Tree with Deep Roots Holds Press Conference and Releases 7-minute Trailer

Now this is how stars should look at a press conference for their drama! Jang Hyuk, Han Suk Hyu, and Shin Se Kyung get an A+++ across-the-board for showing up classy, gorgeous, and coordinated at the press conference for Tree with Deep Roots, which is premiering next Wednesday on SBS. With The Princess’s Man ending next week, that will leave the Wed-Thurs slot with TwDR as the lone sageuk.

Whereas TPM was a love story set within a political struggle, TwDR looks to head in the opposite direction with more intrigue and history than relationship woes. A seven-minute trailer has been released that looks excellent. And for those of you wondering where Song Joong Ki went, he’s got a cameo role as young King Sejong (the mature counterpart being played by Han Suk Hyu), so he’ll likely be in the first episode or two only.

Shin Se Kyung, welcome to the big leagues, baby! She looks drop-dead gorgeous in a simple white dress with black lines, revealing enough back to be sexy without seeming trashy. Paired with silver sparkly platform heels and a slightly messy tied back hair, this entire ensembles is a giant win.

Hyukkie showed up in an all black suit that is perfectly tailored, with a great wrist watch and pocket kerchief to break up the monotony of the color. He totally gives off a leading man vibe just standing there, a movie star confident in his own talent and appeal. I can’t love him anymore than I already do.

Han Suk Kyu, as the elder statesman of the cast, and playing the famed King Sejong, elected to go slightly more casual yet dressy with an open collar shirt. His gravitas and screen presence elevates this outfit so he nevertheless looks commanding.

The entire cast looks pumped for their drama, which is based off of a novel with the same name, about a series of murders in the palace during the period when King Sejong is creating the Korean phonetic alphabet hangul.

Seven-minute trailer for Tree with Deep Roots:


Tree with Deep Roots Holds Press Conference and Releases 7-minute Trailer — 15 Comments

  1. Omo. You just reminded me that Jang Hyuk was adorable in Family Outing (he guested I think after coming out of the army — and his bromance with Jong Kook was epic haha)

    I’m curious about TWDR too because I like dramas/movies/novels that expand on a point in history. 😀 I wish they’d do a lot of “sageuk” or history-based dramas in the Philippines too.. 🙁

      • True! Hehe

        I want more stuff like that. Or some sort of twist/interpretation to Rizal’s life. Perhaps focusing on Josephine Bracken. Or a dramatized Noli or Fili! The possibilities are endless.. there are a lot of sketchy details in Rizal’s life which I only learned about in college. If only the elementary-level lessons were that exciting, I would’ve listened more to history! 😀

  2. Jang Hyuk looks so damn fine in that suit. Oh gawd. Perfection on legs~ Lately Jang Hyuk’s fashion sense has been great. I’ve seen videos/pictures if him attending movie premiers and he gives off the hot-business-man-next-door appeal.
    Oh, and I’m surprised he didn’t grow his hair out though ^^.

    Wow that trailer was stunning. Joongki in the first few minutes, wow. I never saw that side of him. He left me breathless. Ah Ki Bum! I missed that guy so much. It’s been years my Ki Bummie, years.

    I’m mainly excited about this drama because of Jang Hyuk. I fell in love with him in Thank You, and later on Chuno proved to me that he is the best korean actor ever.
    While watching this I’m hoping that I’ll forget about Daegil, and love his new character in this drama. I kinda hope I won’t be watching a Chuno remake. But anything Jang Hyuk is worth watching.

  3. Koala, you’re right…they do look “classy, gorgeous and coordinated.” I saw the clip and will give this one a try (I even like the music) and will cross my fingers that they don’t screw it up by extending it beyond the 24 episodes.

  4. Koala how many episodes is this again, do you know? (sorry if you’ve said it before but I didn’t notice). the plot sounds REALLY good- I don’t hold any particular torch for any of the leads but I think the storyline itself sounds worth watching

  5. I have been intrigued by this one since I first heard about it, now it’s definitely on my must watch list! Thanks for posting the preview.

  6. i know that this might sound like a somewhat shallow question but will there be any romance? even a teensy bitsy? because as good as any drama may ever look, if it doest have the slightest bit of romance i get bored.
    i’m such a killer for dramas with some romance, i should just learn to appreciate dramas with a good story.

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