Viewer Poll: What Do You Think About Missing You?

Isn’t that a lovely Wintery shot of leads Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun in the latest episode of Missing You? Taken out of context, they look like a happy couple out on a date together. Except in the context of the drama, they are running from law enforcement because she is a suspect in a series of murders. Does it make any sense Jung Woo and Soo Yeon can be all romantical when being fugitives from the law? This drama is like a Monet as interpreted and repainted by a kindergartener. But the camera work is undeniably pretty and makes it so easy to watch when one doesn’t think too hard about exactly what is happening onscreen. I’ve loved PD Lee Jae Dong since he directed Thank You with such restraint and heart, with this innate understanding of the delicateness of Lee Kyung Hee’s script and the ability to turn Blue Island into a portrait that is both evocative as well as intimate. He was also on the production team behind Friends, Our Legend, and anyone associated with that masterpiece has my goodwill forever. He singlehandedly adds depth to MY by providing the burnished sheen of visual desire. He gets mad props for not over-directing the makjang elements and toning down the scriptwriter’s overwrought script by directorial control alone. A pretty drama that is a narrative mess should get recognition for it, and no other drama I’ve ever watched bridges that dichotomy as much as Snow Queen did, though MY comes close. I’m curious to see how the final 3 episodes (the drama got extended 1 episode so will end at 21) unfolds in both narrative and directorial flourish. With that said, I’d love for drama viewers to make their voices heard on this drama since everyone seems to have an opinion. Love it or hate it, now is your time to rock the vote and see if you are in the majority or the minority opinion on this one.

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Everyone can only vote once, so each vote equals one viewer’s opinion.


Viewer Poll: What Do You Think About Missing You? — 116 Comments

  1. This whole drama drives me insane regardless of how much I love the leads. Nothing makes sense at all… and even if you fast forward through it, you won’t miss a thing.

  2. I love love yon Eun hye but the story of this dram is driving me crazy it’s all over the place… Makes no sense at all!!! I stop watching this drama I just wait for Ms Koalas recap but it’s seems like she got tired of it? I wouldn’t blame you. (But please pretty please continue on recapping ALICE) thank you! This kind of story is the reason I stay away from melo dramas but nice guy pulled me back again now missing you is pushing me away. Looking forward to THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS and my GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT. Thank you Ms K! I hope the next TV project of yoon Eun hye will make up for this… Thank you!

  3. I’m speechless. I almost wrote a cheque to the newlyweds after watching episode 18. I gave up, that’s the end for me. I can only offer YEH go to someone who would remove the curse asap, something really bad happened there since Coffee Prince. Poor girl.

  4. bad acting plus bad writting equal horrible. when did she have time to get a camera?? all yeh does in this drama is sell lipstick,shoes, cameras ect!

      • YEH does NOTHING in this drama. Even her “glycerine” oops crying scenes have lost it now

      • @lilly.. pls dont write rubbish if you have not seen it ok.. i wonder if all you here have watched this drama or just giving replies based on recaps which i think is biased.. im sorry to say miss koala .. i used to admire your writings..

      • what is wrong with you people ? how hard it is to make you satisfy .no matter how great she acts you r gonna criticize her any way, so yes you r right she is feel good now ? but you know what her greatest talent is to be no.1 on Nate search, to be so popular ,to make lipstick,shoes, cameras be sell, to make money (you probably can’t even dream) while SHE IS DOING NOTHING…What is your talent ? jealous to death ?

  5. I was watching this in the beginning because I was in love with the YEH + YSH coupling but once that relationship started to fall apart so did this drama. IMO of course.

  6. I gave up at 5, so I am not qualified to vote, but I think this is a good idea.
    You could end up with actual results that reflect how your regular reading population, or you could get bombed by people who feel strongly either way.

    Whatever happens, it will be very interesting.
    Are you going to close the voting at a certain point?

    • Voting trails off after 4-5 days once the post leaves my most recent-10 sidebar. The 2012 Best OTP poll got over 10,000 individual viewer votes but has been adding votes still since December but not enough to have any impact on the percentages when it gets up to that number. Btw, just the thought that at least 10,000 people read me freaks me the hell out. I still feel like I’m having intimate chats with my dramas friends, except in writing rather than verbally.

      Anyways, even if all the I-Love-MY or I-Hate-MY crews come out to bomb me, it’s still one-vote each so the vote can’t get skewed either way. The only unreliable polls are the polls allowing voters to cast votes as many times as they want. And then I see the vote counts change in ridiculous peaks and valleys depending on an overzealous fan wanting to boost or sink a vote. So they sit at the computer voting until their fingers get tired or they have better things to do.

      I’m totally curious what the majority opinion is? I’m sure if I polled LTM it would be about half. If I polled Big it would be like 90% hate (hahaha, don’t you love being in the minority of the minority of the minority opinion on that one), and TK2H and Nice Guy would be about 70-80% love.

