Catching Up with Missing You as of Episode 17

MBC is a really odd-duck of a channel. It has had the biggest ratings hits in the last few years not based on quality but more on inexplicable forces colliding such as The Moon Embraces the Sun. Conversely it also produces the crappiest turd like Time Slip Dr. Jin and May Queen. This network is all over the place and I wonder if the executives just throw darts at a board of potential dramas and pick the one it lands on. Last year around this time the network hit sageuk gold with MoonSun, but this year its offerings have been the snooze inducing Lee Byung Hoon by-the-books saguek Horse Doctor and the increasingly bizarre and incredible narrative collapse going on in the Missing You, which remains hovering in the low teen ratings. I still think it’s not a bad idea for Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho to try out a trendy melodrama (Yoochun already did Miss Ripley so this isn’t a new experience for him) to challenge themselves, but recently I caught up with MY after taking a few weeks from it while I was on vacation and good golly what the heck is going on with the story?

I was supremely jet lagged when I returned and instead of starting a new drama I was missing Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho so went ahead and marathon the latest episodes. By the end of episode 17 I was stuck in a state akin in A Clockwork Orange shocked disbelief. I had quibbles with the narrative throughout (the ridiculous murder investigations, the focus on Jung Woo’s first love purity, the marginalization of Soo Yeon’s character as a reactive presence, and Hyung Joon waffling between sniggering villain and clingy boyfriend) but at no time did I think the drama was insane. I do now. DA FUQ DID I JUST WATCH? I don’t even know where to start, but I can for certain that Yoo Seung Ho mentioning a few weeks ago that he was having trouble playing Hyung Joon because he didn’t understand his character was the biggest understatement of the year. At this point I pity every actor associated with this drama and pray to god neither of the three leads harm their eyes from the sure to be excessive amounts of crying to come. Because its so not worth it. I think MY’s complete and total narrative insanity rivals Man of Honor‘s descent into madness as well as May Queen’s mess of a plot.

So the story lately in a nutshell – Jung Woo kisses Soo Yeon and they pretend to date for a day but she says she needs to return to Hyung Joon because he took care of her for the last 15 years. Whatever. Either pick the guy you kissed and break the other one’s heart, or don’t go kissing guys when you don’t intend to break up with the other one. Hyung Joon doesn’t take kindly to Soo Yeon even showing any concern and emotional ties with Jung Woo and starts to get all physical with her. Cleaning ahjumma comes clean with Jung Woo that she didn’t snuff the rapist out, she was hiding in the closet when a second person entered and that was the real killer (she just tortured the guy with dry ice). She didn’t want to say anything because she suspects its Soo Yeon based on the sound of her high heels matching the sound she heard. Soo Yeon finds out that Detective Kim died when trying to look for her and she vows to get to the bottom of his death. Soo Yeon starts to spend more time with her mom and Jung Woo and Eun Joo at home, leaving Hyung Joon even more crazed with worry he will lose her. Jung Woo finds out Hyung Joon’s real identity, and Hyung Joon learns his mother is alive (but crazy) and Han Tae Joon is using her as bait to lure him out. Hyung Joon’s secret online friend turns out to be Han Tae Joon’s other young secretary (no surprise here) who is the real Harry Borrison.

No comes the great kicker – at the end of episode 17, Hyung Joon meets with Jung Woo’s stepmother who wants money in exchange for handing over Hyung Joon’s mom. Soo Yeon finds Hyung Joon’s secret lair and hides there and sees this exchange on CCTV. Hyung Joon poisons her, and reveals he poisoned Nurse Hye Mi the same way. He leaves and Soo Yeon staggers out and zombie walks over to the dead body and tries to shake her awake and comes away with blood on her hands. She is about the call the cops when suddenly the notebook computer on the table starts ringing. She opens the notebook and there is a video message from Hyung Joon stating that she is no longer the daughter of a murderer, she is a murderer. He has framed her for the murder of stepmother, as well as the rapist who Hyung Joon also killed. This is her punishment for never loving him. He also knew that Detective Kim was looking for her, because he magically had ESP or whatever because how he knew that man I have no idea, when he decided to jam the coke can on his brake. Jung Woo finds out that evidence is pointing to Soo Yeon and he rushes over to rescue her.

Jung Woo finds Soo Yeon and tries to take her away when his cop buddies, about a dozen of them, arrive and train their guns on them. Jung Woo draws his gun and points it at his fellow cops and screams that Soo Yeon is innocent and she is being framed. His partner tells him to let Soo Yeon come to the police station to sort it out but Jung Woo refuses since its akin to forcing a confession out of her. He cries that he is never going to let her get hurt again. He tells Soo Yeon to not let go of his hand this time, no matter what. Jung Woo and Soo Yeon walk through the police, who just part like the Red Sea to let them through, and then they proceed to run away. Run away down the driveway of Hyung Joon’s home while about a dozen cops stand there and watch them leave. The end of the episode.

Somewhere in the universe a decent scriptwriter’s brain just exploded after watching this crap unfold. So Hyung Joon turns out to be a genuine serial killer, but not a thoughtful one with purpose and planning but one who is all over the place in terms of motive. I wish I could force this writer to watch Mawang before she is allowed to even embark on trying to create a dark character like Hyung Joon. Is he killing to avenge the wrongs done to him and his mother? To avenge wrongs done to Soo Yeon? To punish Soo Yeon? I don’t know because I’m sure he doesn’t have a clue either. The writer is just pulling shit out of her ass. Jung Woo has turned out to be not just an incompetent detective, he is now a criminal and a dumbass one at that. Pointing a gun at his fellow cops? Alleging Soo Yeon is innocent and then running away with her? AGAIN, DA FUQ DOES HE THINK HE IS DOING? What does that accomplish. Where the hell is he going to run to. What does becoming a fugitive himself, and making her one, help clear her innocence? Don’t even get me started on Soo Yeon – she is just one giant receptacle of woe that is constantly having bad shit happen to her while she cannot for the life of her make a decision about her own life. Stay with Hyung Joon? Go back to Jung Woo? I don’t know why she played musical chairs between the two of them for the last few episodes when she could have just told Hyung Joon “dude, I don’t love you, I love Jung Woo, let’s stay friends, thnxbai.” She also faints, gets pushed around, and cries buckets and buckets of tears all the time.

