Song Ha Yoon’s Agency Confirms She Did Once Transfer High Schools Due to a School Incident But Denies This Allegation of a 90 Minute Beating Session

Well things are not looking good for veteran actress Song Ha Yoon, who has been in the industry for 20 years since she was a teen actress but is now getting her first bad publicity right after she broke out in Marry My Husband. There was a news report on Accuser A who claimed Song Ha Yoon beat/slapped him for 90 minutes in high school once and bullied him. Her agency responded that it tried to meet A to discuss but A refused, and Song Ha Yoon says she has no recollection of A or any of the actions being alleged. But the agency did admit that Song Ha Yoon transferred high school once related to a school incident, but it was not the one being alleged. Another news report claimed there was a witness B to Song Ha Yoon’s bullying of A, and B is also a famous celebrity, but left the scene before the beating itself happened. Let’s see how further details are revealed in the coming days but Song Ha Yoon’s agency has its handful on this for sure.


Song Ha Yoon’s Agency Confirms She Did Once Transfer High Schools Due to a School Incident But Denies This Allegation of a 90 Minute Beating Session — 41 Comments

  1. Sure enough the bullying/school violence was serious that she was expelled.

    Read that there was an accusation against her 6 years back but didn’t gain any traction until now.

    I have no sympathy for bullies. The scars from bullying never healed. I was bullied as a child, though it wasn’t that serious (day in day out verbal abuse and insult), I could never forgive the bully be that she tried being friendly to me as an adult, brushing off the wrongs she did as simply “a spoiled child being immatured”.

    • I was bullied too. At school, it was horrible plus I am slightly neurodivergent so it was hell. Gave me life long scars. Thankfully I am Indian and Indian schools have a zero tolerance for more severe forms of bullying. There is this concept of rustication where if a student is rusticated they cannot get admission in any other schools for life. It’s far worse than mere expulsion. This legal rustication is quite a deterrent for more severe forms of bullying. Also if caught with misdemeanour people can be sent to army schools or reforms schools which can be quite brutal so again a bit deterrent. Unfortunately due to this more insidious types of bullying happen which are difficult to prove and to escalate

      • I am replying to @ HL. Yes it’s quite a deterrent. According to education act of 1973 violent bullying will lead to rustication and that’s bad because you won’t get admission anywhere else. So essentially your education itself gets truncated. Trust me this word was thrown around so much in our schools the real bullies were always scared. No one wants to bully if a life long threat hangs over your head. The best part it is not technically violent punishment so human rights groups cannot come and say you are being too punitive to a minor. Army schools or “Sainik” schools are another place where juvenile boys could be sent. Army schools are actually quite prestigious but very rigorous. Wake up at 4 am make bed, do army drills etc etc. so the system itself takes out all aggression usually … reform schools are the worst where drug addicts could be sent and there it’s actually a living hell. Very Oliver twisty …

      • @Sk2, but for the rich and powerful, it is a different world and another set of rules, isn’t it.

      • India has a population of almost 1.5 billion! It’s so great to know this. At least a huge chunk of the world population does not have this kind of culture. I wish SK and China would learn from India. SK’s population is so small. They could easily solve this.
        Maybe shaming these people is one way to deter kids who might want to work in the entertainment business. I get so shocked by the vicious bullying in the Kdramas and then you find out it’s really happening.
        When I first watched Kdramas I would be appalled by how physical they get. A parent or a senior raising his hands on a younger junior seemed very matter of fact! Thankfully the dramas don’t do this any more.

  2. I too have no sympathy for bullies. In SK, school will not request a student to transfer out unless the reason is solid.

    First the agency denied then they admit. All these turnaround PR games is so clear what the truth is. They have to admit their error because there are records at school that said she did bully.

    SK is quite understanding towards many artistes in comparison to China. I wonder if she will make a comeback after laying low for a couple of years.

    Karma is real… one really need to treat everyone else with basic respect.

