Missing You Episode 11 Recap

Okay, that’s just a really gorgeous shot of Hyung Joon so I had to lead with it, especially since I couldn’t find much in this episode to keep my interest. I’m finding myself emotionally and mentally checking out of Missing You. Nothing really happens in this drama. It’s just a series of extremely improbable bad things continuously happening to good people, and then the good people are all hurting and suffering while warily circling each other. Then the writer tosses in the kitchen sink of crimes – kidnapping, rape, murder, death by drowning – to add a dash of mystery and create some narrative momentum, but that doesn’t work either because it’s done so haphazardly and slipshod. This was the first episode where I thought the PD was terrible at the helm, his directing discordant and flat. Did MBC switch PDs because I want the old one back. Visually the drama is also losing its melancholy dreaminess, devolving into a sullen moroseness, much like the mood of most of the characters in this drama.

What couldn’t be solved if everyone was shoved into one room with a crack therapist and forced to talk about their feelings and issues, and then return to the real world to do something with their issues rather than playing dodge and feint. I have patience for Soo Yeon’s pain and understand her desire to forget her past, I have empathy for Jung Woo’s youthful cowardice and understanding of his clinging to guilt, and I have compassion for Hyung Joon’s woefully childhood woes and his need for vengeance. But these three are testing my limits by mostly being so damn static in the face of all this rushing convergence of past and present. A tiny bit of good did trickle out of this episode – Hyung Joon candidly told Soo Yeon he was jealous of her feelings with respect to Jung Woo, and Jung Woo finally put himself in Soo Yeon’s shoes and realized why she would want to avoid him and her past. Now will this story get a move on soon?

Episode 11 recap:

Jung Woo is tasered by cleaning ahjumma, who checks his cell phone and sees frantic texts from Jung Woo’s partner about the cleaning ahjumma’s background (something happened to her daughter Bora 5 years ago) and warning him to be careful around her. Oops, too late buddy. Ahjumma looks down at the unconscious Jung Woo and says that she warned him to be careful.

Back at the police station, everyone is frantic when they can’t reach Jung Woo. They head to Soo Yeon’s mom’s place to see if he went home. They set up a wire tap at the house where Eun Joo makes her obligatory 3 second appearance to comfort the worried Mom.

The cops track down Jung Woo’s cell signal to a landfill but can’t find him. They hear his phone ringing and find it in the trash pile. On the phone is the hand scribbled note “My daughter is dead.” Jung Woo’s partner starts freaking out but the captain says they need to keep looking for clues. I was really amused in this scene when the taillights of the cars are the same bright hot pink color as Soo Yeon (and sometimes the male leads) lipstick has been in this drama. Maybe it’s the camera colors amplifying that particular bright shade?

Jung Woo wakes up bound and gagged by the ahjumma, who walks into the room wearing the baseball cap and puffer jacket we saw the killer of the rapist wearing from the peephole.

Ahjumma grabs a bottle of pills and goes over to Jung Woo, saying that he could have lived if he just stayed quiet and not investigate. She reveals that her daughter is dead and she can’t see her anymore. She asks if Jung Woo’s investigation is all for that woman’s sake? She reminds him that he claimed to be content if he could just see Lee Soo Yeon again.

Ahjumma takes off Jung Woo’s tape on his mouth and he begs her to let him hear Soo Yeon’s voice just one more time. He apologizes for not being able to be her son-in-law and begs for her help. Ahjumma gives him the sleeping pills and says she needs to go kill “that person” now, her Bora told her that person was dirty and scary.

Hyung Joon is still waiting outside Soo Yeon’s door for her to open it. Soo Yeon answers her phone and hears Jung Woo’s weak voice on the other line asking if she knows how many steps it is from Soo Yeon’s front door to the street lamp. He tells her that he misses her. Jung Woo faints during the call and when Soo Yeon tries to call back there is no answer. She calls Jung Woo’s partner.

Soo Yeon reveals that Jung Woo called her and his partner says Jung Woo has been kidnapped. Hyung Joon walks into the room and asks Soo Yeon what is happening. Soo Yeon mutters to herself that it’s 280 steps from her house to the street lamp and Jung Woo seems to have forgotten.

Hyung Joon can see Soo Yeon is really affected because of Jung Woo. He offers to take her to look for Jung Woo, asking if she’s that worried about his situation. Soo Yeon remembers her own kidnapping and asks how Hyung Joon can tell. He grabs her hand and says he will help her this one last time. He says she’s not 15 anymore and she needs to let it go. He goes to get the car and tells her to put on a coat and meet him outside.

Han Tae Joon is meeting with Secretary Nam and the other secretary is handed an USB drive. Ah Reum barges into the study begging her dad for help because Jung Woo oppa has been kidnapped by the person who killed the rapist. Han Tae Joon says the moment Jung Woo became a cop, he’s been dead to him. After everyone leaves, he sits in the study looking at files but appears worried about Jung Woo. Btw, Han Jin Hee’s performance here is just dreadful, absolutely a caricature. But he’s killing it over in Cheongdamdong Alice right now as the pompous and petty dad of male lead Cha Seung Jo. I luff him!

The cops find out where Jung Woo is being stashed and they find him passed out in the room, under a blanket and the cleaning ahjumma left food for him along with a letter. You know, Jung Woo is damn lucky the cleaning ahjumma didn’t intend to kill him because his detective skills are so poor in this instance he pretty much served himself up to her on a platter for her to nab him.

Hyung Joon drives Soo Yeon to the scene and they arrive just as Jung Woo is carried out in a stretcher to the ambulance. He knows Soo Yeon is scared and tells her to endure it, because he’s also enduring it. Huyng Joon gets out of the car and asks her to wait inside.

Soo Yeon remembers Jung Woo promising to catch the real killer. Hyung Joon walks up to the police and asks if they can be of any help. Jung Woo’s partner is so worried about him.

Hyung Joon turns around and sees Soo Yeon’s worried look in the car and he grips his cane tightly. Dude, stop being so passive-aggressively jealous, which you have a right to be since Soo Yeon is currently your girlfriend. But she has a right to go back to Jung Woo if she wants to, only it’s just bad for her to be waffling between you two. So ask her straight up “Do you want to go back to Han Jung Woo? If you do, then you can go. Otherwise stop it with all these looks of longing and worry and anxiety because of him and around him. Doing that is not right and not fair to me, your current boyfriend. And the person who has been with you for the last 14 years. Either end it with me and move to Jung Woo, or cut it out. Because it’s killing me inside to watch you like this.” I don’t know why people don’t talk more in this drama, other than to prolong the angst.

Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon follow the cops to the hospital. Soo Yeon waits outside Jung Woo’s hospital room and finally walks inside. Jung Woo walks out of the bathroom while he’s putting on a shirt and Soo Yeon and his partner both quickly avert their eyes and it makes everyone laugh. Hyung Joon walks in and tells Jung Woo that he needs to rest for a few days. Jung Woo thanks them for their assistance.

Jung Woo and Hyung Joon are alone in the room and have a man-to-man chat. Hyung Joon says again that Zoe is not Soo Yeon, and then asks what Jung Woo will do if he finds Soo Yeon and she hates him? Jung Woo still intends to look for her, and wonders if hating him is what Soo Yeon really feels, or Hyung Joon hopes she feels?

Hyung Joon says that he would never do what Jung Woo did. No matter what happened, he would never leave his woman behind. He lost his most beloved mother when he was young so he knows what it’s like to lose someone important. He tells Jung Woo to ask Lee Soo Yeon when he sees her if she is willing to forgive him. Jung Woo knows forgiveness will be hard so he intends to stay by her side waiting for her to forgive him. Jung Woo remembers that last time he missed a drinking invite from Hyung Joon and promises to go drinking with him once the killer of the rapist is captured.

