Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are Double the Cute on the Set of Goddess of Fire

If that picture above doesn’t scream OTP!!! then if I could draw I would draw hearts all over them to hammer home the point. I’m sure the art of ceramic making is a beautiful elegant dance of the hands and fingers with clay and water, but watching it onscreen is literally analogous to watching paint dry. The process is painstaking but repetitive, and unless we’re talking sexy times with a pottery wheel ala Ghost, then there is literally no sizzle to be found. The last time I recall a K-drama dealing with pottery was the teeny tiny subplot with Kim Bum’s character in Boys Before Flowers but that was like 1/100 of the plot of that bag of crazy and used sparingly. In Goddess of Fire, pottery literally is 100% of the plot. Every other drama cliché is then built on it – birth secret, royal infighting, revenge – and so far the drama is running through various vases, cups, bowls, and plates like you wouldn’t believe. And jade belts and straw shoes, just to mix it up. I promised to bring more Kim Bum with Moon Geun Young so here’s the latest official stills from the set. These two have oodles of chemistry, through I always thought Moon Geun Young would get to work with Bummie’s best buddies Lee Min Ho or Jung Il Woo first since those two are the same age as her. I can’t see the age different between them whereas I don’t see any potential romantic chemistry with Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon in their few scenes together. Visually those two don’t work, but if they were the only ship around I’ll probably board it. But with the alterna-ship that involves the glorious Kim Bum, I’ve already unpacked my bags on that ship and am sipping a martini on deck. I hope Jung Yi comes clean with Tae Do about her real identity so as to avoid dragging out their reunion for another two episodes. They are sooooo cute together, both their characters and these two cherubic actors, that I need more scenes to help keep me awake. There is a brand new still from an upcoming episode where Tae Do cradles a sleeping Jung Yi and uses his hand to shield her from the sun. I pretty much turned to mush because of it.


Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are Double the Cute on the Set of Goddess of Fire — 28 Comments

    • Not only do I have my Long Island tea, I have brought my super strength strap to bind me to this ship coz hell I m going down with it no matter what!

  1. How are they not the otp … I really hope this is one of the times when the writers listen to fans and have them end up together

  2. The sunlight-shielding gesture is rather common now eh. The first time I saw it was in City Hall where the lanky ChaSeongWon block out the sun while KimSunAh sleeps in the car – it remains one of my favourite swoony moments. Then Seong-gi shielded a napping Hyo-Joo on the roof top with potted plants – in Shining Inheritance. I’m pretty sure there are more but it’s always a nice touch.

  3. I’m pretty sure Taedo knows its Jung Yi before he lets her get that close to him…lol. How could these two be so cute together….Love them so much.

  4. Sorry for the numerous MGY lovers, but as much as I have no problem acknowledging her acting chops, I can def not define her as “cute” or “pretty”; rather the other way around. So yes I find her ugly. To each its own. Well at least she has not gone under the knife, so that’s enough of an exception amongst celebs that she should be commended for it.

      • OMG…. People are so offensive over such stupid thing.. Who care what people state about their own damn opinion on certain celeb. it’s their own damn opinion!!! For eXample , I wouldn’t care if someone “not” a FAN of someone work.

  5. Glad to see them get along well together….. & sorry kapten Koala’s but i need to say for the people who’s not mgy or kimbum lovers, please don’t judge the look of someone like that. It’s not nice. Would be better if you let others to have fun with a good comment about their favorit actress/actor.

    • NICE words… But … It’s not gonna happen. Why can’t people state their own opinion ??? this is dumb

  6. Not digging the long hair on Kim Bum since it hides his cuteness just a teensy bit.

    I’m hoping that Jung Yi just reveals herself to Tae Do. My guess is we’ll already have that with her and Hon so PLEASE DON’T DRAG IT OUT. I haven’t been loving the pacing of this drama so far but it’s bearable.

    Someone just needs ixnay Chief Ceramist Yi and Prince In Hae and I’ll be peachy.

  7. OMG! BUMMIE LOOKS HOT! I do hope they have more cute scenes together! I do want for them to end up together at the end. (fingers crossed)

  8. honestly bum oppa and moon unnie look so cute together.moon geun young unnie you has natural beauty not only your face but your heart are so kind,lovely and care to other people and that’s the reason why i love you moon body’s perfect but i know unnie you will do your best.i will pray all the best for you unnie and will pray for kim bum oppa too..fighting 🙂

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