Kim Jae Wook Joins So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon in the Seeing Ghosts tvN Drama Who Are You

Kim Jae Wook is back in a K-drama! *___* Commence collective freak out and fangirling preparation! Filming has already started for the next K-drama from cable network tvN, taking over the time slot currently occupied by the cute but not terribly compelling Cyrano Dating Agency. Starring Taecyeon and So Yi Hyun, tvN is taking a page from the Hong Sisters playbook for their next drama The Sun of My Master and doing its own version of the “I see dead people” conceit. So Yi Hyun plays a police detective who gains the ability to see ghosts after a car accident which resulted in her being in a coma for six years. After she wakes up, she uses her ability to help those who are deceased get justice or finish what they need to do. Taecyeon plays her detective partner and a man who only believes what he can see therefore doesn’t believe in the supernatural. This is definitely a noona-dongsaeng pairing which has died down a bit in its craze from recent years.Β So Yi Hyun is very beautiful and doesn’t look old though she definitely looks more sophisticated and mature than Taecyeon. I’m more worried about his acting then the possible lack of chemistry.

Joining this main cast has just been confirmed to be the recently returned from military service Kim Jae Wook. He will be playing So Yi Hyun’s ex-boyfriend, though the ex part is not due to a bad break up but because he’s dead! He actually died in that car accident which put her in the coma and gave her the third eye. After she wakes up and starts seeing ghosts, he returns to her life. What. The. Hell? Kim Jae Wook’s first drama in three years since Marry Me Mary (Mary Stayed Out All Night) and he’s playing a DEAD PERSON?!?! Ahhhhh, epic character fail, drama! How can his hotness not be corporeal? This is like dangling an eucalyptus leaf in front of me and then when I grab it I discover its a hologram. Of course, despite how much I’m raging at this injustice, I will be watching this sucker when it premieres in mid-July. Check out the first script reading stills and a brief video released by the production company of the actual script reading, which includes all three leads cutely introducing themselves. Awww, please don’t suck, drama!

I’m wondering why the drama decided on the exact same name as another K-drama, the Yoon Kye SangGo Ara body-switch caper Who Are You. Unless there is a good reason, I think there are plenty of good names out there to mine. Now we’ll always have to make clear which Who Are You is being discussed. Writing will be the scriptwriter who did I Love Lee Tae Ri and Style, while the PD directed Beloved, Daemul, and Harvest Villa.

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Kim Jae Wook Joins So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon in the Seeing Ghosts tvN Drama Who Are You — 41 Comments

  1. OMG HE’S BACK!!! Ahhh ill be watching this sucker then, no doubt. Casting looks potentially promising but the writer’s previous works leave a lot to be desired…

    • I had written off this whole show as a train wreck: worn-out premise, sketch writer, screechy heroine, and, in the lead, my least favorite talentless non-acting idol.
      The drama gods are cruel and capricious! Now I am going to at least check it out, because it’s KJW’s post-army project. How can I fast-forward through everyone but him?

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I mean Taecyeon was cutely handsome in Cinderella Sister and hot in a Zach Efron kind of way in Dream High, but unless he has spent some time at Juliard’s acting school before 2PM’s release of its new cd, I just do not believe that he will not be swallowed up by the unadulturated smexy intensity of Kim Jae Wook.

      • That’s the thing…

        They are both handsome, but KJW is one of those that you end up staring at – he has that kind of aura (he can totally model precisely because of that).

        That, and the fact that he’s going to outact Taecyeon.

    • I also dont understand why KJW is the second lead. He is thousand time better that Taecyeon. Geezzz idol really get their previledge in kdrama. This really annoys me.

    • Seriously, I don’t have problems with idols who can act but Taecyeon is NOT one of them, and Kim Jae Wook is far too good an actor to be playing second lead to him.

      (and whoever thought it was a good idea to cast Taecyeon as lead in anything is deluded)

  2. I don’t know if you checked out the currently airing k-drama I hear Your Voice or if it fell off your radar. But so far it is my gem of year, four episodes in. The first episode won my heart. You should give it a chance, I think you would be pleased. I especially love the mother daughter scenes, the mother in my book won best korean drama mother. The most understanding and loving parent ever in a drama in my book. One scene, she propose her daughter to go on a blind date, but when her daughter says no and that she is marry to her work, her mom doesn’t push it further, and even the daughter was surprised. I never seen a drama parent like this. Most of the characters in the show is well fleshed out.

