MBC Considering an Early End to Me Too, Flower! (aka Koala Might Go Insane)

MBC just wants to keep staying on my shit list, doesn’t it? After being the station responsible for the beginning-to-end mangling of Tamra the Island (no publicity, poor marketing, and then cutting it from 20 episodes down to 16), word has leaked that MBC is considering ending Me Too, Flower! early at 15 episodes. What. The. Fuck. Due to the low ratings, hovering around 6%, MBC wants to shoo M2F off so that its follow up drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun can take over and hopefully resurrect the ratings. I have no words for this insanity. MBC has thus far pooh-poohed this rumor, but inside sources have confirmed there has been such talk bandied about. I’ll be over here raging for a minute. Don’t mind me while I shoot flames over to Korea.

I don’t know what MBC was thinking at all from the get go. M2F might be one of the worst marketed dramas I’ve ever encountered, with this story nothing like MBC tried to sell it like some off beat rom-com. It’s more like an angsty soul searching love story with a smattering of laughs here and there. While I am appreciating Lee Ji Ah‘s performance as Bong Sun, who knows if her personal issues have any correlation with the viewers not being interested in M2F and perhaps her comeback was too soon. I hope not, because it would be such a sad reflection on how judgmental society can be if that were the case.

As for the last minute male lead change, all I can say is “Kim Jae Who?” Yoon Si Yoon was born to play Jae Hee. If I had to replace Lee Ji Ah and Han Go Eun with younger or more babyfaced actresses to make people stop dissing the male lead as looking too young, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. I hope MBC does the right thing and lets this drama finish the way it was meant to. One episode isn’t going to make a difference. There is also talk about potentially airing two episodes on Wed, which would be fine by me (but still lame). But no cutting, you got it? Don’t make me go over there and kick some serious ass.

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MBC Considering an Early End to Me Too, Flower! (aka Koala Might Go Insane) — 83 Comments

    • Yeah, I think that they even should make more than 16 episodes!!! I don’t understand this station, they’ve emitted Can’t Lose which was so bad drama, ugh, they even added 2 more episodes!! And now when a great drama is appearing, a lot of people love it, and they want to cut some part?! WTH?! They really can’t tell what’s good and what’s bad..

  1. this is my first time posting. haven really lurking around for over a year.
    and nothing have ever prompt me to leave a comment, no matter how much i enjoyed your recap. but this time i can’t hold back!
    OMFG!!! please don’t let the M2F end early!! it is really a nice drama… and i really enjoyed YSY as well as LJA. They both acted their characters so well. so i will probably cry enough to fill Han River too if MBC shall ever cut down the episode…

    Dear Ms. ockoala, let’s hold hand in hand with the rest of M2F fans and start shooting flames over to KOREA!! lol~

  2. Taking a break from insanity to comment–

    WTF? Seriously?? There have been dramas with lower than 6% ratings, that were actually terrible, that didn’t get cut!! And it’s only 16 episodes, not 20!!!! Words need to be had…. >:(

    Also, I seriously hope that the reason for low ratings is not because of Lee Ji Ah’s scandal, or I’m just going to lose more faith in humanity… Sigh..

  3. Noooooooooooooooooo. Picked this up yesterday and marathoned this baby in a single sitting, that’s how much i enjoy this. I can’t believe they’re doing this supposedly based on low ratings when the story is progressing nicely and the leads are knocking it out of the park! MBC better not go through with this *rage*

  4. I don’t think it’s fair to blame Lee Ji Ah for the ratings. She did a wonderful job in the drama.

    I think this drama suffers from really lousy marketing. They tried to market it as some kind of zany romantic comedy but neither the synopsis nor the character descriptions sounds very appealing. Synopsis: Story of one man surrounded by three women (yawn), male lead is undercover boss (roll eyes) and female lead is hot tempered policewomen (boring). Then the posters and trailers come out and are equally uninspiring.

    The end result is that the trendy drama audience I think they are targeting are not interested in this drama. While those who might love and appreciate what is essentially a sensitive love story between two damaged individuals miss out on this drama completely. It’s such a huge pity, because this has become my favorite drama of 2011 and one of my favorites of all time.

    I hope this news is not true and they allow the drama to continue airing all 16 episodes. I don’t get it, to the station what’s the difference with one episode anyway?

