Chinese Comedian House Gets All SNS Shutdown and Fined $1.9M USD After Making Punchline During Comedy Show Uses a PLA Slogan Extolled by President Xi

Oh gosh this is so frightening to behold. Over the weekend Chinese comedian House (Li Haoshi) made a joke during his comedy set that has now landed him in major hot water with the government. He discussed his recent move to Shanghai, and adopting two stray dogs, and watching them chase a squirrel which reminded him of a phrase. The slogan is “Fine style of work, capable of winning battles” which is one of the pillars President Xi Jinping said in 2013 when he was listing out the qualities of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). House has since gotten all his SNS accounts banned/taken offline, upcoming performances cancelled, and his agency was fined USD $1.9M (like close to 2 million US dollars). The government has also opened a criminal investigation against House for seriously insulting the Chinese military and creating bad social impact and consequences. House has apologized to his fans, will take full responsibility, and agree to cancel all performances so he can self-reflect and re-educate himself.


Chinese Comedian House Gets All SNS Shutdown and Fined $1.9M USD After Making Punchline During Comedy Show Uses a PLA Slogan Extolled by President Xi — 37 Comments

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  2. Eeeeeeeeep! My students and I just finished our unit on “dystopia”, and a few real life nations definitely showed themselves in our study multiple times over. (Yes! The U.S. included! Lol.) Sheesh, I feel for their people.

  3. I think he submitted script A for his comedy set review but then changed to script B for the actual comedy set. Mix that in with touching on politics and military matters for the skit and that’s how entertainers get into hot soup.

    One ex-comedian actually spoke out about his ex-bosses (most likely his company investors) shooting down comedians’ ideas on making jokes that poke fun at America and Japan, yet has no problems with jokes about China itself.

    • I read what he said. he did not make fun of China. what he said was benign. chinese people are so insecure that every little irrelevant thing set them off, and they think someone is out to get them, humilate them or other BS. People said he insulted their military because he dog as an anology. The US Marines have a dog as their masco, I guess that makes them bad. lol

      A country where a comedian can’t even make a stupid joke is not a place anyone should look up to.

      • You think it’s benign because you aren’t Chinese. Just like how Koreans will tell you off if you wave an image of the rising sun in their face. Although dogs are cute, if a Chinese calls you or references you to dogs, it’s meant to mock you. I doubt even the US will tolerate if a US celebrity publicly mock their own military. Have you ever seen any other countries’ celebrities publicly joking about their own country’s current military?

      • @cool, you hit the nail on the head. Chinese people appear having collateral mental sickness as a whole. They need group counselling.

      • @ somebody who identity got hacked…

        This is to reply to your 5/24/2023 @ 5:55 time

        You are truly a racist. You said “Chinese people appear having collateral mental sickness as a whole. They need group counseling.” What give you the right to say such a rude remark to a whole country? Just because you have issues with some commenters here and you are just going crazy with your comments. There is no perfect country in this world. China has it issues (freedom of speech and many others things) and so does USA (guns problems, mass shootings, discrimination…). I think you are the one who really needs counseling here. You left mean and outrageous remarks all over these articles. Be a kinder a person and you will be happier. Try it!!!

      • @XZF I know right? It’s absurd how some people think they are a more civilized and superior human race than the Chinese while making such barbaric remarks. I definitely don’t agree with CCP’s certain ideologies and actions, but the way some people demonized everything they do without reason is ridiculous.

      • @XZF, I guess you’re Chinese too? So you feel offended, OF COURSE!!! That’s why I said that the Chinese need group counseling because there’re already collateral damages done to your psyche through the twisted cultural influence under the demonic regime of the CCP. Chinese people have to stop defending your evil government and embrace the values of justice as well as equity for all the human beings, not just for those who have connection with the privileged of the CCP. Look yourself in the mirror before preaching nonsense! If you can’t speak up, then just shut up! Making shamelessly loud noises to defend the egregious acts of the CCP on an English forum like this site is equating yourselves with CCP puppets/lackeys. Stop being mouthpieces for the CCP!!!! Then you will earn respect from people around the world including me. Fighting with or attacking/dissing people of free mindset different from your commie values doesn’t help boost up self esteem. LOL.

