to ignore.

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