Kim Jung Hyun Struts Back into Im Soo Hyang’s Sunshine and Rainbows Reincarnated Life in New Character Posters for Kokdu: Season of Deity

The production team behind the promos for MBC fantasy romance Kokdu: Season of Deity are really going out of their way to highlight the extremes of the two leads. Kim Jung Hyun is the grim reaper on a vacation and here he is strutting his way through the ominous forest looking like a rocker vampire headed to a rave. Then there’s Im Soo Hyang who I swear just wandered into this drama from the set of her last drama Woori the Virgin, from her visuals to the bright, cheerful foliage backdrop it’s exactly that drama all over again. Anyways, I’m fully in the mood for a fun rom-com and this looks like it’s leaning comedic more than angsty so hopefully the writer has strung the story together to be compelling and cohesive rather than a mashup of interesting elements that don’t work together.

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New Rom-com Type Poster and Preview for MBC Fantasy Drama Kokdu: Season of Deity Showcases a Cheesy and Comedic Vibe

I had thought the MBC fantasy romance drama Kokdu: Season of Deity (Season of Kkokdu) would be more whimsical and melancholy, what with the Grim Reaper going on a forced vacation and all that existential issues. But the latest poster … Continue reading

K-netizens Upset that tvN Drama Queen Cheorin’s Naver Channel has Been Restored as TVing Tries to Re-promote it on Streaming

It’s nearing the one year anniversary of when Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) premiered on tvN on December 12th, 2020. Oh what a year makes, for this drama it’s been the see-saw of hugely successful airings and audience feedback when it … Continue reading

Entertainment Reporter Adds More Details to Kim Jung Hyun’s Unprofessional Behavior Filming Time Including Everything Was Normal At the Beginning

The truth behind Kim Jung Hyun‘s cold and odd behavior filming MBC drama Time, which the public witnessed first hand at the disastrous press conference, is likely wrapping up. Once the truth is out, including why he acting that way, … Continue reading