    • The beauty of the Indian segregation system is that the rich and powerful will only go to schools for the rich and powderful or they would be sent to English boarding schools. There are very exclusive schools which have been around since 1850s like the Doon School, La Martinere, Don Bosco, Mayo, etc where there is a process where parents are interviewed before their kids are admitted. The newer schools also have a similar system. The middle class also go to schools where the middle class go. So you are unlikely to meet someone with a different background. The poorer people usually have a lot of political clout (given that there are so many poor people) so they are usually affiliated with the local political candidate who are looking out for them. So your janitor for instance could be related to the youth political wing or the local religious body wings. So again foolish to mess with them… everyone has cliques and everyone knows someone powerful associated with the government / religious authority. So money is not always everything. This is especially true of Indian states where the government is either religious or socialist

      • In UK, we have a growing number of cases of kids committing suicide due to bullying, either verbal, physical or cyber… And that makes me very upset and worry for my own kids. Thus such behaviour is just not acceptable.

      • @Sk2, Interesting to read how the different groups of people are segregated.
        Thank you for sharing. I never know of such things in India. I have a number of friends from India but we never talked about it.

        My son goes to a English boarding school as we want the best for him. He enjoys school alot. He may not be white but he have not had to deal with bullies. His school have zero tolerant to such behaviour. I am thankful for that.

    • I am glad to hear China is less accepting of bullying. I watched this movie on school bullying in China called ‘Better Days’ and it still haunts me! They also have a huge population so better have a culture of zero tolerance for bullying.

  3. I will never understand bullies, the problem is that’s also beginning to be a big problem in many countries . And X ( twitter), Insta, Tik Tok,…don’t help either . Actually some parents are beginning to take legal actions against them after losing their child who commited suicide after being bullied . When you watch the photos of the teens , it makes me cry , they were so cute, just because they were gay, overweight, …they took their own life because of bullies and the ones who participed silently !

      • Today in France , a case of a teen girl who was beaten up by 3 others in front of the school . She was tranfered to hospital . What amazed me was the fact that the others teens who were present at the scene did nothing ! In other city , the same day , a teen boy stabbed his classmate because he had enough of being bullied every day even if reported it to the head teacher !

      • Gosh… no one helped. I used to help the victims as a school girl. I am very tom boyish but hate bullies. I dont beat them but they are somewhat not keen to offend me. Even thru I dont hit anyone, I do have a very very fierce face when I am angry.

        But I do get in trouble with teachers for telling the bullies off. As some of the bullies have powerful/rich parents thus cannot be offended. I just stood my grounds. 🤣. Fortunately my parents are not poor so I never get expelled by school for telling the bullies off.

        Even now, at my age…my hubby told me to volunteer for HM Court Service as I have strong sense of justice. Some things never change. I kept to my core belief.

      • Sometimes, I really wonder why are Gov no doing more to stop bullying. after so many victims, the law is still not doing much. School tend to deal with these cases indoors unless there are death.
        Will have to pray for the loss souls.

      • Is there a way to file a petition with the courts? Also is there a central board of education or a ministry of education? Maybe nothing will come out if it… but even if 10 percent of the problem gets solved that’s still incremental change. This is what I fail to understand when isee this Korean bully dramas, no one involves the ministry of education or the Supreme Court (the supreme judicial body in that country?)

      • I don’t know about other countries, but in the US people tend to get litigious really quickly. Schools are always scared of getting sued. There’s so much administrative and documentation required if you ever want to do punish a minor. If a bully only verbally abused you, which I personally think is just as terrible because it leaves invisible mental scars that aren’t easy to heal, there’s so little evidence for a victim to provide. It becomes a case of he said she said. The public school system here is also notoriously bad generally with too many students to a teacher that they might not always notice the more subtle signs oh bullying also.

