C-actor Zhang Heng Releases New Texts that Show Ex-wife C-actress Zheng Shuang Engaged in Yin-Yang Drama Contracts and Tried to Throw a Pet Away to Avoid Vet Bill

I’m not going to say that disgraced C-actress Zheng Shuang is like totally and forever screwed from a comeback at this point but the final straw may be pissing off the Chinese government. Earlier this year she was revealed to have cavalierly wanted to get her two surrogate babies aborted in the late term after she and now ex-husband actor Zhang Heng broke up. That was the worst reveal but her myriad spoiled bad behavior was revealed and C-netizens straight up cancelled her on the spot. C-ent also placed her on the black list forbidding her from being on television as she was considered an entertainer of bad repute. She could have laid low and tried to comeback but now she’s being investigated by the government tax authorities after last week Zhang Heng released new texts and documentation that showed Zheng Shuang was paid $24M USD for the C-drama remake of A Chinese Ghost Story which is an astronomical pay (especially for just 77 days of shooting), and that she got it by engaging in Yin/Yang contracts which means one contract to submit for tax purposes at a lower pay and one contract under the table where she got a higher pay but doesn’t need to report it for taxes. This is what former top C-actress Fan Bing Bing was ultimately nabbed for in 2018, and since then it’s been an absolute prohibition to do this. The government has announced that is has opened an investigation into her now. Zhang Heng’s latest text reveals also show exchanges where Zheng Shuang discarded (threw away) her dog in a remote field after it got sick and she didn’t want to pay what is the equivalent of a few hundred dollars in vet bills. She also laughed about never paying for snacks at the grocery store, she would just eat it there and then walk out. I mean, she’s literally a sociopath, no?


C-actor Zhang Heng Releases New Texts that Show Ex-wife C-actress Zheng Shuang Engaged in Yin-Yang Drama Contracts and Tried to Throw a Pet Away to Avoid Vet Bill — 18 Comments

  1. Only a truly disgusting human being not only attempts to discard her own babies but her dog too. Domesticated pets are just as helpless as children and for her to dump her dog in a field because she didn’t want to pay a few vet bills makes my blood boil. At this point, if the government disappears her Fan BinBing style and we never see from her again, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

  2. How do you make $24 MILLIONS USD for a drama but would rather throw away your sick pet than pay a few hundreds to treat it? You have to be a special kind of heinous person to do this.

  3. I find it rather questionionable that already knowing what kind of a person she is, the guy still married her. Knowing she once discarded a sick pet, he should have look for a different woman to marry.

  4. Normally I wouldn’t comment because the articles are already bad enough. She did it. He knew it. So the dog died right? OMG.

    Seriously? Can we have laws protecting pets? I am not even sure she can be prosecuted for negligence at this point for her twins. I’ve just paid thousands in vet bills last month for my dog- accidental injury from our neighbours for crying out loud- but I didn’t whine. Our pets are part of the family.

    I can’t even… read anything anymore about her.

  5. I think they are both scary as f….her for doing all that…apparently she won a lawsuit against him so he decided NOW to came out with the texts….

  6. What the… But if she can discard a baby, a dog would be nothing for her. Still this is soooo sick of her. She can say goodbye to her career.

    And i think i’m a minority but I usually don’t mind rewatching dramas especially my favorites with disgraced artist like sungkyungkwan scandal but love020 would be the first drama i’d choose to never watch again – sorry yang yang.

  7. That’s crazy amount of USD for an actress who can’t act. I find her really stiff and bland. She’s pretty but that’s all. I can’t even bring myself to finish Love O2O after 2 episodes now I totally won’t bother to finish it. Her personality is disgusting. Yikes!

  8. Damn, is C-ent the highest paying entertainment industry now? $20M is what A_ level American actors get paid for a movie, and that’s longer than 77 days of work.

  9. The You Tuber Avenue X gave the background about how this actress was raised….it explains a lot.

    I understood why the ex went public when he was dealing with the kid situation and having paperwork issues. However, throwing her to the Chinese tax officials after seeing what happened to Fan Bing Bing is nasty business especially since the contract practice was widespread in the industry. We get it, she’s a horrible human being but enough.

    • @Kat Someone on YT made a video about this (you can search for the video yourself). They said that he revealed the tax issue because recently her side paid people to spread false stories about him to make him look bad.

      Explains it though. Why didn’t he do this before? Guess he had had enough of their shenanigans.

      • You don’t snitch to the communists. I’m sure there is plenty of dirt to throw.

  10. Watch the movie then. It is better in all ways: casting, acting (yeah, I never knew Angelababy could act but the goofy funny character really suits her), script, directing and cinematography.

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