Written Preview for Episode 14 of Spy Myung Wol

Man, Spy Myung Wol has gone off the deep end. Even more than I thought possible or ought to. I feel like in the rush towards building up melodrama plot developments to set up an intense ending, thereby completely shucking the original tone and tenor of the drama (wacky spy antics with a cute rom-com core), the story is making the characters behave in ways I have a hard time reconciling to their initial construct. I guess I ought to throw in my 2 cents on the “bed scene” as well – it’s not rape (of any form, shape, or even allusion thereto), but it’s the behavior of a really shitty boyfriend with tons of mistrust and anger drunkenly telling his girlfriend to prove her love for him via the most primitive way. She easily could have said no, he had no power over her, but for a threat to withhold his affection.

But that in and of itself was just the very type of relationship shit I hate to watch characters in dramas pull. It’s not a man thing, because a woman could easily have made the same ultimatum. I just don’t appreciate the drama going there because it really taints the couple’s relationship. I think Myung Wol slept with Kang Woo because she wanted to and she loved him. But now he’ll never know, because once he finds out she’s a spy from North Korea here to marry him, he’ll always wonder if she slept with him because of her mission. Sigh, drama, that was one stupid and unnecessary plot development. And an FYI for SPW-fans, this drama is ending at episode 18, which will be shown back-to-back with episode 17.

Written preview for episode 14:

Kang Woo has Myung Wol’s personal background fully investigated, and is completely disillusioned once he discovered her manufactured resume. He distances himself from her. Choi Ryu has stolen the real Four Book from Kang Woo, and hands it to Hee Bok and Ok Soon for safekeeping. Chairman Yoo threatens Choi Ryu to bring him the real Four Book.

Kang Woo and Myung Wol must pretend to be lovers in the public eye at the request of their agency. Choi Ryu asks to meet with Kang Woo, telling Kang Woo that he has discovered a lead to the Goblin, who holds the key to solving the mystery of the death of Kang Woo’s father…..

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Spy Myung Wol bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 14 of Spy Myung Wol — 39 Comments

  1. And if MW gets preggers, that’s it. I’m calling the kdrama police.

    Really? They are going to shoot Eps 17 and 18 in one week? Life must have been a breeze before the real life drama hooha started.

      • Ooooh, maybe that can be the last four episodes? A time jump, and Myung-wol comes back with a baby? This plot is going to the dogs anyway, they might as well go full throttle.

      • @estel – well if we’re really going full throttle might as well have myung wol come back with the baby for kang woo to take care of cause she has cancer and will die in 1 month. *rolls eyes*

      • After she dies, the baby toddles his way to Kang Woo’s apartment. Kang Woo opens the door,sees the baby, and coos,”Oooh, how cute…little baby, are you lost?” The baby whips out his gun hidden in his nappy and shoots Kang Woo point blank between the eyes. As Kang Woo dies, the baby lisps: “Datsh wash fwor my mummsy, you big bad daddy!” The baby toddles away. The end.

  2. Yay your views are the same as mine~ (I feel like a happy little kid)
    Everywhere I go everyone is saying how great things are turning out. And I’m like, “are you serious?” I would shove my opinion down their throat, but I know better ;).
    I was so excited for this drama. I never been so disappointed.
    I miss the Rom-Com Spy Myung Wol. Now it feels like I started a melodrama that is just spinning around in circles. Kangwoo is mad. Kangwoo forgives her. Kangwoo is mad. Kangwoo forgives her. Kangwoo is like a 30 ssomething year old grown man, and he acts like a spoiled 13 year old girl. I’m sorry Kangwoo fans *bows*

    I saw beach shots of Poseidon, that even looks more promising.
    And why am I still watching? If I start something I must finish it. V__v. Every episode is like torture.

    • Err almost all Romcom have a melo time… they always have, do you expect it to be funny until the end? BL didn’t, MGIAG didn’t and many others.

      Almost all romcom turn in melos in the end of their episodes….

      • I expected it to keep it’s good natured theme to the end. With BL, and MGIAG, the magic was still there. It knew where it was heading. Everything they did resulted to a really defined story line.


