Nice Guy Nostalgia Returns as Moon Chae Won Picks Song Joong Ki as Her Most Compatible Leading Man

With my Yoo Seung Ho safely out of the army and back in my virtual drama land embrace, that leaves only Song Joong Ki left that I’m waiting to return triumphant from his military service stint. He’s still got four more months left so I haven’t been dialing up my anticipation too much yet but he was back in the news in a big way this week courtesy of his last drama Nice Guy leading lady Moon Chae Won. She’s been out promoting the rom-com movie Today’s Love costarring Lee Seung Gi and naturally got a reporter asking the typical question about which of her previous leading men she thought had the best acting chemistry with her.

The typical answer is the pick the current one but Moon Chae Won first apologized for not picking Seung Gi before revealing that Song Joong Ki was the leading man she had the best chemistry and synergy. Awwwww, Eun Gi and Maru ah! Chae Won explained that Song Joong Ki has an amazing voice to do scenes with and is such a good actor that he doesn’t need to make any expression yet can still convey oceans of emotions. She found Joong Ki very warm to work with and he takes good care of others around him while acting. I don’t think any fan of NG thinks these two had anything going on in real life but their acting synergy really was intensely off-the-charts so hearing Moon Chae Won felt the same herself brings me back all my NG feels big time. Continue reading

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