Out in the corridor, Soo Yeon is chatting with Jung Woo’s partner when Eun Joo arrives with food for Jung Woo (and to make her second obligatory 3 second appearance). She sees him dressed and leaving the hospital and yells after him that he still hasn’t eaten the food Mom made for him. He says he’s going home to see Mom. Soo Yeon looks confused to hear that.

She thinks back to Jung Woo at the street lamp that day and realizes that he lives in the neighborhood with her Mom. Hyung Joon walks out of the hospital room and sees Soo Yeon staring at the departing Jung Woo. Stop it with the looks of constipated jealousy, dude. I don’t like it when Jung Woo does it, and I don’t like it when you do it.

When they get home, Soo Yeon wants to talk in the elevator but Hyung Joon cuts her off. He asks for some time to clear his mind. He doesn’t want their first real argument in 14 years to be about Han Jung Woo. He doesn’t like this feeling and goes to rest.

When Hyung Joon goes to his secret lair, he is flustered and calls Secretary Nam about getting the secret account ledger. He then IMs his “friend” and asks where he/she is? Friend knows Hyung Joon is very angry right now and asks for more time when Hyung Joon wants things sped up so he can leave for Paris as soon as possible with Soo Yeon.

Jung Woo and his partner arrive at work the next day and discuss finding the person who killed Bora. They get a tip and are off.

A man walks out of the airport and gets into a taxi. He’s on the phone and calls the driver, who is the cleaning ahjumma, to take him to Cheongdamdong. We learn he’s the person responsible for Bora’s death.

As he’s being driven, he realizes something is off when the car doesn’t head towards Cheongdamdong. The ahjumma locks the door and the man starts freaking out. Suddenly cop cars surround the taxi and the ahjumma is forced to pull over when she’s driven off the road.

The man is passed out after hitting his head and Jung Woo rushes to the taxi. The door is locked and he screams at the ahjumma not to do it, but she grabs a gun and turns toward the guy and we see Jung Woo freaking out.

The ahjumma has been arrested and she’s driven to the police station with the media waiting there. Ahjumma says her daughter Bora was raped and murdered. She thinks about Bora and we see Jung Woo reading a letter written by Bora. The voiceover for Bora is done by Kim Sae Ron in a voice cameo.

Bora apologizes to her mother for leaving her behind. She is sorry that she didn’t listen to her mom, for dirtying her uniform and for not coming straight home from school. They say its like a traffic accident and a person can get over it, but that’s not true. After she’s gone, the people will stop asking all the time if she’s alright. Because of her screaming nightmares, her mother can’t even sleep well. She is so very sorry, and she says goodbye to her mom. When Jung Woo reads the letter, we see Soo Yeon laying in bed watching the news about the ahjumma’s capture. The ahjumma says her daughter is dead – it wasn’t just a rape, they caused her death so it was murder.

Soo Yeon gets up to read a text from Jung Woo telling her that the killer has been captured. But his heart hurts, though he is thankful she is alive and thankful he can still wait for her. Soo Yeon cries to read this. We see Soo Yeon’s mom at home packing up Jung Woo’s things into a box.

Hyung Joon knocks and walks in, noticing that Soo Yeon is still wearing the same clothes as before and looks unkempt. She lies about having taken a short nap and Hyung Joon pats her on the head. Hyung Joon says he needs to go to work but seeing Soo Yeon like this, he’s doesn’t know what to do for her.

Hyung Joon sits down next to Soo Yeon and she asks if he wants to say something to her? Hyung Joon admits that he was angry at her but that was because he was clouded by jealousy. He feels embarrassed by his outburst. He knows that she does the memory erasing gesture because she learned it from Jung Woo. He asks her to forget any memories she has of his bad attitude, even if its just a little. Every day Hyung Joon realizes that he cannot be without her.

Soo Yeon gets a call from Jung Woo’s stepmother who arrives bearing homemade kimchee and other food for them. Soo Yeon tries to get rid of her but she barges right in. Hyung Joon is leaving and asks if Soo Yeon is fine being home alone? She tells him to go do what he needs to do.

Soo Yeon talks with Stepmother who talks about how much she loves money that that reminds Soo Yeon of her own mom and she smiles. Stepmother suddenly brings up Jung Woo and asks if she knows he’s the son of their family? She reveals he left home 14 years ago because he went crazy for a girl. She tells Soo Yeon to keep this a secret from Hyung Joon. Soo Yeon dismisses her quickly saying she has something to do.

Hyung Joon goes to meet with his French lawyer who helped bail Soo Yeon out. The guy hands Hyung Joon an envelope of money. Ah Reum is home and spots Secretary Nam leaving her dad’s study looking all shady. She calls her dad and he orders Secretary Nam to be captured. When he gets home, he discovers the secret accounting ledger missing. He now knows Secretary Nam was just a chess piece.

Secretary Nam meets with Hyung Joon at the Han River and hands over the secret account ledger. I have no idea why gimpy Hyung Joon feels the need to ride his bike in the Winter snow for his secret meeting. Hyung Joon hands him the cash and warns him to be careful not to be caught by Han Tae Joon. Secretary Nam smirks and asks if Soo Yeon knows the reason she and Jung Woo were kidnapped was on Hyung Joon’s mother’s orders to keep Han Tae Joon away from Hyung Joon and the inheritance? Hyung Joon warns him never to reveal that to Soo Yeon. After Hyung Joon bikes away, Secretary Nam texts a file to Jung Woo and says that by the time he receives this, Secretary Nam will be out of the country already.

The captain interrogates the cleaning ahjumma about why she killed Soo Yeon’s rapist. She asks to speak with her son-in-law (i.e. Jung Woo).

Jung Woo waits outside the police station for Soo Yeon’s mom who brings over a meal and he helps her carry in a box. She’s in a bad mood and Jung Woo chases after her, trying to placate her under the assumption that she’s mad about him being in danger yesterday. We see Soo Yeon in a car outside and confirms that Jung Woo and her Mom are indeed very close. Soo Yeon’s mom tells Jung Woo to go home now, he’s done enough to atone for leaving Soo Yeon in that warehouse.

Jung Woo refuses, saying he can’t live without her. He promises not to do anything to worry her in the future. Soo Yeon’s mom asks that he let her breath at ease for once and leave. If she sees him, she will always remember what happened. She wants to forget about her daughter. Jung Woo refuses, he will keep waiting for Soo Yeon to come back.

Jung Woo says he’s a crazy person, he’s a crazy man. A man needs to wait. He tells Soo Yeon’s mom to forget Soo Yeon if she wants, to hate him if she wants, to remember the past if she wants. But all those bad memories were made by him and he will shoulder that burden. He asks that she not make him leave. Soo Yeon’s mom screams that Soo Yeon doesn’t want to be Soo Yeon. Mom is just happy Soo Yeon is alive and living well, so Jung Woo needs to let go and send her away. Soo Yeon is hiding behind a wall and cries as she sees and hears this entire exchange.

When Hyung Joon comes home, he doesn’t see Soo Yeon anyone. He sighs thinking she went to the pojanmacha and says they agreed to go together.

The captain allows Soo Yeon’s mom to meet with the cleaning ahumma and she brings her food. Soo Yeon’s mom grabs the ahjumma’s hand and thanks her through tears (for killing the rapist). She is grateful even though she feels like she is very sorry to her. The cleaning ahjumma says she feels oddly at peace.

The two mothers bend over holding hands and crying over being unable to protect their own daughters.

Jung Woo sits out in the hallway looking through his box of items Soo Yeon’s mother brought. He sees pictures, the yellow umbrella, and his and Soo Yeon’s high school name tags. Soo Yeon hides in the corner and watches them. They both think about their childhood selves.

