MBC Fri-Sat Fantasy Drama Kokdu: Season of Deity with Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang Drops to Low 1.9% Ratings by Episode 6

Full disclosure, I watched the first episode of Kokdu: Season of Deity three weeks ago and HATED it. Like, I went in with optimistic expectations and was supremely underwhelmed by the set up and put off by the bad editing. So if the drama got better I wasn’t around to see it but the ratings have definitely taken an road downhill. This Saturday’s episode 6 brought in a new low 1.9% and even with tempered expectations that’s really really low. Most of the online discussions blame the writing but some still think casting Kim Jung Hyun in his first drama post scandal also played a role in the underwhelming reception.

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Kim Jung Hyun Struts Back into Im Soo Hyang’s Sunshine and Rainbows Reincarnated Life in New Character Posters for Kokdu: Season of Deity

The production team behind the promos for MBC fantasy romance Kokdu: Season of Deity are really going out of their way to highlight the extremes of the two leads. Kim Jung Hyun is the grim reaper on a vacation and … Continue reading

New Rom-com Type Poster and Preview for MBC Fantasy Drama Kokdu: Season of Deity Showcases a Cheesy and Comedic Vibe

I had thought the MBC fantasy romance drama Kokdu: Season of Deity (Season of Kkokdu) would be more whimsical and melancholy, what with the Grim Reaper going on a forced vacation and all that existential issues. But the latest poster … Continue reading