Official MV of Lee Seung Gi Performing Love is Crying from Budokan Concert

Do you all remember when I posted about Lee Seung Gi performing K-Will‘s “Love is Crying” from The King 2 Hearts OST at his Budokan concert in Japan last month? The ripped version we got to hear is in no way, shape, or form able to capture the sheer raw emotion of the song as recorded properly. Luckily for us, the Japanese obasans love Seung Gi, so his concert performance was aired recently on Japanese TV. Bringing you all the latest pics from his concert, and most importantly, the official concert recording of Seung Gi breaking our hearts all over again even after TK2H has ended. I teared up when listening to it, and my mind flashed through a rolodex of the most iconic scenes from the drama between Jae Ha and Hang Ah. I think puppy hasn’t just grown up with his performance in TK2H, he’s found a way to keep me under his thrall long after my addiction to his drama has come to a close. He seriously left a comet-sized lump in my throat with this rendition of the song, which is truly a love song from Jae Ha to his beloved Hang Ah. One set of Hong Sisters needs to take lessons from the other on how to written an equally balanced OTP.

Lee Seung Gi singing “Love is Crying” from The King 2 Hearts OST:


Official MV of Lee Seung Gi Performing Love is Crying from Budokan Concert — 38 Comments


  2. One set of Hong Sisters needs to take lessons from the other on how to write an equally balanced OTP.

    Geezee.. Cant agree with this more. i thought I could forgive Big for everything because of Gong Yoo, but ep.13 of Daran just did it for me. I love Big, still do. Gong Yoo’s stellar performance esp. in ep. 14 blew me off. But Hong Sisters could really step up on the female leads characterization and personality. Seriously!!

  3. wow… though i don’t exactly like his voice… he’s got some crazy vocal SKILLS to sing such an insanely difficult song haha thumbs up*

  4. Been waiting for this… Thanks Koala!
    Miss TK2H so much…
    It’s Lee Jae Ha all over again with Seung Gi’s rendition, so much emotion in his singing… LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  5. Totally got teary-eyed when I watched this the first time and did again right now. It should’ve been obvious since I’ve yet to rewatch the drama and have been staying away from the OST. There was something so organic about this drama and this OTP that was just right!!

    TK2H and Seung-gi: Bogo shipoyo!! T__T

  6. My ears and heart thanks Seung gi and Ms. Koala for providing such wonderful enjoyment to our lives. Just as beautiful as I imagined….still not over TK2H.

  7. Awwww….. now I love Jae Ha & Hang Ah even more.

    These pics & his singing make this THE PERFECT POST. Thanks, Koala!

  8. I love K. Will’s rendition, But SGi’s version have that much emotion, the pain, the hurts. His voice isn’t as rich and deep as K.Will, but he has much more powerful & emotionally attached to the voice. What makes it better, his voice is unstable in this song, unlike K. Will, but somehow it just fitted the song, in other words: perfect.

  9. Aawwwwww~ Seunggi baby ….You’re da bomb
    With ‘personal’ experience behind him , his rendition is more charged with poignant emotion .Beautiful . Looking forward to hearing him sing this song Live at our Singapore fanmeet in August. Latest news ,as of yesterday,was that , those of us who bought Category 1 tickets ,get to have a picture taken with Seunggi !! What an unexpected treat for us . Electrifying thought!

  10. Awwww…this makes me teary-eyed. But in a good way.
    It was such a wonderful experience have watched and shared this drama with you guys. Thanks, Koala. 😉

  11. Miss Jae Ha and Hang Ah even more…..

    I haven’t moved yet from my withdrawal.

    TK2H still lingers in my heart. I think, until a very long time.

    Thanks Mz. Koala~~~~

  12. I cant hold my tears!!!!!! Damn!!!! It sounds perfectly on LSG voice!!!!!
    I am re-watching this drama and crying all over again!!!!!!! I just loved it to pieces!!!! Thanks for sharing Onnie!

  13. Hi! I used to read this blog but never comment . Now , i’m really interested and want to join . Maybe i’m fan of seunggi. I’m almost deep with it.Aww lee seunggi or lee jae ha! In concert , i’m thinking he is lee seunggi, but when live of love is crying ! he really mature man and pure. My emotion is comeback. Although , k – will ‘s voice kill my heart but if live perform i’m hope lee seunggi. The perform is perfect. He is powerful and memorable ! He ‘s seem not tired. Thank for caption.

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