The direction MY has taken as it heads into its finale validates my gripe that the writer is writing her story around reaching an ending and it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t lay the foundation well she’s just going to bulldoze right through it. The final scene in episode 17, with Jung Woo running away with Soo Yeon, was the very scene shown in the long trailer, except it was the same action sequence but the two leads were wearing different clothes and hair and it was set in a park rather than Hyung Joon’s driveway. So what was the purpose of the scenes shown in the trailer? It was a metaphorical stand in for the real scene to come in episode 17? Some alterna-universe version? I do not get. At this point none of the characters even remotely resemble human beings in their train of thought and actions so I won’t even critique OTP issues. What is there is discuss anyway, clearly Soo Yeon should NOT end up with Hyung Joon, who isn’t just a controlling boyfriend but a bona fide sociopath and murder. How the guy who bantered with Soo Yeon in episode 5 turned into this creep I can’t even fathom. Plus he cries. A lot. When he’s not plotting evil through his nose, he’s sobbing and begging Soo Yeon not to leave him. He’s also a terrible villain – leaving her a Dr. Evil-esque recording on a laptop (does it explode after playing because otherwise his big ploy to frame her is out the door) detailing all his crimes and pining it on her is so stupid I have no words.

When I stopped recapping MY I had no inking the drama would take a turn into wacko-land. I really was just disappointed the writer skirting the substantive issues and focusing on the trivial ones, rendering the drama so shallow to me that I didn’t want to waste time on recapping it. The impetus to write this update was hanging out with my drama chingus, who I had dinner with last weekend, all insisting they wanted to hear my thoughts. Honestly, I think they were all just too lazy to watch the latest episodes of MY and wanted my cliff notes version instead. Not that I blame them. To oblige for feeding me a lot of shellfish (my fingers still smell like seafood by the way, I veto that restaurant next time!) this is the latest going on in MY in a snapshot.

Clearly this is not the worst K-drama out there, and I did enjoy parts of the earlier episodes in the potential it had for throwing the heroine into a truly dark place and showing us her strength and resilience in creating a life beyond her painful past. Along the way she would have a successful fashion career. Love a young man who has been by her side for the last 15 years. Reunite with her estranged mom and undergo some positive bonding sessions. Forgive her first love who let her down and slowly fall in love again with his adult self, leading her to realize that her heart was always going to be attracted to this man and he was the one she wanted to be with despite their shared painful history. The other guy gets his revenge and wishes her well, letting go of his past pain and disappointments in order to live life independently.

Sadly the story I just wrote never materialized and was instead eaten by the monster that is the current insanity going on. What a shame. I’ve enjoyed plenty of crappy dramas but it never feels good to see a drama derail in the second half. I thought about the drama having a flaming death ending for all the leads (not that anyone would miss Eun Joo since she barely existed anyway), but I’m now rooting for a happy ending for Jung Woo and Soo Yeon (even though the way they got back together – as if the last 15 years never happened and one kiss and a few mopey scenes and poof they magically lifted the veil of love – made no sense to me). If possible end the machinations early by giving Hyung Joon a death whereby he trips on his cane and falls into a protruding five inch nail on the ground which pierces his heart and he expires face down on the spot. I don’t even need to see Yoo Seung Ho’s pretty face to properly bid this character farewell. Then have the final episodes be about showing us Jung Woo and Soo Yeon getting to know each other again over time and maybe having pretty babies and we can all pretend this drama wasn’t a bag-o-crazy just to get these two poor kids together.


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  1. Thank you Koala Unni. I am glad that I stop watching this monster. Unni, you forget there was two Harry in the monster drama. The real one and fake one. I read it in soompi forum. What restaurant did you go to?

  2. I completely dropped this drama at episode 11/12?

    And I don’t even have to watch it.. just by reading your brief recapping makes me go WTF.

  3. Thanks Koala. I’m glad to see this post. I think if you take the pieces of the drama independently you might have a reasonably good plot.

    Girl who is tortured by past demons is in slightly unhealthy relationship with the guy who saved her. Then she meets her past flame and hooks up with him and leaves old boyfriend. But ex-boy-friend then turns psycho and frames her for the murders he had done over the past few months. She tries to fight back (hopefully).

    I mean all the 7 (?) wives of blue beard did actually fall in love with him before being killed and mummified in his secret room of pain. And one did survive and take him down. That was a good plot.

    The problem I have with this drama is that the writer had no idea how to develop her characters. She made the heroine look like a two-timer; The hero looked incredibly smug about his girl-fried-stealing intentions; And the villian so out of place in this drama. It’s like she picked up a villian out of a Mary Higgins Clark, a heroine out of a badly written women’s fiction novel, and a hero out of a pompous literary fiction novel. You can’t put the 3 together and expect good things to come of it.

