C-actress Zheng Shuang Embroiled in Scandal of Discarding Surrogate Babies and Divorce with Ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng

Even putting divorce with discarding surrogate babies in the same “scandal” is absurd, one is like throwing in the trash a meal prepared by a loved one and the other is burning the house to the ground level bad. C-ent is all atwitter this week with news drops complete with secret recording releases that reveal C-actress Zheng Shuang has a whole lot of explaining to do. She dated producer ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (who is also her manager partner in the same agency) in 2018 after doing the dating show Meeting Mr. Right 2 (女儿们的恋爱 2) but broke up publicly in December 2019 after dating for 1.5 years. Since then Zhang Heng went MIA and tons of bad leaks were all over the internet that he owed a lot of debt and was unscrupulous.

This week Zhang Heng posted on his SNS a picture of him with two babies in each arm and explained that he was in the US raising his two children as a single dad and that none of the allegations against him were true and he just wanted to do his duty and be a loving father. Then all shit broke loose – a phone recording was released between Zhang Heng’s parents and Zheng Shuang’s parents revealing the babies were carried by surrogates when the couple was dating but the couple broke up around 6 months into the surrogacy and Zheng Shuang’s side (her dad and her) wanted to either terminate the pregnancy (too late) or just discard the babies when born and let them be adopted in the US. Zhang Heng’s dad had to tell them that was, like, ILLEGAL. This paints Zheng Shuang in the worst light, no 2 cents about it, she has a shit ton to explain but there is more so read on.

Netizens also discovered that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng have a pending divorce petition in the US as well (public records and all) so clearly there is so much to unravel legally, and makes their surrogacy decision at least sensical if they were married in the first place before embarking on the life changing and no turning back decision of MAKING BABIES. But the worst is to come, because Zheng Shuang is listed as the birth mother on both babies birth certificates released by Zhang Heng’s side, but allegedly she refuses to acknowledge them to the Chinese government so the babies cannot get Mainland Chinese citizenship. Also without her involvement and consent, the babies cannot get US passport or visa to travel to Mainland with said passport because in the US (due to fear of one parent kidnapping a kid), both parents must be present in person (or get a power of attorney) to apply for a passport for any minor under 18.

That poses a problem as Zhang Heng is in the US on a visitor’s visa (and the reason he has been living in the US as he can’t leave with the babies and must stay to raise them), and reportedly if he gets deported when it expires next month the two babies will be placed in foster care as he cannot take them back to China with him. The babies (a boy and a girl) were carried by two different surrogate moms, one is listed as born in December 2019 and the other in January 2020. Jesus lady, no matter how much you hate your ex please please do right by the babies you decided to bring into this world via surrogacy. This is definitely one of the most selfish and shocking stories in the entertainment world in recent years, people get mad when stars adopt pets and then later give them up but we’re talking two babies here!


C-actress Zheng Shuang Embroiled in Scandal of Discarding Surrogate Babies and Divorce with Ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng — 51 Comments

  1. Forgive me if I sound dumb but shouldn’t the birth certificates with both parents’ names on them be legitimate enough proof for the babies to be granted Chinese citizenship and for the law to persuade the mother to acknowledge them?

    • Baby born in the us naturally got us citizenship, they need to go for certain procedures to get chinese citizenship. And surrogacy is illegal in china, I don’t know if that will affect the procedures or not.

    • i guess it happens only if china allows dual citizenship… i dont know if china has dual citizenship… since the kids were born in the US they automatically have US citizenship…

    • In the U.S minor citizens cannot leave the country without both patents’ permission, that is if two people listed as parents on the birth certificate both parents have to consent to the children receiving a passport.

      If he can’t apply for an extension he should apply for a green card or go to court and pleas his case.

  2. That’s so disappointing, I really liked her in Love oxygen. I hope she does see those babies and changes her mind. They are innocent.

  3. This is definitely in the top 3 of the most insane celebrity scandals I’ve ever heard, if not the worst of them all. Reminds of the Seo Taiji and Lee Jiah bombshell but even then it was just a secret marriage and subsequent divorce (grooming and overall shitty antics from STJ aside). Here, it’s a secret marriage, (technically illegal) foreign surrogacy, secret separation, shitty gene-mother antics and dual-nation citizenship debacles. God. It makes Penthouse look like a slice of life indie drama.

    I have a firm stance on abortion – it’s the woman’s choice. End of story. However, this mess involves surrogates so it does change things, especially since they were so late into their pregnancy. At that point, you buck up and shoulder your responsibilities – like you really went through the trouble of marrying in secret and getting borderline illegal surrogates to carry your children (plural!!!) and you want to back out at the literal last minute? She truly is absolute shit for this and it’s a good damn thing if her career is ruined after this.

