Yoo Seung Ho Lays Down the Manly Smolder in Missing You

Oh, what holy spine tingling awesomeness doth Missing You have in store for me. Why, none other than the perfect specimen of a young man that is Yoo Seung Ho. Bucket! I need THE BUCKET. Serendipity! Dahee! Momosan! Hjkomo! Where did you all leave that damn Flames Bucket? Who had it last, cuz I need it now! I confess to only mildly needing the drool bucket when I watched Flames of Ambition, because the boy was still 17 even if he was playing 25. But now he’s 20 and that makes a huge difference in being openly able to appreciate how fine he is and his soul-piercing looks of affection and longing he’s shooting towards Yoon Eun Hye. Last week Eun Hye was on a TV show where she was asked about all her male co-stars and her romantic scenes. She discussed quite a few, but with respect to MY, she mentioned that Yoo Seung Ho gave her a back hug during the poster shooting session and she giggled like a school girl about how she really liked it. That totally made my day when I heard that. Go be a noona cougar and go get that boy, Eun Hye! You have my consent to enjoy the filming company of the cutest man-boy actor in K-ent.

Is it my imagination or does Yoo Seung Ho look like he’s grown another inch and put on a few pounds on his lithe frame between Operation Proposal and now? Perhaps spending all that time with his goat on the set of Arang and the Magistrate gave him downtime work on his maturity appeal. After watching him kiss Park Eun Bin’s brains out on OP, I am seriously DYING here for a kiss scene between him and Eun Hye. If the PD is smart he’d throw in one per episode. I don’t even care whether their characters end up together (he’ll probably die but whatever) as long as I get tons and tons of shippiness. As much as I love seeing Yoo Seung Ho on the small screen, I was a tad worried about him joining this cast. I didn’t care that he was playing the second male lead, but I worried that Eun Hye’s earthiness and lush sensuality would make him look even younger in comparison. Seeing these stills puts my heart to rest. *Tears* my baby’s all grown up now. Jomo, are you ready to squee or are you ready to squee with me?


Yoo Seung Ho Lays Down the Manly Smolder in Missing You — 72 Comments

  1. I believe we left the bucket at Langdon813’s….looks like it’s time to bring it out of retirement. We didn’t need it for OP or Arang, that’s for sure.

  2. “After watching him kiss Park Eun Bin’s brains out on OP”
    Truer words, K. Truer words!! I was even breathless watching those. This kid scares me sometimes. Look at those eyes!!

    • His eyes. OMFG his eyes. My knees would actually crumble if I was standing in front of him and he looked at me the way he’s looking at Soo Yeon/Yoon Eun Hye.

      I cannot even imagine the destruction he’ll wreak on womanly hearts in 5 years time. I already surrender now.

    • Now I remember why I need to watch OP.

      I gave up after ep4 but I know there’s supposed to be loads of YSH goodies later. *looks for the ep with The Kiss*

  3. I don’t think he’s 20 yet–I’m pretty sure that he turned 19 in August. Sadly, that’s the same age as my daughter, so I can only admire him as future son-in-law material.

    • He is only 19 but OMG that arresting stare. O_O So mature beyond his years.

      It’s cute that YEH got giddy when he back hugged her. Girlfriend, we’d do the same in addition to blatantly staring at him.

  4. I want them to kiss because both are known to be certified great kissers in Kdrama. Could you imagine how hot and steamy it would be to see them kiss? These are 2 people who never hold back, so I bet it would makke my screen explode.

  5. I found it weird that YSH got the second lead. Isn’t he senior than YooChun in dramaland? I wonder what the casting requirements for this drama. I have nothing against YoonChun folks, I think they are both great actors. But I’m just intrigue.

    • YSH is either really smart, or has really really smart people to guide him or both. He has done all different genres, and never got greedy.
      He turned down the lead in WBDS, too.
      That was a great decision and allowed him to play a dark/light character who was far more memorable than the lead.

