Janine Chang Interviews Jung Woo Sung for Vogue Taiwan

Janine Chang was the guest reporter for Vogue Taiwan March edition and her assignment was to go to Seoul to interview mega-star Jung Woo Sung. First she works with Zai Zai, then she hits up Jung Woo Sung? Girlfriend just became my #1 most jealous-of actress. Janine wrote up the piece itself and its so lively and thoughtfully written. She talks about how the saying goes that men at 40 and women at 30 is the decade where each really mature into the prime of their careers and she saw that nostalgia and understanding when Jung Woo Sung discussed the last decade of his acting career and personal life and now heading into his 40s. Apparently she met him once in Hendian 9 years ago and she was so giddy that he recognized her when he saw her arrive for the interview, remarking that she’s lost weight. Initially she wanted to keep it a secret figuring such a big star would never remember a newbie Taiwan actress like her. Janine pretty much turned into a fangirl in this interview, gushing about Jung Woo Sung casually munching on a sandwich as he chatted with her.

When discussing choosing roles, Janine always aims to pick characters that are different as she doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, whereas Jung Woo Sung in the past actually went for similar types of roles because he wanted the viewers to quickly get into the flow of the story. But now he looks for roles that make an impact and have substance. Janine wrote in the piece that she was totally losing objectivity as an guest editor and reporter for Vogue and just wanted to sit back and soak Jung Woo Sung in because he exuded this feeling of ease and confidence. As for love, Jung Woo Sung no longer believes there is an ideal woman out there for him (or ideals for anyone in love), but believes that dating is about two people learning to understanding each other and romance cannot be idealized or projected. As for little things folks don’t know about Jung Woo Sung, Janine unearthed it for us – he always chews 2 pieces of gum at once, he can’t stand water droplets on glass and has to wipe it away, he’s most afraid of misunderstandings and distrust, and the things that scare him the most of other people, women, and love (and he teasingly laughed after he said that).


Janine Chang Interviews Jung Woo Sung for Vogue Taiwan — 19 Comments

    • Love him. Love her. I, too, like it when stars fangirl, too. Whenever I feel depressed, I watch clips of Big Bang on the GoShow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=080qEIJFINc. I am not a fan of the band (they are more my daughter’s speed), but I do love Go Hyun-jung, and her response when they walk out is hilarious. She is literally fanning herself:)

  1. Mehh. .. my love for him gone with the wind after he left lee ji ah because of her divorce scandal.
    Not so gentleman in my eyes no more.

    • Why? Wasn’t there a parental issue, too? His mother wouldn’t allow it?
      (I could totally have confused this with another story. )

      • At the time she was being condemned for hiding her prior marriage from him and he remained silent. In a relatively recent interview he said that she had told him and he was aware before the scandal. So now he kinda looks like he threw her under the bus.

    • As others, who were not in the relationship, i feel like there is way too much that we don’t know, to judge them like so.

  2. i like him as an actor, charismatic on screen & the last pic where they look at each other & smile was full of chemistry, think they shud do a movie 2gther

    • totally! i can feel that smoldering chemistry from a mile away. i love these two actors and would be so excited to see them in a movie. time to petition to the dramagods…

  3. He is an excellent actor , never seen one like him , even in Hollywood with this rare talent . My husband and daughter are his diehard fans in US . Hope to see more of him !!!!

  4. is not JWS fault or Lee ji ah as well.but,perhaps if both parties are not open enough about their past situation or whatever it is that takes “confidential” relationships well not truly work. —- behind their stories, we should respect. no blaming. we don’t know what really happens.

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