Filming Wraps on The King 2 Hearts and Latest Spoilers from the Set

The final crew of The King 2 Hearts finished filming just hours ago on Tuesday night, and below are the cast and crew commemorative pictures. Not having this drama filming hours before the final episode broadcasts on Thursday is already a herculean feat I need to applaud. *clap clap clap* This drama has thus far exceeded every expectation I had, which accounts for why I love it probably more than it qualitatively deserves. When one is beyond pleasantly surprised, the effect is magnified into a overwhelming desire to do a happy dance. With the drama wrapped up, the production has time to lock in solid editing so we’re not going to get a final two episodes that looks like it was produced on a Super 8 and edited on my home PC from high school. One final juicy spoiler was leaked, so read on if you’re dying to know. Otherwise, it’s less than 24-hours until episode 19 drops.

Awww, Seung Gi getting tossed. So sweet!

Here’s the big spoiler – the TK2H crew was spotted at the location standing in for the DMZ, filming a wedding scene. See picture below – where it looks like guests are setting in covered chairs much like attending a wedding. Clearly if true, this means Hang Ah and Jae Ha do indeed get hitched, and we’ll get to see the wedding. Yay, throws confetti!

[Credit: all pictures via DC TK2H Gallery]


Filming Wraps on The King 2 Hearts and Latest Spoilers from the Set — 28 Comments

  1. Yay!!! I do hope it’s true that they are getting married and that the earlier spoilers you release is JH and HA’s son. Thank you Ms. K!!! Wow looks like their wedding is low key compared to their engagement but it doesn’t matter as long as JH and HA gets married and be happy. I hope their vows will be amazing that will bring tears to our eyes. I feel like ep 19 will pinch our heart with angst since its the second to the last episode but I do hope they will make up for it when they air the final episode. It’s nice to know that they have all the time to edit it and wrap it up amazingly???!!!! I don’t mind watching JH and HA being sweet etc… I will like this OTP to the point of disgust!!!! (borrowed from JH proposal translated on VIKI). Plus I do hope SK and JH will have their own happy ending. Thanks a lot Ms. K!

  2. How come Jo Jung seok (have i spelt that right?) Isn’t in any of the pictures 🙁 or am i just really bad at spotting people..

    Thanks for the pictures, Ms Koala! Three more days until exams finish and i can marathon this baby from beginning to end!! Soo excited!

  3. Yeah! I’ve been lurking here to see if there have been any updates and sure enough love the latest spoilers! Thank you for keeping track of all the latest tidbits. At least now I know there is a happy ending to this awesome drama. I’ve enjoyed watching LSG in a more mature challenging role and it doesn’t hurt that he was paired up with the lovely HJW.

  4. The last picture where the suppossably the wedding is held.
    Is that the crossboarding between South and North Korea, the place looks veryyyy familiar to me. Just saying how beautiful that would be, joining together the 2 parts of Korea in to one.

    Wahhhhh tommorroowwww and thursday, come fastt….

  5. Hi Koala,

    Thank you very much for taking time and recapping the episodes. I loved this drama because I didn’t feel like fast forwarding in some places, which I do usually if I am not interested in other characters. But this drama made me to watch from the beginning till the end and patiently. I agree that there were some places that would have been better, but the whole story is just great to watch. Thanks to screen writer and director, then actors’ outstanding performance. I am fan of Ha Ji Won, and I think whatever project she takes, she makes desirable to watch. I started to watch just because of her, but Lee Seoung Gi improved as well, the affection that he showed to ward Han Ga killed me… :p anyways, I am following all your posts! Looking forward to read all of them!

    Can I ask you if it is the last drama of Ha Ji Won? I don’t want her to quit acting :(?