      The kid has worked with some of the very best actors, directors and writers, too.
      I don’t know how he stays so normal, as he appears in interviews and BTS. He’s just a goofy kid with a lot of energy and ambition.
      And looks and talent, and looks.

      • I am also thinking the same that he looks so normal compare to his holiness.:-) i also admire the choices he made for his roles in dramas and films.

        Please tell him to exercise more , eat lots more protein and calcium. he will still be able to grow 5-10 cm more. He will kills at 25 year of age.

        Love him so.

  6. OMGGGGGGGGGGG I’m squealing and I almost never squeal. The first and second pictures. DYING. Not really digging the whole layering preppy look though…I rewatched God of Study just for him and dang he has grown up to be a fine man-boy (dare I say man?). I’m quite sad that he’s my oppa (contrary to everyone saying he’s too young to ogle, makes me feel like a little kid :P)…I’d rather it be donggap hahaha 🙁

  7. What? Did someone call me? …

    Haha, I haven’t seen the bucket in a while. Bucketsama in Arang just made me giggle (and NOT in a good noona-loves-being-back-hugged kinda way). But I hear that a certain young actor in Missing You is making the sisters howl for the bucket (which show, as for myself, y’know, ten-foot barge poles and all that).

    But, why is boyo’s mouth shut in ALL his photos? Not that it matters, we all know that his purpose in life is not to speak forth, but to ornament.

  8. I heard the second male character’s role is really difficult to portray. They needed a much better actor who can deliver different emotions and be convincing about it. Yoochun still lacks that depth that YSH has. YSH will eat him alive. I can already see it even by just looking at some stills. YSH’s eyes are very intense. Don’t find it weird that Yoochun got the first lead. He is a popular idol with an agressive agency. Just because he is getting the spotlight doesn’t mean squat. Great example is Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin in Personal taste. Son Ye Jin is a top star but Lee Min Ho got the most spotlight. Does this make Son Ye Jin the lesser actor? Heck no! They promote those who need the most promo and take the chill approach with the top stars like Son Ye Jin. In Yoochun’s case most drama fans still know him as an idol and not much as an actor. Just a couple of days ago, his fans from korea got offended because drama fans were referring to him as Mickey Yoochun instead of Park Yoochun.

    YSH is the better actor of the two and that’s a fact! I’d rather be known as a great actor than a popular one!

  9. He is only 10 years younger then me, it can still work.,,, right, right?????
    Wow the first picture, completely love him.. Hyun Bin owns my hear right now ( I’m only 4 days older then him) but I could make room for him if he promises to look at me that way all the time…

  10. See, the thing is, these wardrobe, hair and make-up know exactly what they are doing to us.
    They make his hair PERFECT.
    They dress him in ultra coolsexy suits.
    OK. Fine.
    He knows how to work the smile and tears, but that’s not all, they give him a cane and a LIMP?
    They make him a wounded beautiful creature?
    Yeah, like we’re all gonna resist that?
    BRING IT, YSH! I can handle the pretty…shiiiiii eeesh!

    There I go…puddle of goo…

  11. Oy…first two pics!!!! That’s one heck of a smolder!

    I’m totally giggling on your guys’ behalf, Koala. Haven’t watched any of his works (I know, shame on me!) but I can see why he inspires a collective swooning. Still wouldn’t touch this show with a ten foot pole but will only be too happy to watch clips of him and YEH burn the screen together. 😉

  12. Oh whoa. I am not even a fan. Like. Really. I don’t watch his dramas.
    But these photos * fans self * his eyes.
    No wonder YEH had the giggles. Who wouldn’t?

  13. SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Capt K, I can always count on your to post this squeel-worthy news and photos. I am soo close to jumping to 2nd lead ship. Seriously. I watched all of Arang, goat everything LOL.

    At first, I was surprised that he picked the 2nd lead here with all the drama behind it. But now, forget it… the way he looks at LSY – oh man. He looks so good here. Can 30 be the new 20?! This ahjumma should not be squeeing over him LOL.

