Seo In Guk is Serving the Hoodoo Justice in New Stills and Cool Poster for Upcoming KBS Drama Minamdang

Dang, I’m starting to get wayyyyy too excited for this drama. Seo In Guk isn’t even in my fave actors bunch but I’ve never disliked him in any role and the ones that don’t work for me the problem is with the script/directing, but when he’s in the right drama like in Answer Me 1997, Shopping King Louie and Hello Monster it’s amazing. The upcoming KBS drama Minamdang looks like it will tap into his versatility and quirkiness as he plays a former criminal profiler turned spiritual shaman/shyster but who somehow still solves his clients problems. The power of deduction is priceless and powerful indeed. I love whatever God on a Throne energy he’s serving up in these new stills, and the new drama poster is so creative and fun, using the tools of a shaman displayed rather than arraying the faces of the leads.

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Stills and More Stills for Upcoming KBS Mon-Tues Investigative Drama Minamdang with Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo

Well Bloody Heart (Red Single Heart) is now officially a bloody underwhelming entry into the sageuk drama oeuvre, it may end up being a good drama overall but ratings and reception wise it’s a downer for KBS. The network will … Continue reading