  6. Love this drama so much! one of the best kdrama for me.. ^^

    Falling for LSG acting and search for his other work such as 1N2D – Hodong, Kim C, Saegun, Mong, Jiwon and LSG is the best team – backseat crazyness episode is daebak!
    And for our Beautiful HJW, my love for you getting deeper.. can’t wait for her next projects! (Fangirl mode ON)

    To other actors and writters also all production team, big success in the future for you all..
    My pray for last 2 episode to become best ending of kdrama all the time…Fighting!

    and Thank you Mrs. Koala for you recaps and update on TK2H.. Love you too! ^^

  7. Thank you koala, hope the writer will give us satisfying ending (unlike two particular dramas which ended on Sunday & yesterday). I put my trust in you, writer-nim.

    Glad to hear that they have completed the filming; happy that they’ll maintain the quality until the end. This drama is surely not flawless, but as you said, koala, it exceeded my expectations too and it has deeply touched my heart & soul.

    Koala, after TK2H ends, are you going to recap QIHM? I love QIHM so much. It surely everything I wanted the other time-travelling drama to be.

  8. been increasingly having goosebumps n teary eyed this week everytime tk2h popped out in my mind (>.<) cant imagine next week without them.. auwww my poor heart *sniffles*

  9. To say I LOVE THIS DRAMA would be redundant. I’m thrilled it’s been consistantly good (fantastic, excellent, swoony, etc….etc…) from day one all the way through!

    Thank you for the spoilers! Looking forward to ep 19 & 20! 😀

    P.S. I don’t know what I’ll do next Wed/Thurs without K2H to look forward to. :`(

  10. I decided to look for spoilers since I was so disappointed on the ending of fashion king, immortal classic and feast of the gods. Fashion King was such a disappointment I am hesitant to watch new episodes of new dramas I hate to invest hours into a story only to be let down at the end. BUT it sounds like k2h will have a happy ending} I really need to see a happy ending now since watching 3 klunkers.

  11. I will surely miss TK2H. . . But everything has to end, I’m just happy that the writer chose to have a happy ending…

    hmm did I see it right? Are those .. errr couple shoes up there?

  12. Mrs Koala, I seriously thought that the spoiler was Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi wearing couple shoes! 😀

    Looking forward to a blissful finale provided our fave STP does get their happy ending.

    Thank you for spoiling us. 🙂

    • Alright. After reading some live transcaps of ep 19, I too will join the growing number of disheartened “fans” who have given up on that drama. You’ve disappointed me, Show. And especially you, Writernim, for taking the “Shitty Hunter” road. Like his death makes any sense. And nope that’s not to expect from a drama. Life maybe, but not a drama.
      *might watch What’s up just to hear 조정석 (Jo Jung Seok)’s beautiful voice again*

  13. another spoiler… love it.. and how i adore the atmosphere in TK2H set.. full of big smiles!! ^_^ thanks Ms. Koala!

  14. wowwww!!! seems like this drama is ending with a big bang!!!! i love this drama so much that it hurts to say goodbye to it…yet am happy that we are getting the happy ending….ahhhh am starting to feel melancholic now…. wahhhhhhhhhh

    • Did you just spoil everything!!!!????? Some of us haven’t seen the episode yet!!!! 🙁 At least put ‘SPOILER’ or something….

      Haaaaaaa, I want to pull my hair out now.

      • Im sorry Blanchi, after the drama ended, I was so upset that I just had to tell somebody that he died (I should have put a title spoiler). I wasn’t thinking straight right after the drama ended.

  15. Yay! Those who predicted that Shi Kyung will die, you are damn right!!!! I hate it! Why do they have to kill him?????? I hope the ones narrating the story while watching it is just joking!!!!!

  16. I dont even have words to describe this ending of the drama.
    Actually it just sucks, even though the writers are good, this pre ending was not what I expected. Everytime I think Shi Kyung is still alive or at least hoping he is….

    Probably went nuts now, that aint happening sighhhhhh. Goodbye dramaa.-_-

  17. i never know lee seung gi could be this irresistible and handsome… I’ve watched him on 2D1N, strong heart, MGIGumiho and shining inheritance but he never catches my eyes…but this drama makes me open my eyes and my heart to lee seung gi awesomeness…for ha ji won, love her to death

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