    • I back the rec for I hear Your Voice – I went in knowing nothing about it besides that it stars Lee Jong Suk, but it’s my favourite thing on network tv right now.

    • I was all ready to skip this, but then I read KJW and now, I’m wavering…But I have to ask the same question you did. Why second lead? Why?

    • Mmmm., I had to go google.. So yeah Taec is 24, she’s 28, Kim Jae Wook is 30. There’s really not that big of an age gap..

      • So, he’s the same age as Star Boy Seol Chan(the actor) except taecyeon has 3 years under his belt after his drama debut and still sucks more than Yong Joon-Hyung. And at least Yong Joon- Hyung can display some emotion; taecyeon just looks like he’s trying to remember his lines, so how he can even get the emotion across beats me. You obviously see those wheels turning in his head in every scene.
        I don’t remember who made the commentary but i think it was JB who said he’s going to be another Song Seung-heon. And i laugh, because it’s s true.
        Still early but maybe the boy will improve.

  3. Love this cast! But can’t those two guys switch characters?! Now that would make my day! I like Taecyeon but not confident in his acting skills… Kim jae wook on the other hand is the whole package <3

  4. I always love Kim Jae Wook since ‘Coffe Prince’ days.. But why he have to playing second lead role again.. I want him to get the girl..

  5. Scriptwriter for ILLTR? Hmm…that one was meh but I blame it on the lack of chamistry. Let’s see if the writer can steal the Hong’s sister’s thunder…this time.

    • MGY has a link on these three. Nice. will be watching this. Taec is my bias. I love him to bits. Don’t care whether he can act or not, wooden or lifeless, Song Seung-heon-much or not. I just love him. period.

  6. Not gonna watch this mess mostly because of its cast (Taec being the lead over Walrus? Oo) and the “immortal soul” doctrine.

  7. I feel like this drama will be focusing a lot about letting go of the past (and the people that were part of it).

    I’m not sure I can watch a drama in which she’s in love with Kim Jae Wook, only to see him get sidelined by the end. πŸ™

  8. I read somewhere that Taecyeon is the song seung Heon of his generation. Great looks, greaf bod but stiff acting…hopefully he will deliver a winsome performance in this show

  9. Why on earth is KJW the 2nd lead and a dead guy in this? WTF? I’ve never seen Taecyeon act but I heard it’s not good. As I’ve learned with Song Seung Heon, no amount of pretty can cover up for bad acting. I really like the lead actress (she was the best thing about Alice in Cheondamdong (sp?) and I love KJW with all my heart, but I just can’t understand how this was cast this way. KJW should be in lead man territory by now. This makes no sense. Dumb move on his part taking this.

  10. You can’t really blame writers for creating noona – dongsaeng scenarios in order to cast male idols or the flower boy du jour.

    4 years is not that bad – but Taecyeon most definitely is VERY VERY bad.

  11. I’m excited to see KJW on screen, not sold on the rest of the drama but will check it out to see how it holds up. He’s the only one I really fangirl about. Just something about him where his every move, look, style is mesmerizing and can’t help but say wooow. On top of that, I love that he can act main, second, side characters and make it his own. Thanks for this post!

  12. Wohoo! Now that’s great news! But hang on, dead?!!! A ghost?!!! Jeez, really. So he’s wasted at the onset? I mean he’s still not going to get the girl simply because he’s a goner, poor thing. Well I guess it’s better than not seeing him at all, really…hay chongmal…

  13. Once I heard that KJW was joining the drama it sealed the fact that I will be checking this drama out. I def. agree that I wish he was the lead here.

  14. i saw the headlines and i would definitely check the drama out for kim jae wook. i absolutely love him. good actor and extremely charismatic. honestly after finding out taecyeon was in it… and was the lead actor… i wasn’t that thrilled.

  15. this one is ‘ν›„μ•„μœ ’ and the yoon kye-sang one was ‘λˆ„κ΅¬μ„Έμš”’ so it’s not exactly the same, but i guess that only counts if you read hangul…
    there is also a film called ‘who are you?’ which is spelt ‘ν›„μ•„μœ ’ starring cho seung-woo…
    sorry for being such a pedant ^^

  16. I enjoyed his work in MMM and I was really wanted him to be with Mary. The guy can act and is good looking so he should be the lead.

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