Wilbur Pan Returns to Taiwan to Tearfully Accept his Best Actor Award and Face the Press

Oh Golden Bells, I blame this whole debacle on you and your non-transparent, toady, and nepotistic voting shenanigans. Newly crowned Best Actor winner Wilbur Pan, who missed the awards ceremony due to a prior engagement in China he didn’t reschedule because he figured hell would freeze over before he would win, returned to Taiwan today and held a celebratory press conference to accept his award and talk to the media about the win.

Will was so overwrought he ended up bawling through parts of it, having to leave the stage three separate times to compose himself, and revealed this win has so unnerved him and stressed him out his hair (which always had premature white strands his whole life) turned all white and he had to get it dyed at the last minute to attend this press conference. Now I just feel bad for the poor guy. HUGS, Will~

Will faced the media and started by cracking a joke about why this event to receive an award instead made him feel like he was an army deserter brought back to face the troops. Will was so fidgety that when the award was handed to him, he took three steps back before walking forward to accept it. The poor dude has got PTSD from winning an award, I tell ya.

The public isn’t so much upset about any particular actor nominated not winning the award (all four were legitimate contenders), but rather that Will, with his limited acting experience and his self-acknowledged barely there acting skills, won completely out of the blue. When Will was nominated, he already cried himself to sleep because it was such a shock and he felt so honored.

Will explained that while he got his start as an idol (singer and VJ for MTV Taiwan), that is not his ultimate fate in life. He wants to continue to act and make himself a better actor. He acknowledged all the criticism about his limited acting experience and skills, even bringing up his first lead role in Miss No Good with Rainie Yang, and how horrible he was in it that he felt like a mentally handicapped person being asked to do normal people tasks.

Apparently Will led both rounds of voting in the Best Actor category, though there remains no transparency as to the voting methodology. The other veteran nominees clarified that all the criticism over the award results was on the Golden Bells and its system, not on Will Pan, who ought not be the subject of ridicule for his win. At the end of his press conference, Will remained emotional and gracious, asking the world to wish him well even if people understandably have valid criticism of his win. He will take any critique to heart and strive to become an even better actor.

I wish Will the best of luck with his acting and singing career, and to accept this award and become stronger because of it. I’ll be thrilled if his next acting project showed such a phenomenal acting improvement after this win, because I’ll be glad to judge him retroactively deserving of it.

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Wilbur Pan Returns to Taiwan to Tearfully Accept his Best Actor Award and Face the Press — 29 Comments

  1. All of his hair turned white overnight? Is that even possible?

    I know hair can turn gray overnight but not white. Something about the pigments in the hair.

    • It’s all acting…he is an actor…do you people really buy the story of “his hair turned white overnight” …LMAO…do they really think we viewers that stupid?????…My god, I must give his management company for coming up with this drama….AND What’s the deal with crying?

      • u can call him whatever u want but he certainly is a better human being than all of the sore loser. I don’t know him personally but he has so many good friends proof that he is such a nice guy. this award is not important to us (fans) we just hope he will keep doing well so he can continue in the show biz for many years to come.

  2. COngratulations Will!! I’m glad he has a positive attitude throughout this “debacle” with the media. He seems a very nice and level headed guy.

    btw, ockoala!!! Kudos to your writing.. I had so much fun reading this post!!! Your words are truly entertaining!!!

    • Oh…so his hair turned white and he’s crying…he got your sympathy…This is exactly how they plan…sorry will but i don’t buy your story…nice acting, i guess this is the reason why you won in the first place…lmfao!

      • seems like from the whole article,u only read about the hair turn white,selective reading? LMAO

  3. Will, I feel so bad for you.. must be such a stress knowing that there are so many people wanting that award and now criticizing you for getting it.. Let’s hope that the news will die down in a few weeks and things will get better for you.. good luck in your upcoming projects whether its singing or acting (although I’d like another new album soon! :))

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Last I looked, my post in the other article is the only other post that thought Will did an award-winning job in Endless Love. And maybe my judgement is not valid as I don’t speak the language of the drama and relied on subs for understanding. I wouldn’t know how well he delivered his Mandarin or Taiwanese lines. But I was moved by his acting. Again, I have to admit I did not see The Fierce Wife of James Chen but saw DTLY of Joseph Chang.

