A Swoony Kiss Heightens Expectations for Romance in Descendants of the Sun

Now this is what I call a promising promo! Descendants of the Sun is premiering in T-minus 8 hours and the production finally did something that piques my interest fully. The drama released a third and final poster mere hours before the first episode premiere that is way better than the first two, and by a long shot. It shows male lead Song Joong Ki kissing his costar Song Hye Kyo in what appears to be a sudden swoop movement. It’s something I figured out be in a Kim Eun Sook written drama, an alpha male making the move on the object of his interest, and that is not an action that I don’t find objectionable in and of itself so I’m open to seeing this kiss in context. I don’t have a problem conceptually with Kim Eun Sook’s propensity for grabby alpha male types, that’s her thing and I’m cool with that because in some of her dramas it’s worked for me. Here all I see are rainbows and unicorns anytime Song Joong Ki shows up so if he wants to sneak on kiss on his girl then fine by me. I sure hope Song Hye Kyo’s character is open to the kiss and does her fair share of reciprocating if she feels the same way back.

The production released a teaser for a second OST song, “Everytime” by Chen of EXO. Chen’s OST song for It’s Okay, It’s Love is one of my favorite OST songs of all time and this one sounds mighty catchy¬†as well.

Teaser for Chen “Everytime”:


A Swoony Kiss Heightens Expectations for Romance in Descendants of the Sun — 20 Comments

    • +1 LOL…Heirs kisses are among the most awkward in dramaland. It’s always like two emotionless statues pecking or one-sided forceful harassment from Lee Min Ho. Park Shine Hyeu’s startled faces with her huge eyeballs just cracked me up all the time. Zero chemistry in the Heirs.

  1. I was wondering if it was surprise or fear that Song Hye Kyo’s character had on her face in that ‘sudden kiss’. Just cannot erase from my mind that goddamn awful kiss between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho in Heirs.

    “I see are rainbows and unicorns anytime Song Joong Ki shows up so if he wants to sneak on kiss on his girl then fine by me.” This explains why KES is so popular. She chooses these good looking actors to play her ‘grabby alpha male types” and no one gets offended. Instead we get tons of fangirls wanting to be loved by oppa, don’t matter if oppa has no respect and mistreats women.

    • That’s true. KES drama leads gather huge female following after the drama. LMH’s fan following increased exponentially after Heirs and there are millions of women who love Kim Tan. smh

  2. u guys dont av job apart frm talking about lmh u guys all complain heirs is not a good story and the acting was bad and after 3yrs you still cannot let it go lmh and psh are not related to this so stop critising them and watch your favourite actor drama shooo

    • I say; if you’re a Heirs fan even your comments show your age. Wow… you can’t even be bothered to defend your drama by checking your English spelling etc.

      • You need some hobby in your life caring about peoples age and posts. that post was much more mature and decent then yours

      • oh please can you tell me how to speak English you moron yes am heirs fan and here in Africa heirs is very popular and is one of my best drama and is good you know my age i guess u would be 50 years old. CLOT POLE

      • Not everyone is native English speaker. Don’t be rude!
        She is right that people still talk about Heirs after 3 years.
        If I hate something I’d not bother with it…

  3. I really don’t know why u have such a negative view on the writer. I personally loved some of her dramas and disliked others. I have to say she wrote my all time favourite drama (A gentleman’s dignity) so I love her for that. But you make it sound like she is a rubbish writer, well she is not. So don’t force us on your ideologies.

  4. this kiss scene look kind of awkward. SHK too old to doing press lip. if she young then i can understand. she amost 35. she should stop doing these cheap kiss scene. do a full french kiss scene. SJK too hot to ony get press lip in the drama.

    • What on earth? I think her character was surprised so how can you expect her to do a full french kiss when she wasn’t asking or anticipating a kiss? Even if SHK thought that SJK was very hot, she had to act according to script and direction. They can french kiss and do whatever they want behind the scenes. You are also free to imagine yourself as her.

    • To desire for French kisses, I suggest you give a shot to Taiwanese drama. LOL…T actors are not shy of genuine passionate kisses that are R-rated. 99% of K kisses are PG-13.

  5. KES also wrote the hugely popular ‘Secret Garden’ and propelled Hyun Bin to dizzy heights of popularity before his MS. Why do ppl only talk about Heirs? Still bitter with LMH and PSH’s popularity ppl? Well, even without Heirs they would have been popular.

  6. I have no K drama to watch after DotS, just combing through the archives for any suggestions of old dramas to watch. In the meanwhile, I also goofed around the playground to read old blogs and comments about DotS. LOL @ some comments that found whatever to diss up this drama and the cast. PPl must be bitter now since the drama they mocked is a record breaking success in showbiz and the popularity of all the cast is rising. Won’t they feel embarrassed if they read what they said back then before DotS was even aired? LOL

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