Spoilers for the Upcoming Episode 17 of Nice Guy

I, and so many equally obsessed Nice Guy fans, will likely need to check into melodrama detox soon. Despite having cut my teeth on melodramas as my entry point into K-drama land, in general I’ve veered away from the genre since the newer products feel like stale retreads of older classics and the writers and actors tend to approach this heightened world by overacting and throwing in the kitchen sink of woe will make it interesting, when really all it does it make me run away screaming. Lee Kyung Hee is one of the current batch of melodrama writers that can still bring it, and in NG she has brought it so masterfully I barely have time to guess the next plot turn before it hits me squarely between the eyes. From the get go this was a male revenge story that quickly left the revenge behind, then the girl falls in love for the first time story where she accepts the man’s failings and still gets turned down, next comes the suicide and amnesia double whammy, after which we actually get a tender and wrenching love story predicated on a woman having no memory but her heart understanding who she loves, and finally the story appears to be going towards a final showdown complete with a show hand that I worry will rip my heart out when its all said and done. When I was watching The King 2 Hearts earlier this year, a darker and more intense drama that was more thriller than melo, I worried constantly that my OTP might not make it out alive despite knowing that the story is tailor-made for a well-earned happy ending. In NG, its the opposite, I worry that the popularity of NG might leave the OTP with a happily ever after that feels manufactured and nonsensical since the story trajectory indicated from the get go that one or more of the leads would have to pay the ultimate price. Don’t get me wrong, I want a happy ending! But I want a well-written drama more. So don’t screw up the final turn, Lee Kyung Hee, you got it?

So the big spoiler from some new fan snapped pictures confirms something that has been circulating for a few weeks now, which is that Eun Gi is going to get revenge on Jae Hee now that she’s regained her memory. And she’s going to use Maru. As we can see from the spoiler pics above, Maru is picking out a ring at the jewelers, and then we see Jae Hee wearing a formal hanbok in a large wedding hall. There will be an upcoming wedding between Maru and Eun Gi. I don’t know if it’s a wedding in name only, but my guess is Maru will be going into with his eyes wide open, knowing that Eun Gi is using him and allowing her to. I wonder if everyone’s anticipated consummation of their relationship will involve an angry and scheming wedding night? I don’t know how my poor heart can take this much longer.


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  1. yeah, i agree with you ockoala that although a happy ending will be great, but it just wouldn’t fit with the drama…i have a feeling someone is going to die at the end

  2. i always thought that a happy ending for Eungi and Maru was what this drama was made for because both have suffered too much thoughout the drama.

      • agreeee..pleaseee happy ending.. eventhough it must through the rough way.. heuu… lets go to kbsworld (channel kbs @youtube) and comment as much as we can that we want a happy ending hehehehehe… (devil mode:on)

    • I agree with this COMPLETELY.

      In my mind, Maru and Eun Gi have suffered enough from external circumstances and punished themselves more than enough for their wrongdoings. In order to be satisfied with their character growth, I think I need them to learn how to let go of their anger, revenge, GUILT and accept happiness into their lives. And not just happiness (because they’ve both sorta done that with each other, but not really both at the same time with their eyes wide open), but most importantly, the hope that they have a future and that life is worthwhile.

      If one or both die(s), I’m worried I’ll end up feeling like I spent 20 hours watching two of the most adorable puppies get slowly beaten to death. Sure, they broke into the cupboards now and again, but did they really have to die??

      Obviously I’ve adored watching and analyzing this show, so a sad ending wouldn’t negate my enjoyment of it, but I do think it will be a much more compelling story if the ending makes the story about hope and learning to let go of the past, rather than a dark character study of two people screwed over completely by life.

      • I TOTALLY agree with ALL of you especially with rearwindow’s rationale .
        Hope & better life to come after they’ve both been chewed up by life and spat out. If after everything bad that could happen to them , happened then, I hope writer-nim will send out a decently hopeful message that,there’s Hope & Happiness after massive life storms.NOT end up maimed ,paralysed,demented, dead .The list is not exhausted but you get my drift, writer-nim.Please show us , we can’t stereotype your dramas as “No Good can come outta LKH’s endings “.Thanks.

  3. I have trouble imagining a happy ending between the two after everything. Not that I don’t enjoy their story, but it just doesn’t sound like something that’s going to end up with a happy marriage and kids. I honestly still can’t get over the murder/suicide issue, but that could change if there is more to the scene we haven’t been shown.