    If I was a rabid fan of YC and YEH I probably would look past these faults and love thier characters and hate YSH’s character. But I’m not and the flaws in thier characters are strikingly evident to me. I hated KHJ the minute he went all abusive on LSY. So now I couldn’t care less what happens to any of the characters. This is not what you want in a drama. You don’t write a drama FOR the fans of the actors you write one so that you MAKE a fan out of the viewer.

    Right now, I want LSY to intentionally take the blame for the murders to save KHJ. She dies and then YC kills himself out of guilt. AND KHJ goes mad because he can’t take the fact that he caused the death of the only girl who cared about him.

    Oh, and I wanted to point out the good things in this drama
    LSY standing up to harry when he pushed her and hurt her.
    That was amazing!!! It almost made up for everything else that was wrong about her character.

    • “You don’t write a drama FOR the fans of the actors you write one so that you MAKE a fan out of the viewer”.

      I have a feeling this is what happened. I think initially the writer was writing the story she wanted to write but he/she changed it according to what the fans of the main lead wanted because I heard some/most can be very vocal, persuasive and scary. That’s why I still think the kiss scene came out of the blue and made no sense to me at that point cause LSY is pretty much labelled as a two timer and her rape trauma was left unexplored as well. At this point, all three main characters make no sense to me lol. The only scenes I enjoyed were YSH’s scenes cause boy can he act and scenes between YC and LSY’s mom cause they feed off well from each other. Love their interactions.

  4. I completely agree with you Koala.
    Half the time I think of dropping this drama, but for some reason which I cannot fathom, I keep on watching… perhaps I just want to see how the story ends.
    I don’t have any particular liking for PYC or YSH going into this drama and got into this mainly for YEH and am disappointed that the drama let her down.
    At least, PYC proved that he can be a decent actor and is better in this than when he was in Miss Ripley.

    • I actually think Yoochun is better in Miss Ripley. My personal opinion – I think he’s overacting at times here. In MR, the scene when he imaged talking to the younger heroine was so heartwrenching and magnificently done. That drama sorta got derailed in the second half with all the rest of the plotlines but YC and LDH’s story did get all the focus and he did a good job there.

      • Ah.. I also remember that scene from Miss Ripley. It’s actually my favourite scene out of that whole messy drama LOL. I think YC’s acting has improved in MY, but I get what you mean with overacting lol. But oh-well.. the story itself is pretty much over the top and ridiculously dramatic. Why is everyone crying all the time? Does melodrama equals crying a tsunami? I adore YC, but I just want to punch him everytime Jungwoo cries. Seeing all three of them crying and sobbing like no life just makes me wanna cry and beg them to stop crying or atleast cry for a reason.

  5. I like the expression “narrative collapse,” although it does give the writer credit for actually putting up some sort of structure to start.

    As you pointed out, HJ couldn’t have had the intent back then to kill Detective Decent Human as part of his master plan of revenge/redemption. He had been locked up and apart from everyone at that time.

    • Half the plot “twists” in this drama have no narrative support and in fact sometimes runs counter to what the drama has shown us. Ergo we are asked to buy developments that cannot possibly be true within the story unless facts are conveniently changed around afterwards. This writer should never ever attempt a thriller again. It’s like watching Danielle Steele write a Robert Ludlum-esque novel. Trainwreck.

  6. I agree with you that IMY is a narrative mess. However, I hope you would stop taking YSH’s words out of context and twist them up to be what you want. I watched that interview and when YSH said that he have trouble playing the character, it was in terms that it was challenge because he have never played such a complicated character before nor have he experience such intense emotions in RL. He meant it as a reflection upon himself not an insult or complaint about the character. But reading it here in this post, and another where you first mentioned it, it sounds like he’s saying the character is confusing, putting the blame on the character itself. I don’t mean to sound rude. I just hate it when people take others’ words out of context and use it to support something that the original person never believed in the first place. As most of your readers are non korean speakers, I hope you be more careful with something like this in the future as not to create any misunderstanding.

    • Er, no. I did not take his words out of context and twist them up. This is Yoo Seung Ho. In what bizarre planet would he have a hard time playing a dark character like Hyung Joon when he did just that (and then some) playing Yeo Woon in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Hyung Joon is like a walk in the park in terms of playing twisty dark characters. Have you watched Flames of Ambition? When in the hands of the grand master Jung Ha Yeon, Yoo Seung Ho at the age of 17 was playing a 25 year old for a 50!! episode drama where, trust me, his emotions were all over the place. In both WBDS and FoL, I’m sure there was no way in hell Yoo Seung Ho ever experienced the intensity of emotions his characters went through in those dramas. Yet he never said it was a challenge. You know why? Because those characters were written well, developed with consistency, he was given proper direction, so why it was a far-fetched stretch from his RL persona, he could do it because that is why he is an ACTOR. He acts, in ways different than his real life. If never experiencing emotions in RL creates a challenge for actors, then they might as well change professions. I didn’t take Yoo Seung Ho’s words out of context – I read between the lines based on why he said it, when he said it, and everything he’s done before. He was critiquing this character and said he was having difficulty acting as Hyung Joon. Never heard him say that before with much harder roles.

      When entertainers give interviews, don’t just take it on face value. Many times it is what is intended to be conveyed but cannot be stated directly that is of more interest in defining what they really think. If you left a company because the work environment was toxic, in your next interview you never want to come out and say it that way. Why? Because the new company might be afraid you are the problem and too sensitive. So you say it wasn’t a good fit, the culture was too different for you. That is called diplomacy. But a good interviewer knows what the person intended to say.