    • Oh I forgot to add… LSY and KHJ had better have a kissing scene HAHA. I seriously was not for it before, but I made a 180 change. 🙂

  14. There are things that I love about Missing You. The execution can be really beautiful and heart tugging. And the splendid performance by Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Soo Hyun wring tears from my eyes. However, the plot sometimes can be so contrived that makes me annoyed with the writer. Take last week episodes for example, I have no problem with the rape scene. I think it was executed well by the director and actors. How Soo Yeon fearfully went after the van, I get how that event can occur, it was realistic. But the scenes following that were trying to make it more melodramatic that I end up feeling irritated. Especially the phone call made by Soo Yeon just at the perfect timing when Jung Woo turned his phone on. That was already ridiculous, but I cant get over how Soo Yeon decided to call Jung Woo instead of calling her mother or the detective for help.

    Anyway, I’m still interested in the drama, so I will continue to watch. But now that the adult part will start, I’m getting worried. From the little bit that I’ve seen of Yoo Chun, I don’t know if I can feel the same affection for Jung Woo when Jin Goo played him. He’s not working for me. In contrast, the glimpse of Yoo Seung Ho in the preview makes me suddenly interested in Hyun Joon character. I seriously dont want to be in the second lead ship here, as the ending is clearly in favor of Jung Woo. Sigh..

  15. He was awesome when I watched half of WBDS even though I love love HOTTIE Spy Lord… =) I am gonna watch this later on… As I need really totally need to finish watching NG with sub… By the way, I want YEH to kiss both of them like every other episode will be fine and have some choc abs with every other episode…. I do not mind at all… =)

  16. as soon as I saw the first picture, I got butterflies in my tummy…I LOVE THIS MAN lol
    notice how i call him man now just to continue the lie in my heart. it doesn’t matter i’m just a “few” years older than him 😉

  17. Wow. Please hold while I pick my jaw off the floor.

    I sat through 1 episode of WBDS, about 5 episodes of Operation Proposal, and 10 episodes of Arang and I STILL didn’t understand the YSH hype. But I’m staring at these stills now and I’m just…help.

  18. Can that scene where Yoochun’s character dies (shown at the start of the series) happen at the second to the last episode so YSH can step in and have fun, sexy times with noona? Y’know, while occasionally mourning Yoochun’s character. 😀

    I luffed Yoochun in Rooftop Prince but.. well… this one HAS Yoo Seung Ho. Priorities. Priorities.

  19. Now.. I’m definitely going to watch this drama.. for those eyes only.. he is so hot.. jade emperor came down on earth wearing yellow hanbok and he looks so d*mn fine.. now he is coming down to modern earth and looks so sexy.. unni collapse in exitement now!

      • Darn CJES. I may like Yoochun and DBSK, but Eun Hye has no chemistry with Yoochun and all the chemistry with Seung Ho.

  20. Thanks, Ms K, for sharing gorgeous pics of Mr Gorgeous. He’s just so irresistible, yet sooo young… One look at his pic is enough to make me wanna jumping ship to team KHJ.

    Totally agree with the one kiss per episode demand! Speaking of kisses, I wonder if MY will produce an iconic kiss like the LTM’s Cola Kiss. I know this is a melodrama, but we have (at least) two kissing masters here…

    Lastly, would any kind soul care to explain the term ‘pull a Park Shi Hoo’? I saw it written several times here and in other sites, but have no idea what it really means. Thanks.

    • Park Shi Hoo is famous for stealing the leading lady and switching from the second lead to the first lead – like in “Queen of Reversals” or “How to Meet A Perfect Neighbor”.

      • Thanks for answering my question. I’d like to see KHJ fight dearly and fairly for LSY’s heart, and probably dramagods will let him get the girl 😀

  21. YooChoon is not pleasant to the eyes…at least for me. His performance in SSK is forgettable at best. That kid YSH has presence. He’ll go far. I’ve seen him in Queen Seondok and he’s still relatively younger then but he killed his role Chun-Chu (did I get it right?).