    • The way you described the synopsis is exactly what I thought of this drama before it aired. If it wasn’t for orangy’s recaps on dramabeans, I probably never would have given it a try. I’m so glad I did because I love love this drama. I’m not sure what it is ( *cough*YSY’s beautifulsmiletanskinfaceACTINGeverything*cough*) but it makes me happy.

      • I agree! Didn’t they know they were going against Tree with Deep Roots, which had been getting good ratings, and Man of Honor?

        Maybe they really did know…maybe MBC was using this as a throwaway drama to fill up a timeslot while they get ready to bring out the big guns with their next sageuk drama for 2012. They knew that they couldn’t beat the competition so they half-assed their marketing. I was not very interested in picking up the drama until orangy911’s recap for episode 2, which made me cry on the inside for the Bong-sun character.

        If the series was going to be 15 episodes they should have said so earlier in the series like by episode 4 or 5 or something. The moment Me, Too Flower got pushed back a week, the time conflict was there. Now I’m afraid of what has to be done to the story in order to fit the remaining 6 episodes into 5. I feel like each minute is used very wisely by the drama already.

  5. ~~~~~~~ seething ~~~~~~~
    ~~ pacing like BS in the park with JH

    <—————————– back
    forth ——————————->
    ~~~~ hands on hips plotting MBC’s death ~~~~~

    ~~ pacing like BS in the park with JH ~~
    <—————————– back
    forth ——————————->

    MBC – You better get on the bus with me and apologize cute, or…or…
    we are DONE!

    • This is the worst news i’ve ever had in my whole kdrama life. MBC is just WrOng! How could them do such awful thing? Ms. Koala, take me with you as ur army. I’ll get ready to sprinkle flare of dissapointment in front of whoever resPoNsible for taking such mindless decision,*burned in fury*
      M2F is a great drama, with amazing acting of the leads and supPorting characters, good story too!
      damn… they mustn’t cuT the episode:'(

      • My friend is not the first time, believe me MBC is just a hot mess when it comes to dramas that do poorly in the ratings, its their thing.

  6. this news really makes me mad! cutting it short? what the heck! i’ve finally found a drama that is just soooo good and acted so great but the leads and because of low rating they decided to cut it short, that is just not fair, one thing i dont understand was the ratings, i mean, people should have at least give this drama a chance and tried watching it, i bet they will be surprise how awesome it is! this news is gonna bug me whole day today…

  7. This is too early in the morning to be reading this kind of news. 🙁

    Really MBC? Just when the Season of Giving is upon us, you’re inclined to become Mr. Grinch to us online viewers who truly appreciate “Me Too, Flower”?
    Or is this a publicity stunt?
    Have you not been checking the internet which is abuzz with wonderful comments about this drama?
    Or worse, are you deaf to other’s opinions especially those favoring this drama?
    Are the ratings the only criteria for a TV drama’s success?
    Where is your compassion for the actors, director, writers and production staff, whom I can imagine, are giving all their best to produce the kind of episodes everyone would like to watch?

    I hope Korean drama fans are NOT avoiding just because of dislike for LJA. If they are, I’m sad for them. Why do we expect perfection from actors and actress who in reality are just humans like us who are not perfect?
    In the case of LJA, I do not believe she committed any crime to deserve this treatment from the drama fans. IMHO, she tried to handle her marriage failures away from the spotlight but unfortunately it was made public by whoever that opportunistic reporter or snitch is. She was probably trying to find the appropriate time to reveal this to JWS but didn’t get a chance because that chance got usurped by that selfish snitch. Even if it was a mistake to hide one’s past marriage, does this mean that person no longer have a right to make amends and earn a livelihood? If LJA’s reputation is really damaged and is a drama ratings liability, then why did you, MBC, casted her for this freaking drama?!!!

    • I guess people who are this shallow wouldn’t enjoy Me Too, Flower anyway. But I guess it’s more because of bad marketing and relatively strong competition in the time slot.
      By the way, I’m pretty sure perfect people make poor actors, too. How on earth would someone be able to portray the flawed perfection that is Bong Sun and Jae Hee if they had no idea what it’s like to be human and have flaws?

      • Thank you for your reply. Now that I’ve calmed down a bit and have read others’ cogent comments, I agree with you that it’s poor marketing that mainly led to this drama’s low ratings. But how could MBC mess up advertising this drama, when the writer is supposedly the writer of a famous past Korean drama? Wouldn’t that writer have fans too? The answer to this we may never know…Arrggh.