      • Agree. YSH is a natural born actor. Acting is not difficult to him but he needs a stable ground to walk on. If you don’t know if your character acts by love, hate, revenge, or pure insanity, that’s a problem. He must come to the set, roll his eyes and play the scenes on a basic level. I can not even blame him for that.
        I remember he gave that interview precisely when his character started to be in free wheel. I bet he signed for a loving character who would do all the (good) things he can in order to win his woman and who would sink in a suit like the gentlemen on the Titanic when he discovers he’s not the FATED ONE… Lets let him have a grandiose death scene to get out of this nightmare.
        Sidenote: I’m still amazed when I see people who take interviews of celebrities seriously: If we were to take everything in the first degree, Dramaland would be Disneyland and would be populated by asexual human beings able to survive on IV drips and who never dislike anyone. Is it denial or naivete?

    • This reminds me of Jung Il Woo’s frank opinions of how his character behaved in “Take Care of the Young Lady.”
      He diplomatically blamed himself that he didn’t understand the character’s motives and couldn’t play the part well.
      The audience knew the part was horrible for him, and the fact that his role got smaller and smaller shows you the crew agreed.

      • Hahaha, poor Jung Il Woo there as well. His complaints about Take Care of the Lady could also be transplanted word-for-word to his equally pointless role in MoonSun. This boy has the worst luck playing 2nd male leads. I tell myself he always has ROI to look back on.

    • I’ll bite:
      fauxcest, blindness, cancer, pregnancy,ginseng smuggling (like in Warrior Baek Dong Su), three years abroad in (Australia this time,) amnesia, liver transplant, plane crash in the mountains.

      • Now you have me adding to plot extenders:
        ambiguous gay love story with guest star JCW
        vegetable store IPO problems with guest star JCW
        something about a piano with guest star JCW

      • Maybe fake Harry and real Harry end up falling in love and moving to a country with legalized gay marriage. And take the money with them. And to hell with Soo Yeon and revenge because they can be the unambiguously gay duo and live happily with tons of money.

      • They already have something like fauxcest, I think. That little sister stay flirting with her male relatives. I think at one point she came on to both Harry and Jung Woo in the same episode. All that’s left is daddy and momma to flirt with, at this point.

      • lmao Maybe the I Miss You extra episode will feature an hour long therapy session for all three main leads with an accredited doctor and/or therapist. And then they all get their lives together and move on from this mess. lol Bonus points if Harry runs away to France with Harry 2.0 in an unexpected, yet pleasant twist of wild romance and fierce longing.

      • @ravensnest
        Therapy? Who needs it? Aren’t they the so called healing couple who just need kisses and sex to make everything better? *dies laughing!!!!!*

        Maybe therapy for HJ since he has no one to kiss and have sex with.

      • @shiku: Omo! You dared talking about the shameful “healing coc*” trope used in steamy fanfics? Bwahahaha… Shrinks are for losers. 😉

  7. Thanks for this post, Capt. K. Really appreciate the brutal honesty.

    I love YEH to bits and I adore my darling boy YSH and I was quite willing to give this drama a shot in spite of the narrative, but after reading this, I’m not so sure anymore. I might just decide to stay away. Mindless fun (like LTM) I can and will gobble up without guilt, but mindless pain? Maybe not. Or maybe I’ll watch the first four episodes and marvel at my other darling boy YJG’s fantastic acting chops.

    • @rainqueen unnie if you truly love yeh and ysh you were going to support them through the way. YEH and YSH do and give their best just to give viewers a good drama. Imagine them filming in a cold weather without proper slip, and with minimal break. I think the actors deserve to be rewarded by their fans by supporting and watching their drama…
      I miss you is a pretty good drama if anyone just give it a try and watching it with understanding and with a broad mind..

      • Biased much? The drama is terrible. Those who loved YEH and YSH to death will keep fooling themselves that this drama is a good drama.

      • As much as I love YooChun (since 2005 as a Cassie), I am not going to waste time on a drama that’s going to drive me crazy and have me wanting to throw my my laptop across the room. I can think of much better things to do with those wasted hours.

        A “pretty good drama” is only your opinion. You’re entitled to it as I am entitled to mine and to me, this is a pretty dismal drama that has just crossed the land of no return with the most recent happenings.

        Acting-wise, YSH is truly a force to be reckoned with despite his young age. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us once he leaves and returns from the military.

        I am not blaming YEH, PYC, or YSH for the insanity of this drama, the fault lies with the writer. I’ll continue to support whatever future projects they have lined up, but again…why should I have to waste time watching something that will leave me cringing and bad-mouthing each and every aforementioned cringe-worthy scene?




  9. I was curious about how this drama has been going since I dropped it a few weeks ago — morbidly curious like onlookers at a major car crash. So, thank you so much for the entertaining recap. Guess this became less of a car crash and more of a massive natural disaster. Glad I jumped ship! But I will continue to shake my head and mourn what a waste this was of talented actors and some really good early episodes (with the child actors). So sad.

  10. Wow. I can hardly believe how horribly this drama went off the rails! The screenwriter has actually had a very good track record up until now. Now granted, Can You Hear My Heart, Last Scandal & Smile, You were in no way melodramas, even if they got all angsty at times. (Never saw Tree of Heaven, but I don’t think that one was quite as psycho.) But what she clearly writes best is rom-com/family dramas were the main couple are allowed to be close and sweet together, even before they actually get together and definitely after. With a title/central concept like “Missing You” I guess writer was doomed from the start. Now that I think of it, without the main couple’s relationship to buoy them up, those other dramas would likely have been just as wack-a-doodle.