Soo Yeon’s phone alarm goes off since its 7 pm and the song is the one she and Jung Woo listened to. He hears it and sees her shoes peeking out from the corner. She runs off and he chases her outside.

Jung Woo stops Soo Yeon and asks if she really hates him that much? She doesn’t answer and is just teary. Jung Woo pulls Soo Yeon into his arms and asks if she really hates herself that much? He asks if he really doesn’t need to wait for her anymore? He tells her not to cry because it hurts his heart. He calls her Soo Yeon-ah.

Thoughts of Mine:

Watching MY is such an odd experience for me. I feel like a detached outsider peering in – kinda like that Twilight Zone episode where a man lives his entire life until the final minute when the camera pulls back and we see that he’s living inside a constructed world by a greater being viewing him as an object of entertainment. I feel like that otherworldly being, when really drama watching works best if I feel like I’m part of the world as constructed by the drama. I don’t mean feeling like I’m a character in the drama, but only that I am in the world observing in close proximity hence I care about the characters and their lives, rather than as a far removed outsider. I watch each episode feeling like the characters are tiny toy pieces and the writer moves them as she sees fit hence it doesn’t feel organic. There are moments of real gut sincerity but its so few and far between the bits of manufactured plot I’m left flailing for an anchor to keep me rooted in what is otherwise just a conflict that can be resolved with lots of communication and therapy.

The reveal of the cleaning ahjumma’s involvement in the rapist’s death and her own sad dead daughter back story wasn’t a shock since I was guessing it for a few episodes now. Forget about it being even remote plausible, the only part that worked was Soo Yeon’s mom’s conversation with her in the interrogation room. Watching the two mom’s bond over having daughters that were similar crime victims was really sad. It’s funny how Soo Yeon’s mom started off in the drama as an easy person to hate, the way she let her daughter get beaten up so she didn’t have to, and the way she just emotionally and physically battered Soo Yeon as an outlet for her own pain. Who knew 11 episodes later she would be my favorite character in this drama, a woman who sincerely and thoughfully deals with her own pain and tragedy while having empathy for others. She is weak, she was a bad mother, but she owns up to her own failings and when faced with the unexpected return of her daughter she goes through the gamut of honest feelings all leading to doing what is best for Soo Yeon. She’s not perfect, but she tries so hard to make amends the right way. Song Ok Seok is also delivering an exceptional acting performance that just makes me feel for her sadness and guilt.

Acting wise everyone is still doing just fine, though nothing to write home about. I’m a little spoiled since I just finished watching Nice Guy where the three leads in that drama went turbo on their acting performances. I can see Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho putting in their all, and maybe their all is merely this level. So it’s no diss on them because as a race car they are going as fast as they can and are in control of their character, but I am just wanting to pull more out of them because it is an incredible visual experience when the actors just kick it up a notch. There are moments Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye do show a glimmer of more depth and sheer emotional honesty, but sadly it’s never with each other. Yoochun continues to impress me when he’s doing scenes with the elders, like Song Ok Song or Kim Mi Kyung, he’s so much more relaxed and less thinking-as-he-acts. I’ve noticed this about him in his previous dramas, but I chalked it up in Sungkyungkwan Scandal as him being a newbie. Now I wonder if he’s the type of actor that rises to the occasion when he’s facing a sunbae that just radiates intensity? Now I’m curious if the screen will explode if Yoochun was cast as Kim Gab Soo’s son in some thriller? That needs to happen just to whet my appetite and prove my theory.

I’m not even holding out hope the drama will handle the Soo Yeon-Hyung Joon 14 year relationship with anything resembling a proper and satisfying resolution before she goes back to Jung Woo. I really wish the drama would let them hash it out the way they appeared to have been communicating the last 14 years and then work through their current predicament. Soo Yeon’s character has been so reactive and passive for too many episodes now. I liked her fire when she tried to torment Jung Woo but all she does now is cry and cry and mope and cry. That’s in line with old Soo Yeon’s personality, which makes me sad because its coming back more and more and she’s losing the fire that was Zoe, the girl who slapped the other designer in Jeju and gave Jung Woo a piece of her mind. I want Soo Yeon to acknowledge her past, though I’ve always wanted her to do it on her own terms and at her own pace. But now it appears like she keeps doing things because she learns more about how Jung Woo and her Mom lived without her. Is that a good enough reason for her to forgive Jung Woo and also return to being Soo Yeon? I don’t know, that’s for her to decide. But the drama is putting everyone else in the driver’s seat with respect to Soo Yeon, including Hyung Joon’s need for her and constant emotional reminders that he’s all she has, so I feel sorry for her but can’t really root for her until she steps up and starts making decisions on her own. I hope that happens soon.

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Missing You Episode 11 Recap — 95 Comments

  1. I agree with you i was really confused from this episode .. i feel that the writer walk long away from the story and lost him self in the silent misery.
    14 years of love and responsability and support i will choose that man over jung because he is safer and love full his life .. i wish the story return to be intersting…

  2. i also agree that this story was off topic with the drama and honestly i hope that this becomes interesting again i feel like its dragging off into nothing which is a shame since i absoleutly love this drama.

  3. Thanks for the fast recap!!

    I’m totally with you on this one. I can’t feel anything for any of the
    characters now. I was rooting for Harry/Zoe and when that fizzled I was    hoping for a really juicy evil Harry but now he has become Sir PoutNStare  andit’s frustrating. I’m loosing my empathy and interest for Zoe as well.  How is it that Harry is the only one who knows whats going on with Evil Dadand Co? They tried to paint JW as this really observant detective and yet  he hasn’t put any of the pieces together from his life altering tragedy in 14 years? Not even the fact that he has a secret uncle? 

    Now I am convinced he has spent the last 14 years mooning under the        streetlight and having pg13 hugfests with SY’s mom. EJ is right there in   the house but he would rather cuddle with moms? Was he substituting? Now   there is another missed opportunity for some thought-proving storylines!

    I hate when a drama sucks me in with a different premise or the promise of an interesting storyline only to fall back on all the old cliches. Why the hell do Kdramas always have to make the heroines so weak, passive and      sexless? Do they really think that makes the men look stronger?

    At least the three leads cry/mope/stare prettily. Well, not so much with  
    Mr. Detective after that shirtless scene…someone needs army abs STAT.

    • Sir PoutNStare needs to get a life. His revenge is pathetically dull and lame, and he’s losing his girlfriend in the process. Just because you have a limp doesn’t mean your brain is also missing a chunk.

      Jung Woo is about the most inept detective around. He’s terrible at what he does. His entire life is about Soo Yeon and punishing the rapist and waiting for her. Why can’t he work on his detectiving skills and stop wasting his life away.

      I just realized that this entire drama is falling into the EXACT SAME problematic narrative trap that killed the momentum for The Moon that Embraces the Sun, a drama where 15 episodes of the adult portion was spent over one single issue – the King misses his first love and tries to find her and thinks he found her when he sees a girl who looks just like her except she’s lost her memory and all the machinations are surrounding the King trying to reunite with her.

      No one in that drama did anything else other than deal with that one plotline. The King had a freaking!!! country to rule and we never saw him do jack squat other than mope for his girl and ragey when he found out bad people hurt his girl and be all guilt ridden for taking the girl from the brother of his who loved her too. It’s like “c’mon, drama, please stop it with this lameness.”

      This ————-> Mr. Detective after that shirtless scene…someone needs army abs STAT. OMG, you are so bad. Heh, I thought he was adorable in that scene, which felt like it belonged to a different drama completely when it randomly popped up 2 minutes after Jung Woo was rescued from the hands of a murdering ahjumma. I didn’t notice his lack of abs.

      • OMG, that is the exact same reason I started to hate Two Moons Almost Embracing the Sun But Not Really Cuz Angst and Amnesia.