        Good point on perfect people does not necessarily equal perfect actors.

        P.S. Ms. Koala, I forgot to Thank you above. Sorry. I had just gotten up when I saw the headline and was not thinking clearly. Also forgot to mention that I love the fiery cat graphic. 😉

    • You know at some point I think the PD for this show chose LJA precisely for the scandal. The drama somewhat mirrors her marriage scandal in that something was revealed to the public without so much as a nod to either party and all hell broke loose. Especially since LJA did not have a chance to even talk to JWS. I mean it would let LJA channel a completely different character, one she can relate to (as the other party) and a character whose experiences she can channel through with her own.

  8. Hey are they freaking kidding me? I started ep 9/10 yesterday because you recapped it and I became intrigued. The drama is good. The acting from that BK guy which made me not watch it in the 1st place- is fantastic. I forgot he is younger and the writing is good.

    ARGH >___<

  9. No!!!!!!!!!!! They just can’t do this!!! Me Too Flower is my favorite drama this fall!!!! I can’t tell about this period drama which is currently airing because i’m not watching it but M2F is MUCH BETTER than Man of honor!!! I’m really anticipating each and every episode. Please just don’t do this ;( 🙁 ;(

  10. is there a way we can protest on MBC site !!! i officially hate thenm and i uess we should let them know if not in korea but in other countries ppl love ME TOO,FLOWER !

  11. 1st post ever on this site ( but long-time avid reader ^^ thanks Koala !) : I LOVE M2F !!!!

    DAMN MBC if this news is true !!!!

    1 : It’s a bluff to attract viewers : Stupid and inneficient. I really hope it’s the explanation and ask MBC to change the promotion team. Something doesn’t work here.
    2 : When you produce and air 15 eps what’s the point to cut the last one ?
    Just checked Koreandrama.org : The previous show of MBC Can’t Lose had 14 of 18 eps who scored ratings 6.0 and less, and it was prolongated. Up to now, Me Too, Flower has scored better : Is there a pilot in the plane MBC ?.
    3 : The show is getting better and better. This is just very disrespectful to writer/cast/crew and to the audience. I also remember the Tamra Island incident. Korean market is one thing, but MBC should understand that with the Hallyu their dramas are viewed by at least as many spectators abroad. If cancellation is confirmed i’ll never watch a drama of them again : This is like a breach of contract, a treason.
    4 : End the show according to plan, release a DVD box or a Downloadable paying offer with english subtitles : I myself promise to purchase a copy. Now let’s be reasonable.
    Thank You by advance. benedicte.gervais@laposte.net

    • Yes, it makes sooooooo much more sense now that I read the article.
      Network executive Staff Meeting conversation:
      Those darn annual awards shows! We never know when they are going to air!
      What? We have had this planned since last year? Huh, silly us!
      So, then, why did we schedule on conflict on our own network? Huh, really? We are that stupid? Huh.
      All right. Let’s just chop the show. Nobody’ll notice.
      Who’s the writer? Anyone I know?
      Oh the lady who wrote Kim Sam Soon and What’s Up Fox?
      I am suuuuuuure she won’t have a problem with that….

      • Someone should go for hiding and spiritual retreat in Switzerland. I heard that winter is really beautiful there. I was unneasy and anxious when i woke up this morning, so i knew that something bad was coming, but i never expected THIS.
        Passed the 5 stages to acceptance, but i’m still enraged. I must really be unadapted to the world….

      • to be fair when they planned to air Me Too Flower, it was meant to end one week earlier than is now scheduled (i.e the week before the awards) but with the last minute postponement, the ending date got pushed up… so really it was just an unfortunate event 🙁

      • Love your comments! Too much politics there and people being slow and ignorant of the situation that is bound to happen when they plan for their events. Just excuses and trying to find scapegoat (in this case LJA). Aren’t they ashame of the ratings due to their poor marketing campaign? Perhaps before they comment in future, they should’ve think of their picks (programs confirmed) to gain some respects from us audience.

  13. My heart sank down to my stomach reading this. I love M2F so freaking much. I thought they’d learned from the Tamra +++ mistakes. Ridiculous is this plan. Arghhhhhh, I feel like hitting somthing really hard right now!