      • @Soph, I personally had never experienced any school bullying all my life, neither in Taiwan nor in the US. I’ve never seen in person or heard any victims of school bullies around me either. But my own kid had been subjected to verbal slurs and abuses from his peer Chinese American classmate on a daily basis for a year. Even they were in a gifted class that’s supposed to gather students of high academic performance together for advanced instructions, his Chinese classmate obviously had behavioral problems and lacked disciplines at home. The reason for him to bully my kid was stupid as fuck my kid did not wear brand name sneakers and clothes as he did, something like that LMAO. My kid complained about this shitty boy on our dinner table almost every day since obviously he got extremely irritated by his verbal offenses. It’s not physical abuse but verbal bully is equally concerning. If victims are not given appropriate and timely support from adults around them, there can have very negative impacts on their mental or even physical development. In any situation, strong parental support is extremely helpful. Fortunately my kid felt comfortable to talk about the shit he went through in that class at home so that we could give him advice and support in time. Years later when we asked him about those incidents at school again, he just shrugged it off as if that idiotic bully had never existed on earth. LMAO

      • @ soph. India and US seem very similar. Once is a super rich democracy and another is a poor democracy. But so many similarities exist with the chaos, the corruption and individual freedom. Indians are very litigious too. And yes like I said subtle bullying is hard to figure out which is why it still happens. But thankfully overt bullying would be difficult due to very strict laws.
        The history is that in India students rose in protest of the government in late 1960s and early 1970s inspired by the red Chinese army and Che Guevara. Then these students stormed colleges and schools and short their own classmates at gunpoint. This was called the Naxal movement. Since then there have been many strict laws targeting the schools and colleges including bullying and sedition. Also in late 1990s lots of college students set themselves on fire as a mass protest as sorts due to bullying, which is when the government enacted very strict anti bullying laws (it’s called ragging in India).

      • @Sk2, I like to say I enjoy reading what you shared alot. Thank you for taking time to write and share. Such interaction is positive.

      • @Hl, i’m a little like you, my sister always say that i’m one of the kindest person she knows , but she also says that sometimes i may be too reckless when i see waht i may consider an injustice . I used to work in highschool and back then the bullying wasn’t as bad as today but it happened . I used to protect the ones who used to be taken away their allowance, lunch, or being targeted because of their lookks,…when others teachers stayed still drinking their coffee and talking . I’m a caucasian of 157 cm but i have good genes as i look younger than my real age ( that’s what people say to me ) so it was easy for me to pass for a highschooler ( i could tell you about funny things that happened to me back then but it’s not the subject here ) the bullyers never saw me coming when i caught them , it was too late when they recognized me . A few ones took revenge on tagging my car, threaten me with a pair of scissors but i didn’t back off ! 20 years later, former kids still recognize me and come to say hello . Our former minister of education now the Prime minister made about bullying a priority but with all the social tensions, wars , ….it seems that all became a priority , that’s politics !

      • @cahill, we are similar in height!! Trying our little bit to protect the weak… bully is still a issue schools individually deals with.

      • @cahill, wow! What a story of yourself! Salute! I can never imagine bully on campus beyond verbal slurs that my son experienced himself, let alone more violent forms of harassment. Taiwan is a very civilized society with the most gentle and polite ppl ever. Therefore, I’d never heard kids bullying kids in Taiwan but only grumpy teachers venting their angers on kids by applying physical punishment. In the US, perhaps I’ve been always in good school districts so that I’m luck to not come across any bullies either. But we did have safety concerns on campuses in poor neighborhoods. Even so, the US legal and school systems aren’t lenient on campus bullies. Gun violent is more a concern of school safety than bullying here in the US.

        That’s why I have trouble getting into school bullying plots in Kdrama. Other than verbal abuse my kid experienced, it’s hard for me to imagine. I still have not watched the Glory yet partially for this reason. But I do have a good friend whose daughter was a victim of school bullying too who unfortunately had to go through mental health counseling for years to get back on her feet. It was devastating to her parents back then.

      • @Somebody , i didn’t experience either bullying during my school days , i was lucky ! But it was a longtime ago ! I don’t have children but 2 nephews ( 2 cuties) that i love when i’m with them i always tell them about the fact that no one has the right to use violence against them or that no one can’t force them to “keep secrets” . They know that they can say everything to auntie !