        Stop using racism to elude reasonable criticism about your country and the pathetic internet/fan culture!!! You’re just trying to hide your own bigotry by making tons of excuses for the terrible censorship performed by your devilish government. You’re butthurt cuz you well understood that your root-culture has been negatively influenced under the demon-possessed regime but you cannot change it. Instead, you identify yourself with the CCP and therefore take any single criticism of the CCP personally. That’s why you got mad at me! That’s why you always fight with reasonable people for shit! Isn’t that pathetic? That’s pretty much a mental issue and needs treatments!

        My criticism of the CCP and the Chinese culture has nothing much to do with how I’ve been attacked by a few obnoxious and asinine bananas on this site. Those few imbeciles are nobodies and nothing to my real life, having no bearings to do with my perceptions about China as a whole. My comments about the CCP and the pathetic internet/fan culture are based upon long-term observations from many China experts, most of whom are ethnic Chinese themselves. People don’t dislike the Chinese out of blue. It’s not saying each individual Chinese is dislikable. But the whole Chinese society exhibits signs of psychological illness that’s manifest most in the C-ent fan culture.

      • @ Somebody whose identity got hacked…
        Please don’t assume that you know anything about me because you got it all wrong. You have an angry management issue and anyone with common sense can tell from all your nasty comments. I feel sorry for you. Go get some help before it kills you. Don’t bother to reply because I won’t read anything of your comments from now on. I like to read them from normal people. Thank you.

    • You clearly leave outside the U.S. I live here. cristims of the military is absolutly tolorated. after the 2nd gulf war, AMericans critisised the military endlessly. The amount of things that has been said about this US military by comedians is insane. You can comment on something and still respect it. You can even make fun of presidents too (head of the military). Mocking presidents(Commender in Chief) is a national pastime. no one has ever been cancelled in America for making fun of a president or anyone in the goverment or Military. And that comedian did not make fun of China. Chinese people just like to complain about nonsense (that’s their national pastime)lol

      • Your English is pretty lacking for someone living in US. Ok, show me proof of a celebrity doing a public performance that mocks their own country’s current government/military. I’m not talking about regular people criticising on social media etc, and I do deplore China for this aspect. However I’m of the opinion that celebrities should not meddle with political affairs.

        And the title is pretty misleading, the USD1.9m fine was issued to his agency, not the comedian himself. The fine is most likely for deliberately using “yin-yang scripts” to skirt the authorities’ review.

    • @Lilith, just so you know, American news is free to speak against presidents and even the military if they don’t agree on an issue. Everything is up for debate, that’s the difference between America and China. China, they just want to shut you up if you disagree with their ideology.

      • @Lilith, Great example: Kathy Griffin, look her up. She got lots of backlash and she apologized, still she got a job. She just released a film about her life after the controversy. Watch late night shows, most of the hosts there make fun of the presidents. If your English is great, you’d understand the hilarious meanings behind their jokes.

      • @Lilith, I need to include ex president Trump himself. LOL He’s called soldiers losers while he found himself a way to exempt from the military. Yet, he was elected president. His four years of presidency came with only controversy and when he lost his reelection people filled the street with celebration. Biggest evidence America’s freedom of speech is greater than any country in this world.

      • I agree with you regarding the levels of freedom in both countries. But my main point was as what I’ve stated in my initial post and my reply to Mochakat9 below. Every country has their own rules. Comedy scripts must be vetted and approved by relevant authorities in China before they can be performed. This Chinese comedian and his agency received green light to perform script A but changed to an unauthorized script B during the actual performance. They violated the rules and hence they are punished for it, coupled that with mocking the military and it’s sending dubious infiltration vibes to the Chinese government.

      • I feel like some of you are only focusing on the sub-cause behind this comedian’s punishment. It’s not just about “roasting” the government/military, there’s also the fact that this comedian performed a different script which wasn’t vetted and approved by the relevant authorities. Chinese comedy talkshow’s scripts are required to be vetted and approved by the relevant authorities before they can perform them.