    • ZS wanted the surrogate mother to abort the babies at 7th month pregnancies which is why chinese netizens and vietnamese netizens are outraged! She made some disgusting comments in the leaked recordings which were translated in Vietnamese. I couldn’t find a word to translate back to English.

      • Um, I’m aware of this. My whole point about abortion was in relation to the woman carrying the child, and I acknowledged how the circumstances change with surrogacy. She seems like an absolutely horrible person even without considering the leaked tapes so yeah, I don’t doubt that whatever comes out of this, she deserves the backlash unquestionably.

      • The single worst thing she said, and she said lots of reprehensible things in that phone call, was:

        “The two kids are 7 months, really can’t abort. Fuck/Damn it! I’m so annoyed!”

        She said “他妈的” which means fuck or damn it or to hell with it.

      • @ockoala Jesus Christ. I am truly confounded as to why someone like this would even take the drastic measure of eloping and applying for surrogacy in secrecy. Surrogacy is already controversial enough on its own but making two women go through the physically and mentally challenging process of giving birth to someone else’s children and than trying to get them to abort 7 months in? Absolute garbage. Hope she’s legally persecuted or something similar for her actions and the babies are allowed to go back home with their dad.

  4. That is different level fucked up. Wow. Firstly, it wasn’t an unexpected pregnancy. She specifically got a surrogate mother to bring her children(!!) to the world knowing there is always a chance things won’t work out between her and her husband. To then decide she doesn’t want the kids, try to get rid of them, and now not even acknowledge them so at least the father can take care of them?

    Of course we can NEVER tell how someone is from what they show on screen. But this kind of cruelty is something I don’t even expect from the publicly problematic celebrities – let alone someone with her clean image. That’s not disgusting. That’s inhuman. I hope the kids can stay with their father somehow and for them to have a quiet and happy life. I feel sorry for everyone involved including the grandparents on the dad’s side.

    Forget career, if this is all true, it would be good if she can’t bring herself outdoors without getting nasty looks from everyone. She deserves that and more. Much much more.

  5. Last few years she had one scandal after another bc she was too “blunt” or not doing her job properly what left me wondering if she probably selfcentered and pampered. I was okay with that since it was her life. But after reading what her family did I’m asking myself if probably she was raised like that. Her statement also was only about herself and how she was -understandably- hurt. But that isn’t about her life only anymore. Her ex-bf/husband may be a cheater but at least he didn’t abandoned his children. Girl, when you are a white lotus keep your backyard clean. Public opinion won’t forgive you when children are involved.
    As long this doesn’t turn out as hoax and conspiracy she is done for. But at the moment it looks more like the father is at his end of means and did this to keep his children safe. He stayed out of all for months despite the rumors.

  6. Btw LJS just came out of the military but we will never see his Jade Lovers with ZS as even her already aired dramas are getting pulled.

    • Honestly? You’re very tone deaf.

      Who the f cares!?!?!? This post is about two kids who has to possibly live in a foster home despite their father wanting to take care of them, all because of a selfish you-know-what. And the comment you leave is about LJS and a drama that cannot be aired?! I’m usually not someone who jumps on internet morons but wow this is wholly ridiculous of a comment.

      • Honestly? Koala is late on this news. I’m on Twitter and Reddit and Weibo and Douban, a whole bunch of other sites that reported on and translated this issue before Koala. I’ve left my sensitive comments elsewhere and didn’t want to repeat it for the nth time. It was on this site that I suddenly remembered her unaired drama (knowing that all her works are getting pulled) because I primarily come here for drama news. I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings by leaving out and not parroting my other thoughts, omniscient being.

      • kx, it doesn’t matter that you replied on different websites with other opinions. What matters is your reply to this website on this topic.

        This is a very serious issue that a ‘mother’ would abandon her kids because they were inconvenient to her. If you were outraged as you claim to be, then you should have stuck to the topic and not talk about USELESS things. Who the HELL cares if some guy just came out of the military and won’t appear on TV? He’ll have other chances!

        Right now we have the RISK of two kids being separated from one loving parent because the other parent won’t acknowledge them as her kids EVEN though their birth certificates PROOF SHE’S THEIR MOM!

        You’re not hurting anyone’s feelings. You’re just showing us you care more about an ‘oppa’ than 2 innocent kids/toddlers.

      • @Kx, how the heck do you expect people to know that you said elsewhere? Like, what kind of absurd response is that?

    • No, I don’t care about “oppa” more than two children. I wanted to pass on information about the actress and her dying career, and thought people would recognize LJS’s name more as I personally didn’t know she was the actress that had worked with him until this came out.