        It got to the point where I literally just wanted the King to bang someone (preferably his bodyguard and/or his wife) so we could finally move on and talk about, IDK, the poor state of his freaking country and government!

        I have never seen a story that revolved so completely around sex and yet not actually have sex in it. Even I started to get sexually frustrated just from watching it. If anything, I will give the show credit for vicariously Blue Ballsing me nearly every episode. First time that’s happened. :/

      • He is adorable and dorky.
        Unfortunately, all I could think of when I watched that scene was how hardit must of been for YEH to try and create some sexual tension from seeing that hard ass detective’s milkly soft tummy. The scene was out of place, the fake sexual tension bombed and my keyboard got a coke bath.

      • MoonSun aka “Can someone give me some fucking stars in this deadly dull pomposity because I’m falling asleep here”. I love that it gave you Blue Balls, it would have give it to me as well except I wisely checked out before plowing forward with the is-she-isn’t-she-is-he-isn’t-he carousel of love.

        That drama would have worked so much better if (i) The King had angry sex with his Queen, they had so much chemistry it wasn’t even funny and the King had zero chemistry with the girl he moped over, and (2) The heroine has I-feel-sorry-for-you-sex with the Prince because they had chemistry and the Prince had the worst lot in life and never did I want a second male lead to get some comfort sex more than I did for him. Or conversely it could turn into a yaoi version where the King and his Bodyguard got it on. Like A Frozen Flower .

      • @ B

        I love dorky and derpy Jung Woo. The funny faces he was making when he was carrying the box Mom brought (before it turned serious) was adorable as well.

  4. I don’t agree with your guys at all because this drama is well written. Story was not off topic. i think that it rather shows through Bora and cleaning lady’s story writer shows what could be happen LSY and her mother. Since this drama is from male lead’s perspective, Bora’s story helps us and JW to understand LSY’s pain.

    • His acting is kinda bipolar here. I think he’s doing fantastic in his scenes with the elders – Mom, cleaning ahjumma, his dad – but goes all overacting with Soo Yeon. Which is just not working to bring me to the OTP when I just want him to calm the heck down.

      Okay, he did overact in that one scene where he chased down the cleaning ahjumma in the car and screamed at her not to kill the guy. But that scene called for massive overacting and he was hilariously freaking out and I totally laughed and felt bad for him that he couldn’t stop her.

      • I think this shows the quandary of “idol” actors. I think that Yoochun is a very talented actor and he nails his scenes between mother/son and sunbae/hoobae but being hounded by crazy female fans is not conducive to having a good healthy romantic relationship in real life and that shows in his acting in OTP scenes. I get the same vibe from other actors who can’t date openly too. Like they can’t draw from their own experience so they end up just imitating what they’ve seen else where.
        Plus knowing that jealous fans are watching to make sure he does not get too close with YEH. I’m sure they try to ignore it but it must be terribly distracting.

    • If you’re talking about the scenes where he’s talking to SY with tears swelling in his eyes with intensity and shaking voice and all the that, I don’t actually think of it as overacting on kdrama perspective. And the reason is because I’ve already seen sooo many of that type of acting in a lot of Korean dramas (even in Nice Guy) that I think to myself it’s “normal” in Korean dramas and accept it. See, if he was acting like that in Japanese dramas, then I would think that’s overacting.

  5. I was really looking forward to this drama…and now find myself satisfied with reading recaps and not even watching the episodes. Not sure how or why it lost me…probably all the things you have stated.
    I’m sad, though because I really wanted it to be one I looked forward to watching each week.

    • Its BECAUSE of ” all the things you have stated” Its a great drama and if you listen to one perspective and nullify yours, well then its your loss. Don’t be sad over nothing.

      • From what I gathered they’ve watched the show and stopped watching it and contented themselves with recaps because the show wasn’t doing it for them. The show wasn’t doing it for them for the same reasons koala has stated before 😛 I’m having the same issue.
        And if a show doesn’t live up to expectations is that not a reason to be upset? Should they be happy? Should I be happy? Or content? You think it’s a great drama. Good for you. Your opinion doesn’t make it so. Someone not being pleased with it doesn’t mean their opinion is being overtaken by someone else’s.

    • I personally think that you should continue watching it.
      It’s melodrama so it’s expected to drag out and honestly?
      the actors are doing a pretty darn good job.
      Also, i’m sure as hell that they’re going to wrap things up
      considering that there are still a lot of episodes left.
      Aja fighting! Don’t give up! Haha 😀

    • I personally think that you should continue watching it.
      It’s melodrama so it’s expected to drag out and honestly?
      the actors are doing a pretty darn good job.
      Also, i’m sure as hell that they’re going to wrap things up
      considering that there are still a lot of episodes left.
      Aja fighting! Don’t give up on them! Haha 😀

  6. Thank you Koala unni for the recap of episode 11. I have refresh your site five times hoping that the recap appear sooner. For me, I have cried twice watching the two mothers bond, and the back story of Bora and when Jung Woo with SY’s Mom and JW with SY. I hope that means the story move on as JW now knows that Zoe is SY. I hope they all three makes decisions what to do next. It seem like they do intend to move on from the preview of episode 12. Well, I hope so… Oh, I love the new song at the end of the episode 11. I think Ost of I miss you and Nice Guy ost is the best so far in this year 2012.

    • The rest of the episode I kind of fast forward it as it does not make sense to me – oh I’m totally with you there. There is a heightened hyper dramatic notion of realism that I accept in melodramas, but the writer hasn’t written anything that she presents as happening with depth. So I’m left scratching my head thinking “that’s it? ooooooookay…..”

      • thanks for the recap!^^

        fiuhh…im starting to get tired of this too..
        emotionally…desperately.. ToT
        my only hope is ‘the writer wont throw 14yrs harry-zoe’s life out of the window easily when the memories of *sweet n pain* 1st love come’
        well,,if that *damn* truly happen in the next episode,,this drama will be ‘just another drama’ for me.. *sigh

        but still,,Harry,fighting!! ^o^b

  7. I feel like I can’t quite connect with anyone too. Not even my Harry and Zoe.

    As for the rapist murderer story…*sigh* I saw that they were trying to do a parallel between the Ahjumma and Zoe/Mom but it just fell flat for me because it was poorly executed, I saw it a mile off, and I just couldn’t be arsed to care. I mean if they absolutely HAD to have that story line, I’d have been far more invested had Mom killed the rapist in revenge and guilt for her 14 years and then characters I can care about would actually be doing things.

    It’s nice that Harry is owning up to his jealousy a little but I can already see he’s not gonna confront it and work through it with Zoe thoughtfully (regardless of who she ends up with). Whereas before I neither hated nor loved the revenge plot line, now I’m tired of it. The music cues and acting keep telling me Harry is this eeeeviiilllll mastermind but we never see him doing anything more than broodily lurking in his secret lair and angrily IMing some faceless underling. I’m sorry, drama, but I’ve watched far too many revenge stories for this amateurish villainy to fly.

    The way they’re writing Zoe is forever frustrating me because all she seems to do now is cry about Jung Woo and her past. I wish she would pick up some fashion project while she’s there in Korea so I can glimpse more of her adult lifestyle.

    I know the story is trying to tell me that Zoe/Soo Yeon needs to confront her past but what it actually does on screen is regress her to it. It’s like it keeps telling me that she needs to be like she was when she was Soo Yeon but I just can’t agree. I’m sorry but she was a victim and I say this with kindness because I don’t mean the fault of her shitty life lies with young Soo Yeon. I mean she was terribly victimized her entire childhood by her parents, her neighbors, and then the rapist/kidnapper. She was an innocent young girl who was fucked over by the world when she should have been protected. However, it feels like the drama keeps telling me that her time of utter powerlessness is somehow what she needs to return to and I am just not about that idea. She needs to look at her past, confront her emotions from then, talk with the people involved, but I never want her to return to that powerless little girl again. I feel like she’s either stagnant or regressing to that time and neither routes are helpful in showing her growth as a character. I just wish they’d step up on her taking charge of her life.

