Kim Tae Ri Apologizes After Backlash to Her Instagram Post Asking Fans to Do the Subtitles for Her Vlog

Another day another controversy but this one started fast and now appears to be resolved just as quickly. Over the weekend K-actress Kim Tae Ri posted on her Instagram a note to her fans asking for anyone to help subtitle her travel Vlog. Now if fans want to do it free that’s fine but she was raked over for tackily asking and also not offering any compensation. The criticism is that she’s rich and famous and is asking her every day normal life fans to give her free labor on something she monetizes. She has since taken off the post and her agency issued an apology.


Kim Tae Ri Apologizes After Backlash to Her Instagram Post Asking Fans to Do the Subtitles for Her Vlog — 8 Comments

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  2. That’s basically just what ViKi is doing for years, monetizing on fan’s free work. Don’t kown if the little perks viki is offering to contributers can even remotely compensate their hard work and time. Since I’m a European paying fan of Asian Dramas, there isn’t much choice to watch subbed dramas other than viki (and maybe some offering on Netflix).

  3. I think if you are a true fan, you’d do it for free just for a chance to maybe meet her. This wouldn’t have been a better trade off. Another day, another stupid controversy. Hmm…no wonder the age of superstar is dead. Too much hate among this industry.

  4. I think the real crux of the matter is being misrepresented. The issue wasn’t that she was asking for free labor. It was that anyone who wanted to sub of their own free will was redirected to an application form where she snobbily refused for people without the highest level of Korean-English translation certification and fluency to get to sub her videos.

    It’s just a very ugly look for her and says a lot about her character. Most YouTube creators don’t force their fans who add CC through an application process. If she wants free labor, she should suck up what she gets or pay people if she wants only the very best to work on her personal vlogs.

    The age of the superstar should be dead tbh and it’s great news that it’s dying. They contribute nothing to society the way medical professionals and teachers do.

    • Yup that’s the exact issue here, the fans being redirected to a “screening” form. It says alot about her and gives me pause abt the article a few mths ago where journalists voted her one of the rudest celebs they’ve encountered. Makes me wonder what they know.

      Celeb worshipping needs to go away. Alot of these “stars” have characters alot worse than regular citizens, yet are compensated so much just cos they appear in public on a screen. They take way more from society compared to other professions.

  5. I do think the controversy is reasonable. Although it is normal in other services (such as Viki). She and her management should have known better than to ask publicly for fans to subtitle the videos for FREE when they have the resources to get a professional or compensate someone to subtitle those videos. I know they mean well, but the management is in the wrong for this. If you wanted fans to do it for free you should have ask them, they will do it with their own free will. Yeah, I love kim tae ri and glad to see her address the controversy quickly and realize her mistake.

  6. Ngl that was a dumb move. She made what was basically a job application google form, with skill requirements, looking for fans to do free work for her. The fact that she didn’t realise how this was going to make her look bad is baffling. Simply inviting fans to contribute to the subs without all of that would have been fine, if not hire actual translators? Good that she apologised though.

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