      Whatever. Go on feeling superior because you typed about your feelings and how vile she is across the board and on this website. Perhaps it would make you feel better if I just said “so makjang” like many others as if it was drama and left it at that.

      • @kx Don’t try to backtrack now that you’ve already shown your true colors. And your ‘apology’ is completely INSINCERE. Who adds snarky comments in an apology? SMH.

        Feeling superior? We’re calling you out for your insensitive behavior and you think we’re try to be more superior than you? SMH.

        Look, when things are serious try to read the room/discussion. It’s ok to try to lighten up the mood a bit but think before you speak/comment. Children being abandoned is very sad and depressing for many people, especially for those with children themselves and especially when they involve very YOUNG children.

        BTW, you brought up LJS leaving the military as the main focus and ‘we will never see…’ so yes you thought about HIM first…

        SIGH. I just hope ZS does the right thing so that those kids can go back to china and live with their dad.

    • All right then. I’ll apologize for being tone deaf. I posted impulsively and without adding extra paragraphs. Next time I’ll remember to embellish.

      • Or you could just comment under oppa’s news if you want to talk about his dramas. Really, only his fans care whether his drama airs or not.

    • I believe the bigger of the two issues is getting the babies travel documents to travel to PRC.

      The babies are US citizens, all legal, but in the US both parents need to apply for their passports. Zheng Shuang is reportedly unwilling to acknowledge the babies or work with Zhang Heng to get them US passports. Without the passports they can’t go back to PRC but Zhang Heng’s stay in the US is limited on a vistor’s visa.

      As for PRC citizenship for the babies, it’s less clear but surrogacy is illegal in PRC.

    • I think with a good lawyer and a custody agreement, they can work out the whole thing. I hope the kids grow up well. The lady can rot in hell for all I care.

  7. Prada just fired her after nine days as one of their brand ambassador. Wow. I’m following this story and its truly heartbreaking for the kids. When you think of surrogacy, you think of a woman who desperately wants a child…not someone who is able to get rid of a baby at 7 months (highly doubt that is even recommended at this stage of pregnancy)or abandon them when they are born. To even think this way makes me feel sorry for all the women out there who want a child. T_T.

  8. I always thought she was off – entitled and spoilt honestly Especially how her parents seem to tolerate about of her behaviour, a representation of the young spoilt generation . But this is another level of craziness. She’s crazy enough I believe to want to do surrogacy at the heat of romance, crazy enough to marry and divorce in 1 year (yes I watched that reality show; they seem unsuited for each other) but my gawd hearing the audio (2 different audios now), never thought she was this bat shit crazy to ever think you can just abandon babies like they are toys or pets (even for pets it’s totally unacceptable but some people just don’t put animals as same as humans) but these are babies! 2 of them! Innocent like white paper, not that fault that their mom and dad are nutcases.
    I don’t care what people say, at least the guy is in America and taking care of the kids. Photos can be staged but i don’t think it’s far fetched that he spent enough time with them to have “feelings” (and love if that’s possible) for his own blood children. In this aspect he is doing the least a human should do and she…. is just totally …I don’t even know the word, evil???!
    And her parents have to bear that responsibility – both of them have no basic levels of morality , and that’s probably why their child turn out this way!

  9. i didn’t really like her from the very beginning.. so whenever i read cnovels, i would imagine her as villainess.. but never imagine that she’s really this bad

  10. I guess no more sneaking off to the USA and secretly delivering babies in the US to get US citizenship when you can do it through surrogacy.

  11. She is beyond selfish – it’s evil! Two little human beings bought into the world based on both of their decisions and actions. I admire that the ex stayed to take care of the babies. For her – just because she changed her mind; doesn’t mean she can just dropped all her responsibilities. Even if she doesn’t want the babies now, she could have cooperated with her ex to facilitate the process to make sure the babies get both passports and ensure their well being. The fact that she hasn’t considered their well-being at all – it seems she could care less what happens to them as long as they are no longer tied to her. Also, she seems to be making it difficult for them to stay with her ex is just EVIL!

  12. Zheng Shuang is really the lowest of lows.

    She’s been busy defaming the ex, trying to cover up the mess. She is popular, in more powerful position than him. The only reason Zhang Heng leaked the info(s) is because that is his last resort to get her to cooperate, for fear that the two children will end up at foster homes.

    And yet Zheng Shuang’s die hard fans still have the audacity to claim the birth certs as fake.

    The fact that she can just discard the fates and livelihood of the children – (1) the idea of terminating the pregnancies (esp planned pregnancies), (2) endangering the lives of the surrogate mothers, (3) for not giving a f*** and even suggested for the children to be sent to foster homes and be adopted and (4) defaming his ex to cover up the bigger issues speak of the kind of evil human being she is. And so as her parents, the enablers. All she cares about is herself.