  4. (>_<) the wait is killing me just to watch the next episode. As for the ending, I think they might try to make a really good closing but also with a happy ending. Because why would they create such cute and loving scenes of Eun Gi and Kang Maru (≧∇≦). But I guess we have to wait for the last episode to see how it ends

  5. Hi Koala! Thank you so much for your previews, recaps, and insight.

    Regarding the accident report that EunGi saw last time in her desk, I think Maru was the one who put that in there.

    • I think it’s Joon Ha. I don’t think it was wrong to do. Eun Gi’s been shielded for much too long with this memory loss bit.

      • I don’t think it’s Joonha though… up till that point he’d wanted Secretary Hyun to keep the identity of the other driver in the accident a secret from EG

        for now i’m 50% certain that Maru put the envelope…
        20-25% Jaehee
        15% Lawyer Ahn
        10% i don’t know! this is such a wild card? who would know that EG is looking for this information? or more importantly, feel that this is something that EG doesn’t know and is significant information to EG at all? who would KNOW that giving EG this information would bring him/herself any benefit at all? this is such a private matter between Maru and EG (though Lawyer Park and now Secretary Hyun is in on this too, they don’t have a interest in letting EG know right now.

      • I think your right too about Joon Ha, for some reason I thought of him as soon as she saw the report. Maybe because he’s been telling Maru he will do anything to prevent Maru from staying next to Eun Gi.

      • 80% Maru (He really wants Eun Gi to have her memory back sooner than later as the fight with Jae Hee’s Team is getting intense. He also wants her to take responsibility for blindly trusting and loving a bad person (Maru) see ep 16 talk with Jae Gil)
        20% Eun Gi’s secretary (because at the end of the day, her loyalty is still with Eun Gi)

      • I think it was secretary Hyun, she had this conflicted look in her eyes when Joonha told her to lie to EunGi…

      • It wasn’t Joon Ha. He was the one who decided to lie to Eun Gi in the first place after she asked for the other person. Plus the way the scene was filmed is hinting that Maru was the one. From the beginning he’s conflicted because Eun Gi doesn’t know it was him in the car.

      • I’m also 80% sure it was Maru. He wanted EunGi to remember what happened. The way he looked out from that window after Junha lied means a lot, and the way he gazed at EunGi when she gave her speech might mean he relay knows.

    • Think its JaeHa. Or, EUNGI herself.She seems to be the most eager to find out what internet didn’t reveal to her. As the person who was caused the accident & probably paid for the other person’s bills & insurance thru company funds. She has a right to ask for that information. Money can’t buy that kind of cover-up cos police & other government bodies are involved.I speak from the standpoint of a citizen of my country. Dunno about SKorea.

      • I don’t think it’s Eungi. Possible that she might go ask someone else to find out about the accident for her, but…brain does not compute for some reason. Ah, but I don’t know either. Maru, most probably, for me. Also a little suspicious of Secretary Hyun, because when Eungi requested her to find out for her, she looked conflicted. Am also rooting for JaeHee, but I kept going back to Maru. Joonha seemed determined to keep the secret away from her. Okay, it could be anybody…that last ep made it open to so many intepretations… Hopefully tomorrow’s ep will clear up all the doubts…

  6. O M G !!!!! Thank you for putting my baby on your wall!!!
    I let out a happy “YEAHH” so loud that I had to explain to my husband why! >.<

  7. I think that Maru and EunGi will end up together, but with a twist…maybe he will lose his memories from surgery, so they will start from scratch once again!

  8. Why can we have a an ending where he goes to to some deserted island to give her space, time to get her anger out of her system and time to realize…life is too short. Than have her come and meet him there AND have beautiful babies!!???? or at least get pregnant!Thats my dream ending.
    Of course eventually they would have to come back to their reality. 😀
    ps wrk

    • I am! This would be pretty neat actually. But who will be the shooter? My money is on crazy Jae Hee but there is no way she is turning the gun on herself afterwards, so I vote for Eun Gi killing Jae Hee and Maru and then offing herself.

      Mainly because the internet reaction would be something to behold.

