IRIS 2 Confirmed with Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae Leading A-list Cast

Will it be three times the charm for what is now confirmed as the three peat performance of Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae trying to not die onscreen when acting opposite one another. Hyukie’s bitten the bullet twice now with Da Hae, and with my luck, she’ll probably be the one to kick the bucket in the upcoming IRIS 2. The death star that is Taewon Entertainment has confirmed that once again a massive cast has been assembled for the official sequel to 2009’s hit thriller IRIS. As rumored, taking over for Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee will be the proven chemistry-laden pairing of Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae, who are moving from romantic melodrama to fusion sageuk and now to action spy thriller. As much as I love Hyukie with Da Hae, this production and the totality of the casting screams Hot Mess from the get go.

Joining them will be another fave of mine, hot ahjusshi Kim Min Jong reprising his North Korean agent character from Athena: Goddess of War (he was awesome, drama was shit), plus Kim Seung Woo also reprising his North Korean character from IRIS. The North Koreans were always the best part of the previous dramas so this mollifies me somewhat. But Kim So Yeon will not be returning, which is completely understandable since she’s the lead in the upcoming The Great Seer. In her place Oh Yoon Soo will be playing the role of the hot older lady spy as the deputy director of the National Security Service. Last but not least, Daniel Henney joins this ship as the token pretty boy. Did he not learn his lesson from Fugitive?

Hyukie will be playing an NSS team leader who first started off as a cop. His character is described as having a warm personality but is composed when on the job. Da Hae plays a gold medal winning former sharp shooter and now a member of the NSS. She’s described as incredibly attractive and capable. Im Soo Hyang, who was recently in I Do I Do and got good exposure through New Gisaeng Story, joins this cast playing an assassin member of the shadowy organization IRIS. Also returning from IRIS will be Kim Young Chul, currently playing the Chairman daddy character in Nice Guy. Also in negotiations to join this cast is a bunch of idol newbies to play up the youth factor, including Kara’s Kang Ji Young, BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon, and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. The drama is scheduled to begin filming in October and will be airing in the Spring of 2013. I am not amused, but will gear myself up for a great I-can’t-believe-this-crap-is-on-my-screen watch to come.


IRIS 2 Confirmed with Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae Leading A-list Cast — 13 Comments

  1. Lol…i haven’t really watched any of the dramas in this franchise (except maybe a couple of episodes of Athena) but I love reading the recaps and reviews just for the sheer amusement of seeing the frustration of those that are….the mayhem that IRIS’ end caused was particularly hilarious…i also remember the funny midway review Serendipity did on Thundie’s Prattle…so yeah I’m sadistically looking forward to this for very diffetent reasons

  2. I love so many of these actors, but I’m not sure how this can work. I never watched IRIS, but I’m kinda tempted now, just to see how bad it could be. Also, I loooove Daniel Henney, but I think he’s only a capable actor when he has a good director working with him. Maybe he’s gotten better of late (I really want to see Shanghai Calling, and I’ve heard good things, so I have hope), but this drama seems too crazy. Maybe it will exceed all our expectations? I hope?

  3. As one of the five people who loved and watched Robber, Jang Hyuk doesn’t ie at te end of that one but lives happily together with LDH – he has a severe condition which will probably mean he will kick the bucket soon but you never know.

    I am clearly in the minority among your commenters but I loved IRIS, adore Lee Da Hae and am looking forward to this.

  4. After princes’s Man i like KYC he is my fav of all haraboji in IRIS 1 he dyed his hair to white and he don’t have to do it again b/c he already did in NICE GUY

  5. Hi dangermousie, I am also from those 5 people 🙂 people always think that “Robbers” end badly. I loved that drama too.

    And although I am not so excited about the drama itself but as you I adore LDH and I am excited to see her tackling new genre from her other roles and doing some action 🙂

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