Yamapi Hits the Thailand Stop of his 2011 Solo Asia Tour

I’m like a chipmunk, I can be busy doing someone important, but the second I sniff one of my obsessions, I immediately drop proper work like a hot potato and toddle off to happily waste time. Which was how I ended up spending an entire night happily watching Yamapi MVs and missing the Akira-incarnation of Pi like mad. Pi was all over the news this week as he hit the Thailand stop of his solo Asia tour. I’ve been following all his pit stops, but his concert in Thailand deserves special mention because he’s growing his hair out and he now looks like a mashed together KimutakuJin.

No, I’m serious. Look at his outfit and style on stage (totally screams Jin circa the KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates tour), and his almost liony mane is Kimutaku all the way. But the best part of all these concerts is that Pi sings “Seishun Amigo” (without Kame *sobs*) and then dances like its 2005 (he also sings “Daite Senorita”, and then I get flashes of Kurosagi and immediately start headdesking). Sigh, I miss the good old days~

Thai news program coverage of Pi’s Thailand concert:


I will never be able to explain, to myself or anyone else, why I love Pi. And I mean I adore this boy like I can’t even believe. There is just something so dorky about him inside all the pre-packaged Johnny shit, and it came out in Nobuta wo Produce, and I’ll never be able to forget it. Watching him and Kame perform “Seshun Amigo” is a treat I indulge every few months, because it’s hilariously ridiculous yet sublimely perfect somehow. Like that rare Summer of ’98 of mine.

Pi and Kame’s first performance of Seshun Amigo on TV in 2005:


As a bonus, watch Pi and Kame do Seshun Amigo, with the addition of Jin and Ryo:


I’m totally in the mood for a Pi-marathon, which probably means I should finish the few Pi dramas I’ve left hanging, so that I can call myself a Pi-completist. ProDai or CB2, folks? Or neither, and bask in some BB-summer of love? Sigh, so much want, so little time.

[Credit: all pictures from www.manager.co.th]


Yamapi Hits the Thailand Stop of his 2011 Solo Asia Tour — 13 Comments

  1. I just did a Yamapi drama marathon over the last two weeks – CB, CB2, NwP, PDai, BB, Kurosagi in that order. So satisfying. I especially love his speaking voice.

  2. haha me too, dont know why but there s/thing bout him dat make me totally crazy over him. just being his fan this year (bcoz of nwp,just watched it on jan), but already completed most of all his drama/movie (bb,cb,cb2,nwp,pd,krsg,ppoi) and now currently rewatched them again. breaking my own record, nver did s/thng crazy like dis b4 (b4 yamaP, i’m into english & kpop)
    *currently watching Kurosagi (actualy want to watch kimutaku drama, but he remind me of yamapi in kurosagi in that drama, so after 2 eps, i change to kurosagi:D)

  3. Yamapi is so gorgeous it’s ridiculous. I could never sit myself through any of his music performances though, he is um… just not a very good singer or dancer imo.

    Out of curiosity, what in Kurosagi made you react so badly to it? was it the crappy ending? Kurosaki’s wardrobe? or was it the annoying and repetitive flashbacks? I personally enjoyed it, despite the flaws. I am still holding out hopes for a sequel that will give Tsurara and Kurosaki a happy & CONCLUSIVE ending. Daite Senorita… lol, cracks me all every time. till this day, I am still puzzled as to why they used it for the theme song.

    thanks for the picspam by the way.

  4. Hee. I think it was I who introduced you to Pi. I think, when belleza & I were having a “why is it that we love this boy who can’t sing or act?” discussion on DB OT. Do I get a prize or a brickbat for that?

    Why do I love Pi? I love Pi because he’s gorgeous. I love Pi because he seems so innocent – he seems to embrace all that Johnny weirdness as his Very Important Job, and throw himself into it, whether it’s dutifully updating his cheerfully banal nikki (hmm, haven’t checked that out in a while), being a sex-object, pounding out ridiculous dance numbers, packaging himself as an idol, or doing the Seishun Amigo number for the zillionth time when he surely must be pukifyingly sick of it.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I watched all the vids! PropDai was terrible, the story was particularly dumb and Yamapi was particularly wooden. I haven’t bothered with CB2. Unless you want to expand your Pi repertoire, I’d stick with BB.

    • Yes to all of this. Plus – we love Pi because he is Akira!

      Even after watching his various transformations over the years the Pi that I love best is that adorable, adorkable, friend-for-life Kusano Akira.

  5. All I have left is Ikebukuro West Gate Park and Code Blue 2 (Ashita no Joe too…) and then I’ll officially be a Pi completist… XD Damn it I feel like re-watching everything right now XD

  6. Lol I remember before I got obsessed with Korean dramas I was obsessed with jdramas. My first drama was nobato wo produce. I absolutely fell in love with yamapi and his Akira. I also liked kame which is why I watched 1 pound gospel. It was a good drama but the manga was better. But I watched most of yamapis drMas available like kurosgi which I liked because he looked hot in it and because maki was in it. I had hoped they would have officially gotten together in the movie but the movie was pointless. I liked proposal dai. It was cute. I liked the movie cont. Because it showed them together. I also watched stand up. He was cutely obsessed with trains. I had a huge obsession with almost all Johnny boys like hey say 7 since they are closer to my age. But yamapi has always been number 1 lol.

  7. Ooh Pi! I miss his old hair though, the KimuTaku hairdo isn’t doing it for him.

    I enjoyed ProDai, it has a wonderful nostalgic vibe, and its themes of regretting choices made when we were younger, and wishing to go back and change it if we could, really struck a chord with me. Plus despite his lack of acting ability, somehow he is most perfect as an awkward teenager. I really liked the ending theme song too.

  8. Aww, I miss them both sooo much. I guess I should rewatch Nobuta? Okay, not this week because HOMG too many dramas to watch, but it’s time for a rewatch soon. *nods*

    Omg, ProDai. I’m SO glad it was, like, my second jdorama which I finished only because I was still high from finishing NwP and loving Pi-Akira to bits. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t be able to finish it now, not after Buzzer Beat. Dude, I’ll send good vibes your way.

    And I need to watch Pi’s Thailand concert.

  9. I love Yamapi in Code Blue and Code Blue 2. The angst and the hair. *fan girl scream*. Thanks for this posting. Sigh… This mood for pi-marathon is totally addictive. Will go dig out my CB and CB2 dvds now…

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