Chinese Comedian House Gets All SNS Shutdown and Fined $1.9M USD After Making Punchline During Comedy Show Uses a PLA Slogan Extolled by President Xi

Oh gosh this is so frightening to behold. Over the weekend Chinese comedian House (Li Haoshi) made a joke during his comedy set that has now landed him in major hot water with the government. He discussed his recent move to Shanghai, and adopting two stray dogs, and watching them chase a squirrel which reminded him of a phrase. The slogan is “Fine style of work, capable of winning battles” which is one of the pillars President Xi Jinping said in 2013 when he was listing out the qualities of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). House has since gotten all his SNS accounts banned/taken offline, upcoming performances cancelled, and his agency was fined USD $1.9M (like close to 2 million US dollars). The government has also opened a criminal investigation against House for seriously insulting the Chinese military and creating bad social impact and consequences. House has apologized to his fans, will take full responsibility, and agree to cancel all performances so he can self-reflect and re-educate himself.

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