MBC Fri-Sat Fantasy Drama Kokdu: Season of Deity with Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang Drops to Low 1.9% Ratings by Episode 6

Full disclosure, I watched the first episode of Kokdu: Season of Deity three weeks ago and HATED it. Like, I went in with optimistic expectations and was supremely underwhelmed by the set up and put off by the bad editing. So if the drama got better I wasn’t around to see it but the ratings have definitely taken an road downhill. This Saturday’s episode 6 brought in a new low 1.9% and even with tempered expectations that’s really really low. Most of the online discussions blame the writing but some still think casting Kim Jung Hyun in his first drama post scandal also played a role in the underwhelming reception.


MBC Fri-Sat Fantasy Drama Kokdu: Season of Deity with Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang Drops to Low 1.9% Ratings by Episode 6 — 14 Comments

  1. Episode 1 was slightly nuts. However it improves and I am enjoying Grim Reaper who is completely himself and I keep wondering what happens to the main lead or I didn’t realise the male lead would disappear.

    I had no expectations going in and am enjoying the episodes.

  2. First ep was really rough. The editing or something. I don’t know, but it got better after that. I still don’t like Im Soo Hyang in general. But KJH is absolutely hilarious and giving it his all. And ISH is ok. It’s not great. But I don’t hate it. I’ve definitely seen worse more non-sensical fantasy dramas that were so bad I had to drop them – many more. I’ll keep watching until this one becomes one of those.

  3. I think Kim Jung Hyun is an amazing actor but if the script is bad then there’s little he can do to save it. I haven’t watched bc the premise didn’t intrigue me, but if it had better ratings I’d give it a try.

    • Yeah, I don’t think even Hyun Bin or Gong Yoo could save it.

      I’ve been watching it and the script is pretty bad. Like allenshore7 says above, the first episode was really rough. I only continued when someone mentioned that the second episode was much better. Seems like the actors -especially KJH- are all giving it a 110%, trying to make something out of the mess.

      It’s an easy and fun watch, provided you disengage your brain from the viewing experience.

  4. I don’t think that KJH is the one at fault . The script, the characters are in my pOV not interesting and bad written . Not chemistry at all between the leads too . I dropped after ep 3 and started watching Crash course romance and to my surprise i’m enjoying it a lot . I’m still hesitating about what to think of Our blooming youth .

  5. First, he deserved it. It is a karma. I m not his hater at all so, I watch this drama. The story is not given much excited. CG is not good. And I can’t stop watching because really want to see what Kokdu will do next, strange thought, outspoken grim reaper. His words are harsh but true.

  6. Ratings are a zero-sum game. When every other drama during the weekends are hitting or coming close to double digits (Crash Course in Romance, Red Balloon, Payback, Agency), a middling show would have to suffer.

  7. Im Soo Hyang curse strikes again – Woori the Virgin flopped, while Doctor Lawyer barely survived respectably thanks to So Ji Sub. I guess she’s just bad in choosing scripts

  8. They are against popular and highly capable veterans who can act (from Payback to Agency) and don’t forget makjang….(The Red Balloon). Plus the script is a disaster.

  9. It was a great drama! Episode 1 is a fail I think so but the rest is good! I love the actor very much and he is a very natural actor! Don’t blame him, because he doesn’t deserve such criticism because he is a great and good actor overall.

  10. i love kim jung hyun, It was just the wrong project for him and the other cast. I do not like the female lead. Maybe if there was another actress, it could have been better or best if it was Shin Hye Sun and they wrote the script as Season 2 Mr Queen. Anyway hoping for a good project for KJH!!!

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