Written and Video Previews for Episode 12 of MoonSun

I think we’re about to see some of the long awaited forward momentum on all fronts we’ve been waiting for in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. I, for one, am totally and utterly in the period drama mood, thanks to reading Da Mo Yao this weekend and then realizing the drama adaptation won’t be out until next year, so MoonSun will have to do as my current source of angtsy sageuk crack. What I loved about young Hwon and Yeon Woo was their curiosity, their willingness to figure out the problem and then search for answers. As long as they both continue to dig deeper into their feelings for each other, they’ll quickly decide to just give in and the story can head towards a welcomed revelation and resolution.

Written preview for episode 12:

Seeing Hwon and Wol together, Yang Myung turns and leaves. Yoon Dae Hyung is pondering why Hwon would disguise himself to leave the Palace. Wol, who has decided to leave the Royal Astrology Office, remembers how Hwon smiled happily in front of her. She asks Nok Young one last time to let her enter Hwon’s chambers. On the other hand, hearing from Queen Han that the date for the marriage consummation has been scheduled four days from now, Bo Kyung lets out a gleeful smile.

Video preview for episode 12:

Wol: From now on I cannot stay by your majesty’s side.

Yang Myung: I don’t have the confidence to yet again send away you, who is watching someone else. Can’t it be me? Won’t I do? The person I am protecting, the person I am always watching, it is you.

Hwon: How dare you unilaterally decide to leave. Who allowed you to leave! I feel very confused. Until I understand what these feelings are, you…..cannot leave my side.


Written and Video Previews for Episode 12 of MoonSun — 10 Comments

  1. this drama does stupid thingss to me. even though i’m fully aware of its imperfections i can’t help but squeal at melt at everything. Hwon & Wol OTP <3

  2. I am still enjoying this even though I actually anticipate pcap more now. I’m still curious about our OTP and our poor YM who i still hope becomes more compelling. i too am in sageuk mode… i haven’t found another c-drama period piece that I am addicted to yet but I am rewatching one of my favorite kdrama sageuks. Been hooked on period pieces since last summer. i’m in one of those moods.

  3. I think that it is very romantic if Hwon can fall for Wol as Wol, not as yeon woo (without knowing that Wol is Yeon woo)..It’s like he falls in love with the same person, twice!

  4. savor the emotions of each character….it is the rise and fall of the ocean that makes it seems to be alive….but it is it calmness that makes it beautifull when the moon rises…. 😉

    • and yes it is the ocean that gives way to majestic love….it holds the clear reflection of the moon and kisses the sun when it sets….the waters will speak an ocean size of love….

      • the ocean holds dear the clear reflection of the moon and kisses aweetly the sun when it sets

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