First Look at C-movie Version of Secret Garden with Wallace Chung

I need someone to hold me before I collapse from laughing too hard. The first teaser and stills have been released for the upcoming C-movie adaptation of the K-drama Secret Garden, and I swear this looks as bad as I expected it would. And maybe just a smidge worse. Starring Wallace Chung, Tan Wei Wei, and Korean singer-actor Kangta, the movie started filming mid-Summer and is currently in post-production scheduled for a December premiere. I’m sure everyone and their grandmothers have seen SG and know the story (rich asshole department store president falls for boyish stunt woman, hoodoo happens and their souls switch, they fall in love and get to know each other’s bodies a little too well in the process), but the movie will be condensing it all into 100 minutes so I’m sure it’ll play like a best-of highlight reel from the drama. Kangta plays the role of Oska, scene stealing over-the-hill Hallyu idol and cousin to Wallace Chung’s Kim Joo Won character. I personally like Wallace and find him cute and decent enough of an actor, but any comparison to Hyun Bin just isn’t going to work for him. I think anyone watching will have to take this production at its own face value and try to enjoy it as some sort of alternate-universe version of SG and cut ties with the K-drama. For our own sanity’s sake. I’m going in thinking that this is a slapstick comedy version of SG, and hopefully the movie will eschew that final plot twist and don’t try to milk my tears. I’d rather laugh at the silliness rather than cringe at its attempt at earnestness.

First movie teaser of Secret Garden:


First Look at C-movie Version of Secret Garden with Wallace Chung — 21 Comments

  1. it looks like a cutesy version, seems like they are going to generate a different vibe. I’d say thats a smart thing to do!

  2. Doesn’t look that bad. I’m going to think it’s a comedy & leave it at that, just might check it out when it starts airing.

  3. It looks like the comedy version to me. I am indifferent to this… But it could be really cute for some people πŸ™‚

  4. Stabbed repeatedly in the heart. *Stab, stab, stab*.
    I just want to cry since I heard about that project. SeGa is my favorite of all times and that THING is a blasphemy.
    That trailer is atrocious and the actress chosen to be Key Lime is fugly. Dear God, it’s not like they lack beautiful actresses in China, right…
    I’m going to use the Men In Black memory flasher and erase what I just saw.

  5. *snicker! BAH-hahaha!* ROFL Yeah, that was my initial reaction. I think I shocked my hubby with my outburst. And as Katherine says, “I’m going to think it’s a comedy & leave it at that”. It will definitely generate laughs. Made my morning. Lol. Also, Thank you Miss Koala for your inspiring posts. Appreciated greatly.

  6. It looks cute, and it can’t actually be SeGa considering how much plot they have to shrink down to 100(!) mins.
    It’s more like a romatic version of Freaky Friday.
    I’d be curious to see this if it’s ever avail. Just to see the screaming, and there has to be a joke or two about how well endowed this female is.

    Oooh I like the idea of empty or hollow earnestness as a critique of why a show doesn’t stick, no matter how hard it tries.

  7. um YEAH.. I don’t know about this one.. Looks like a big mess.. I mean it looks funny, with Wallace wearing girl pjs… and Kangta watching and enjoying everything… and He’s singing for the Movie in Chinese.. OF COURSE!

    Love original SG.. this.. I don’t know. πŸ˜€

  8. i thought Wallace Chung has a new drama with Janine Cheng? can’t wait for that one.. but this secret garden.. in the last’s just.. meh.. sowri, but i hope it’s good πŸ™‚

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