Jerry Yan Returns After Two Year Hiatus with the C-Drama Remake of Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance

Jerry Yan may be one of the most A-list of Taiwanese actors, but he’s notoriously picky with his projects so he doesn’t have as many completed works under his belt compared to some of his contemporaries. For the last two years it’s been a game of Where’s Jerry for the TW-media. Since filming Down With Love with Ella two years ago and dropping out of Material Queen last year (leading Vanness Wu to step in for him), Jerry has been virtually MIA from the public eye.

This week he triumphantly made a red carpet appearance at the Shanghai Television Festival to announce that he’ll be starring in the C-drama remake of the highly-rated K-drama Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance ( which starred Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo).

Jerry’s co-star will be the C-actress Yedda Chen, and he’ll be surrounded by heavyweights such as TW-actress Fang Fang playing the pivotal role of the Grandmother who forces her wastrel grandson to grow a pair by threatening to leave her vast inheritance to a down-on-her-luck girl, whose dad may have just died and her stepmother stole all her inheritance.

I’ve read the plot synopsis and this is definitely a blow-by-blow remake, but likely with tiny details changed, and the execution and pacing mirroring a C-drama production. Also, based on Jerry and Yedda’s age, likely the main leads will also be written slightly older than Seung Gi and Hyo Joo’s early twenties characters.

Honestly, I wish Jerry had stayed with Material Queen because I feel like he would have fit the lead character better than Vanness, and also appear more compatible with Lynn Xiong. However, since Jerry discussed in interviews that he accepted this drama because the script was so good he couldn’t let it go, I’ll have to wait and see if the C-version will wow me.

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Jerry Yan Returns After Two Year Hiatus with the C-Drama Remake of Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance — 31 Comments

  1. i’m a big jerry fan!! i cant wait!!!

    it’s not like one of those chinese drama where they dubb their voices right?? cus it would be annoying and ruin everything!!!

    • lol. i don’t think they would dubb his voice. there’s no reason to since he can speak chinese so I doubt they would dub him or the other taiwanese actors.

  2. fang fang is super cool, show luo’s grandmother and da jie <3

    i love jerry, yedda looks pretty and fangfang is super awesome as.

    so all in all, i just can't wait.

  3. I used to be so IN LOVE with Jerry Yan back when he did Meteor Garden… It was the first ever asian drama I had ever watched (my first kdrama was Phoenix) and it was the one that got me hooked on asian dramas…

    But seeing how he’s changed over the years, he looks like more the horse than Prince Charming (sorry…). I remember thinking how girly Van Ness looked with his long locks when he did MG but now I’m completely fan girling over Van Ness and his bod. Yea, I know, I’m superficial… But hey, I like my leading men to look good…

  4. If he had stuck with MQ, I thought it would have been less of a challenge given his rise to fame and his family background… so.. am glad Vanness took it up!

    That said. Wish him well. So far, Down with Love is one of his better dramas. His acting still a bit stilted at times 😛 Oh well. He’s still cute as always though.

  5. i still forever jerry yan fan and still very bias if it him in the drama , i like him but if i dont like the female lead i just dont watch it ,well i get easily jealous hahahaha but i so glad he is back he will always be domyogi for me and alway be a fan of hana yori dango

  6. wow fresh look Ms Koala..:D
    oo why Jerry dropping out of MQ?
    yeah i’ll be waiting for this must be good cos BL was the great drama..

  7. I really like Jerry Yan in Down with Love. Hope they don’t dub his voice in this new series. Will definitely start watching it because of Jerry. However, whether I complete the series will depend on the appeal of the storyline.

  8. WHAT???? C-drama remake for BL???….ummmmm….dont kill me or anything but I honestly dont think this’ll be a good idea…..I love BL but I think that’s one drama that doesnt need a remake…especially a chinese one seeing what was done with the All about Eve remake….damn but I’m gonna have to check this out dont I….o Jerry, the things I do for you

    • I agree with u totally! BL doesnt need a remake especially when the remake is gonna be a c-drama. are they just running out of ideas to film a drama that they have to remake someone else’s drama. BL is an award winning drama too! Guess they’ve got taste at least…

  9. wow! been waiting for him in a long time.. and sooner, am going to scream loudly while watching him! he’s so dazzlingly handsome! 🙂 kyah!

  10. So excited! I adored SI and Jerry is a LOT more my thing, looks-wise, than LSG, so SI with hotter people? I am on board.

  11. I’m happy he’s back!!! I really like his prominent nose!!! When they will broadcast this remake!! so excited superb!

  12. I didn’t like shinning inheritance even though i painfully stuck through 18 episodes it just never clicked for me . I wasn’t buying seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo they just .. gosh no chemistry whatsoever and the sister was so whinny that’s why i can never get into moon chae won after that , dammit i shouldn’t have watched it . and then got gobsmacked when i watched strong heart and found out Seung Gi was the biggest sweetheart known to man kind .
    But , ehm back to Jerry , His not the best actor out there and him playing a spoiled chaebol who has to now earn his keep is just mind bogling to me . i liked him better in DWL he was cute though could be sometimes awkward but that character did work wonderfully for him . HMMMM

    • I’m sorry but i think u dont know how to watch a drama. BL is definitely an excellent work. its not one of those romance drama that focuses too much on the two main character. besides, its an award winning drama. the drama even got an award this year despite the fact that its been 2 years old.

  13. Pretty site Koala! That said, I was pretty surprised that they do remake Korean dramas. It’s not that that’s going to be bad; it’s just that Cdramas have a sweet flavor of their own. I’m not much of a fan of Brilliant Legacy and Jerry Yan’s getting older for my taste but he’s still one of those actors who can bring it so I will see if this is worth watching. 🙂

  14. Whoa! This one I would want to see…

    Jerry Yan is my first Tdrama actor. And SInheritance/BLegacy is one kdrama that is a shining star among kdramas.

    Thanks for this bit of news, Ockoala!

  15. Happy to see Jerry Yan back. I really like his team up with Ella Chen in DWL. I hope we get to see an even better acting from Jerry in this drama.

  16. (Hahaha I didn’t even notice that koala had a new layout before I read the comments, guess I was too busy searching for LTM news! :D)
    Honestly I didn’t enjoy BL. The pacing of the drama was soooo slooooow, and Seung Gi just kept on being annoying, and the kisses weren’t exciting either. The grandma was sweet ofc, but omg the stepmother! How can a person be like that? Every scene she was in she just kept on sighing, sighing, sighing. Also, those leather chairs made really annoying sounds. That’s probably the one thing I remember the best, the sound of her leather chairs.
    I still watched till the end, I don’t know why though ;D Maybe Seung Gi was too cute for me to resist… <3
    I would still try out the C-drama remake, I want to see who the Chinese counterparts are! Could be fun..

  17. I remember watching the famale lead in “Single princesses and blind dates”, though she wasn’t the lead I hecka wished she was cause she was so lovable and had that spunky tomboyish attitude that was so much more interesting than the lead girl. I approve of her.

  18. Jerry oh Jerry… you’re the reason that I started on TW dramas… welcome back!! still gorgeous looking as ever…

  19. nooooooooooo!!why they have to do remakeeeeeee??
    i watched the whole brilliant legacy but it didnt relli click wid me tho i love seungi,bae and han hyoo jooo.why did he have to drop out of mqqqq .ohh why???

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