    • Word to everything you said, so I won’t repeat other than to add some more thoughts.

      This drama has potential, and it frustrates the shit out of me to see it all wasted. I’m staying onboard because I love Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho, and in doing so all the faults are impossible to ignore. Its like I’m an English professor grading an essay chock full of grammatical errors but written with a decent voice and an interesting premise. I can’t help myself but notice and be annoyed every error and wish the writer would go back and learn BASIC GRAMMAR before writing the story. Because it would do the writer wonders to put pen to paper when armed with the proper basics and fundamentals.

      Zoe’s character development is basically nil at this point. Hyung Joon is thisclose to turning into a joke. Jung Woo is actually gaining some emotional depth (hallelujah!) but I have basically disconnected with everyone except for Soo Yeon’s mom. Ah Reum should go marry her teddy bear and end her fauxcest crush. I hope the drama reveals in the end that Eun Joo was dead and her presence in this drama is much like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense because that is the coolest way to acknowledge her “existence” in the story. All the people around Han Tae Joon should be rounded up and smushed by a large car.

      The death mysteries (rapist, Nurse Hye Mi – hello, anyone remember her?) are written like its a joke because I cannot take anything seriously. I would have loved if Mom killed the rapist only because I would actually care about the outcome. Right now cleaning ahjumma’s fate doesn’t concern me because she’s such a throwaway deux et machina character. Solely existing for the purpose of creating a narrative what if. Lazy, shoddy writing.

      I wish Jung Woo would try to solve other cases. Zoe needs to go back to her day job of being a designer, and I have never ever seen Hyung Joon do a lick of work as a “financial advisor” whatever the heck that entails. Do these people not have a purpose in life or in this drama other than to mope about events that happened 14 years ago?

      • I agree…my interest in a drama is purely based on whether the story and acting does enough to make me care about the characters. I cared about the young Soo Yeon and Jung Woo because the actors were so good.

        I’ve never felt attached or interested in Hyung Joon, as a child or adult. He’s been written as a cold, selfish character. I feel little sympathy for him, but I think that’s mainly due to the writing. He’s become a selfish, manipulative man, who is trying to keep the girl he loves beside him by fostering her fears and lying to her. He’s doesn’t seem to be protecting her from the past now… I never get the sense that he does anything for her, except to keep her by his side by whatever means possible. And he wasn’t very sensitive to her when he made her meet the step mom. Why did they have to make him so creepy?! Watching her with his CCTV and following her around. This would be so much more interesting if the second lead was written to be more dimensional and appealing. I don’t fault YSH because he doesn’t have much to work with. I’m just waiting to see it be revealed that he is connected to the death of Nurse Jung and the rapist.

        So obviously I’m liking Jung Woo, as expected. At least he is being honest and upfront with his feelings. I like that he’s giving her space now. It’s who we’re supposed to root for, and its working for me.

        I really disliked the adult Zoe at first. She came back paranoid and clingy. A successful designer, but somehow her relationship with Harry really warped her self confidence. She was freaking out if she couldn’t find Harry…not a healthy situation. And while I understand the need for revenge, it wasn’t fun watching Harry and Zoe bet on how long Jung Woo would wait in the now. I want to care more for her, but she hasn’t done that much as an adult to elicit sympathy. Being raped was horrific beyond measure, but my love for the child character hasn’t transferred to the adult.

    • Imma waiting to read that JW sprinkled or blew some fairy dust over SY and made all of her bad memories/nightmares disappear.

  8. First of all, PYC & YEH’s acting has received the praise of all the viewers, critics and news
    Second, It would be better if you just write recaps from now on without adding any of your comments, they’ve become shallow and you’re losing your credibility as a respected blogger
    Third, thank you for the recap
    fourth, anyone out there not watching the drama because of Koala’s thoughts, you are missing out on everyting

    • What’s the point in a critique/review that doesn’t present an opinion? Even if you don’t agree with her opinion, telling her what she has to do on her own blog is a bit much. She’s actually been very calm and polite with her opinions. I think I’ve actually been more scathing of everything than she ever was. :/

      • But her critique pains me, too uwaaaaah D:
        I don’t wanna hear people saying that the drama
        is dragging out too long and blah blah blah
        because i love Micky and Yoon Eun Hye too much.
        Here I am looking forward to reading her blog
        and then BAM~ I’m reading her critiques. It just
        pains my heart..that’s all.

        But, oh well, it’s her own opinion anyway.
        I can just skip through ’em.

      • @IStillLoveMissingYou I’ve loved a lot of dramas/shows/movies/music other people hated and I still don’t rudely tell someone to stop writing what they think. You just acknowledge someone else feels differently from you, make your own case if you want, and move on like an adult.

        Unless the opinion is offensively racist, sexist, or bigoted in some other way then you shouldn’t tell someone to stop commenting one their opinion. Even then you can only ask them to stop because the right to free speech exists in this world. Just saying…

    • Jeez! This is her blog! You can’t tell her what to or how to write!
      If her perspective keeps on bothering you, why don’t you give yourself a break and stop reading her entries. No one is forcing you to read them.

    • missing out on what please enlighten me i’m watching it and nothing has happened so far besides all of the actor’s acting is average if anything

    • “praise of all the viewers, critics and news”

      You mean their publicists feeding reports to the press? The acting isn’t anything to write home about.

    • LOL, thanks guys. @ Na Ra can tell me whatever. I don’t think I’m in danger of losing my credibility, and even in the off chance I did, I don’t believe I would lose credibility with anyone whose opinion I value.

      And no, not all viewers, critics and news praise the acting. Using absolutes makes it easy for anyone to refute your assertion. I think they are doing fine. I haven’t knocked either YC or YEH for their acting. If anything, YSH is the weakest link of the three. He’s still too young to convincely growl his way through evil mastermind side of Hyung Joon.

      • I think that this quote”I just finished watching Nice Guy where the three leads in that drama went turbo on their acting performances. I can see Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho putting in their all, and maybe their all is merely this level” was definitely a dig.

        For me I think the comparison is over exaggerated. Song Joong Ki definitely did very well, Moon Chae Won and Lee Yoo Bi definitely grew, but they had a better script in comparison to IMY (as in the writer seemed to know most of the story ahead of time). However, I probably won’t be categorizing Nice Guy as a classic anytime soon. IMY is still improving and may turn out way better then expected, given my reluctance after the first 4 episodes. All of the leads in IMY have shown growth, so I wouldn’t place a limit on them.

        My love for Nice Guy only goes so far, because I found it hard to connect with the characters there too. They seemed distant, it was hard for me to get emotionally involved, whereas in IMY I am too emotionally involved to the point I have become numb.

        Of course this is just one opinion.

      • I echo you on Nice Guy, i can get attach to the character no matter how much i love mcw. Different here in IMY despite the fact it is a very flaw scripts and the character is wrritten full of obvious flaw and not well written i feel oddly attach to their pains and emotions.

      • I just hope from now on if you don’t like something, just don’t pick it up for recaps cause people who actually like it will get hurt.
        Dramabeans said that it was too much of a tear-jurker for her to recap and she didn’t, thats respectful. she didn’t go on and on about how much she doesn’t like it every freaking episode.
        remember if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it.
        off course my words have no value to you or any other person for that matter, but your words however have value to many SO be wise with them.

