Joe Cheng Makes Hello Kitty Look Fun and Fierce for 7-Eleven

Do my eyes deceive me? *rubs eyes* Nope, that is in fact Joe Cheng posing for…..Hello Kitty. I suppose stranger things have happened, but once I got over my extreme shock at the incongruity of it all, I suppose two of my favorites together is always a good thing. It actually wasn’t just Joe – he was paired with Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai (oooooh, love putting similar alliterated names together) for a 7-Eleven ad campaign to promote its 35th anniversary line of Hello Kitty charms, which can be purchased using points earned by shopping at 7-Eleven in Taiwan. I’m such a sucker for these things. If I was in Taiwan I’d totally call all my cousins and make them give me their points until I acquired every charm. Anyways, the commercial is pretty hilarious as well, so have a look and enjoy the lulz.

7-Eleven Hello Kitty CF 1:

I don’t believe any sane Taiwanese man would wear the Hello Kitty charms like an epaulet on his suit jacket, or as necklace accessories, the way Joe was all fierce with his during the CF. But on Joe, it looks perfectly normal to me. Hello Kitty and Joe = match made in Koala heaven.

7-Eleven Hello Kitty CF 2:

Okay, this CF is just really really cute. And I really really want those Hello Kitty charms!


Joe Cheng Makes Hello Kitty Look Fun and Fierce for 7-Eleven — 12 Comments

  1. This might seem random, but I don’t actually have 7-Eleven’s where in live in the U.S. What I have heard of them has always been in reference to “big gulp slurpies” – so I thought they were convenience stores. But, these charms look really cute (as in from a jewelry or accessory store like Claire’s or nicer). So, I was wondering is this a brand confusion thing (two different companies with the same name) or is it the same chain, but it is nicer in Taiwan?

    Just wondering. Thanks!

    • From my experience…convenience stores in asia are well–convenience stores, meaning from food, small household appliance to jewelry. Asian market mentality are sort of a one stop–don’t go anywhere else–we have what you need store. And yes, it is the same 7-eleven chain as in the US–only a fusion version . hope this helps 🙂

    • Where I live in the U.S. 7-eleven is a gas station attach with a convenient store…the usual, like Circle K, Shell, etc.
      But in Asia..such as HK and TW..i realized they are not linked to gas station. And they always have this point system thing to trade for hello kitty collectibles. My sister said when she goes to HK she loves going to 7-eleven for quick food like microwavable dim sum.

  2. I’m so sorry – clearly I have fallen down a rabbit hole. Joe Cheng, Hello Kitty, and 7 Eleven in the same sentence.? Possibly someone spiked my Pepsi. LOL! I would totally want the charms and to steal the display stand as well. Because that is just cute.

  3. Oh God, oh God. Joe Cheng in a Hello Kitty CF? LOVE! Oh and how gorgeous was Sonia Sui in this? Love her!

    Hey, do you know how long will they be offering these Hello Kitty charms at 7-eleven as redeemable gifts? Because I know I’m totally going to earn lots of 7-eleven points when I get back this summer so… I hope I can get one! Heehee!

  4. Omg, the the ginormous pin with all the charms on his black jacket? I…I can’t get over it, but wow, Joe wears it well and actually rocks it. How’s it even possible? o_O

    The charms are really cute!

  5. when I go back this summer, I will collect those charms for you and kiddos…and me….as much as i can during one week stay!!!

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