Ruggedly Handsome Joseph Chang Graces the Pages of GQ Taiwan

Man, that is one seriously sexy namja. It feels like forever since I last posted about the deliciously yummy Joseph Chang, the reason being that he’s been busy making movies and hardly playing the media game. We really lucked out that Joseph eschewed his movie star and indie film roots to do Drunken to Love You last year, otherwise who knows how long he would go before gracing our television screens and showing us that not all Taiwanese actors are the pretty boy type. Nothing wrong with pretty boys, but isn’t life better with more variety?

Joseph’s most recent movie GF*BF (Chinese title Boyfriend, Girlfriend) with Gwui Lun Mei was well-received and he netted the Best Film Actor award at the Taipei Film Festival. Joseph is on the cover and inside pages of GQ Taiwan August edition, and he expressed in the interview about his continued dislike of being called good looking because he really hopes people like him for his acting first and foremost. But over the years, he’s learned that it comes with the territory of being an actor, and as long as audiences like his acting as well, he’s fine with being a reluctant matinee idol.

[Credit: GQ Taiwan]


Ruggedly Handsome Joseph Chang Graces the Pages of GQ Taiwan — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you Mrs Koala for this article on this endearing/rawr-worthy actor.

    On a sidenote, MR kinda puzzled me tonite. Ep 7 should be interesting to watch.

  2. I think he is definitely good looking and even better than that, he is a tremendous actor. Did he get back together with his ex-g/f after supposedly dating Rainie? 🙂

  3. My thoughts when I first saw the post:

    ….. Why does he have a lobster in his shirt pocket??… Wow, that gush of water is very well-positioned,

  4. Oh dear God.You don’t normally see me post for magazine shots.But now,that’s a man.He looks like a man.Rugged manly looks,broad shoulders and nice wide chest.
    What?I like me a guy who doesn’t look as if he is going to collapse or who would and could actually look like he is a man first and a pretty boy second. And look at those hands… and biceps.
    Sigh. Now… which one shall I keep? For my computer background of course 🙂

  5. Aaaah so hot. Hope he does another romantic drama~ miss seeing him and rainie. ~~~~ My taste in men changed dramatically over the years. Was such a fan of pretty flower boys, but now scruffy men in suites are just way more hotter. I’m growing up :’)

  6. I have to say, I never did love a TW drama main lead as instantly as I loved Joseph Chang in Drunken to Love You. Thanks for this post! It’s a good day when I see photos of him. 🙂

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