        I’m sure the WHCD scripts had been reviewed and moderated to make sure the President is okay with the topics before being given the go-ahead. It’s a different case for this Chinese comedy talkshow here, which obviously didn’t gain authorities’ approval. It’s like a movie submitting a “clean” version to the censorship board to get a G rating then turn around and add nudity+gore into the actual movie released in the theaters.

      • Since my previous long reply didn’t get through, I’m going to repost, can’t remember exactly though.

        Some people here have been derailing me from my initial point. Sure, China gives lesser freedom than US, but the main reason this Chinese comedian and his agency were punished was due to them performing an unauthorized comedy script. Chinese comedy talkshow scripts must be vetted and approved by the relevant authorities before they can be performed. I’m sure that WHCD comedy set which you have posted had also undergone vetting and received approval from the President before the actual performance.

        For this Chinese comedian’s case, it’s similar to a movie submitting a “clean” version to the censorship board in order to get a G rating, then turn around and add R-rated contents to the actual movie released in the theaters.

      • I’ve been dealing with this lunatic Lilith for a while! Any rational reasoning won’t change her cemented head! Now it’s all about her huge ego to defend the CCP’s overbearing censorship all over the top of everyone. That’s because she basically identifies herself with the CCP regime to the extent that she would feel embarrassed if her government’s demonic acts weren’t justified in any obvious way. So she’s just coming up with all nonsensical excuses for the CCP non stop. LOL

      • @Lilith You’ve got a point there. Yeah people here kept focusing about China’s freedom level while completely ignoring the fact that this House guy and his agency were being shady in the first place by knowingly breaking the regulations with the double scripts and all.

    • I have never lived in China so I don’t think I’m a good expert on what exactly is going on there. But I can say that in the US, it’s 100% okay and even sorta expected that comedians will make fun of politicians, the military, decisions the government has made, etc. Like, not just, it could happen, but more like, they are directly in the crosshairs for bearing the brunt of comedic ridicule.

      The media is like the fourth, unofficial but important arm of the whole checks and balances system to make sure no part of the government oversteps itself. Serious criticisms, political cartoons, comedy shows–it’s all permitted and not a surprise to anyone.

  4. Chinese cuckoo nest!

    Someone who commented above has been trying so hard to defend her demonic government with all kinds of peculiar excuses all over different threads. At the end it’s not about justification of injustice associated with the toxic Chinese dictatorship, but about saving her own inflated ego. LOL. This type of personality doesn’t really fit a free society. She would appear more normal if she lived in China and talked about all nonsense over there because all the information she could have accessed would have all come from censored Chinese social media only. Instead, she appears blind to the atrocity caused by her autocratic government while living in the world valuing free speech. She sounds so ignorant, severely brainwashed by the CCP state propaganda, and has been reacting like an outcast in the free world.

    The Chinese living in a democratic country while being lackeys/stooges of the CCP contribute A LOT to the anti-Chinese sentiment on going around the world. People who take the values and norms in a free society definitely detest her hypocrisy. It seems these ignoramuses aren’t even aware of that. Pitiful!

  5. Yup this is the guy that is with Xiaoguo that started the ball rolling the other day that clipped Kunning, a whole bunch of varieties and got the costumes recalled for reviews again. What a mess, I don’t know what he was thinking. He is reflecting in jail.

    • Are you for real? Why should he reflect in jail for a joke? It’s not his fault that someone went bananas over a comedy skit.

      • Exactly! The whole Chinese society is so paranoid. Delusional!

  6. Freedom of speech don’t exist in China. No surprise. Celebrities there are like the government’s guinea pigs. They get in trouble as an example for regular citizens to stay out of trouble.

  7. Better stick with the country’s rule if a comedian wants to make a career (let alone some good money) in a communist country. I am quite surprised reading some Americans commenting here while their own people got shot simply by showing up at the wrong house!! LOL.

  8. Well each country have their own rules and laws. And for country like China that is very strict against people mocking their government/army, one ought should not do that if they wanna survive there. The comedian is a native, he should know better what not to do. But I guess this is a mishap on his side, I heard offline comedy show actually do warn/instructed their viewer to not snap or record videos of the show they are attending for fear of such repercussion, but unfortunately for this one, one of the attendees leaked out a video about the part where he makes the sensitive joke. Hence the snow-balled event that happen after.

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