      My prediction? MY love = 35%, MY hate = 65%, give or take 5%.

      • Trending is going towards non-fans now…

        I am not surprised by the 10,000.
        I read forums that I don’t post on, too. You know there are a lot of silent but interested parties.

        PS We are having intimate chats because we can hide behind our fake names and show our real selves.

        PSS People didn’t like BIG? 😉

  7. What is it with winter frolickingand kmelos?…it’s like there is not one melodrama that comes to mind that doesn’t seem to have one…of course there are also rom-coms that have them like say Smile You….but for the most most winter always seems to be the season to be mopey rather than merry in kdramaland

  8. It was decent until episode 13 when the kiss happened. I could not comprehend whyyyyyy they had to do that. Episode 17 was the highlight of the terrible writing. Just watching for the ending. Kind of curious what’s going to happen.

  9. @ Ms. K
    This is crazy. I have long wanted to comment on every posts you made regarding Missing You but failed to do so since I’m not that fluent in English. I just want you to know that I’m your avid reader before this and a silent big fan of YEH. Wish you also respect my opinion just like what I’m doing for your last posts. I don’t think you’ll be able to get the majority opinion on this one, the result of this poll, I’ll consider them as the majority vote of your readers since 100-500 votes doesn’t comprise the majority viewers of missing you. I love YEH so much and I appreciate how she works hard for this drama, not only her but the rest of the cast.

    • Of course this poll (or any poll anywhere that could be conducted) couldn’t possibly comprise the majority viewers of Missing You, or any drama for that matter. Just like television ratings are merely the viewing preferences for a group of households (around a few thousand) with boxes set up, the idea is that within that group lies the breakdown percentages that mirror the greater population as a whole. It’s like if you take 1000 people in Korea and ask if they prefer apples or oranges. If its 55-45% apples to oranges, you can extrapolate that if you asked the entire population of Korea, the breakdown would be about the same, give or take a few percentage points. You won’t see that suddenly the entire population of Korea is 20-80 apples to oranges. At most the greater sample will have a margin of error of a few percentage points, which ultimately doesn’t skew the outcome too much. It’s called data sampling.

      This poll will only reflect the English viewing audience of K-dramas, and of course will not capture even a majority of the viewers. However, statistics show that if this poll turns out to be 25-75 like-dislike of MY, then the English viewing population of that drama will statistically bear out to that split. It may be 30-70, or even 35-65 if you want to argue statistical manipulation, but what won’t happen is that if every English drama viewer is polled, the result would be fundamentally different like 70-30 like-dislike. I am merely looking to quell a curiosity and this poll result means nothing other than a snapshot.

      • I dare to differ here. This poll here will only reflect opinion of readers of your blog (who want to do a poll). It may reflect the English K-drama viewers and it may not. As with any statistical survey, “representative” is the important word. To make general conclusions, the sample has to be somewhat representative to the population we want to investigate. Like with your apples and oranges question, if one wants to generalize to the whole Korea, one can’t just ask people in one street in Busan. So the randomization is used (for example from the phonebook of whole Korea) and it is usually stratified by couple of simple factors like gender, age or socioeconomic status to keep your sample population (those 1000 people) representativne (ie to be sure you just didn’t ask only old people etc). The same goes when they choose houesholds for placing the boxes for rating estimates. The households are chosen based on some criteria to ensure representativness (to avoid ratings from K-pop fans only, for example). At least I hope so :–)

        Second, even representative samples can lead to misleading results, if the questions are manipulative. There is one great episode in the “Yes (prime)minister serie” about how to do a statistical survey to get the answer one wants. :–)

        That doesn’t mean to say your poll is not interesting.
        I would just be careful with generalizations.

        Anyway, boring theory aside… let’s just have fun! :–)

    • Have you never heard of statistic or sampling? This method is used anywhere around the world to get the estimation of people’s opinion.

  10. The cast is great and the scenes are picturesque but everything else truly sucks. 

    I wonder if some of the hate posts about you blog on  the soompi inspired this poll? If you take everything at face value you could say that many of the “fans” of this drama are really only fans of the lead. I would say that reading that thread is like reading the diary of some hormonal pre-teen sybil and her 500 obsessive personalities…but only because I’m mean. 😉 I am starting to understand why so many kdramas start of off great then undergo strange and psychotic personality changes. 

