TW-media Snaps Pictures of Vic Zhou with Likely Girlfriend Reen Yu

So Vic Zhou turned 31 last week, and with it comes the first visual confirmation that he is in fact dating his Black & White co-star Reen Yu. The tabloids have been buzzing that Zai Zai was Reen’s boyfriend since earlier this year when she was overheard talking about her boyfriend, an A-list actor who drove a blue Ferrari. When asked, Zai Zai confirmed they were good friends and left it at that. This past weekend, the tabloids snapped Reen and Zai Zai dressed casually heading out of his apartment. They were going to get a foot massage when they realized they had been spotted so they returned home, but the pictures were snapped and the news have been all over this. Both agencies have responded by saying its normal for good friends to hang out when dressed casually and go get a foot massage. Okay, good one, spokesperson. I think what’s most damning is that Reen was wearing the exact same t-shirt Zai Zai was photographed in recently. I mean, c’mon. I’m crying inside while I outwardly congratulate my boy for finding a nice girlfriend. He wants to settle down, so hopefully this works out.

See, same t-shirt.

I’ll leave you all with another cute picture of Reen and Zai Zai from the set of B&W. Now I’m fairly certain Zai Zai doesn’t have a type. Beatrice, Barbie, and now Reen are all very different from each other.


TW-media Snaps Pictures of Vic Zhou with Likely Girlfriend Reen Yu — 25 Comments

  1. ” I’m crying inside while I outwardly congratulate my boy for finding a nice girlfriend. He wants to settle down, so hopefully this works out.”

    Koala – my exact sentiment!

    • I think shes also a pokice officer, the one who saod theyre comong when zai zai transfer on their place the one whos always on ponytails i guess

  2. I hadn’t realized she was also in Wish to See You Again, as well. (She played the younger version of the girl who was somewhat-friends with the three boys.) Although in that case, there’s no scenes between them, and it’s possible they never met on-set. But seems to me that meeting someone, then working with them again a few years later… it can make a person notice (especially when you grow up as much as she did between the first meeting and the second).

    Same t-shirt. *snerk* Plenty of us do that, but we don’t have paparazzi following us around, either. Got to be a little more careful there, but I guess the damage’s already done, eh.

  3. Although I want to be happy for him, I’m really jealous lol… Anyway I really hope that Vic has a very happy relationship, because he really deserves it

    * crying in a corner *

  4. Yes!! I’m always super happy when my beloved actors/actresses finally find love in their lonely lonely worlds. I hope for the best for this new couple!

    I do spot a similarity between Zai’s girlfriends though. It seems that he likes ladies with beautiful smiles (and teeth) and naturally fair complexions, with light make-up. Dude values inner beauty!! *tears of joy*

  5. I’m so happy with Zaizai….I really hope he has already find the right girl….It’s high time, he’s not getting any younger and I think he really needs an inspiration.

  6. I feel like Mrs Koala would shine as a sharp detective, or whatever career she would choose to embrace (novelist?). 🙂

    So the most shocking news to me is … he’s got a blue Ferrari?! 😀

    The boy has been through so much already and I am 100% happy to see him this happy. Ah, love. 🙂

  7. and all his gf so far has long hair too. so hapy for him, i think he was really heartbroken after breaking up with barbie, only after 4 years he’s back in relationship.

  8. god bless you zai zai….
    i think you’re good person so please be happy in your life 🙂
    we’ll always support you and your girl…

  9. well, the two looks like getting well along with each other,, i guess thres nothing wrong with their relationship… i hope no one would hinder them…

    good luck vic and reen…!!

  10. I’m a fan of Vic Zhuo since F4 & Meteor Garden days until now, I love Zaizai so much. Here in the Philippines Zaizai has a lot of followers. Zaizai is a great actor & a singer as well. We’re glad that his very active on his career. as he said his an actor not an idol. It’s true that he is ’cause he has a good singing voice and a good speaking voice when he delievers his line in every scene he speaks clearly. Hoping he’ll meet much better woman as his life partner. I love you Zaizai God bless you more! Take care always, we your followers loves you so much.

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  12. I hope they’ll have a “till death do us part” relationship. I’m so happy that Reen seems to have given up her career even before their marriage so she could be Vic’s wife. Someone who will wait for him everytime he comes home from work. And now that they are a family of three I still hope that their bond will be stronger. Congrats to the new father and mother. Welcome little princess??? More babies to come??? God bless Mr. & Mrs.Chou (jelous but happt)

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