Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Continue to Burn Up the Screen in New Stills for Goddess of Fire

The final scene of episode 11 of Goddess of Fire ends with Tae Do’s devastatingly romantic voice over: “Death, it is not something that worries me. If she dies, then what meaning is there for me to keep on living. Gwanghaegun, you live for the entire world. I only live for Jung Ah.” Guh, somebody please fan me because I think I’m melting right here. Check out the latest batch of the most adorable stills of my OTP from this drama. These two are trending so high right now in both the Korean and Chinese sites for this drama. If the writer had a brain, which I can safely say is highly unlikely, then the only way to salvage the ratings would be to keep on riding this incredible chemistry. What’s that you say? I’m sorry but I can’t hear you above the Kim Bum scorching HOTNESS. Oh my god this boy is soooooo gorgeous in Goddess of Fire it should be illegal to slay noonas even more than he normally slays them all. GoF can’t figure out its tone at all, going from slapstick to pathos in the most laughably jarring way. I can’t be faulted for not paying more attention to the details because the dialogue is at times so stupid I need to FF to not die of laughter. I can safely say that its not my love for Tae Do but honest to god his character gets all the best lines either said to him or coming from him. In my summary of episode 11 I failed to go into some cute and swoony details.

Jung Yi’s pottery master is very leery of letting her travel alone with Tae Do since his face is clearly intended to make legions of women shed tears. LOL. He even tells Jung Yi that if Tae Do wants to drink, to not drink with him, and if there is only one room left in the inn, to make Tae Do sleep in the barn. Double LOL. Then Tae Do takes Jung Yi to go look for the white dirt and they stay at a government official’s residence with the official calling Tae Do his martial arts master. The guy asks what Jung Yi’s relationship is with Tae Do and he admits she’s a girl dressed like a boy. The guy can tell Tae Do likes her though Tae Do sighs that she calls him orabeoni. He gives our straightforward Tae Do some romance advice and sends him out to buy a ring and arranges a private dinner so Tae Do can confess his feelings. And then, of course the Joseon version of the unwelcome guest from Hell shows up in the guise of Gwanghaegun. Grrrrr. Jung Yi takes up the offer to go to the Ming dynasty to learn pottery unaware that she’s being sent as a sacrifice. At which point I’m flashing to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. So Jung Yi gets trussed up in girl’s attire to be sent to the Ming until Tae Do learns the truth that she’s not going to learn no pottery. After he asks Gwanghaegun to save Jung Yi, he says definitively that if Gwanghaegun can’t or won’t then he will do it himself. That’s my boy! The episode ends with Tae Do and Gwanghaegun rushing to save Jung Yi, along with Tae Do most awesome voice over EVER. We all need an orabeoni like him. Seriously. Bonus points if the dude looks like Kim Bum.

I think somebody has a crush on noona……

Kim Bum wrote “Jung Ah” in the sand by his feet. I have no words left. Words fail me at how cute he is.


Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Continue to Burn Up the Screen in New Stills for Goddess of Fire — 26 Comments

  1. gosh, they way he looks at her like she’s the only girl in the world…. and writing her name in the sand….. how many different ways do i need to MINE him to make it stick?

  2. O.O!! Definitely he has a crush on pretty moonie!!! I’m already smelling a Best Couple Of The Year Award! I don’t know if this is going to end in a relationship but it’s ending in a cute friendship. 🙂

    • I’m sad that Kim Bum is planning to enlist in the army soon. but when? I hope he waits until after the 2013 MBC Drama Awards in december. He is gonna win the best couple award with MGY. I hope he wins popularity award and best actor award, too. He deserves them because of his good acting skills and everybody loves his endearing character Tae Do.

      • I hope he waits at least 6 months before enlisting in the army. I mean he’s young, what’s the rush???

  3. I love the cast especially Kim BUm and MGY but I want to slap both the director and writer for their horribly written scripts and directing skills!!!

  4. I have said this many time, but I couldd continue say so: he is like a puppy I want to hold and put into a mirror closet to look at everyday. That smile is just melting .

    Moonie is just too cute 2, and she looks nowhere like Bummie noona. Ship this OTP bad bad bad

  5. Love all the pictures! ♥ Thanks so much Koala!

    I just finished watching this episode and KB and MGY’s scenes are just awesome. I too got a kick out of the Jung Yi’s teacher cautioning Jung Yi against Tae do…And did anyone also notice that Tae Do’s smile during the dialogue between Jung Yi and Tae Do at the restaurant? When Jung Yi asked Tae Do for his true identity, after learning Tae Do is also Teacher of martial arts, Tae Do’s smile was so sweet and affectionate while replying that he is still Jung Yi’s orabeoni. Great job by MGY for keeping a straight face in that dialogue because I think many girls would melt just seeing that sweet gorgeous smile!♥♥♥

  6. MGY is forever young she looks like she’s younger than Kim Bum by 3 years or something although she’s older… Anyways i wouldn’t be surprised if they would be dating by the end of this drama because just seeing these stills i’m already convinced that they have a close relationship 😉

  7. “Death, it is not something that worries me. If she dies, then what meaning is there for me to keep on living.” I’m in love.

  8. How is this girl even deservubg of HIM???? Incompetent writers making JY so darn stupid she’s not worthy of her orabeoni. He is swoon-worthy though! Gah!

  9. I think I need to stick my head in the freezer…..these two are so hot together. KB seem to really admire Moonie which is not surprising as most of her co-stars do. The difference here is that the way be stares at her in all the BTS is like he wants to possess her…..kekekeke. Go for it Bummie!!!

  10. wait, i haven’t seen this drama but isn’t MGY supposed to be with this older man?
    why is kim bum with her then?
    i hope they end up together!! (not being mean but i prefer these two rather than the other old man)

  11. I don’t watch this drama at all but I’m reading it for who else but Kim Bum …
    Sorry. … still sailing and will remain on board of SeOul ship for eternity ….LoL
    sigh … I need them to be OTP so bad … reading Fanfics aren’t d same with the real thing ….
    hmmmmmm …….
    never mind they ate secretly dating …
    wkkk…wkkk wkkk.

  12. Moonie and Bummie are perfection together. Gosh i love their interaction. Everyone will go crazy if they were to date in real life. <3 they are so beautiful together i have nothing to say. lol

  13. I really appreciate this sageuk series. It is like watching the lives of those in history, a very easy way to learn without being bored, that is if you are at least interested a bit in history. Hooray to the writer and to all the cast, for making this boring part of history so interesting to watch, with all the great and cute dialogues, and with MGY acting funny, adorable and so sweet, making her seems so perfect for the role, I can’t imagine other actress who can do justice to this role in such a perfect way, a true example of best acting.

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