  22. I am not surprised as to why Yoon Eun Hye liked the backhug with Yoo Seung Ho and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be slightly attracted to him. He looks like her first love of 3 years (Oh Jung Hyuk from boyband Click-B)

    Yoo Seung Ho is hot, Yoon Eun Hye is hot…they are both hot!

  23. The other ladies once explained the history of the hell bucket and I was greatly amused. I no longer laugh. I am here to ask how big this bucket is. I may need my own personal one.

  24. Just a terminology note, puma would be the correct term for a woman in her 30s going after a younger man (cougar is for one in her 40s)

  25. The moment I saw the picture, I was thinking: “no don’t do this! Don’t compel me to watch this!” I really don’t have time for this drama, but now… look at those eyes!

  26. Im very lost .. I love yoochun but when I see yoo seung ho’s look .. WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO ROOT FOR?? i love both so far .. This is too hard .. And now yoochun’s new stills with wet hair *faint* ..

  27. I don’t really post comments but these pictures… First time to really fangirl right now. Giggling like silly while looking at this boy. Haha

  28. YSH, he’s a good actor but he looks 12. Look at those cheeks! Still babyfat. I’m really looking forward to seeing YEH on screen again.

    • He looks more adult and manly than Yoochun. One thing that I can’t stand about Yoochun is that he always looks sickly, as if he is always suffering or recovering from a serious illness kind of look.

      I see most of his fans getting butthurt because Yoo Seung Ho’s stills have gotten a lot of positive reviews, so they are already acting defensive in other sites saying that KHJ is bad and he only wants LSY for himself. Well at least KHJ didn’t abandon LSY like a coward. I know KHJ will turn bad later on, but nothing compares to HJW just bolting out after looking at LSY straight in the eyes after getting raped then fleeing.

      MBC and CJ-ES can downplay Yoo Seung Ho’s role as much as they want, but Yoo Seung Ho will still overshadow Yoochun’s acting performance no matter what. Awards? Yoochun will surely get more awards regardless of his performance cause of his popularity, but that doesn’t mean he is a good actor. Heck…even SuZY gets awards but that doesn’t make her a good actress!

  29. GAHHHHHH~~~~~ now I’m even more tempted to watch MY though I told myself that I had enough melodrama after Nice Guy…. but isn’t it wrong when my motivations to watch MY were Yeo Jin Gu and Yoo Seung Ho when they’re both younger than me??? UGH jailbait =__=

  30. Oh my freaking god, Yoo Seung Ho! *drools swoons squeals at the first pic*


    (Really now, drama gods, he’s the second male lead? With that hotness? *_*)

  31. Wow, those looks are killer!!! Yummmyy! 😀
    I must add that the styling of this show is a breath of fresh air. I love the clothes and the hair.

  32. I suggest that u dont praise Seung Ho 2 much coz it will piss lots of YC fans off!

    YC fans r just 2 sensitive n have major insecurity issues. Juz like when YEH smiled while talking to YSH during poster shoot, they made such a big deal about that juz bcoz she didn’t have the smiley face on when YEH answered YC’s question, she answered with a normal expression. So they started talking a lot of smack about YEH being unprofessional n poor Yoochun.

    Now that YEH praised Yoochun on E! News Asia interview for being sweet n saying that she really appreciates that bout him, his fans still not happy n whining that she should appreciate him more. Whut else do they want her to do? Do they want her to hump him in public or act like a ditzy floozy giggling n touching him during bts, just to show them how well they get along? Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t!

    Bottomline it’s so hard to please YC fans cause they r a bunch of greedy folks who want every1 to kiss up to YC as if he is God. Even when YC is internalizing his script n look serious they blame his co-stars 4 supposedly stressing him out!

    I feel bad for YSH and YEH who have 2 deal with his rabbid fans. If they make 1 wrong move, from his rabbid fans points of view n they r chopped liver.

    • I see your point. You know, I’ve been pretty much camping in the I Miss You soompi thread since the beginning (although as a lurker lol).