    • The inspiration for this post is pure curiosity on my part as to whether there is really this overwhelming love for MY and I’m simply an outlier, and someone readers of this blog are blind lemmings who parrot any thought or opinion I may have. So many people have told me apparently I’m persona non grata at the MY Soompi thread, and if I ever had free time I’d visit just to see why what I am writing in my own blog would bother them so much when they ought to just happily enjoy watching and discussing that drama. It’s like someone being annoyed with a dog barking 5 blocks away by virtue of setting up a radio transmission into their own homes of the white noise. Anyhoo, I respond to what people comment to me here, but I don’t keep up with anything else written elsewhere these days just because I’m too busy. But your description of the MY thread is hilarious. I think its fun to gush over a drama like a fangirl, I do it all the time. Hopefully I don’t sound like a pre-teen when I do it. 😛

      • I confirm you are the “star” at MY soompi thread :D. Some people even call you “evil playground” there :p

      • You don’t sound like a preteen at all. However, if you start squealing in ecstasy because YSH   raised his arm and you wet yourself imagining how his armpit might smell…I might change that opinion.

      • People on Soompi are more Kpop fans than drama fans, so they’ll probably love anything Yoochun throws at them no matter how horrible.

      • I love both soompi and KOALAS BLOG, but it’s too much to be bothered to write about what you hate to watch… Where’s the logic&&&
        sinsearest appologises for my words…peace

    • I found that thread so childish. Nor everyone there, but some posters. During the airing of Faith, there were a lot of criticism on Dramabeans especially, but I don’t remember the fans at soompi thread name calling them. Besides, they even accepted and recognized the bad values of that drama. For Missing You, some fans seems so butt-hurt and blinded by their love.

  11. Honestly I only watched it for YSH, he is the only one that stood out from the beginning. Even in the latest episodes, you can see how much he improved. Honestly, I can’t stand Yoochun’s character. It seems that everything just revolves around Soo yeon.

    • Maybe this is why YSH decided on an early entry for army duty.
      He’s allowing us time to forget this gawd-awful drama of his whilst he prepares and beautifies his chocolate abs for viewing in another 2 years.

  12. I neither hate nor live this drama so I skipped the first poll. Just feel kind of indifferent to it cos I didn’t connect with the characters and the story and continued watching out of curiosity.
    For the ending, let’s have a happy ending so that the mindless pain achieved something.

  13. I watched this drama because of the lead…and I excuse myself from voting.I don’t like melos because I am easily touched and my eyes are often red and swollen due to crying..the Tree of heaven ,it took me 4 years to re watch because it was so heart breaking.I now conclude that I am a Korean drama addict because of the lead and the rest falls on entertainment.If I love it I re watch it again.I love your blog and your opinion even at times I dis agree with it.Thanks Ockoala..Missing you is a drama I might watch once or twice,the most.If I am to rate this its 2/5..

  14. I started watching this drama because of the two main leads and find it so hard to keep my interest after ep 10. I really like YEH and Micky but it is so depressing watching both leads keep on crying at every other episodes and just could not connect to them anymore as I feel that the writer deliberately wrote those crying plots to wrangle tears out of viewers instead of getting real sympathy from viewers.

    I don’t like the passive character of YEH in this drama and ep 17 really kills of my interest. How can Jung Woo as a cop turned the gun against his own colleagues whilst Soo Yeon just let him to do so if she really love him? How can the entire polica force just stood there meekly and let them escape ? really did not make sense to me.

    The kiss in ep 13 also did nothing for me as compared to the ” almost kiss” scene in CDDA. I ask myself a simple question – Do I want to rewatch it? The answer is a clear No no matter how much I really like the leads.

  15. According to your poll, it’s either you “Love it or Hate it.” To me, it’s just another melo drama. I’ve seen better & I’ve seen worst. I’m just watching it for PYC, YEH, & YSH.

    • I never seen a k-drama fans like this.

      This is not about the actor/actresses this is about the WRITING and its narrative mess and characterization. Don’t take it personally. I have seen worst critics of a drama from many blog but since I love reading diff views i just brush it away.

  16. the only reason for me to keep watching is to see Yoochun and Yoo Seung Ho..especially their outfits…really look great on them..

  17. I refrained from voting for the first question because neither choice represents how I feel about the drama.

    I know that you must feel an intense hatred for how the writing of the story has turned out (I also loved your version of the story from your previous post on this topic) but I wish that the choices were better constructed because neither choice is something that viewers who are watching Missing You with eyes wide open (and brain operating) would choose.

    I’m guessing that majority of the viewers who want to say that their brains are operating quite nicely would choose the second option, while those who we expect are just loving MY for the eye candy would choose the first. But many of the opinions I’ve read of the show from more discerning viewers would fall somewhere in between.

    There are parts of the show that I dislike intensely and parts of the show that I love. There are parts that the writer does right (the character interactions, especially in the earlier part of the show) and does horribly wrong (the characterization, plot problems and the writing for the ending/fans part). This may end up being a learning experience for everyone, and sadly it was broadcasted instead of just used as a teaching tool for acting classes.

    For the second choice however, I choose the first. ^_^ Except that I want Hyung Joon to snap out of it, grab mom and go live somewhere warm with relaxing sandy beaches.