  11. I watch episodes raw and am a non Korean speaker. I watch MY for eun hye. I started watching going again simultaneously and I can say I am glad she took this part to stretch her acting a bit. She has been doing too many rom coms. I can tell she has been taking acting classes. Her character in MY is a bit schizophrenic- on one occasion showing some strength and then on the other being this weak weepy cannot function woman. Nevertheless it is good to see eun hye accepting this role.
    There are worse melo out there without a charismatic actress to hold your attention. In the end fans of both pyc and yeh will always pick this melo over others.

    • This is where YEH’s experience as an actress totally reveals itself, as opposed to YSH who is still relatively a baby despite his impressive resume even as to his young age.

      Both of their characters are schizo and written without any depth or consistency. But YEH’s acting is consistent throughout, whereas poor baby YSH is just laughably manic when he’s going crazy on Soo Yeon. She can handle portraying a poorly written character, he doesn’t yet have the accumulated acting knowledge to rise about risibly written pulp.

      MY is a star vehicle for Yoochun, it’s fine to acknowledge that. But I wish if that was the case, it was well-written for his fans sake, because goodness this is one hot story mess. He deserves better. Heck, all the leads deserve better. Poor Jang Mi In Ae deserves a public apology from the production and the writer for shaming her by spitefully cutting her screen time to the point her character has no purpose and not having her around is detrimental to the story itself.

      • I’m glad you at least give consolation to the actors. It’s a mad script but the actors try their best to help us endure it. I wasn’t planning to even watch this soap because I don’t like heavy dramas all that much. Couldn’t resist YEH, however; and was curious on how she’s fairing in it.

        I don’t wish to be as intelligently critical as you in digesting lit, because I’ve already had enough of that in school. Reading your take on things, it’s clear you elevate watching dramas into an art form. That’s probably why you have haters of your own lol. Some are content on just watching their “idols” onscreen, never mind the story. Others (me, included=), just gloss over the perceived imperfections (ie, the mindless pain as someone here put it) and focus on the good points. I guess the writer forgot that there are people like you who go beyond what is presented onscreen. As in all soapy stuff, this was intended for “mass appeal”. I feel the writer was ambitious to go reel in the group A/intellectuals (as how we categorize this group of viewers in the Philippines) by tackling some big issues like rape and social injustice but fell flat on his face because he had to contend with popular clamor for the happy-ever-after ending. Nevertheless, kudos to you, Ma’am! It’s your blog after all, so you decide what you put in here. It’s definitely for the broad minded and strong at heart (*cough* fans). I admire you for the strength of your convictions!
        Peace, everyone!:)

  12. Thank you so much for this! I admire you for sticking to your guns and even coming back to defend yourself when others try to question or ridicule your opinions. Bravo for taking a stand and standing by it!!! I completely agree with everything you had to say!

  13. I’m just bitter…….. Absolutely love all 3 leads and the fact that this gaesaekki writer pulled them into an alternate dimension of madness ……. I’m bitter

    • I blame you and the excessive amounts of shellfish I consumed for this post. 😛 Aren’t the screencaps priceless? Anyone who thinks I am being harsh can just let a picture speak a thousand words. This is even better than my rendition before dinner, this post comes complete with picture proof!

      • Haha! Lordy, the dismal looks and red noses. But I have to disagree with you. Your rendition was TONS entertaining! Nothing can beat your animated account, the unison shrieks of “What? WUT?!”, and the cries of disbelieving hilarity. Ah, brainless k-melos, never change, you make us laugh so much!

      • Hahaha, and that was before I even touched a beer. Though I think @endodo4ever had the funniest look of sheer horror and perplexity because she’s not caught up with most K-dramas and just hearing this one almost made her head fursplode. I’m always glad to entertain y’all! ^___^

    • And that was even before we disclosed to poor old endodo the “kidnapped and raped as kids” part. Which we did over dessert. Maybe she thought we were playing a prank on her and just making it up…

  14. I looked the writer up, and–what happened here? She is the one who wrote Can You Hear My Heart? And Smile, You? And Last Scandal? Whaaa…?

  15. OK, I totally love your recap I couldn’t agree more, I felt nothing for the main characters I felt they were extremely selfish and self centered. I love Harry the crazy thing is that SY think she discover Harry true character, I can’t help but think how it Harry who discover SY true character and it not pretty…

  16. I agree. Usually my drama preference is 90% is different with you but with I Miss You, I can’t deny it is an utter mess.
    I never loath a drama this much. A drama I want to love and watch so much at the begininng. The way it is written, manipulation the emotions, such a waste of the three main leads talents.
    Btw Koala, you had an avid haters now in soompi. They really dislike you and said something so childish that I can’t stand to read.
    Those people…..

    • I visited the IMY soompi thread by curiosity recently: The same people who pretend everywhere than IMY is a wonderful & praise worthy story, are in fact drooling over their actors/actresses like any other fan over their fav oppas/unnis. It’s just some teenagers taking pleasure in mutual congratulations and flat remarks. No need to feel threatened or sad because of what is written there: No value whatsoever. Next thread please.

      • You’re the one who got bashed on IMY episode 3 or 4 recap at DB, right?

