Vic Zhou Finds Unexpected Romance with Liu Shi Shi in A Moment of Love

My broody Vic Zhou and the lovely and easy to watch Liu Shi Shi in a romantic movie? Sold! It’s fast coming up on Valentine’s Day in Chinese culture, which falls on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month commemorating the legend of the Cow Herder and the Weaver Girl and their Milky Way thwarted romance. With it comes a slew of romantic dramas, music, and of course movies to lure the couples in with pre-packaged romance at the tip of their fingers. Zai Zai and Shi Shi filmed A Moment of Love (formerly called Love Season) earlier this year in the picturesque highlands of Yunnan province in the farthest Western border of China. The story sounds a bit like Letters to Juliet, with Shi Shi playing a Beijing reporter who travels to Yunnan following the lead in an old letter to her grandmother in search of the whereabouts of her long lost love. When she arrives, she meets Zai Zai’s Taiwan-born artist who is also there on a similar quest and turns out he’s the grandson of the long lost love. The two of them take a 7-day journey perfect for falling in love and for the movie to showcase the truly stunning beauty of Yunnan. The movie will be released on August 23rd just in time for the Valentine’s Day season and catching the tail end of the Summer box office. The movie feels very low key and lovely, I really enjoyed the official MV preview set to the theme song called “Pity for Love”. Shi Shi’s character is engaged to be married but feels uncertain and uses this work assignment to travel and clear her head, except her chance encounter with Zai Zai’s character complicates her heart. Funnily enough, it sounds just like the damn love triangle in Goddess of Marriage, even down to the traveling to a picturesque locale for work and finding unexpected romance. I love both Shi Shi and Zai Zai and this movie looks so darn pretty and appealing its a must watch for me. Hopefully the story is thoughtful and satisfying so that I can cross off yet another dream onscreen pairing from my wish list. Check out the movie posters, stills, and watch the MV and teaser below.

Official MV Preview for A Moment in Love:

Teaser for A Moment in Love:


Vic Zhou Finds Unexpected Romance with Liu Shi Shi in A Moment of Love — 8 Comments

  1. Ms.Koala! You should really check out Tiny Times, the movie. It was amazing and I feel like you would like it too <3 Both Tiny Times1 and 2 which just came out a couple days ago are fabulous. The book is awesome as well. Please check it out when you have time 🙂

  2. This looks absolutely delicious. The scenery . . . (ooh I hear a vacation calling) and then the both of them seem to be electric together.

  3. Okay. Both of the songs – MV and trailer – are lovely. The first clip of the trailer reminds me of another romance – picturesque film I saw a year or two ago starring Amy Adams and was shot in Ireland. Th

  4. Did they both end up together? I watch it in youtube but sad to say the last part was when Vic held Shi’s hand and she didn’t hesitated anymore than the last time Vic tried to hold it while celebrating with town folks? Can you plase share the rest of the story?

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