    The writer truly did miss out on making a great story about healing and the resilience of human beings in the face of uncontrollable and unexplainable violence. Part of what makes being a survivor of these kinds of crimes so hard is that often there is no rational explanation for the crime. It just happened, and that in itself is so hard to accept. If only, if only. *sigh*

  18. Ah…this is such a low…! Aside from being childish! Good luck to your future endeavors! Another one masking as an objective/intelligent critic….

  19. I voted…but didn’t care for the wording of the two options….yes, its very dramatic, and crying happens ALL the time….but hey my Yoochun is in it…and his acting just gets better with every kdrama he does…hopefully he will go back to a romantic comedy for his next project, as he only has so many years left before he heads off into the military…so ending on a happy note would help his fans survive those LONG 22 months 🙁

  20. dRamA SUCKS!!!
    this is why i say MBC drama award is the most ridiculous among the 3..
    give the award to something far from deserve..

  21. im watching MY just for the fun of how the story line goes. whats wrong with JW life revolving around SY…for a change in todays selfish and materialistic era, someone is living wt principles of guilt. i really find the drama twistedly interesting 🙂 the only thing to hate is the showing of past scenes everytime there is an opportunity. it drags the drama and i felt like a simpleton…i know, i know that scene coz ive watched that 10x!

  22. what i can see the writer just want to justify how bad is the character of second male lead that make the female lead s ok but the story not consistent.if you read the preview on the first poster the second male lead want to take revenge on his misery. the writer should focus on revenge plot to the man htj.the writer must must make instense war between htj and harry borrison.

    why drag unnecesaries plot like ahjuma bora rape mystery,killing michelle kim,and the killing ahreum mother.

    this so many sub plot make the story become bad because earlier episode we can see how smart harry borison and planning to bring htj down.suddenly he become clingy,abusive and childish toward the end.

    the plot must focus on revenge plan .from earler episode we can see how selfish this htj and he is really bad the story make harry forget revenge plan and become joint ally to bring jw and lsy down.

    how come he prepared so long the revenge suddenly he forgot and change the the story not consistent from earlier episode.
    the second female lead also want to take revenge now she become stand in actress and there is no revenge plan on her side .this is really mislead when we read the sypnosis from the premeire.

    the poster shouldnt put the second female lead just put the mother or the father is enough.

    the rape story hanging .suddenly because of kissing suddenly the female lead forgot that she is suppose on the second male lead side not running away just like that.

    the male lead is very shallow.his work only revolving lsy,looking lsy.that is making him very imcompetent governement servant that suppose to protect peace and order in south korea as a police come he is showing a gun to his colleague and running away.this is really worrying that a mentally unstable man become a detective suppose to protect law and order become fugitive and protect his personal love interest more .

    all his friend just watching and this is really insulted the country good policemen and public servant.

    if the whole friend in the police station know this hjw is mentally unstable working just to find lsy how come the bosses still allowing him to work that in south korea working as a police men must have mentally and emotionally sound and stable.

    if the writer can portray harry borison is mentally unstable can we also said that hjw is a mental police men?are they really brothers that both of the men and the father are really insane ?

  23. I don’t think this can be considered a valid or fair poll since most of those who like I Miss You/Missing You no longer visit this blog for obvious reasons. I did not even know that there where 2 more posts about IMY after ockoala said she was dropping her recaps and comments of IMY. I only stumbled upon this as I was checking the HwanHye Forum. Ms Ockoala, I have agreed to disagree with you with regards to IMY but in all honesty all this harping about IMY after saying that you don’t like it makes me feel so insulted in behalf of YEH(especially YEH whom I love), PYC and YSH and all the other cast and crew of IMY who continue to film the drama in extremely cold conditions. I don’t understand all the ‘hate’ vibes in this forum of the blog.

    • Pffftttt!!!! All dramas being filmed now are filmed in cold conditions so am puzzled why this is an admirable point. And they are paid like everyone else.

    • It is perfectly ok to point out the shortcomings of a drama and its script (but I guess in your opinion its hate lol!).

      Secondly, this is a poll on her current readers at this time, those who may have left are not included as they are not part of her blog now. Polls are just snapshots at a particular time. I think most remain since I hear this blog being talked about in Soompi for sometime now. (Ms Koala is famous, yo!)

      Thirdly, all the dramas airing now are shooting in the dead of winter so I don’t see why its special when IMY crew do it. Its business and they are getting paid to do it.

    • Totally agree!!! Hatred is never healthy!!!
      BTW, I love soompi, hate pop music of any country (I love rock ))):), love PYC as an actor, love KOALAS BLOG,
      and DEFINITELY LIKE IMY drama…

    • Extremely cold conditions?! Is that a joke? In Seoul temperature is hardly below -10 C and it must be warmer in the south. -10 is not even near “extremely cold” – I would say that a windy -30 C would be close to extremely cold conditions. Here in Finland -10 C is considered rather WARM for January and we function normally outside, too. Calling that extremely cold is laughable. It’s true that in many dramas actors wear a way too thin clothes for even -10, but that is a problem of their dressers and producers, not because there’s some extreme coldness. Dress your actors properly and they’ll be just fine.