  14. What difference would one more episode make? I could understand if it was originally scheduled for 18 – 20, but going from 16 to15 seems stupid. Of course, if they would focus the remaining episodes on just Bong Sun and Jae Hee then I guess I could live with it.

    • YES!
      Keep all HY and Dal and parents out, and leave ALL JH/BS in.

      We don’t need montages of launch prep or make-overs, or “this is what happend last week.”

  15. Hi, I’m just another lurker who support MTF. This turn of event is extremely disrespectful to writer and crew, and disheartening to viewers. MTF definitely has its flaws, but the two main characters are compelling and YSY’s acting is superb (unlike his Baker Kim Taku days). Hopefully the cut won’t affect the overall flow of this story.

  16. Okay, I officially think MBC has gone insane. Before M2F was Poseidon – the poor delayed blockbuster drama that… Yeah, pretty much flopped – and before even Poseidon was Myung-wol the Spy. And we all know the mess that was the set of MWTS. (*cough* actress left for LA in the midst of shooting *cough*).
    And here I was hoping that M2F, which had originally left me wary because of its casting (“Lee Ji-ah ? Male lead replaced at the last minute ? Heh, here we go for yet another failure.”) had broken the MBC curse – because, let’s face it, I adore this drama and both lead actors to pieces… Gotta say, now, doesn’t seem like much of a curse. It’s simply MBC showing a tremendously poor drama management skills. I just wished MBC did not work with authors like Kim Do-woo who are worth a much better treatment than THIS.

    • Gah, now I’m even scared for MoonSun because I CRAVE for Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Il-woo SO BAD and desperatly want the best drama possible for them – but if MBC fails once more…

    • Myung Wol and Poseidon were both KBS dramas. So all stations are indeed made of fail, not just MBC, though MBC is a special kind of fail, the kind that takes the short bus.

      • Oh, crap. My bad. My memory’s really bad, then, because I felt like M2F came right after Poseidon’s finale. Must be because the premiere was set back quite a few times…

    • It seems like if they really wanted to, they could find ONE 70 minute time slot to air a 16th episode! It’s not like it is that much time.
      Double-up another evening.
      I dunno.
      They knew it would be cut when they decided to air it, seems to me.
      My heart hurts for the writer, cast, crew who poured their heart and soul into this drama. It wasn’t an easy subject matter to make entertaining, and they really did a great job. I don’t see that changing.

      All I got to say is if I were KDW, the writer, I would NOT agree to do another show for them again.

  17. I’ll just echo most of the above sentiments – WHAT THE FUCK??!

    Nice to see piggy also had to de-lurk because of this drama and its awesomeness.

  18. Just when all people around the world fall madly in love with M2F, comes this annoying news… TT____TT

    WTH with those people @ MBC? Anyone knows MBC HQ coordinate? We need that in order to shoot the flame, torpedo, exocet rudal… etc.

    Is MBC stands for Must Be Crazy!?!?!

  19. Seriously one may wonder whether MBC had actually plan to bury the drama from the start and has now been caught off-guard by its somewhat “popularity” by domestic viewers. Thus one plausible explanation for shortening the amount of episodes is now due when this wasn’t supposed to at the beginning, with protests on the official website.

  20. Seriously?!?!? I hope not!!!! Just when things were starting to get really good too. What is it with Korean TV Stations? I know ratings are important, but wouldn’t ending the drama a little too early make the ratings drop even more? One good example is Protect the Boss. They had to extend the drama just to give time for M2F and that series was very good. The extensions just hurt it. I really hope they don’t plan to do that. Shouldn’t the producers of the show have a final say and NOT the TV station? Is that how it works in Korea?

    I’ve only been watching Kdramas for over a year now, but I’ve been addicted ever since. I’m used to US TV shows with multiple seasons, so it was actually nice to see a variety of shows from Korea, but I still can’t understand how it all works sometimes. Last minute changes to scripts just for ratings, last minute extensions and now ending the drama early just because of the ratings? I don’t know if they follow the fans, but ratings aren’t the important thing. Most fans still watch even if the show “tanks” in ratings. If the ratings are bad, why not just let the show go on as planned to it won’t be a total waste.

    I agree when I first heard about Kim Jae Won not being able to do the drama, I was so disappointed. But when I saw Yoon Si Hoon play the part, I knew he was perfect for the role. I’ve always been a big fan of Lee Ji Ah and was excited to see her on the small screen again. I can’t be help but wonder if all the drama she’s gone through the past year has helped her prepare for her role.