  4. This drama was fun and games till ep 11….after what the writers just pull out this week, the drama has really hit rock bottom plain and simple. I feel like they are just rambling through the scripts at this point. After all the drama behind the drama, I though that writers could continue the satire tempo that they original created, but I guess the whole production is on crack and high as kite….that bed scene left a me going WTF?!….it was just soooo out there and unnecessary for the plot, I guess they try to give us fan service but it just back fired BIG TIME…my 2 cents…

    • Yupz… I’m fully agree with you.
      This drama was good until episode 11. I mean.. she’s getting weaker and weaker every episode. i don’t think woman in love can be that weak. She’s a spy after all!!
      When she gave up the mission by writing some memo to Chol Ryu, she must had some plan in her mind. And suddenly after she heard Kang Woo’s confession she was becoming like.. a plain girl.

      What is with the writers???

  5. So exactly how many episodes are left? I read about the extension to 18 episodes, but was it ever revoked? Because if it ends at 15/16 I just don’t see how they’ll tie things up meaning it’ll probably end in tragedy. They need to get the “spy from N.Korea” out in the open already. But then again I bet that’ll probably be the cliffhanger to the end of episode 14. I know a lot of people are giving up but I’m still sticking to this drama since I’ve followed it from the beginning and adore Eric (not Kang Woo LOL) and HYS. I just hope the plot picks up especially the 4 book thingy, still don’t know what the hell it’s for!

  6. With the emotional cliffhanger of episode 10, I really believed this drama was finally beginning to stir something in me. Then all the real life drama ensued and I found myself turned off by everything about this show and now I just won’t watch it (which I suppose is a wise choice, from reading recaps). It ruined the mood I was in, just like when commercials/advertisements occasionally interrupt on viikii at critical points of a drama. Ugh, nothing peeves me more than that.

  7. ufff!!! I was soo excited about this drama, first episodes made me LMFAO… then at epi 7 I dropped… just picked up again (since I am up to date with all my dramas and have extra time) quite enjoyed some episodes until 11 now… I may be dropping again!!! Damn!!!!! Very dissapointing!!!!!!!!!! ;(

  8. im so like this drama.because Eric and han Ye Seul has a good chemistry.they are so match.
    i always laughing when watched this drama,
    please show up the best end.:D

  9. She gets pregnant with Kang Woo’s baby, and goes to see him but he rejects her. Even worse, he says bitterly: How do I know it’s not Ryu’s baby? She is devastated, and leaves for North Korea with Ryu. 30 years later, the baby arrives in South Korea. Correction: 30 years later, the baby, now a strong, handsome man with abs and six packs, arrives in South Korea. Man Baby is looking for his daddy – Kang Woo ! (GASP!) And he’s got a mean-looking gun hidden in his hoody. Yes, he’s out for revenge….stay tuned: coming your way next September MAN BABY THE SPY AKA THE REVENGE OF MAN BABY…..

  10. I’m really disappointed with this drama… I hope that they just started the drama being dark and all instead of starting with a light tone. Right now, I dunno where I can categorize it. What happened to the 5 writers? >.<

    Right now, I dunno where the story is heading. I won't really be surprised if we'll have an ending a-la 'What Happened in Bali?'… HAHAHA! Only that WHIB is a much better story from start to finish.

  11. All rom-com have a melo-time ?
    But if it’s accurate within the story that’s ok. A “down”, a “core” for conflicts. Like in SKKS, or SG, BL. Here, I feel the same as others, the tone has change and not for good. It was strange and funny, and we like it, but it seems they (writers) are going elsewhere, to some melodrama area going into complicated spots. They are making Myung Eol flat and weak. And the constantly “wide eyes open” of the actress are getting to my nerve, no acting skills in there. That’s not helping.

  12. I don’t really watch this. I rely on your recaps and the cute, angsty, funny, etc. comments. Oh and yes, after all the drama and how some commenters drop this drama all together, I’m not gonna watch it ever. thanks for the recaps…

  13. Okay that’s it…I’m tired of Kang Woo always getting angry and acting like a complete sissy…jeez he needs to man up! I mean it took him FOREVER to finally come to his feelings and for them to get together. That’s it no more Kang Woo…if he really loved her he wouldn’t care…let’s go Ryu!!!

  14. Kang Woo is such a hypocrite! He’s dumping her again because her resume is faked?! Does he have Alzheimer’s? Did he not admit HIS resume was entirely faked, just this last week? And all you teenaged watchers out there: If a man ever says to YOU, “Prove you love me” by having sex with him, run, don’t walk to the nearest exit and trash him to everyone yu know so no other girl gets hit with that horrible lie! At least the writers showed that promise never really works, cause the next morning he’s back to mister cold and untrusting. UGH!! I just hope they get a move on with the 4 book plot so we can get this over with! What are those 5 writers doing, throwing darts to pick plot lines each week?!

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