Peter Ho Dines with Janine Chang and her Mom Adding More Fuel to Dating Rumors

I’m trying to figure out if this is a sign that I need to pick back up my Black & White recaps. In the heated Summer of 2012, one co-star after another in B&W have either gone public in relationships or been caught out with new loves in pretty hard to refute photographic evidence. First came Mark Chao, now confirmed to be dating Gao Yuan Yuan. Next came Vic Zhou, who didn’t need to go far and is likely dating another B&W alum Reen Yu. Finally comes Janine Chang, whose rumors of a real life relationship with Ring Ring Bell co-star Peter Ho added another layer of proof this week. This leaves Ivy Chen the lone B&W alum single, having recently ended her long time relationship with Kun Da. Luckily for Ivy, she’s not lonely because Janine and Peter have apparently been using her as the perfect decoy. This week Peter dined with Janine and her mom and sister in Shanghai (all caught by the paps on camera), and Ivy was brought along as a shield, which didn’t fly with anyone. When contacted about the dinner date and whether rumors that Peter and Janine had secretly gotten engaged were true, Peter’s manager merely said the two were not engaged. Good one, manager dude, way to not fan the flames. Suffice to say, Janine-Peter shippers, you can pop the champagne now. This one looks legit, especially after Janine revealed that Peter bought her a watch as a birthday present, the very same one she expressed liking recently. She then giggled and said “Who wouldn’t love a guy like that!”

Ivy posted these pictures on her Weibo showing her goofing around with Janine and Peter, taken when Janine visited the set of Tiny Time in Shanghai. Nothing says “we’re just friends” like visiting each other’s filming sets. You know, just because one happens to be in town.

Here’s the infamous dinner date with Janine’s mom. First picture is Peter sitting next to Ivy, next picture is Janine, followed up Janine’s mom and sister, and finally the last picture is taken outside the restaurant and the paparazzi helpfully put faces to show us who is where. LOL. This is so amusing to follow along, and now I’m taking bets as to when they will confirm it to the media. My guess is pretty soon, since neither is being terribly hidey about their interactions.


Peter Ho Dines with Janine Chang and her Mom Adding More Fuel to Dating Rumors — 18 Comments

  1. Wow!! The pap is really funny.

    Anyhow – I still maintain that these two should get married and live happily ever after 🙂 Seriously, who dines with someone’s mom like that at age 37.

    I ship them!! 🙂 I rarely ship people. They are too cute!

    • Well, I know it’s a bit late to comment this since 9 months has passed.
      But I still want to say, they are so perfect together.
      I can’t agree more, no one would do that at 37 ^+++++++^
      And I think now we just need to wait for the announcement of their wedding date. ❤
      I ship them too!!!

      • I ship them too!!! Hoping their latest work together (Just one minute) will blossom the relationship further. I would be very happy if they would make it to public. I wish Ivy Chen will get her partner soon. It’s already more than one year after her break up with Kun Da. Recently she always say her preference on long distance relationship, I am hoping she is dating with someone from Korea.

  2. Oh I don’t actually know who Peter is but it’s funny to read this post. Yes I did like her in Sunny Happiness but the Taiwanese celebrity go-round is so fun to read.

  3. Congratulations. Very much hope it’s true. Fully support Peter and Janine together. They are so compatible. Get married guys.

  4. I sat through Ring Ring Bell for them. I’m sorry but Janine just CANNOT play the damsel in distress. Her past roles + actual personality + writings on Weibo make it’s difficult to buy that she is not kickass, hahaha XD

    That said, they are so purty together and therefore they should date! Get married! Have purty babies! XD

  5. WHAT!??! VIC IS DATING REEN YU!?!?!? omfg.


    Definitely don’t mind Peter+Janine 😉 But poor Ivy… I really liked her with Mark!!!! Maybe there’s still hope… 😉

  6. I know it’s stupid, but I will forever ship Vic+Barbie.
    Anyway, I love that Ivy and Janine seem to be getting along, too! And Ivy and Peter. I’m not about how Janine and Peter look together, but there does seem to be a visible pull between them. All the best to them all!

  7. I love Peter and his huge Nerd glasses! If the rumors are true then my heart will be crushed severely yet on a litter note I will wish the couple many “say hello to my little friend” moments. LOL! Janine picked an awesome guy for a future-husband and father-to-be. He’s an all around good guy – so wholesome!

  8. I don’t agree peter & janine chang because janine is so ugly n peter is too much handsome , so so cute guy,good guy n his has great voice! Janine is not suit for him! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Peter! Don’t marry janine, plzzzzzzzz

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