    Hopefully MBC will just leave M2F alone. I have my fave shows that I watch so please DO NOT frigging mess with this one!!!

  21. OMG, they’re crazy! Why cut down something because of ratings that are THEIR fault.

    I didn’t expect much from this drama because all I’ve even seen/read about it were the posters, and they don’t draw too much attention to what the story is really about, imo.

    I’m so glad I gave this drama a chance. Ok, let me correct that… I’m so glad dangermousie posted a video of their kiss in that restaurant. I thought “No drama with that kind of kiss scene can be bad” (purely shallow reason, I admit) but but…. their relashionship! I just want to melt in a puddle of goo. I want moar!

    • The description was also pretty dumb. I never would have watched it if I hadn’t read recaps of it be chance, just because I was bored.
      Is this just a story of a man stuck between three women? No way. It’s a story about identity, accepting one’s responsibilities as a child, lover, friend, uncle, psychiatrist, sister etc. It’s about happiness and forgiveness. Seriously, who did the marketing on this?!

      • I’ve been mulling over the title and finally understand it. It’s not great sounding, but it has a really lovely meaning.

        Bong Sun and Jae Hee discover in each other that they are flowers, too. They are beautiful, and fragrant, and able to be loved. They see themselves as broken and/or bitter, and part of them will always be that. But when they find each other, they discover love and being loved.

        In episode 8, Bong Sun says Jae Hee’s words are like paper flowers which let off this fragrance. She knows it’s not real, but the heady sensation is real to her when it comes from him.

  22. He pictures young but he owns this role. I don’t question anything that he does nor a timeline when watching him but when I see the pics I am all ‘oooh wow he is young’.

  23. I had a feeling this was coming to be honest, MBC tends to do all the time when dramas don’t reach the 10% mark. At least KBS and SBS let the dramas have their run, MBC just go with direct approach which is to kill the drama run, didn’t they do the same thing to “Heartstrings” and cut it to 15 episodes. **shakes head** It just wrong! let the drama have its run, I mean who guarantees the sucess of each drama, uhmm nobody. The only thing I know is that the MBC needs to stop this “habit”. They own it to their audience to delivery what they initially tune for. MBC is betraying all type of televison principles with this last stunt.

  24. Well I’m pretty disappointed to see this drama get cut. Stupid MBC.. I wish I was in charge.This is a great drama though and it has delivered SO much in it’s first 10 episodes. I have no doubt in my mind that the remaining 5 will be just as exciting!

  25. hey for once i am angered aswell…. wen u posted a recap… i went ahead on watchin M2F which i was delayin for the very reasopn as to which i wud like to refer kim jae who??? aswell….this guy jus blow me away…the emotions, the delivery of dialogue and his stand as jae hee jus does it all… and he doesnt look ‘young’ atll…not foe ji ah anyway 😉 n the actress’s have done awesomely well on their a/c…love the consellor by the way <3 and if they are cuttin ep becoz of lee ji ah…i'mma gonna MURDER them ….wat wrong has she done as an actress…well she jus acted the very best i hav seen her act soo far… (except, the smexy scene with cha seung won in ATHENA *hubba hubba*…) back on track…wer was i ..ohhh yah abt ji ah…best actress whose personal life shudnt be accounted for while watchin this unique love story….unique becoz…though the concept is the norm of every love story…it has its own way of making atleast ME go mad n crazy for the OTP <333 love the drama…n dare they cut episodes…..that'll be the end of MBC~~~~~ :N

  26. I need to schedule a session with Dr. Park immediately! Might he be able to help me get over the premature loss and feelings of betrayal? 🙁 If not I might just pull a Bong Sun-episode-9-stunt on MBC.
    This drama has the most realistic KDrama romance I’ve seen in ages. Never mind Jae Hee’s split personality and so on, when Bong Sun cried because she was too happy it convinced me irrevocably that this writer knows what she’s talking about. Well, I already knew before that scene that Me Too, Flower was a rare gem, but that scene really nailed it.

