US Court Rules Zhang Heng Gets Full Custody of Two Kids Born Via Surrogacy with Ex-wife Zheng Shuang

Another scandalous saga has come to an end and good news for the only victims in this case, the two innocent kids. C-stars Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang secretly got married in the US and then secretly hired two separate surrogates to carry their babies. Then things fell apart between them and the two are in divorce proceedings with the custody arrangement finally decided last week. A US court ruled that father Zhang Heng would get full custody (sole legal decision making authority) over the two kids and Zheng Shuang got visitation rights. This means Zhang Heng, who has been living in the US for nearly 2 years because of the kids and he can’t get them passports or fly them back to China without Zheng Shuang’s involvement, can now start the process of getting himself and the kids back home. Getting a kid in the US a passport is a huge endeavor requiring both parents to show up in person with a birth certificate proving said parentage, but now Zhang Heng can get passports for the kids by himself with the court order that he has sole custody. I hope the kids grow up healthy, safe, and with as little emotional trauma as possible despite their very tumultuous arrival in this world.

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C-actor Zhang Heng Releases New Texts that Show Ex-wife C-actress Zheng Shuang Engaged in Yin-Yang Drama Contracts and Tried to Throw a Pet Away to Avoid Vet Bill

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