      • @Somebody , when i was working in that highschool i also meet wonderful kids , i lived hilarious moments too !!!

      • @Somebody, I find Taiwan to be a collective society that is well mannered. When I visited Taiwan, I was surprised by how everyone followed rules, stood in lines, was friendly etc. Meanwhile, I had came from the airport and was mobbed by mainland tourists that shoved me out of the way as they swarmed for the lines. It was like night and day. I feel like I’m not too surprised that bullying isn’t as prevalent in Taiwan.

        In the US, I think it depends on what school district you are in. I went to an exam school from middle to high school, so everyone in there mainly focused on studies. When I first came to America, I was put in a random public school, and I was one of the only two asian kids. While there were many nice kids, there were a lot of kids that made fun of me, made weird sounds mimicking my language, called me names, and harassed me on the bus. Luckily, it never escalated into anything physical. Someone told me recently, with the rise of social media, many students now, especially girls, have voiced concerns with going to the school bathrooms in high school because people would record them using the toilet and uploading the video online or use it to threaten them. I’ve also read many articles like about Gabriel Taye, where bullying became so bad that they unalive themselves at a young age. I’m glad your son was comfortable enough to speak up and had you as support. I never told my parents and was too scared to bother them as they were already too busy.

        @cahill and HL, you guys are both heroes to those other kids :). So glad you were there to help them.

  4. Tbh, I was ready to give her the benefit of doubt initially, but it’s practically confirmed she was a bully. Her agency literally admitted that she got expelled from HS due to a bullying incident. They claim it’s not this specific one, like that makes any difference at all?! I don’t know what they’re trying to get at here, but no one ever gets expelled for a small bullying offence. It’s clearly serious enough for that to be the last resort. So… yea she deserves the hate right now 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Due to an incident but not specifically this case. Why are we allowing trial by media and insinuations that she changed school it must be bullying? Until she admits or proven with evidence, shouldn’t what happened to lee sunkyun serve as a lesson not to jump to conclusions before conclusive evidence and not to hound someone base on baseless allegations? And why is sk dictated by mere allegations and not proper investigations or sue in court? As if merely alleging means concrete proof? That’s not how proof is. You proof, until you proven, the other need not disprove.

      • “She transferred due to school violence” quoted by her OWN agency, she literally admitted to being a bully, what EVIDENCE you want more

      • It was already mentioned by her that she transferred schools due to bullying incidents. Her agency had to confirm with the language above coz likely there will be school records. And mind you, she transferred 2x. So, yeah she is a bully.

      • i personally feel a cheater like him deserve that ending. Sorry not sorry

        he might not be doing drugs, but his association to those bad people like the madam (and let’s be real the madam is just one of them, God knows how many crazy people he’s associating with) gives me irk. And with less people like him in this world, i’m honestly grateful

  5. Weird word to use, no recollection. Did she slap many people that she can’t remember who she slapped? She should just deny and you know, whoever alleges must prove. This isn’t guilty until proven innocent. I don’t know if she did slapped that person or not, but I rather err on her side. I find accusation without proof a form of bullying. Some may be driven to suicide. But I notice bullies never kill themselves.

  6. Easy for her to say that she doesn’t remember the victim. Whether the allegation is true or not, it’s a long lasting scar for any bullied victims.

  7. This is a serious accusation. If she did bully someone back in school days, she should issue an apology to that person. But I don’t think she should be canceled for her past misconducts if she confesses and apologizes. Ppl have to learn forgiveness.

    • That will depend on just how much she hurt her victim….If the victim is still suffering from the abuse. Then an apology is not enough. That is what I think.

      • It’s hard to say this. But it’s the wisdom for victims to forgive rather than resent forever. Besides, every human being deserves second chance if sincere repentance does exist. That being said, I believe we reap what we sow. Bullies will eventually pay their prices for harms they have done to others. I believe supernatural justice exists in some ways.

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