  24. I haven’t watched a single episode & dropped reading recaps halfway through so I probably shouldn’t vote (although it’s obvious where I’m leaning towards) A ‘I don’t really care’ option would have been perfect.

    Though I must say.. It’s extremely fun to read comments from over zealous fans/haters 😀

  25. To be honest, most K dramas belong to such a unique genre that we can’t evaluate them objectively using the standard criteria applied to other types of drama. Ms K, I agree with everything you have said about this drama but I’m still watching it because it’s entertainment and I often come home from a hard day’s work, just wanting to park my brains outside, relax and enjoy the make believe world inhabited by beautiful Korean stars and hunks.

  26. It’s difficult to vote because the choices reflect 2 extremes and there’s no in-between stance. I have followed this drama from episode 1 and I do agree that the plot is at times incoherent and does not make much sense (the revenge plot). It’s not a great drama, but I won’t go so far as to say that it sucks, because it doesn’t. I don’t have any issues with how rape was brought into the whole context. And I think the loveline between the OTP is conceivable. I personally enjoyed the acting inside as I think everyone did a great job as the main characters, which are not easy characters to portray.

  27. I am not watching this show, and I never watched this show. I was not going to start anything melo during the end of a semester that had plenty of its own real tragedies, but I feel as though I have to comment about this discussion.

    I do not judge people merely by their friends but also by their enemies. I cannot understand some of the vitriol coming out by the fans of the actors or this show based upon Captain Koala’s honest opinion. First, it is her blog. Would you also go to her house and tell her she shouldn’t make what she wants for dinner? Secondly, she writes positive and negative things about shows, movies, manga, and actors all the time, so why all the hate?

    I am actually very proud of her for posting what she has because if anyone remembers correctly, she was sooo into this show even before it started broadcasting that I was a little concerned. There seemed to be a MY post or at least a Yoo Seung Ho post every other hour in the weeks leading up to it. She was so ready to love this drama and take up another melo (God bless her) even after the emotional draining experience of Nice Guy. Most people who have such love are often embarrassed when the object of their affections does not live up to their standards and either crawl away silently, humming, trying to pretend that they had not been fangirling about it just a second before. Instead, Captain Koala has persevered.

    To me, her continued discussion of the show stems from her respect for the people working on it—with the exception of the writer. I cannot believe that the haters have not paid attention to the things she has been saying about how hard the actors have been working and how beautiful everything looks. I teach drama/theater and I always tell my students when they are doing reviews that they need to really be thinking about who is to blame and who should be praised. I have seen plenty of shows (both live and on screen) where the people in it were wonderful but the script was awful and the other way round (ask me sometime about a Moliere play where everyone was forced to wear fruit on their heads the entire three hours!).

    I come to this blog because I want to read Captain Koala’s opinion and because she is funny. She also provides information about shows and movies that I would not know about unless she wrote about them (I will thank her forever in my heart for telling us about Sunny Happiness).

    To the haters: Captain Koala followers provide fan support but we also agree to disagree respectfully. Otherwise, you should think about what my grandmother used to always tell people (and she was a force), “If you don’t like what I have to say, you can get out of my house.”

    • Well said Ms. Trotwood. Just want to add though that Koala’s blog is one of the most well written blogs out there, on top of being funny. This draws me to her site. I find that I like reading it so much, most of my replies tend to be in agreement now a days. One time I skimmed through a blog of hers and posted a repeat of what she already written in her blog. (Found out after re-reading her blog) Does that make me one of those blind lemmings? Hah! Oh well… still would read her blog. Like you said, “AGREE TO DISAGREE RESPECTFULLY” if haters can learn to do so, discussions would be so much more interesting.

    • Thank you and well said. And it is, afterall, just an opinion for a drama which not aiming to the individuals personnel in it. if you don’t care about her opinion that she wrote in her own blog you are free to just take a pass on reading it. Be happy!! those who get too worked up about this needed take some chill pills….

    • you’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say here and also on Soompi! I decided against making any posts because I was afraid it would only spread the flame. But seriously, this is Ms. Koala’s blog…what she choose to write or not write (or whether if she said she wasn’t going to recap anymore but still write about her opinions) is up to her.

      To all the haters out there, seriously, grow the eff up!

  28. I think Korea cant produce mistery,thriller,ghost story like hollywood,,they only great at drama,,so let the proff do!!Because good movie must be together with deep research about it,,,MY series is another proof,,hope YEH only take pure drama than any mix story of Kdrama like MY,,,so she can fix up her last role,,,n why YEH movie always have runaway episode like wht she had at taking care of agasshi??!!!runaway plus dating,,,I cant understand it,,,deja vu or repeating??!!