  13. So wrong on so many levels but if she doesn’t want the kids, then I think it’s in her right to say give them up for adoption. (I only read what Koala has said but didn’t listen to any tapes). I’d rather the kids go to a good home.

    However, if the father wants to raise them and she does not, then she should just give up her parental rights and move on. Why do this to the kids? Is she afraid he is going to hit her up for money in the future? Also, did she undergo egg retrieval process etc that is involved this? How could she go through that and then not want the kids? In any case, children’s well-being is at stake. What is best for the two kids is important. Hope they can work this out. Raising kids is not easy and throw in family drama, it’s just not the best place to start off. Hope the parents can do right by their kids and move on from there.

  14. I’m speechless. All her ex is asking her to do is to acknowledge the babies so they don’t have to go to a foster home….. It’s so appalling that she doesn’t even want to do the absolute bare minimum. Some people are really not meant to be parents.

  15. i guess it happens only if china allows dual citizenship… i dont know if china has dual citizenship… since the kids were born in the US they automatically have US citizenship…

  16. What is even worse is that she requested Zhang Heng to actually pay the surrogate fees himself in order to discourage him for keeping the babies because she believed he would not be able to pay the “charges”. And she told his mum that they didn’t use all the eggs/sperm so they could have babies again if their relationship (between her and her ex husband XH) recovers. Girl, you serious?

    And she opened multiple (side) accounts on Weibo, renaming it after her ex boyfriends. Apparently, she has an account called LSY0001 (Her first love is called Lu Si Yu), she has another one called YB0009 (Hu YanBin (Anson Hu)) who is also her ex.

  17. Hmm I don’t agree with what Zheng Shuang did here, not taking responsibility for the children but I have to say, I also don’t find Zheng Heng’s actions that admirable too. I think he uploaded that pic on purpose most possibly to ruin Zheng Shuang which is working really well. I also don’t like how these private conversations were being recorded secretly by ZH’s side. It’s just wrong. Both parties are immature in this case. Zheng Shuang in running away from her responsibilities and Zheng Heng for being shady imo.

    • He uploaded the pics because she’s been busy getting her PR team defaming him (though not saying he has no fault at all).

      Secondly, she has been refusing to cooperate. And he is running out of time since his visa is expiring and the psb of the children send to foster homes should he get deported.

      Thirdly…I fully agree with him recording their conversations. Zheng Shuang is in the position of power, who would take his side even if he has proofs esp with her being able to hire first class legal team to crush him. The recording is probably his only ticket to at least, getting some justice if not for him, but for the babies.

      • If she had worked with him to get the babies back I don’t think he would go this far. But she is too busy buying hot search to make him look bad and completely refuse the 2 kids
        He has always had the audio. If he wanted to ruin her, he didn’t have to wait until now… when his passport is about to expire and can’t be renewed anymore. If he can’t bring the kids back home he probably loose them forever

        And reading more document about their case that her father uploaded, it seems like she manipulated him into debt and using money to force him to give away the babies, so do I blame him? NO

        She deserves it and more

    • I thought trav visas are only good for 6 months? …this is the most bizarre story…and for such a famous starlette….she got married a year ago and no one knew? Really???
      Story sounds more like a smear campaign to me…but who knows…wow.

  18. This is disgusting in so many levels. Starting with the surrogation of pregnancy. Renting another woman’s body in order to deteriorate it with a pregnancy, just because you have the money and the other needs it…it’s simply despicable. If someone is buying women’s bodies to avoid pregnancy, you can expect all sorts of selfish decisions down the line. Not a surprise that later she discarded the babies as if they were toys.

    • No one replied to you but I agree, commercial surrogacy is morally wrong and exploitative to begun with. Women’s bodies should not be objects for sale just because someone else doesn’t want to be pregnant and the surrogate is disadvantaged enough to put her body through that for money.

      And those are the problems in the best case scenario. Here you have the absolute worst, the genetic mother going “oops actually I don’t want the babies, just send them somewhere else” like it’s an online shopping clothes return or something! If the genetic dad wasn’t stepping up here, there would be an even bigger tragedy for those babies and their surrogates than there ready is.

  19. I’m just personally horrified at how willing she was ready to give up her children. Either though termination (at such a late stage) or abandonment. Secret marriage and divorce is no one’s business. But! I feel like they both recklessly brought children into the world. I hope they manage to stay with their dad. At least he wants them!

  20. Is anyone finding it weird that the babies’ birthdates are Dec 2019, and Jan 2020 yet in the photo that the BF/ ex husband released of him and the kids – one is already standing – how is that even possible for a 2 month old to be standing?

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