Written Preview for Episode 1 of Missing You

I don’t think Missing You will have an insurmountable hurdle to climb in terms of being a moderate ratings hit over time. Nice Guy has the lead but its only recently broke 20 in ratings, plus it’s ending in two weeks. The Great Seer is one of the most unintentionally hilarious and weirdly sexed up dramas I’ve ever watched and its ratings are rising but so far not one of those runaway sageuk hits. This really leaves the Wed-Thurs timeslot pretty open for a ratings shift in the next few weeks and if MY has a solid gripping story and decent acting, I can’t imagine any reason why it can’t continue the melodrama kick Nice Guy has started and keep the K-audiences crying into their tea cups for another two months. Jeon Woo Chi might play the spoiler once it premieres after NG wraps up, or it might end up splitting the sageuk audience with The Great Seer instead. Other than The Moon Embraces the Sun at the beginning of this year, there hasn’t been any weekday drama that has dominated the ratings to that degree and I’ve seen the playing field more or less level the past few months. This is good news for MY, but it’ll be harder for the production to chalk up a poor ratings showing to the competition rather than its own shortcomings. The trend has been building for a few years now with famous leads not being automatic ratings locks anymore, and the last few dramas from both Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye have done moderate to middling ratings. Here’s the hoping Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun can recapture some of their magic from MoonSun and set a solid foundation for the adults to come in and build on the narrative.

Written preview for episode 1 of MY:

Han Jung Woo has just returned from the United States, and one night he unexpectedly runs into a young girl at the playground. She wears a name tag that reads “Lee Soo Yeon” but she tries to hide herself away. On this rainy night, she’s drenched by the rain but she still hands her yellow umbrella to him. Jung Woo naturally becomes concerned for Soo Yeon. On his first day at school after he transfers there, to return the umbrella he visits every classroom. He finds out from the other students that Soo Yeon is the most infamous kid in this neighborhood, the daughter of a murder. Before he can fully absorb this shock, Jung Woo comes face-to-face with Soo Yeon again………


Written Preview for Episode 1 of Missing You — 19 Comments

  1. I am just so excited for this drama as I like at the actresses and actor in this drama. I don’t really care about the rating (even though secretly wishing to break 20s) but to have a good storyline and all chemistry but the preview proves there are chemistry.

    YEH is one of my fave actress and to me, she already shown she have great chemistry with her leading men! So so excited.


  2. I’m bored of Korean Dramas’ fixation with the United States. It seems that in every drama there’s always a character who’s just returned from, or previously lived, in America. Can anyone explain this to me?

    • America is the Land of Opportunity and migrating there or simply going for a degree is a huge status symbol because the exchange rate between the dollar and the won is obscene. Besides, with so many Koreans in the United States, wouldn’t it make sense that if a character has to be away from home, he’ll likely have gone to the US?

      • Whoa! So many Americans dying to visit S. Korea and so many Koreans wanting to come to the US. The grass is always greener…

        BTW I love Yoochun & Eun Bye. 😉

  3. Nice Guy has not broken the 20% mark yet Nationwide only in Seoul it’s 20%.
    it’s highest ratings Nationwide is TNS 19.8

  4. You’re right, the sageuk lovers might get split between The Great Seer and Jeon Woo Chi, so that’s a positive factor for Missing You. And there is also Yoochun’s and Yoon Eun Hye’s many ahjumma fans that will surely tune in…
    I’m hoping for Missing You’s success and for the health of the actors…

    Can’t wait for the drama…!!

  5. Thanks ms koala for another opportunity to spazz about my favorite k actress of all time!

    I will be camping here for your timely and usual witty recap of each episode .

    CHEERS to all !

  6. thx for the preview translate~
    that doesn’t tell us much about the story that’s gonna unfold….T_T asking too much for ep1….not sure if i can take on melodrama

      • Nice Guy Episode 15 broke 20% for AGB Seoul, not Nationwide. EP 15 ratings:
        AGB Nationwide: 18.3%; Seoul: 20.6%.
        TNS Nationwide: 17.1%; Seoul: 17.6%.
        Maybe tonite…

        As for me, I’ll be watching Missing You as the plot looks interesting and I love those kids!

  7. correction: YEH’s last drama did moderate in ratings while Yoochun’s last drama finished 1st in its time slot!

  8. I have to verify: Yuchun Roof top Prince ended as No 1 spot for wed and thurs spot ahead of Equator Man and K2H.It was also the no 1 naver search during its screen period.

  9. who cares about rating… really. with chunnie and eunhye, they secured overseas export… maybe they’ll break arang record too. who knows. yoochun is still a strong contender in japan.

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