  29. i don’t like MY,. i like YEH & Yoochun, they have chemistry, but the storyline.. going dooown down down and die -__-”
    and finally i stop watching it

  30. This has been one of the absurd polls made by koala… ur being bias is so obvious…

    Why having this kind of poll if koala herself is too drastic in her views about IMY… i guess, koala is so smart enough that IMY has been receiving bad views on her readers here which are obviously a fan of Nice Guy, CDDA or JWC.

    What the heck is happening to this page? Id rather admire Dramabeans who had expressed desired not to recap IMY… that this playground who keeps on inciting negative vibes on IMY…

    I admire koala’s views in her previous dramas… but this is the first time she obviously paraded to her viewers in disliking IMY… sorry but ur poll is not helping readers minds specially those of IMY followers… i just hope that i could still visit you in a playground that is less stressful!


    • What the heck is happening to this page? People expressing their own opinions, that is. And PLEASE, stop accusing people of being biased. Fact is, we are all biased – you, me and Capt. K included!

  31. I just love this show and plot… it’s superb… uri OTP is jjang!!!!
    romantic and agonising scenes are written just so well you can’t tell anything bad about it… directing and acting by PYC and YEH are unquestionably professinal and high level!!!
    Can’t tell how it’ll all end but still I’m in love with this show…
    PS: Be happy and smiley!!! ))): Tnx

  32. That picture is beautiful but me and this drama already broke up. And I’m not planning to go back as I already had enough of it. We’re just not meant to be.

    P/S: Koala, you mentioning Snow Queen is making me all reminiscent here. That’s one of my favourite melodramas ever! And I will forever have a soft spot for Thank You as well. Eventhough, I wont be rewatching it as I’m more towards Romance and that drama doesn’t really focus on that, it was such a lovely and touching story.

  33. For me MY is amusing to watch. Instead of complaining I always tried to understand the mind of the writer and her journey of thoughts in her work, and the director in showcasing it. Just like any artwork, the creator doesn’t need to explain their reasoning in details; it is the observer who would come up with their interpretation and understanding of the objects; and the discourse could last for years if not for centuries, because people’ interpretation & understanding could change by time. Kudos to MY team!

  34. Geez, that Soompi thread is hilarious. 😀 People butt hurt for someone not liking the drama/actors they like and, what is even more HORRIBLE and WRETCHED, daring to actually criticize them! Oh my god, prepare the stones, how can she be so neeeegative!

    Amazingly amusing. I would say “get a life” but as reading the damn thread proves I have none either, I guess I should keep my mouth shut. 😀

    • Some are mighty graceful there: “we all have our own opinions – just remember to shut the f*ck up if your opinion is negative because you’re ruining it for all the other, you mean, mean person!!” Ah, poor souls, who’s wonderful drama experience is totally shattered by Koala’s despicable words. Aren’t you ashamed, Koala?!

      • pray tell, what “despicable” words did Ms. Koala write? She wrote constructive criticism on a drama that had a loopy plot, loop holes everywhere, and basically the only good thing it had going for it was that it was full of pretty.

        Why should Koala be ashamed of writing her own opinions on her OWN blog. You’re kind of missing the point here. It’s her blog for goodness’s sake!

        Jeez, you just can’t seem to please everyone. There’ll always be negative haters out there who take each and every word at face value and twist them around until they no longer resemble what they originally were.

      • I was being sarcastic. You should be able to see it especially if you read my first comment. 😛

      • Zomg, that was what came to my mind too: hypocrites. I went to that thread once long ago. Not going there again.

  35. LOL,,aint say nit research 4 years even decade,,,then ur movie research 2day will be make 10years later??!!!bt the MY story seems jumping one 2 another one character,,not focused on one lead charater that seems make the audiences confused,,I know the writer is the god of the drama,,,well,,if you read much here u’ll understand it,,i dun have 2 repeating ms.koala’s thought or another’s thought its deja vu or repeating?!! runaway,,plus dating,,,huehue n the recaps 4 19 episode,,how came a detective interogate suspect of murder after runaway with the suspect itself,,,it make biased investigation of case,,,or they running out of police officer??!!ms.koala luv u with all of ur opinion I think we have d’same opinion about this drama series,,,keep writing?!!fighting!!!!chayooo,,,, *_^

  36. I don’t love the drama per say, after watching the episodes I have to watch something to pick me up, cause even if it the storylines do not make sense at all and I keep thinking WTF is going on here, and wanting to hit my head to the desk, I’ve also cried along with it, I blame the actors really, what I have enjoyed about it is JungWoo’s relationship with SuYeon’s mom. As for everything else I keep thinking what the hell is wrong with this people? and keep wondering what is the writer thinking.. I am not even sure I hope for a happy ending cause in all honesty they so deserve it, but the writer is so f/up and I can only assume he just wants people to have a tragic ending and that’s what she’ll go with.

    As for Harry’s character total Jekyl&Hyde transformation there over the course of the drama.

