Karina and Lee Jae Wook Confirmed to Have Broken Up After 5 Weeks of Dating Due to Public Response

Oh damn, it’s developments like this that make me hate humanity for intruding on what is a personal thing between two people. K-ent has another breakup with Karina of Aespa and actor Lee Jae Wook, coming just 5 weeks after the two went public. They only met in January at a fashion show so this was a very recent young romance but could not withstand the tidal wave of negative feedback towards Karina from her crazy fans. Those fans even sent a truck to SM blaring accusations about how she is betraying them and isn’t their love for her enough. NO PSYCHO F*&KERS, IT’S NOT. The reason for the breakup is the mental strain on both of them due to the negative comments (poor kids, sigh) and also feeling bad about upsetting her fans. Holy shit I want to go flip some tables right now.


Karina and Lee Jae Wook Confirmed to Have Broken Up After 5 Weeks of Dating Due to Public Response — 29 Comments

  1. It’s so sad too because from the vids of them meeting for the first time, he looks absolutely smitten by her. I hate that they got outed so quickly and didn’t get a chance to build a stronger foundation. Urghh this honestly sucks so much. I was really sad when I heard they broke up and I’m not a fan of either of them. These sasaeng fans need to screw off and just get a damn life of their own.

    • You sound like those rabid fans yourself with your comment lmao. No couple should break up because of tox*c fans, and now you’re celebrating it just because you find him “hot”. SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • LOL. You don’t have any sense of humor. You can’t read my sarcasm! LJW isn’t my ultimate bias even I like him a lot. LOL. I prefer to tease rabid Kpop fans rather than lament their breakup. They (or at least one of them) chose career over dating. No need to feel sad for them. That’s their choice and their lives. LOL

  2. Timing is a killer. We seen many stars missed their opportunity to be w/ someone at their level only to downgrade later in life and wonder what could have been. They both so young and the chances of it not working out are slim but

    • What exactly is your definition of “someone at their level” and “downgrading?” Because if you’re talking about looks or popularity, then that’s a very shallow way of looking at relationships. We don’t know these stars personally and we don’t know if they are compatible or not, character-wise. Maybe they can seem compatible on the superficial level, but if their relationship can’t withstand toxic circumstances, then they are not meant to be, even if they are on the “same level.”

    • It’s not only knetizen… You didn’t saw how much hate LJW got from Karina “fans” (they’re not real fans, just obsessed psychos) in twitter and tiktok, they claimed what he is using her to promoting drama. Posts with hate towards him gathered thousands of likes, they were all ready to hate him and didn’t care at all, what he is, surprise, her boyfriend.
      Sometimes I think what most of kfans are crazy hikikomori

      • Yup! These rabid bananas even drove his agency to issue warnings about legal action against them. These Kpop fans are insane.

    • not just kfans, let’s be real.

      There’s a large contingent of international fans that hides behind “but we wanted her to be for the girls!!” “she hates men!” that’s very attached to the idea that she’s a closeted lesbian and went over the top trashing the guy because their idol broke their fantasy and dated, well, a man. It went well beyond jokes, from what I saw.

      Just because they claim a marginalised identity doesn’t make such behaviour acceptable.

  3. One thing I don’t get why is dating such a huge controversy in Korea. Whenever there is a news of anyone dating, they report the news as an affair or a dating scandal. Why is dating someone scandalous there?

  4. It’s genuinely a case for actual psychologists in Korea that should start treating this phenomena on a social level. It is not normal to behave like this just because two adults enter a relationship and the level of toxicity it causes is insane.

    That I think speaks of much larger underlying societal problems that are going to burst sooner or later.

  5. This is the life of a K-idol. You cannot have the best of both worlds. If they are meant to be, they can wait for 10 years when she becomes too old to be called an idol, when she becomes too old to keep young screaming fans, when she can no longer dance wearing short skirts. There will be one day when no one cares who she dates except her ailing parents.

    • she’s already 4 years into her career and her group is established. Other idols have dated after being outed, often for longer than this, with no problems but the kpop fan culture around feeling ‘ownership’ of the idols even in their private lives, is something that needs to change, it’s a ridiculous and outdated mentality that doesn’t belong in 2024.

      Shrugging and going ‘this is just how it is’ is ridiculous since it isn’t just fans of idols who are this way, even popular Korean actors take a lot of heat over dating rumours, and this is when they’re past the age of 30! They owe us a good performance in their roles, not their actual lives to project fantasies on.

      I feel bad for this couple, the fact that the breakup news specifically named fan reactions (let’s be real, mostly hers) as one of the reasons for the split, says a lot about how psychotic and over the top those people were, to the point that she even apologised for dating!

      • You cannot tell that I am being sarcastic! If the fans are not this crazy, there will not be a K-culture as booming as now. Idols want fans money and support so they have to sacrifice their private times until they retire. Idols groom their fandom this way. She does not have the guts to tell her fans to accept him, she ends up choosing her fans over him. Their love is built on ice right from the get-go. She cannot be with anyone until she can leave her crazy fans behind… lol. Culture is hard to change, without the fans, there is no idol.

      • @Royal We, so well said. I second what you said.

        First off, Karina’s public apologies for her dating is hurting if I were her date.

        Last but not least, her fans went over board to harass her date. It’s overly aggressive and offensive. How the heck ppl can still date in fear?

        This is pathetic.

      • @Anne, although there’s no proof to blame their breakup on her alone, I’m inclined to believe she chickened out. Her public apologies for her dating are superfluous. It’s a sign that she valued her career way more than her boy friend. I don’t think any guy with self-esteem would feel like moving on with the relationship.

      • @Somebody – Exactly my point! She is a chicken. She better not date anyone if she treasures her crazy fans more than her friend. She is the one who nurtures this obsessive fandom.

      • The media outed the relationship way too early. The backlash is hard to bear for someone that you’ve just started dating. I’m sure her fans would be begging her to date Lee Jae-wook once her next boyfriend is some idol or a less popular actor.

      • @prettyautumn – hahaha I hope she will very much regret her actions later especially when she cannot meet anyone better.

      • @Anne. I hope neither regrets this and that she will find someone that she will love and get to know her next boyfriend before the media and the fans get in the way. I just hope the rabid fans who are acting like the evil kdrama mother-in-laws regret it.

        I think if she and Lee Jae-wook got to date for like 6 months before it all got exposed, they may not have broken up under all that pressure.

  6. I think if they blame their breakup due to fans or intrusion, then this romance has been doomed since day 1. If their feelings are strong, nothing can doom them. So to state mental strain is a poor excuse. Their EQ can’t be that low. The romance fizzled out means romance fizzled out. Crazy fans are everywhere.

    • It’s not true. The first issue is Dispatch released the news very fast, they didn’t have so much time to date before. And then the crazy fans’ behavior made them to be exhausted.

  7. This shud not be legal, are there no boundaries for fans in SK? There shud be. Isn’t this bullying both the stars by fans?

  8. The fans are crazy and stepping way out of line, yet these celebrities are expected to apologize for their psycho behavior. That is what I think is crazy about fandom culture. This kind of toxic obsession shouldn’t be encouraged. When celebrities apologize, they’re enabling the behavior and let these crazies think they’re entitled to act that way. Yes, I know these crazy fans are funding their paychecks, but I would like to believe they are just the loud minority.

    • It is the apology I do not fathom nor agree too. They did not wrong in dating…they dont have to apologise. That will just give the fans more power over them. Such practise is just wrong. I believe this is also the agency’s tactics to cultivate more fandom obsession and make more money from them. Mind Games!

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