Preview for Episode 5 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

I can’t believe tomorrow is a new episode of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love! I had a killer busy week so suddenly finding myself facing Monday is both depressing for the work but exciting for more drama goodness. I’m not yet so rabid about JOJ that I was desperately craving the preview for episode 5, but it was odd how longΒ SBS took to release it. Having aired just 4 episodes, I’m surprised it’s already not showing a preview for the next episode. That worries me whether it’s because the airing has caught up to the live shoot this early on (never a good sign and especially concerning when its a sageuk that takes longer to film), or whether SBS withheld the preview to make cuts to it because its perhaps scrambling to tweak the drama due to its weak ratings so far. Lots of sageuks take time to develop an audience and typically for the 50-episoders it will build up a steady following in no time. But JOJ is a 24-episode sageuk so SBS might not have the patience to nurture this drama. That would be a shame, because I for one am loving its tone and tempo. I don’t find the editing jarring like some have said, the drama doesn’t direct the audience from point A to point B but rather presents sometimes disparate events for the audience to mull over quickly and process within an overarching narrative development process. The dramas is moving so fast and the preview shows Lee Soon marrying In Kyung while Ok Jung discovers that she is too weak to combat the forces keeping her mother and her down and she will choose to enter the Palace as a serving maid. I also glimpse perhaps the arrival of Hyun Chi Soo in all his fighting glory. So excited!

Preview for episode 5:


Preview for Episode 5 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love — 25 Comments

  1. Ahhh!! Thank you for sharing! I almost thought I couldn’t survive the weekends without my weekly dose of JOJ! Honestly, haven’t felt this way since Nice Guy. But thank you for this quick update preview! πŸ˜€

  2. i’m so rabid over this drama. i’ve watched episode 3 and 4 for almost 3 times already. haven’t felt this way since lie to me. hahaha. i started watching Gu Family Book and i find it interesting as well, but I find JOJ way better in terms of plot and tone.

    • what..i feel the same way as you..i thought i was super crazy when i kept watching the old episodes to keep myself from going nuts over this drama…but LIE TO ME is another story…that drama was boring as started really great but went down hill so fast that it felt like a slap to my face

    • I thought I was the only one replayin episode 3/4 several times. Seriously. Last time I did this it was with k2h.
      This show is just moving so swiftly I cannot even fathom how they’re gonna do the rest of the 20 episodes. Wedding already? It’s gonna be a roller coaster ride. Strap in y’all!

  3. This drama owns my heart! If you told me few months ago that I would be swooning and psyching over a drama about a king with a harem of wives and concubine I would call you crazy. But JOJ has been the perfect historical romance drama for me so far.
    About the editing – it’s actually one of the thing I like the most because it’s not boring like in the most of the sageuks.

  4. you are not rabid over this drama yet?? BUT I AM!!!.. you have no idea i have waited in torture for the next episode of this drama…i kept day dreaming of what to come next..i feel the drama is so beautifully romantic..i really like historical dramas where the LOVE THEME is one of the main focus..liking this so far..i am sad that it is getting ow ratings though..SIGH

  5. ..I’m so excited now tht the epi 5 wil soon to be on air…..I love the story and the actors esp yoo ah in…hope I can wtch this week…charaeseo!!!neomu choayo!!

  6. I saw the ratings for episode 5. So disheartening and I never cared one way or another for ratings before. But I can’t help but few so bad for this drama. πŸ™ they are receiving no love from there whatsoever. Joj lil fighting!!!!

      • From the chart I saw, it dropped to less than 5%… I don’t have the exact number, but it gotta hurt :/

        I feel really bad for the cast and crew. Alas, this is not the first time that I’ve loved an underrated drama. Let’s just hope that the writer won,t change the story to please the audience (I think it’s too late for that anyway).

  7. I hope the writers don’t make changes on the fly and ruin a great drama just to bolster the ratings. IMO, maybe people are not watching due to not liking KTH’s acting or…. some are totally turned off by the shake up of such a well known (real life) story. Either way, i wish more viewers would give JOJ a chance and be as pleasantly suprised as I was. JOJ has the potential to be real drama crack! XD

  8. I am so obsessed with this drama.
    It has been a torture waiting for Monday.
    Thanks koala for the preview.
    i managed to quickly glance at the last ten minutes during my lunch break and it’s hearbreaking.
    I really hope the the episodes will not be cut due to ratings. I don’t know if any of you guys watch jtbc’s drama The end of the world. But ratings were SO Low for all of its episodes, like not even 1%, that they cut the original 20 eps down to 12 eps.
    I was really pissed when i heard that news because TEOTW is such an intelligent and quality drama .
    So looking at JOJ’s 5% might make SBS cut some episodes or change the story. M and if they do cut, it will probably not be as drastic as TEOTW.
    Fingers crossed ….because we are just getting to the exciting part of JOJ’s journey. Don’t want to give away ep. 6 preview, so i will stop here. Happy watching tomorrow.

  9. Korean viewers overexxagerating towards the show. What do they want to prove ? They suddendly love extreme faithfulness or care about total perfection in a drama now ? Oh please to someone else πŸ˜›

  10. Someone just mentioned ep 5 pulled in less than 5%?? On one of the big three stations? Seriously?! That’s really low — I don’t need stellar ratings for my shows but it really makes you scared whether or not they decide to cut down a show. And it’s really discouraging for the cast because they feel maybe their not trying hard enough.. Maybe they feel like there’s no point of putting in 110% since barely anyone’s watching. But i trust yai and kth to continue to put their all. And really, I hope this writer isn’t scrambling to rewrite the story she wanted to tell or sacrifice quality because JOJ is my crack right now and I’d hate for my love for this show to slowly decline. Any who, I wish there was a way for us international viewers to show our immense love for it..

  11. I also really love JOJ! I haven’t been so enthusiastic about a kdrama in a long time. The chemistry between KTH and YAI is palpable, the characters well drawn out, and the political undercurrents are interesting. I like the twist of history. To me, kdrama characters have been rather shallow and superficial with clear cut very good and very evil characters struggling towards a predictable ending. JOJ is different because the characters are much more real. Life is not black and white. Each character has a past, their own motivations and purpose in life while constrained by their role in society. I love a drama that can show me the character’s motivations and why they are driven to make the choices that they make, not just painting them as a caricature of good or evil. I feel the portrayal of Jang Ok Jung as the victim of political clash is not so far fetched. I’m surprised Koreans take to history so literally. History is not all facts, it can be very much colored and distorted, like the retelling of stories through different people. The very low ratings seem more like a shunning of the drama than a lack of interest. I hope people can be more open-minded and give it a try.

    The purpose of any drama on TV is for high ratings so this must be so discouraging to the cast and production members. We international viewers can show our immense love through the Internet, SBS website, YouTube, fan sites and blogs like this. Let’s show our love! I can’t wait for ep6!!

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