        Please get a life.^^

      • Damn… Now I will be sad for the rest of the day. Huhuhu…
        You know what’s worst? I went on soompi, hoping to have some explanations on why this drama is so appealing and interesting for some people: After 10 pages of kiss’s gifs and “oh, oppa is hot!”, I gave up. I almost hate myself for wasting my time. 😉

      • I’m a regular on Missing You Soompri and even I have to admit that the great analysis that was going on there is slowly vanishing…This is unfortunate but we”ll everyone finds its own way and motivations to appreciate a drama, may it be droolworthy actors. It is shallow, but aren’t shallow people still human beings ?
        For @shiku’s info, even though she should really be minding her own freaking business, I wasn’t really invested in Missing You and I was checking the coments section to see what was the reaction to it and I rememeber being particularly impressed by the dispute going on and I did rememeber you name. Does that make me a nolife ??! Up to anyone who wants to think so.
        The thing I really want to say is, why oh WHY still talk about a drama whose plot, acting, directing, AND fandom pisses you off ?! I don’t see anything logical about it and please don’t bring me the “freedom of speech” sh*t for heaven’s sake…
        It’s not about that. At all! I can see why Koala is underwhelmed by the drama and everyone has its own taste but ridiculing other people’s taste is not right, freedom of speech or not. To each his own as said so often here. Sticking with Missing You and even (OMG) finding it narratively compelling isn’t a sin, it’s not worth being insulted, or considered brain-dead bunch of teenagers…
        I’m off. When I said get a life i was meaning that I don’t see how you can possibly find accomplishement in starting hate talks. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to argue and especially not about Missing You since it’s just a drama even though I really love it (will go to hell). I’m convinced everyone here has a lot to do with RL.

      • @chibi keeping track of people in various blogs why don’t YOU get a life? Take your own advice.

    • @mrssal, haters are the first sign to fame. The bigger the anti-fan-base, the more famous the blogger. Koala should be happy.

  17. Somehow, I got the feeling that you took a project without fully understanding MY synopsis an its characters characterizes. When I chose this drama, the first thing I read were these two. I didn’t care who the main actors, but it was very important for me to know who is behind this project and to be honest, I admit I was a bit apprehensive and a bit skeptical because Moon Hee Jung (main Screenwriter) wrote only one traditional melodrama (Tree of Heaven) and later really nice romance/family dramas. BUT as you already know MY is not a traditional melodrama but set as romance & melodrama.

    I agree with some of your points, particularly those dealing with the issue of plot and sequence events. Sometimes it seems that the writer was not really proficient in the subject she is trying to convey. Although, I disagree with your statement about the very clear narrative story of murders that lead the characters to resolve their traumaric past, so I actually see these little stories as crucial for the plot development.

    I also agree that YC sometimes overacting, but I had the same feeling about Joo Won’s acting in Bridal Mask, but that didn’t detract even for one moment my enjoyment of him or the drama itself. About YEH, she’s natural actress, and in her case I don’t agree with you. Her character was very strong and lovely at the beginning and when she came to Seoul she became needy, whiny and insecure. I don’t know why and it’s a little hard for me to explain what I want to say in English, but it seems like you’re “mad” they took strong character and made ​​her brittle. You forget something big: She’s someone who for 14 years had suppressed her past. Specifically in her case, I think the writer did a great job. She never handled with her ​​past until she met Jung Woo. She just hid it and believed that if she’s not touching and thinking about it, then it doesn’t exist. Any woman who has experienced trauma, first of all crashes and only then, step by step, restructures herself. Because she skipped a critical step to re-build, remeeting with Jung Woo and her mother shatters her world.

    To be honest, this is not the best drama of the year and no doubt that The Equator Man and Nice Guy, both traditional melodramas much more successful from this genre. But MY has a lot of grace and charm, despite its flaws, and that’s what keeps me at least, to watch it.

  18. i stop watching imy after episode 16.i feel bad and i switch to movie royal concubine.i read in one forum S…pi forum and post my ranting i get bashing from them because i dont like the otp character.

    the forummer very defensive when i talk about the story line .what i dont like how this forummer imagine bed scene,kissing scene on otp.the way i look at it is the writer is making a story for the otp fanbase want to see not writing a story for the writer want us to see.

    the fanbase want to see their otp kissing,they make otp kissing scene out of context.the fanbase want to see bed scene they writer try to make bed scene.the fanbase want to see happy ending they make additional extension .

    this is really bad for a writer who is not independent and no intergrity as a genuine creative writer.A story must be written to show to audience and send the message to the audience.not by audience sending message to writer and how the story must end,how the otp must,how is the character the story moving toward the end.

    the writer intergrity is not fair to the character and actor by misleading the character a long the way following what the fanbase want.

    for example second female lead no justification why her sypnospsis different from the original premeire and toward the end her airtime not even 10 minutes during the show and her dialogue doesnt give impact to the story line.

  19. I think the writer of MY got tired and just throwing random scenarios after its 2nd half just to finish it fast, heck with logic as long as its out of the way. This is very unfortunate and a HUGE waste of talented actors. I have nothing against the acting here, yes they can cry in a blink of an eye but tears were wasted on such ridiculous plot that dont make any sense.
    I didn’t know YSH’s “Harry” character was a fake one until now. And also, I thought the cleaning Ajumma heard heel footsteps when she was hiding in the closet, so is that mean YSH was wearing heels when he killed the rapist? Or was it YEH’s (Seoyeon’s) heels and found the rapist already dead?
    Sorry i did not watch this drama, just reading the recaps just for my love of YEH.

    • Writers should have more of Lee Go Eun (King of Dramas) writer character. Very passionate writer and reviews all her previous scenarios to help her develop better future episodes.

      • I’ll do it short cause I must get some sleep. It’s a melo, so Lee Go Eun’s character of KofD in a melo gotta be the first strong woman ever in melo (never seen one, so if someone did, please share with us, cause even Eun Gi of Nice Guy that started as strong woman become very mushy and fragile).

        As for MY, let me understand something. You watched the first half and dropped it, so why do you want to know what happened? I always said, if something isn’t worth my time, reading about it, also a waste of time. Am I wrong?