    Awesome blog you have here, quite enjoy the recaps, I kind of blame you for making me look videos of EunHye and JiHwan cuteness… so much chemistry.

  37. Everyone who took the chance to run away from this drama was definitely on the lucky side of life. Like me! 😀 Seriously this is a total makjang overloaded piece of drama.

    I won’t compare it to Nice Guy because (and I’m sorry IMY-fans!) this would be a insult for Nice Guy. Nice Guy also had its weak moments and makjang elements but not in this excessive way like IMY.

  38. Missing You is an excellent drama, with great direction and magnificent performances. especially of Yoon Eun Hye.
    I love Missing You I love and I pray by one happy ending

  39. My my my…OH MY! Why did you not go ahead and ignored the drama just like Dramabeans did? I think readers of your blog have clearly understood your disappointment in the drama but WHY MAKE A POLL FOR PEOPLE TO VOTE ON THE DRAMA?? This has only given room for insults, unnecessary comments about the actors, and more…

    Sigh…I love reading your posts but this time…sigh.

  40. Although, I love both leading characters, I feel the chemistry as a couple not there…I see Yoochun’s Charisma rescuing the scenes, but SY very superficial not depth…a lot of crying yes and sadness but I guess it’s more than their acting…it’s due to a lack of a good plot writing, and planning. Not enough thought given. Anyway, I still think they are great actors, and even in great actor’s careers, there always been that especial role mishap in their career…they are humans for crying aloud…for now a happy ending
    At least it would have made my time worth it of watching it…although it would not be totally in line with all the sadness of the drama but i dont care at this point if in line or not!!

  41. i think missing you is an ok drama.i like the leads YEH and Yoochun and Seungho are all good actors but i think that the plot and storyline doesnt do them any justice. it just doesnt make much sense. i actually do feel the chemistry btwn yoochun and yeh hence i ship jungwoo and sooyeon. but anyways the drama would be better if it wasnt for the ridiculous confusing storyline.

  42. I think people here with this thread are just jealous with yoo chun and yoon eun hye coz , where ever you look at it they have undeniable chemistry. For me I wish they gonna be a real couple. And about their acting that you criticize. Why don’t do it . If think your good. You guys stop bad mouthing other people your not perfect.

    • Again there is nothing wrong with pointing out flaws in a flawed drama. How do you expect to grow if you don’t get honest criticism? Teachers get evaluated by their students, employees get evaluated by their clients and managers and they don’t say, you can’t point out my flaws since you aren’t a teacher, employee, etc.
      The main leads acting isn’t perfect (just okay) and they would prefer to be told the truth rather than be lied to by their fans. It would make them live in a bubble instead of real life.
      The plot has major issues, you can ignore if you want but it doesn’t mean they disappear. It also doesn’t mean that you are jealous of the leads (lol!!!! A lot of people value their privacy and actually like their freedom and don’t have to be worried about crazy sasaeng (?) fans breaking into your home, scaring sway your gf or bf) or the writer.
      You don’t have to be an actor to evaluate acting, be a writer to evaluate acting in the same way you don’t have to be a cook to know you are eating good food.

  43. ms koala .I Love you! I like ur blog.i love your thoughts and opinions. i come to your page everyday to check for latest news especially the TW dramas. Thank You!

  44. I have to agree I prefer dramabeans style of writing but i like reading koala’s writing even tough i didn’t agree most of it well except I Miss You.

    I remembered when she didn’t like Arang and commented about it. I really hurt and think she is rather a more negative writer who sometimes didn’t care what others think and those who love it. But I skipped her post about my fav dramas and keep reading of other posts that I enjoyed reading. I respect her views even tough most of the time it aren’t similar.

    Well, this is not academic writing, once didn’t have to be really objective only to maintain healthy discussion and different views. After reading her blog many times, I found she is rather very open and can accept diff veiws and critics towards her even tough it is very harsh sometimes (if it is me i can’t face it). That what made me like reading her blog.

    But if those people called her as influenced the hates by writing and made people drifts afar from the drama that is untrue. Did you underestimated we have our own mind and idea too??

    Some people called we as fans and fansclub, that is just funny.

    Learn to grow up. Young or old, dont be childsh.

  45. Lol. Ms. Koala, I think you posted this poll just to see if verbal fisticuffs break out! 🙂 I must admit that I love YEH (I actually watched every ep of LTM) and since RTP have appreciated PYC more. But this drama’s storyline was too crazy for me and I dropped out after the first few ep with the adult actors. I have to ask: MY storyline can’t be any crazier than May Queen or Five Fingers, can it?

    • Oh it’s not. May Queen and Five Fingers are way more stupid and inane. I never said MY is the worst drama out there, far from it. But it’s a really big disappointment considering its writer, cast, and early on potential in the first few episodes.

