Karina and Lee Jae Wook Confirmed to Have Broken Up After 5 Weeks of Dating Due to Public Response

Oh damn, it’s developments like this that make me hate humanity for intruding on what is a personal thing between two people. K-ent has another breakup with Karina of Aespa and actor Lee Jae Wook, coming just 5 weeks after the two went public. They only met in January at a fashion show so this was a very recent young romance but could not withstand the tidal wave of negative feedback towards Karina from her crazy fans. Those fans even sent a truck to SM blaring accusations about how she is betraying them and isn’t their love for her enough. NO PSYCHO F*&KERS, IT’S NOT. The reason for the breakup is the mental strain on both of them due to the negative comments (poor kids, sigh) and also feeling bad about upsetting her fans. Holy shit I want to go flip some tables right now.

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