        But I’ll answer anyways, cause maybe you will decide to let it another chance. The cleaning ajumma told JW that she thaught the killer is SY cause of the high heels sound. later JW noticed that Harry’s cane also make the same noises. Later on, Harry/KHJ will confess to SY that he killed Kang Sang Deuk. About the two Harrys. Han Tae Joon assitant Yoon was known as Harry back in France and he and KHJ were friends, so KHJ borrowed his name… besides, Yoon is a mole that implanted as HTJ’s secretary and killed few of them by Harry/KHJ’s order, or at least it seems so.

  20. i watch flame ambition i saw ysh character very timid,honest and pure from begining toward the end,the mother is ambitious women and very greedy type of woman but i cannot hate her character because i am watching how her character consistent toward the end .i also watch five fingers the mother that really bad mother but the writer can tell audience why she behave and why she become like that.we audience have understand and have mercy toward her.that is really good writing.

    but in imy the writer mass the story making the otp suddenly lovey dovey,kissing and loving.and second male lead from smart and loving became childish ,stupid and crazy ,clingy just to give reason for otp become couple. we start to ask why the writer mass the story line?and the feeling that we have are watching iris? glass slipper?or are we watching athena? i feel like eating shusi with kimchi and the taste kind of different not so salty,not so hot ,not so is very bad taste.


  21. for those who like to watch bed scene,hot kissing better go watch the royal concubine.i really love to watch the lead actor he is so hot and and the female lead really really good in bed scene.what i want to say is this writer really really very consistent.he want to produce a love story,forbidden loves,sex scene,naked scene,wild scene,anal scene,that every men and women want to imagine have that kind of fantasy he make it reality.and i the writer make a story that consistent from the premiere to the end . he want to make a wild bed story with full of art and creativity.

    i dont get angry with this writer,actor and actress because the strory they write is written with good taste and artistic that make us really have good memory and good the message is the writer want to give good sexy bed scene in his film with full of art.

  22. The script is so terrible here. It’s just plain horrible. I think it’s great and all that fans support their idols and favorites. But a bad script is a bad script. The actors are trying their best – I think almost everyone has acknowledged that. But the story is a complete mess. There are people who get A’s for a particular story and there are people who get C’s or D’s. This is just that – C or D level here. I don’t have much else to say since a lot of it has been said.

    Kudos Koala for giving your opinion. I agree. It just has a lot of potential and then it went all downhill from there. I think all 3 characters should just met a tragic end to end all the pain once and for all. Harry, aka fake Harry, KHJ is the worst character here, but the other two are pretty close behind in the running. Sigh… truly a waste of all 3 actors’ talent.

  23. Lurking your blog as usual, and got myself quite surprised that you still write about this drama.
    Agree with some of your writing, disagree to some points.

    For me, this drama tops other melodrama like Nice Guy. Hehe, Nice guy fans, just dont throw rocks on me.. But maybe it’s just a matter of preference. But I agree that in recents episodes, the writing is not as good as previous plot. And I got some news that the writer kept changing the story.. I poor the actors for having to memorized new line… Maybe the writer had some pressure to please everyone, that’s why the quality drop a bit. And now MBC adds another episode, maybe for MBC this is a matter a business after all.

    But, even so.. I disagree that the writing of this drama is not good. It’s still one of the better amongst KDrama. But then again, it’s a matter of preference.

  24. hisashiburi dear koala…
    glad to see ur good thoughts about this drama again,,hehehe…
    thanks for ur opinion…n it’s my honour to say,i agree (as usual) with ur words above…^_^b
    again,,everybody has the right to say anything good or bad about something..
    just keep on writing ur thoughts,,hehehehe…

    well,,i also want sooyeon say those words ‘dude,i dont love u’ to joon,,it will be better if u end the things before u start the new ones rite?and joon will never cry many rivers there..i guess.. he will stay focus on his revenge..
    the reason why this drama makes no sense for me is how could you leave 14yrs relationship and go to the reunion with ur puppy love whom u’ve just met again in several days??throw away the person who really care about u,,even kill people recklessly just for ur safety (or revenge)..while he crying bcoz of u in his secret lair,,u’re laying down happily in ur bed with ur puppy love,,hugging,kissing,even wanna making love??like there’s nothing happened before???hellloooo….u feel shocked,n even fainted before rite??geeez,,,there’s someone killed people on behalf on u pabo-ya!!!u like or not..that’s the fact…

    i just hope the writer-nim (and PD-nim) dont (ever) listen the fans who asked them to change the story into their own version..
    definitely,,this drama is not the best drama this year for tired..but still,,i cant stop to watch..bcoz i’ve too glued to my babyboy seungho,,,kekekek..really love his acting here..^_^b

  25. Drama is supposed to be dramatic? I can’t believe the world can just revolve around three people. LSY only has two friends = HJW & KHJ. The Kdrama has shrunk the world to be so small that nothing goes beyond the main characters. I do not understand Asian culture, therefore, I am watching it like this will never happen in a real world and I am finally enjoying it ! Thank you!

  26. I miss LIE TO ME! I want YEH to do a something out of the Rom-Com sphere, but this is depressing. I can not stand non-happy ending for my YEH. But my thing is that the writer let Kang Hyun Joon leave the video msg for Soo yeon stating what he did. . .why couldn’t she just show it to the cops? Thats perfect evidence. Anyways, sigh, I really wanted this to be good. Im not watching it, but I had had to see YEH’s and Yoochun kiss in ep 13. Plus that one song by wax sounds so good.