    • “Second, It would be better if you just write recaps from now on without adding any of your comments, they’ve become shallow and you’re losing your credibility as a respected blogger”

      I’m sure Koala appreciate your opinion, but WHO ARE YOU to tell her what to write and what not AT HER OWN BLOG? If you don’t like her comments, you can give your opinion, or skip the comments part altogether or just don’t come here at all. While you don’t like the comments, there’re people who enjoy reading her comments. Don’t think your opinion represents everyone here.

      These people behave like Koala is doing them service to recap the drama for them, when in reality this is her blog, her space for her to write whatever she wants.

      I’m getting so annoyed at people bashing this site just because they don’t agree with the opinions here. I wonder if you have even been to the soompi thread of this drama, Koala? At one point, some folks there even said you’re blogging for money. I seriously don’t want to bring that up here, but this kind of comment just never stop and it’s getting so irritating to read them.

    • And your opinion is of more value because?
      Even the persons than I know who like melodramas are checking out from this one. No one is live tweeting about this drama on my time line cause they don’t feel invested enough to do so. But they do it for many others “dark” dramas. No smoke without fire I would say.
      Miss Koala and other commenters gave here valid reasons to explain why this drama is imperfect.
      You like it, it’s your right. Let’s just hope it’s not pure fangirlism. Personally I’m able to watch a drama because XX plays in it but if it’s crap, I won’t say it’s gold.

      • As I said before, my words have no value to Koala or any other person for that matter, but Koala’s words however have value to many so she should be wise and considerate with them.

      • @Na Ra – That’s what communication is about: Exchanging ideas and point of views. Blogs are tools for that. And the comments section is here just so than people can express their own opinion. As far as I know, ms Koala is not a political leader who proclaims to be right and everyone else is wrong. We all have 1 voice: Our own. If readers are like blind followers with their guru, that’s their problem. If people are easily hurt by what she says, that’s also their problem, not HERS. I’m going to quote a wise man who said this about free speech:“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.
        Free speech and free will are the 2 faces of a same coin.
        In my book for example, in a perfect world, immature annoying fangirls shouldn’t even comment or participate in “Best Drama Polls”. See where we go with that kind of reasoning? It’s oppression around the corner.
        Censorship and self-censorship are the worst things ever.

  9. Thanks for the recap! Gosh, I just don’t understand the story cause initially I thought it was going to be about LSY and the rape and her pain etc but the whole story seem to be about HJW guilt and his pain. Almost like his pain is way greater than the actual rape victim. Its seems like the writer is trying to justify him being guilty for 14 years, leaving home etc should make up for the fact that he ran away? So then there is a basis for LSY forgiving him (cause we all she will) and then the next agenda will be for them to be a couple? In between these two main agendas we will have KHJ with his revenge plot. I don’t know…

    Also, I think the writer is setting up the ultimate reason as to why LSY will leave KHJ; her finding out that his mother was responsible for the kidnapping of HJW and what happened to her as well. Maybe it IS KHJ’s mom lying on the floor dead and LSY kills her for that reason and runs to HJW’s side?

    Then maybe afterwards while living with HJW and her mom happily, she will find out about the reason behind the kidnapping which was because of HJW’s father and what he did to KHJ. So she goes back to KHJ(not in a romantic sense but because he did take care of her for 14 years) to support him but return back to HJW. However, HJW ends up getting shot (maybe by KHJ making him the ultimate villian) and is wounded and recovers later or dies.

    Sorry for the long post. I just don’t think the flashforward is the actual end but the climax of the story. So I’m trying to think of what will happen afterwards…

    I started watching this show because of the chemistry between KHJ and LSY. I should just wait till its over and then marathon all the KHJ-LSY scenes lol. I think that would be waaay better for my health lol.

  10. Also, we were not shown the scene between HJW and KHJ near the pool where the nurse died (I think it was shown in episode 5 preview) and also KHJ visiting his aunt’s crpyt which was also shown in one of the previews. I wonder if they will show them later as flashbacks to point out that it was KHJ who killed the nurse.

    And where is the scene where KHJ plays the piano? hehe. I soo wanna see that. I hope they didn’t cut it.

  11. just watch and enjoy the drama.. if you don’t understand the language just read the recap from koala, if you like it watch it.. if you don’t like it than don’t watch it , easy right?? don’t make your life getting harder by thinking the storyline, the actor,etc.. peace girls.. it’s just drama.

  12. i loves to watch the scene harry and lsy only for the earlier episode.after episode 10 i started to change to king of drama and alice cheomdang.what i feel it so sad the story is like trying to put so many ingredient and sub plot and become kimchi mix with sushi.so many thing add up until i lost focus.so much overacting teary eyes on otp make me become well why the hero so sissy, too much living in the past until i was choking again and again.

    what i feel the writer try to put very sensitive issue but failed miserably to make the viewers understand the issue.
    what i don’nt like is why make the hero is the victim and the most suffering compare to the main actress who is victim.

    it is insane for rape victim who will go back to their past because the hero always thingking and longing for her and suffering for 14 years because of the incident.

    yet the writer want to make the rape victim to fall in love and leaving her present life to previous life and make the audience happy moving towards that.

    to me better dont talk about rape if you want to make a story a man fall in loves again after 14 years separation.maybe normal accident,stealing or whatever.not rape.it is insulting to all rape victim by mocking and playing this issue but failed miserably to male us understand their trauma.

    • Agree with you 100%. Rape is a sensitive question. If you want to use that premise in your story, you have responsibilities and you must be honest with the way you write the psychological portrait of your characters. I said it before and will repeat it: This drama is a masquerade.

      • Agreed and wished YEH had not picked this project.

        Portraying a rape victim who goes back to her old shitty life at the expense of a new life that she built by herself to that of a typical Kdrama heroine where she’s just a prop for the ML is nothing promising for young SK women to aspire to imo. I guess that’s the cycle of life in SK….

      • Just wanted to point out that I haven’t seen the rape victim in this drama go back to her “old shitty life at the expense of a new life that she built by herself.” For one, she definitely didn’t build her new life by herself, Harry was there ‘sponsoring’ her all the way.

        Also, there’s no reason to think she’ll return to live in that town. If anything, I expect her to return to France, conclude her affairs there and then live life as she wants. As mentioned, her old life was shitty and there’s no reason for her to return to it, but her new life isn’t so great either. It’s expected that she’ll find out about the lies Harry fed her and I doubt she’ll be jumping at the opportunity to return to France, with or without him. The life they built there will seem as shallow as the life she had in Korea seems horrible.

        Most likely, JW will be with her, but I don’t think that means she’ll be going back to her old life. They both have a lot of pain from their past and I would like for both of them to leave that town and move on. Before they can do that, however, they have to confront each other. So much of the pain they hold stems from their past contact and that has to be resolved as decently as possible.

      • She is Zoe (or a hybrid) and it appears that JW wants her to be SY again. The one he remembers from 14 years ago. So, yeah the hero is wanting her to acknowledge her old life in the most incomprehensible way as if that helps HIM the most in getting her back. IF he’s such a crack detective, I’m sure he’s had some cross-training in sex crimes to know a little bit about how to confront victims of rape. You don’t barge in like a bull in a China shop and demand anything especially since he was there 14 years ago. He’s forgotten, which is normal because he was not the one raped so in his mind she should get come back to her senses and get on with being with him again….Taking up where they left off before the rape….Only possible in Kdramas.

        So he knows she what kind of person she was 14 years ago. She should have changed as an adult so to continuously play on this childhood romance with their adult lives where one was brutally abused and is still living with that trauma is insincere and ridiculous of the writer. It looks like they want to make her go through all of the steps of recovery again since her mom and JW were not around to participate and lumped her new life with this part of the process of restructuring.