      • Thank you for the reply. I understand. I admit that I did think IMY would be a better drama than MQ and FF. Must confess that I started both of those because of the male leads (I’m shallow that way :)). But too much early and high level stupidity/ makjang in both and I stopped watching even sooner than I stopped IMY. When I first started watching KDramas I would stoically watch to the bitter and bad end, no matter how bad the later episodes got. Lately I bail much sooner and there are fewer and fewer Kdramas that I finish to the last episode. It’s not that I am that much more sophisticated — there’s just many more drama alternatives to watch (thank you cable tv). Ms. Koala, I think YEH needs to let you be her scriptreader.

  46. I Miss You is a train wreck. I donno know how to describe it. It has Yoochun that I once love sooooo much, YEH that I love her acting and many more. But it is just poor mess by its writing and characterization.

    Its been a long time I really dislike a drama this. I have stop watching at episode 13-14.

  47. I tried to watch the first episode but I couldn’t watch it. I just saw the first five minutes and when a drama starts with that such a scene, I thought I better stop watching because more worst things are probably going to happen.

  48. Yoo Seung Ho is the only reason why I keep on watching MY although its too hard for me to see him being a psycho path. He is too handsome to be one..sigh….He is really a good actor and I’m really wowed by his performance. I’ve seen most of his works and he is really my favorite he is so amazing for such at young age and not to mention quiet gorgeous too.No matter what will happen to his character on this drama I’m still on his side. I’m looking forward for another YSH projects after his release from MS. Thank you koala noona for this thru your blog im updated for what is happening to dazzling YSH. P.S. please post something also about Bae Yong Joon if u have..coz Im kinda miss him he is my first and foremost love in K-ent eversince Winter sonata time.

  49. Ditto to Dea’s comment last 9 Jan. So much potential. This is one drama which had so much potential to show a path for healing and redemption. Even if commercial considerations came in, surely a good balance could have been struck. Communicating with the Captain would have helped too. Just goes to show good things don’t come from short cuts. If you want to have a good product research remains the best avenue to get things done well. I stopped watching it hoping to read through recaps and see if it is worth through.

  50. I love Yoon Eun Hye soooo much. SOOOOOOO Much!!! She’s a great actress to me, and I think she has range. She has not gotten the script yet to show all the range she has, and while coffee prince got her numerous awards, she got that because of popularity of the drama. And even then people still find fault with CP.She did that character really great,as she does all her characters, and it has shown us her potential. But her modeling pictures show me so much more at times, because these script writers dont develop the dramas to their full potential. I dont like melos, but I would have skimmed through one for Yoon Eun Hye. This drama, other than that kiss in ep 13 though, really pisses me off and I just skim recaps and watch the interesting OTP scenes, just to see YEH in motion. Its not the actors fault, its the script. The story line had potential, but it just didn’t live up to the expectation–for some it did, which is ok. But I hate when people blame the actors for a not-so-hot writing. P.S She did a banging job in My Black Mini Dress, further attest to her acting. Its not her acting that is in question, but the darn writing. I dont care if shes the lead actress, she is not to be blamed for confused or inept writing. She chose a drama believing in it, and they just didnt deliver. Wish they would finish the script before making a drama, that way the actors would know if its shit or not. Escuse my french.

    • PS Koala you did us dirty with the first question. :)hehe, how am I to answer the first question? Those two choices are soo bad hehehe, I dont know whether to choose what I really think or choose out of my love for YEH sigh. What am I to do.

  51. just like most of readers here, i also hate melo’s, but i TRIED to watch I MISS YOU because i soo love YEH. choosing a drama to watch is like choosing a boyfriend, Liking and loving starts from attraction, in IMY’s case, Its because YEH is in it, its enough reason for me to like it.I might not like the psinopsis, but i thought i’ll give it a try, and before i watch it, i was already prepared to be happy or disappointed whatever the outcome of the story.I watched it because as i’ve said like searching for a partner, there is a getting to know stage,I was drawn to it because of its imperfections, because imperfection exists in the real world, i find something there that i can relate to, i dont have to be a rape victim or a murderer to understand the message of the story. In looking for a lifetime partner ,he doesnt have to be perfect,cause nobody is,whats important is your compatibility, I dont blame others for not liking it because we all have our own taste , the same way that others can’t blame us, IMY lovers for being so defensive.This drama touched me , And i was not disappointed, acting wise, story wise etc. everyone did a great job considering the working condition while filming.Its not fair to say that it was a trainwreck cause it is not.I am watching it until now and will finish it .i have have seen worse. But even what i consider the worst drama, im sure some people find that particular drama even as their best. So it all boils down to your drama taste. Others might like ,others might not like it.I appreciate Koala for giving a little space on her blog for I MISS YOU, cause by dong so, it only proves that this drama has an impact on viewers and non viewers as well.Not all dramas are being given the same amount of attention as this one. So don’t hate me for liking it.peace to everyone and respect.

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