  27. i drop watching this drama on eps. 9 when i sense something with drama turns not rite. but i keep hopping something miraculously happen as i watch this thread now I’m gladly that i was drop to watching MY in the early episode. but its so annoyingly..cmon who would stay stuck with your 1st love for 15 years if you had someone like Hyung Joon (i mean before he become a crazy physco)….only in a drama

  28. I still follow this drama because of YSH ~yes, I’m that shallow hahaha… But I’m getting more and more depressed with the “twist” as the episode goes, to the point that I wish the writer just kill off Harry so I have my reason to officially resign from this drama. I’m doomed.

    • hahaha…sounds good!
      but if harry killed too early…then who will make the conflict in this drama??who will be the bad psycho guy to ruin the happiness of the OTP and make people hate him?hahahaha…
      if the writer kill harry rite now (i mean this week),,whoaaa…definitely,,she’s the type of writer who really consistent to satisfy the fans of the excellence actor..
      kiss scene?satisfied..
      bed scene?satisfied..
      kiss scene again n again??satisfied..
      harry’s dead??…hem,,we’ll see…

      • Well, after that probably the writer-nim can switch this drama from traditional hide and seek melodrama into hot smokey OTP romance hehehehe… So the fans will be more satisfied with lots of sweet scenes, kiss scenes, bed scenes, healing scenes… yeah, you name it.

        And my baby Seung-Ho can just concentrate to his MV project and all the preparation before entering the military service =)

  29. when i read your post, i was like grinning so wide i felt like i am going crazy like what this drama had become. i am grinning cuz i loved every word you wrote about the past episodes and how stupid MY had become. btw, is it trying to follow suit Fashion King? if so, it’s slowly succeeding.

  30. Man, I could not agree more.

    I knew from the moment that Harry suddenly turned  physically “abusive” that the writers were trying to make him into insta-villan because he had become more likable the the male lead. (I’m sorry 
    I still can’t see JW as anything more than a big whiney douche.) It was so obviously a case of trying to make him the evil baddy so the hero would look more heroic that it was laughable. Not only that, but they even managed to make HTJ and his nasty wife look pitiful in comparison. 

    I guess we were supposed to believe that SY kept passively allowing herself to get pushed into intimate situations with JW because she was “reluctant” to cheat on Harry but then she keeps allowing JW to barge into Harry’s house, flirt with her in front of him and even demand to spend the night? I swear I couldn’t concentrate on anything else because I kept thinking “Dude, that is his HOUSE!”. I really felt for teenage SY and I wanted to root for her adult self but she turned into this totally wishy-washy,  weak, man-hopping caricature of a Damsel in Distress and it turned me off completely. 

    It is obvious that the writers had different intentions for the story lines in this drama but they ended up catering to the fans. (The lastest episode really cements that.) 

  31. Wow…first time here. It is a wonder how people can spew hate for this drama (Missing You) without watching it fully. I happen to like this drama a lot. I watched it right after Nice Guy and I thought that one was pretty good but Missing You is better. The story, look, and dialogue have been very meaningful and powerful. The acting (from leads to supporting actors) has been superb as well. I am usually not a fan of melodramas but tried Nice Guy for a change then thought I will watch Missing You too knowing it is a big time melodrama as advertised. I understand all the characters and the twists and turns have been believable (this is a drama after all). I refuse to blindly pass any judgement on anything. Much better to experience first hand or else I will not afford myself to make an intelligent decision and conclusion. So, if someone tells me to basically hate something I haven’t seen nor experience and I followed suit then that’s unfortunate and wrong. But to each his own. But please reserve judgement if we haven’t experienced or seen the full story ourselves.

    • i really love tecks`s comments, 100% agree
      missing you is NOT BAD AT ALL, i think everyone in this thread who hate this drama were judging too much, its okay if you dont like it but dont overreact!!

  32. Thank you Koala. Now that you’ve had a good rant, don’t you feel better?

    KDramas. I am a new fan of kDramas, and I think my life would be simplier if I had never stepped thru the looking glass and found this strange new world of KDrama. It has been fascinating to learn the rules of this world, to meet the characters, to feel the bipolar emotions. But the problem is that I enter each drama by giving the writer my trust that if I spend time and love their actors and open my heart, that tthe writer will be kind and leave me satisfied and happy. But from the dramas I have seen, it is like going on a series of blind dates, you never know which ones will betray you. MY has betrayed me, which is such a crime when I love the actors and I wanted to love the story too.

  33. Wooooh, what a mess happen here in this drama…
    Your recap is burning Koala, I can feel the fire of rage haha…

    Actually I stopped watching this drama at 9th episode, because I ship a wrong ship, I ship the 2nd lead (Hyung Joon) and it’s a pain to watch the Soo Yeon with the main lead (Jung Woo), so I just stop.
    I think the teenagers part is the best part of this drama, they acted very great. I don’t think I can continue watching this drama if they turn Hyung Joon to be like that 🙁

  34. I personally think this drama is too heavy. The crying scenes at times irks me. The love between hjw and lsy is too cheesy at times and some people feels she is two timing two men. Trying to avoid hjw but at the same time getting close and cosy with him. Leaving Harry and running away from him after 14 yrs together. I like lsy when she was young but I do not feel the same after she has grown up. Hjw is also irritating at times. We are suppose to hate harry but I pity him instead. In miss ripley, everyone suppose to hate jang Miri also but somehow people also pity and understand her situation why she has becomes like that. PYC actually acted quite well in the show and LDH is also good. I also like YEH but in this drama she did not make me feel sad or pity her. I am giving my personal and objective view and I understand the casts are doing their best here. I personally loves the three actors and actress. Anyway. I am not a great fan of overly dramatic drama and I watch MY becos of PYC becos he is a good actor actually. It is just that I do not much his character here. This is my opinion only and how I feel.

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