Netflix to Premiere Highly Anticipated Alice in Borderland Season 2 with Yamazaki Kento and Tsuchiya Tao Returning and Special Guest Yamashita Tomohisa as the Memorable King of Clubs

I’m so freaking excited for the upcoming Alice in Borderland season 2, confirmed to air on Netflix this December 2022. It would be a two year gap (wow time flies!) between the first season which happened to air the same time as Netflix monster thriller Sweet Home and both are basically apocalyptic survival stories adapted from a source manga/webtoon. I’ve read both and watched both dramas and don’t feel the need to compare, both are great in storytelling (lean and mean) and the adaptations delivered all the thrills as a live-action. Alice is coming back for the second arc of the manga “The Face Cards” as Arisu and Usagi and co. have survived entering The Borderland and the massacre at The Beach and now head into challenges proffered by the Face Cards, as in the first season the hardest challenge was only up the 10 cards. The face cards are led by the Three Kings and One Queen (King of Spades, King of Diamonds, King of Clubs and Queen of Hearts) and their identities are less important than the ridiculously insane and fascinating challenges they bring. In particular, the King of Spades who spends the entire arc naked and runs around a shipping dock is one of the most elaborate games so bonus points to the production for getting Yamashita Tomohisa to guest star as the King of Spades. I get to see Kento and his older bro face twin Yamapi in the same drama I can’t wait!

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Popular J-ent Male Stars Yamapi and Kame Still Going Strong with Respective Rumored Girlfriends Ishihara Satomi and Fukada Kyoko

The recently premiered J-dorama You Are My Destiny is off to a solid start and I’m liking what I’ve seen so far after episode 1. It’s not as cracktastic as male lead Yamashita Tomohisa‘s last dorama From Five to Nine … Continue reading

Yamapi, Kame, and Fumino Sparkle with Chemistry in More Previews for I Am Your Destiny

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Yamapi Plays Matchmaker for Kame and Fumino in First Teasers for I Am Your Destiny

This dorama looks majorly adorable, as hoped and expected when I hear the three leads casting consisting of three of my J-ent baes. There’s Kamenashi Kazuya doing his version of the earnest lovelorn suitor, Yamapi as his magical and cool … Continue reading

First Rose Tinted Poster for J-dorama I’m Your Destiny with Kame, Yamapi, and Kimura Fumino

I super can’t wait for the arrival of spring romance dorama I’m Your Destiny (Boku, Unmei no hitodesu), not just for the reunion of bromance from ten years ago Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya but also for the promised cuteness … Continue reading