    I wish Will all the best in his future projects. Go Will!

    • I agree with you! I loved him in EL! Never saw him in anything before so cannot say whether he is normally awful and this was a breakthrough but he was excellent in EL.

  5. Have there been any actors who have won the “best actor” Golden Bell twice? I feel like winning this is a once in a lifetime thing and it sucks that he had to win it at this time. Even if he improves by leaps and bounds 5-10 years from now and star in a hit drama with wonderful reviews from critics, with all this backlash of this win, I doubt he would ever be given the award again, even if he is 10x more deserving of it in the future. Same with Tian Xin.

  6. how I wish I can know if those people who blamed him for getting the award actually watch whole episodes of Endless Love or not .. I really feel bad for him coz I’m one of those who watched how he excelled his acting in that drama. if people only judge his acting because of his previous dramas like Miss No Good , then I don’t think it’s fair for him to take all the “darts thrown on him” because of his winning. just like someone else commented in the other entry about GB right here , his acting in the earlier episodes of EL was not that outstanding but then he keeps on improving and improving on his acting through the end of the drama that I was so impressed with him .. I cried when he cried in EL and I can really feel his agony and angst… he definitely displayed wide range of emotions … the drama has so many ups and downs , it’s just that the script is a bit messy but Will’s acting and his chemistry with Sandra are extremely good that I can forget the lousiness of the storyline. seriously , I feel so bad for him . it’s ok , Will . you actually did a good job that’s why you got the award , please don’t be stressed and inferior of yourself ..

  7. “Can fear or stress or any extraordinary emotion change the color of your hair? Yes, but not instantly. The hair you see on your head emerged from its follicle a long time ago. So, graying or any other color change is a gradual process, occurring over the course of several weeks, months, or years. ”

    Source: about.com

  8. ‘Endless Love’ was more like Endless Torture! It was the worst show ever and both leads were plain bad you wonder why they were not shot at the end of the drama…..or perhaps the audience shot themselves for watching!

  9. I watched Endless Love and felt his acting was really bad, and was appalled at his win. But well, it isn’t his fault that he won, it’s the Golden Bells system and the judges.

    Will, please work harder and show your improved acting the next time round.

  10. Actually, acting to some extent is very subjective. Some acting is admittedly so bad it’s hard to watch. The rest is really about how much the person acts out the character so well it touches people. For those who are qualified to be nominated, I think it’s fair to say they don’t fall under the so bad category. And among the better performers, it’s can be hard to say one is better than the other. We all have our favorites, coz they touch us more than the others. Oh well, now that the ceremony is over, Will should not let the criticisms affect him more an they have to. But let these criticisms push him to excel more.

  11. Hi miss K, who are those 2 other girls’ name in your header for today?
    the girl without headband is yoon eun hye right?
    are they indeed former of baby V.O.X? thanks before!

  12. Okay. Although I’m still not in favor of his win, I kinda feel sad cause people over-criticize him. People should blame Golden Bell, not him. I wish though that this experience will push him to be a better actor. 🙂

    • me too ,I can say he is better or worst than the other nominees because I only watch Will Pan’s drama 🙂 all the comments are so mean

  13. I get that every acceptance has a bit of exaggeration, but still; you must admit this is still really sweet. 🙂

  14. F all of you who are looking down on him. He won this award means he won, as if a part of your flash will be gone, so stop criticizing him! If you are so good at it, or your beloved actor, then so be it. Everyone deserves a chance, you are just making yourself like a sore loser, trashing him behind the computer screen. Idiotic freaks.

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