        If Harry is keeping secrets, she should be able to forgive him like she’s forgiving JW for leaving her behind that awful day. For JW to tell Zoe/SY not to ever leave him is preposterous. Just like JW fled to save his life initially and abandoned her in dirt and gravel, which is understandable for a kid, yet [let me see if I have this correctly] SY was supposed to wait and wait in that condition because the audience knew the cavalry were coming whereas that child did not know what to expect next after the beating and rape and was frozen with fear? I’m glad Harry had the wits at his age to rescue her and the money to flee.

        Speaking of Harry, did the drama indicate that Harry had anything to do with her being a terrific fashion designer? If not, I imaging it must have been because he encouraged her raw talent and dreams….

        I’m for Zoe coming full circle and dealing with her past, yet not returning to any one. Whoever wants to be with her and in her live have to do so on her terms and I think she needs to put the past behind her and let both men go.

        But whichever way it’s sliced by the public is acceptable. Agree or not.

      • JW made his mistake as a child/adolescent/whatever. HJ is making the choice to keep her in the dark as a man and he doesn’t appear to feel the least bit guilty about it. So yeah, he’s not doing her any favors.

        And there’s no reason why she should go back to either guy BUT, given the way the drama is going, JW seems like the most obvious choice if she were to do so. Not knocking on what Harry did and though it sucks Det. Kim was a casualty, Harry did what he could and he has stayed with her all this time. But just like it’s pointed out that she shouldn’t go to JW just because he’s been looking for her for 14 years despite him abandoning her, her relationship with Harry shouldn’t automatically be placed on a higher pedestal just because they’ve been with each other for 14 years despite the lies he’s fed her. Both guys played a part in screwing her over, but they are not the only culprits.

        Like I said, neither Korea nor France seem like the best place for her to return to. In fact, I hope they don’t tell us where she decides to settle down so people can interpret her future the way they want. All I hope for is that she comes to the realization that she is not a murderer’s daughter and she does deserve happiness and love and everything she should have.

        That is what I see this drama being about. It’s not just about a rape victim, it’s about all these people who haven’t let themselves live the way they were meant to and are now coming to terms with their pain and doing what they feel is in their best interests. The only issue that remains is which path they take to get there…Harry seems to be going the revenge route, while JW is heading towards redemption. SY, I think, should be on the path to forgiveness, of herself, her family, JW, and Harry. This does not mean she has to choose any of them to move on with, though like I said, with the way the drama is going, it’ll probably be her family and JW.

      • Obviously, I’m siding with the “rape” victim’s side of the story that is non-existent at this juncture…and I would say the mom but she seemed to have replaced her daughter with JW for 14 years. We all respond to grief differently, but a lot of parents would not be able to function normally after losing their child….

  13. To me, the acting of all main cast are OK, sometimes quite amazing, sometimes just average. If we are watching lots of melodrama before, easy to tell their level of acting. Maybe YEH and Yoo Chun’s fans do not watching lots of melodrama with depth of characters, so to them this level of acting considered DEABAK already.

  14. Thanks fir the recap as usual. I have to say that this is the first recap on this drama where I agree with your comments.

    I find myself not connecting with the main leads, which is such a shame for melodrama, and SY’s mom is just about the only whom gets to me. The acting is fine, I actually think it’s not bad, gIven the poor writing.

    I’m still curious enough to keep watching. Hopefully the new hairstyle on JW in ep 12 means he is moving on, not necessarily letting go of SY but at least realise that life is not just about his guilt and pain and his need forforgiveness. And yes, I also want SY to stop moping and not go back to JW without a thrashing out session. These people need words with each other.

  15. I fully disagree here but thanks for writing no matter what. 🙂

    Now may Isuggest that you drop the recaps for Missing You ? because the wai I see it you are only hurting a lot of fans of the drama (and no i’m not talking about Chunsas or YEH fans. A lot of people jump to the throats of anyone who has come here and dares to refute your arguments, saying that noone forces readers here but the same goes for you. No one asked you to recap it.

    I thought recapping a drama was because it pleased you but coming and reading evrey weak about how much you despise a drama that is dear to a lot of peple is ( you have to admit it) saddening. I don’t know about others but to me, I keep reading because I want to see if somehow you will come to understand and share the love and appreciation of bogoshippers. And I see you don’t, and it’s okay with me because you already recapped dramas that I deeply loathed before…

    During the time when you were writing about Nice Guy, I saw people come here and straing to write about how they foud the characters stupid, and Eun Gi was just psycho and immediately your little fanclub shut them down. I think this kind of behaviour should stop here. I don’t think people should come and try to lecture Mrs Koala about her blog but I also think that she’s big enough to defend herself. Coming at three or four to someone who is speaking emotionally is not a way to ease things in my opinion.

    Hope I’m not being harsh or disrespectuf or anything. Thanks again!

    • I would just like to say that koala has pointed out that she doesn’t “despise” the drama. She’s just disappointed in where it’s going and that it has a lot of potential and isn’t making use of what it has, in her opinion.
      If she wants to make recaps then she can make recaps. I think after one reading, fans of the show should make a decision about whether they want to sit and read through and agree or disagree with what she says, or just stop reading the recaps. It’s not that difficult. But they can choose to do what they want.
      What irritates me is the suggestion that because other people are getting offended that she should just stop recapping it. That’s just ridiculous. This is HER blog, for HER thoughts and for others to come and discuss where opinions cross or don’t cross. I’m not part of any “fanclub” but when people suggest things like that I have to say something. I really appreciate that you can read these as a fan and disagree civilly but as you said, no one made her recap. She just wants to do it. And it’s not up to anyone to say she should do otherwise because it’s upsetting some fans.

      • Sorry if I started ranting a bit. The end was more directed at people demanding she stop. You weren’t doing that so sorry for coming on so strong!

      • I agree. Not trying to gang-up on anyone but i’m riding Bakachild’s comment cause he/she mention all the points i couldn’t articulate into words.
        And i distinctly remember koala stating that she’ll recap all Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon scenes. The rest of the scenes that got recapped, is a plus. ^^

    • Why must Koala stops what she wants to do AT HER OWN BLOG just because some people are hurt by it?

      I”m also hurt when I go to soompi thread and see people keep bashing Harry and calling him creepy whatsoever. So can I tell them to stop saying that? It’s their right so if I don’t like their post I just ignore it. Same goes to here. You don’t like Koala’s post, you can just simply ignore it.

      Everyone is biased to things that they like. And it’s expected that most of the people who visit, read and post here are in agreement with the writer than people who are not. Same like when I go to IMY soompi thread, people who have different opinion than the majority of fans there got attacked as well.

      I don’t know about the fanclub you said, but when it comes to me, there’re dramas that Koala likes but I don’t like and those that I like, but she doesn’t and critic. Sometimes I write my opinion, and other times I just simply ignore it. But it’s expected that fans will defend their favourite drama, be it here, or at any other blogs or forums.

      I’m losing interest in this drama more and more, so I stopped watching it. I have the same sentiment with Koala regarding this drama, so her recap is helpful for me to decide if I’ll want to continue watching it again.

  16. This is one drama that I thought I would hate and am loving instead.

    I am Japanese married to a Korean and the reason I started to watch Kdramas is because after 10+ years of marriage I still couldn’t “get” Korea and their way of thinking/acting and figured dramas might help. So for me, while the romance element is fun, I prefer dramas that provide commentary for Korean society and culture.
    The thing is Korea has a HUGE rape/sex crime problem, especially of minors. Korea’s rape in school incidence is 17 times higher than that of Japan. According to my husband there seems to be arise recently in Korean news articles about shocking rape incidents. I read a heartbreaking article by a father whose daughter was raped in middle school. He had to send her to America with her mom because she could not bear to live in Korea anymore. He has to stay in Korea to earn money. The rapists got extremely light sentences because they were minors. I think the writer wanted to initiate a conversation about rape, the suffering the victim and the family go through and maybe a need for stiffer sentences for the perpetrators. 
    So in that context this episode really worked for me. The letter by Bora brought was heartbreaking and that scene between the mothers really gutted me.

