New Baby Girl on the Way for Newlyweds Hawick Lau and Yang Mi

First comes marriage then comes baby, or in the case of the just married stars Yang Mi and Hawick Lau it might’ve been the other way around. The high profile celebrity couple tied the knot last week in Bali with a small tight knit group of family and friends, but the C-media has been abuzz since their engagement was announced in mid-November 2013 that Yang Mi was expecting a baby. In terms of timing the wedding was pretty close on the heels of the engagement which always leads to speculating that there was a bun in the oven. From the naked eye Yang Mi did not look the least bit pregnant at her wedding as she slipped into a body hugging elegant wedding gown. I love how when there is a rumor sometimes it just grows and with the Yang Mi pregnancy rumors the bigger shocker was that she was expecting twins. I couldn’t care either way if they got married because of the pregnancy or simply moved it up once the baby came around, for all the jaded celebrity couples out therethis one has all the signs of being genuine and long-lasting with two very smart and savvy entertainers at the helm. So baby or no baby I was thrilled for them, but now I’m even more thrilled to report that there is definitely a baby! Hawick Lau has confirmed that he and Yang Mi are expecting a baby girl in early July. She’s currently on the set of the movie Tiny Times 3 while he’s filming the drama The Lady and the Liar. Luckily both film sets are in Shanghai and in close proximity so the newlyweds are able to visit each other often. With how smartly these two have managed their acting careers as well as capitalized nicely on their added popularity after being a couple, my sense tells me that the baby was planned especially with Hawick turning 40 years old this year so no reason to wait. I can’t wait to check out the sure to be cutie pie to add to the growing crop of C-celebrity babies. While the wedding pictures were beyond lovely, the couple also released some fun and flirty engagement pictures which I posted below. Congrats to the soon to be parents and maybe 2014 will turn into a bumper year for babies what with 2013 being the dating boom.


New Baby Girl on the Way for Newlyweds Hawick Lau and Yang Mi — 19 Comments

  1. He’s nearly 40?! He looks at least 10 years younger than that!!! Wow.

    They’re adorable together, congrats on the baby :’).

    • He previously implied that he’s open to botox injections, which sorta explains the smooth skin. He’s also a long-distance runner. Most people I know who runs a lot looks a lot younger than their actual age.

      • Yup, when he was questioned about his reverse aging, he did explain that he exercises daily and he’s a vegetarian. So it probably helps. but I think most importantly one is actually a happy person.

  2. Same comment. He looks just fresh out of college. one unfair reality, men as they grow older there is a phase they look younger, especially around the time when the women obviously look older, or at best, their age. Maybe that is why they (men) suffer from mid-life. just utter confusion.

    • He has to look younger because his wife is 12 years younger than him. hahaha…Yang Mi gave him a nickname “Uncle”. Lol

  3. Wow!! I thought he was 28 or something, definitely younger than me. I had no idea he is almost 40. Coulda fooled me. 🙂


  4. they’re so lovely together! I learned of Yang Mi when i watched Palace Lockheart. I’m happy for her and her hubby. ^__^ I looking 4ward to her hubby’s upcoming drama.

  5. Beautiful couple and Congrats.

    On the other hand, Tiny Times 3? WTH. Tiny Times 1 & 2 sucks. Yang Mi can’t act and can’t cry. The only good thing from those movies were the OST. I’m baffled that there’s going to be a third part.

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