      I’m sorry, but now that I’ve got to see how his most of his fans react, I’ve started to feel bad about the OTP. I’ve been Eun Hye’s fan for several years now and I know that she once said that acting with a male idol could be a little bit scary because of the fans, and now I totally get what she meant. I have nothing against Yoochun especially since YEH was once an idol too, but his fans have been pretty much immature about the whole behind the scenes clip of YEH, Yoochun and YSH.

      It seems incredulous to me that a lot of YC fans who were once very excited about the OTP become practically anti-LSY-HJW because of that clip. Seriously, it’s an EDITED 4 minutes clip. It doesn’t represent in any way how they truly work together.

      I was very disappointed to see their behaviour and one person in soompi in particular who is a Yoochun fan, but seems to be very well spoken and mannered turned out to be such a hypocrite and was practically the whole instigator of the YEH and YSH bashing via her Twitter account. Yes, of course it’s her personal account and she can write whatever she wants, but I was still sad to see that behind her seemingly impartial facade she was just another radical YC fan who seems to think that the whole universe is centered around him. I mean come on! MBC released an EDITED clip that showed YEH and YSH speaking friendly with each other and they started to bash her because she wasn’t smiling when she spoke to YC. That doesn’t mean that she is unprofessional or that she hates him. Frankly, YC and YEH could’ve been joking around for god knows how long behind the scenes and MBC could’ve just not captured or showed that segment. Saying that she is unprofessional based on that clip just shows us their level of maturity. She has never spoke ill of him, she’s been praising him in several articles now and she was practically laughing her head off at Yoochun’s jokes/stories during the MBC interview the day of the press conference.

      Honestly, all the negativity raising form Yoochun’s fans concerning the OTP ever since that bts clip was released is making me enjoy this drama less. Yes, at first, some YEH fans weren’t happy with YC’s casting either, but ever since it was officially confirmed that they would both star in this drama, I haven’t seen any YEH fan on soompi speaking ill of Yoochun. YEH is both a sunbae to YC in the singing and acting industry and seeing the way his fans react crazily has put a real damper on my mood. I’m sure YC would love the way that they are reacting now towards his senior.

      I’m sure that if she were to act friendlier to him and smiling at him all the time, they would still start to bash her for ‘’seducing’’ their beloved oppa or something equally crazy. And if she acting the way she is in the clip, they start to say that she is cold and unprofessional. There’s just no pleasing them.

      I’m sorry for the long rant, and I’m usually a very calm person, but this has been bugging me for days now and I just had to let it out.

      • Juby, I saw the tweets on one of ockoala’s posts under the comments section and it horrified me. They went to the extent in saying that YEH’s unprofessionalism will hold YC down just because of that 4 min bts clip and that regardless of YEH’s traumatic past with anti’s, she should be professional being an entertainer and all. I was like what??? Didn’t Yoochun hit a saesang fan inspite of him being an entertainer but his actions are justified while YEH’s shyness isn’t? They were so bitter about that bts video. YEH didn’t even ignore Yoochun, she answered his question but they acted as if she murdered him or something.

        What shocked me was that the instigator acted as if she was ok with YEH but her tweets were so twofaced it killed whatever love I had for the OTP. All the excitement I had for the OTP has left my body. If her gang reads this, they will accuse the fans for being jealous again. That’s their reasoning for everything. That everyone is jealous of Yoochun.

        I am watching this just for YSH and YEH now. I liked YC but his fans behaviour makes watching him unbearable.

  33. OMO…. after SJK take my heart with his unexpected awesomeness.. now, YSh take the left pieces.. OMO.. i hope i still have a bit for PSH.. so YSH oppaaa… *.*

  34. Yoo Seung Ho!!!! before i used the word kid to describe him but now he’s really all grown up! loving him more and more!
    and those killer expressive eyes! im dying to see what YSH has to offer for Missing you!
    and surely koala! im going to squeeeeeeeeeeeeee with you! and please do share the bucket! ^_^

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