  17. I just give up this drama, at some point I didn’t feel connected anymore, I prefer to read the recaps instead…. Now all my attention is focused on Cheongdamdong Alice, no offence any fan of Yoochun, believe me, I’m a big fan of JYJ, but for me this drama is not interesting anymore.

    Thanks mrs. ockoala a wonderful recap as always.

  18. No one is shutting anyone down and anyone is entitled to their own opinion just like what Ms Koala does. You might think the “fansclub” are ganging up on anyone who doesn’t agree with Ms Koala but that’s not true at all. It’s the way some of those ppl post their message or comments to Ms Koala that makes some of us defend her. No one can stop her from recapping if that what she wants and it yes she writes he “thoughts” of the episode which is again she can do since this is her blog. Anyone against her opinion can just stop reading after the recap and not have to read her “thoughts of mine” or you can just stop coming in here and tell her how to run her blog. As for me, I’ve always like reading Ms Koala’s blog whether I agree or not coz that’s what makes it more exciting for me….to read what others think but not to pick a fight over something that’s fictional…so let’s just enjoy it okay! God Bless!

  19. Thanks for the recaps koala! First time posting here. I’m a big fan of I Miss You and a big big fan of YEH. As a viewer, I can understand the frustration on where the writing is going in this drama. I personally just wanted more heartwarming scenes, and maybe a little bit more momentum on the love story of the main leads. Otherwise, I find the story and acting really moving. And I have to give credit to the main leads. I actually think YEH’s acting here is even more nuanced in this drama than in Coffee Prince. I love her. Hope you can continue with the recaps koala, and hope that the drama and YEH and Yoochun can win you over in the future episodes!

  20. thanks Captain for the recap! really appreciate it. and your right, drama is not going anywhere. soo yeon just cries and cries. its getting really depressing 🙁

    i hope hyun joon just asks her how she really feels. and move on from there. i doubt i doubt there will ever be a kissing scene in this drama hahahaha

  21. mrs. koala.. thank you for your MY episodes recaps..
    and i like your YEH & PYC banner today ^^
    i watch this drama for YEH…
    i like her character in goong, coffeprince and LTM but i don’t have the feeling on her character in MY perhaps the story too sad for me.

    just like bora-bora said “it’s just a drama”.. so i will try to enjoy it till the end ^^

  22. Kim Gab Soo actually has acted as Yoochun’s dad! XD In Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I believe.

    And *sigh* … I’m actually in the same boat of trying to find something to like in this melodrama. I love love love the acting, but all the crying and all the staring and all the hiding in corners staring is … just bad writing. >_> DO SOMETHING for goodness sakes.

  23. hi ms.koala, thanks for the recap and for your POV on the drama. I think what I find interesting more than the drama itself is the way people would react on someone else’s POV. It makes for an interesting read every time. There are some who takes the recaps seriously and personally and some who are just in for the fun.

    *off to read more comment. ^_^

  24. Thanks for the recap, ockoala.

    Another boring episode save for a few scenes. The writer can’t do a crime drama so I don’t know why she/he went down that road in the first place.

    It’s kinda sad because I really enjoyed ep 5 and 6 and even 7 for the most part. I could root for all 3 characters. But after that JW got annoying, SY got weaker and HJ became more like a little boy pretending to be a big-evil-man.

    The writer got caught up in the whole murder mystery track which really was just a way to get the leads to get together – but unfortunately a very lazy boring way.

    I hope in the next epsiode JW does a little more that show his incompetance as a detective, SY makes up her mind about who she wants to be with – or better still tell JW upfront that she can’t forgive him. and I hope HJ just does something evil for a change – I’m seriously hoping that he killed his aunt, cause if some phantom killer pops up again my eyes will roll right out of its sockets.

    Previously I was firmly in camp HJ-SY. But i kind of understand what the writer is trying to do here with the love triangle. or atleast I think i do. SY is not physically attracted to HJ and probably never will be. And she is to JW. If that’s the case, SY needs to be with JW.

    So I really wish the writer did a few things differently.
    1) She shouldn’t have made HJ so “good”. His slightly insane behaviour should have started right at ep 5. And they should have made it clear that SY was sticking to him because he was emotionally blackmailing her. She should have been at least a little uncomfortable with him.
    Right now SY just looks like a girl who’s pining for another guy while living with her boyfriend of 14 happy years. And HJ seems justified in his jealousy.
    2) JW shouldn’t have been so grabby and “I’m-going-for-another-man’s-girl”. He should have shown the remorse he feels in a more respectful manner, both to SY and HJ. I get really bugged when I see him go all, “I will wait by her side”

    If the writer had done these 2 things, I really think I could root for JW-SY. Ther writer probably wanted to try less cliched characters but doesn’t have the skill(or mayeb time?) to do it right. It’s not an easy task to make the audience love flawed characters.

    And last: HJ needs to be get rid of that secret lair. That room was ok the first time I saw it, but now it just makes me laugh. (Well, that’s partially because of all the fifty-shades related comments). YSH does the evil/angry scenes well as long as he’s not in that room.

  25. i love reading this blog and if i don’t agree with koala on anything, i just don’t read that post. plain and simple! why can’t people just agree to disagree?

    • My sentiments exactly! I come to these sites after I view an episode mainly to see if I understood the episode correctly. Sometimes ms koals’s recap give me a different or more precise translation than the english subs. And I like to see how others feel about an episode or a character, because it’s fun to share different perspectives. Sometimes it influences my thoughts, and sometimes not.

      But I never substitute a recap for viewing a drama and episode…mainly because I’ve found that how I respond can be very different from the bloggers. If I just wanted to go to a fan site, I can get that in megadoses at the most popular kdrama forum. Instead, I just disagree, and sometimes share my different opinion. If I find that a recap is so biased that its no longer useful, and I just don’t read. What I like about Miss Koala is that she’s human…she changes her mind and she lets it all hang out there. so while I don’t always agree, I appreciate and respect what she does!

  26. I’m reading these comments about your blog’s superpower to hurt a drama, which is awesome since it is a non-sentient phenomenon and therefore incapable of experiencing pain.
    But that idea gave me an idea that your blog’s superpower could and should be used to help mankind, or personkind.
    I think that if you started to write about other things and hurt them, how cool it would be.
    May I suggest:
    The deficit
    Credit card fees
    Airline delays
    Bad cafeteria food – specifically bad pizza
    Snow on my car in the morning and in my driveway when I get home

    I appreciate your hard work.
    Thanks for your recap.

  27. I’m so on the edge of dropping this. Seriously.

    Jungwoo’s buddy knows that Ahjumma might be the killer. Yet nobody knows where she lives? She works at the police office for godsake.

  28. Now i know why you are distasteful with this drama it’s because the turning point of this episode is the YEH and PCY love. and you’re a hater of PCY!! Proof?! You can see it in the Tag Clouds where YSH name is so big as well as YEH, but there are no PCY. Why is that? It’s because you don’t like to write about PCY. hahahaha Pathetic recapper!

  29. I can understand her ending up with Jung Woo, because of course did Harry care for her the last fourteen years and of course did Jung Woo leave her there when they were fifteen years old. Still, he atones for his sins and is guilty and gave up his whole life in search of her. He was fifteen years old, he actually behaved like any other guy would do, in such a case you always worry more about yourself then others. Harry is obssesive with her and in the process of his revenge loses her. Jung Woo was her first love and I think that after so many years of living with his guilt she can forgive him if it is possible for her.

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