  27. Bongsun needs to point that pistol right at the MBC scheduler (figuratively of course). This is one of the best dramas of the year and they are screwing it up. They don’t seem to know the good from the bad these days. Maybe if we dress them up in sageuk costume the ratings will go up. Sheesh……

  28. I think the combo YSY-LJA-HGE play a part in the bad ratings. YSY acting can be good but seriously I cringe whenever he has romantic moves with both girls. It looks like women dating high school boy. The kiss scene made me a bit uncomfortable. HGE-YSY relationship just sounds unbelievable. Even when they tried the korean institutional “douche scene” with YSY I couldn’t help but laugh.

    • In that case, how does it make sense that people go gaga over woman dating high school boy in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? That is really a little disturbing, given that Jung Il Woo looks the part AND his role requires him to act even younger and more childish… Those crazy antics make him seem more like he’s 15 and not at least 17 or 18.

      • Good point. Gaga over FBRS too but those early episodes I have to remind myself “he’s legal, he’s legal, its okay” ^^

        As for M2F: That sucks! Hope they don’t rush the ending.

      • Don’t get me wrong. As far as FBRS is concerned I ask same questions. I think EB-CS relationship is unhealthy. I am not a fan of the show myself

  29. In a way, cutting it short might not be a bad thing. I’ve seen way too many good dramas just run out of plot ideas and such towards the end or the last episodes just linger on too many plot points. With how fast this drama is moving, maybe cutting it a little short will keep it fresh and solid until its final airing.
    I love this drama and I’m not saying I will be ecstatic to see it end sooner, I’m just saying that could be ONE pro. But ultimately, the ONLY pro I can come up with.

  30. If they wrap this up short, but clean (as opposed to meandering WTF extensions), than maybe it isn’t such a bad idea afterall.

    But if it’s a senseless that’s all folks just to cut it off … there is a segment of supporter of people like us who actually enjoy watching this. Heck it’s the only wkday Kdrama I am actually watching and look forward to, not just reading about.

    ( the other two are Tdramas, and wkend Kdramas).

  31. What?? No!!!! How can they do this to me? So frustrating – every time I get invested in a drama, the stupid TV network does something to mess it up. It’s the one great drawback to kdramas, the fact that the TV stations don’t care about the quality of the shows they produce at all, only the ratings. Argh. So disappointing.

    • that is true, so disappointing when all they can think about is just the rating and who cares about the quality of the drama…

  32. I’m so sad to hear this news, I love this drama just as I loved LTM…
    Drama that is this very well written and very well acted shouldn’t be cut short unnecessarily!
    I wonder if MBC will take opinions from us who do not live in Korea into consideration???
    Or is there anyway we can voice our opinions to MBC?

  33. @ockoala I was glad I discover the meaning of the name in episode 4 and I was so relieved it wasn’t a shallow thing, it wasn’t because of their beauty outside but for whay they are inside and I went awww… I love it since then, I don’t like how shallow shows and movies have become either korean or from around the world there are no new actors just pretty faces and if it works it does and if it doesn’t it doesn’t and the public is getting used to this innane way of watching tv or movies so everyone flocks if the lead actor is cute but when a solid writing were people have to analize and get to the mean of things and think comes along then it is simply too much work so the rest of us who want more substance we are left one episode short. There isn’t anything we could do because they will cut it whether we form a picket protest in front of MBC, it is going to happen all we can say is it is a shame that not many people gave it a chance and we just have to enjoy whatever is left. I don’t think it is the actors it is the writing it is too good for people to notice.

  34. When the M2F started w/ just still few episodes and got a 1 digit or low percent rating episodes, I had an inkling that maybe the cause of it, is that netizens still harbor the recent scandal issue of LJA. If this is true then, all I can say that, to those netizens have a very shallow mind or needless to say a a brain bird mind or scattered brain mind and for MBC officials who are in-charged in the trimming down of this drama for reason of low rating performance, then I suggest they should see a psychiatrist, doesn’t know what a real good drama is. I hope the script writer should also fight for her right. If it is possible to create a lightning and thunderstorm, I would like it to have the MBC Channel building be hit by a mega volt lightning.

  35. nooooooooooooooooo!!!

    i totally agree with you that MBC have poor marketing for their drama department. they should fired the employees first. gah and i’m so frustrated when The Moon drama picked by MBC. I’m all worried now T^T

  36. I actually don’t care about this drama.. sorry.. but its should stick to original plan, which is 16 episodes not 15, like Heartstring.. I hate when they do that!!!

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