  9. oh oh.. My heart aches for MR.
    As long as his ending will be justified for me. And fit the narrative purpose, I’m fine.
    But I’m so scared
    I’m so Invest with his character alot >.<

    • WOW… how they can kiss properly with so many people watching them…… So funny to see SJK trying to conceal his nervousness……. my shy boy ! MCW seems so experienced … guess she is so pretty and has to be kissed on every show….. wonder who she like most among her leading men …

      • Yes . Im wondering too…who she pegs as a swoony kisser.
        Look at how they pretend that its just a ‘No feel’ thing. Like how SJK just swings away. Yeh yeh yeh , i bet thats not how he really feels inside. Its beautiful & sweet Moon Chae Won , you know!

      • This is her 2nd drama that she has to KISS passionately. The first one was The Princess’s Man.

  10. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see a wedding if it doesn’t come with a HEA. This show is gonna rip my heart out, shred it to pieces, and then stomp on every little piece till I’m a blubbering, soggy mess, isn’t it? *takes deep calming breath* It’s going to be alright…it’s going to be alright…it’s going to be alright…

  11. ms koala, i just have to echo your sentiment here . whatever the ending, i am prepared to accept as long as it makes narrative sense. i have love this show so far and echo all your emotions when i read your recaps (including your take on jae sik – how excellent is he?). the main leads’ acting has been stellar and even if the show ends up ripping my heart i know i will want to rewatch this just to enjoy the wonderful performances from the leads in particular. SJK non acting with his face, body and voice emoting all those emotions have seemed so effortless.

    cant wait for the next 2 episodes

  12. OMG, I loe this drama so much. So does Song Jung Ki. I hope there will be a happy ending for Eun Gi and Maru. Thi drama has already made me addicted. Great Drama!!!

  13. Oh god, if there’s already a wedding at episode 17 then will there be a funeral in 20?! I love this drama that I can’t sleep just thinking bout it! I’m hoping for a happy ending but judging frm Lkh previous works I’m preparing myself for the storm to come….”bites nails”

  14. oh!.my GOD,this DRAMA really made my heart ACHEs, i LOVE the Cinematography
    , the ACTORs & Actresses and everything..
    ♥unpredictable♥ SONGJOONGKI♥

    please,please we dont want a tragic ending, i hope that EUN GI will realize that MARU really loves HEr.!!..He’s not using EUN GI anymore.,.oh my!!..cant wait to watch ep 17 tomorrow ..EUNMA fighting!♥

  15. If everything repeats itself on this drama (ie: Maru and EG taking turns doing the SAME thing to each other), then I’m afraid it will be EG’s turn to reject Maru after marrying him…..0_0. Feels like a super storm is emminent. Hopefully, Maru will survive this and his own medical condition at the end of the drama. I don’t think a “happily ever after ending” is inappropriate in this drama. On the contrary it will COMPLETE it because the two have gone through so much already in the process and ending on hope and happiness would mean redemption for everyone. AND put everyone (including viewer particularly) at PEACE finaly.

  16. Hi Koala!

    I always anticipate your recap for this drama. Thanks for the effort and time I really enjoy it. Have a great day ☺☺☺

  17. If this drama ends with Maru and EG having the life that they so deserve – with family, friends and loved ones and most importantly “life” itself, I will buy the Director’s Cut or whatever it is that will be the premium for keeps DVD. It will certainly become one of the most memorable ones to treasure for me! On the other hand, if someone dies and the remaining one lives with regret then the whole story will become meaningless – for why and for what does everyone do everything that they do if all it comes down to nothing buy endless regret?

  18. i’m dying here.. i read an official spoilet about episode 17. combine with pics you’re posted… really break my heary in to pieces.. MR yaa.. be strong.. i smeel something sad wll happen in this week episode.
    And where is the preview…:(

    • Thanks for the preview.I’ve been waiting like forever. Seems like maru will know of eun ki’s condition. Can’t wait to see how Things will go after this..~~~~~

      • you’re welcome as a fan it’s my duty to share ! i have a feeling that Maru knew about it the first time in the meeting and maybe he was the one who gave her the accident report ! let’s wait and see ! 😉

  19. Can someone please translate the preview??? I am begging….. please please… All I understood was Maru already knows that Eungi is back… I think there will be a big misunderstanding (Eungi saw Maru ang Jae Hee somehow held hands)

  20. i understood also that Eungi is making the step mother help her in the wedding preparation on purpose, to press on her nerves and without letting her know that she regains her memory ! also Jaehee told maru that she will reveal everything about their relationship and he told her ” who do you think will suffer the most from this truth?” … that’s all i understood 😀

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