Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae for Hotel King Up Against Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun for Angel Eyes

With the weekend dramas Golden Rainbow and Thrice Married Woman well into its airings, the networks are finally getting down to business of locking down the main leads for the follow up dramas. Today both MBC and SBS dropped casting news but it’s not exactly double the happiness when I heard it. I’ll do the happiness inducing good news first with Hotel King, the drama to follow Golden Rainbow on MBC. The leading man has already been confirmed as Lee Dong Wook who is ready to reprise the role of a hotelier but this time in less slapstick management style than in the silly fluff that was My Girl. As luck would have it, his leading lady is looking more and more likely to be his MG co-star herself Lee Da Hae. Somewhere I see closeted away MG fans coming out of hiberation and dusting their fireworks to set off. Hotel King is a serious 32-episode drama about a cold hotel president who climbed his way to success but bears a hatred of his father for abandoning him and his mother. No word yet on how the leading lady character fits into the story line but I’m good with anything other than as a swindler and/or a fake relative of the male lead. I loved MG the first time I watched that drama but have to confess that once the adrenaline dies down the story makes zero sense upon second watch and the ridiculous dialogue starts to drive one batty. It’s not a drama that holds up to multiple re-watches IMO but I think the characters remain memorable and the fashion so hideous it’ll always bring a smile to my face to remember Lee Dong Wook’s fur collared coats and Lee Jun Ki’s shaggy hair. Speaking of Lee Jun Ki, he was reportedly in talks with SBS to headline their next weekend drama Angel Eyes, which is taking over for Thrice Married Woman in the Spring. I had heard the network was hoping to land Han Ji Min to be the leading lady but today the anvil dropped on this drama casting and now both are out. I think this casting smells like the usual SBS jumping the gun in revealing its talks with Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min but ultimately neither were interested so nothing came of it. SBS is now in the final stages of casting discussions with Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun to do Angel Eyes. I’m sorry to fans of Gu Hye Sun but the moment her name popped up my brain popped a blood vessel in screaming Nooooo. Angel Eyes and Hotel King will be direct head-to-head competitors in the same time slot on the weekends and I know which drama of the two I’ll be more keen on checking out.

Angel Eyes is about a pair of first loves (played in the high school years by Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun) who are separated because of the male lead’s family situation. The female lead is blind and after she gets surgery and regains her sight then reunites with her first love again. I hear she’s also an EMT but not sure how she can do that job being sight impaired. Angel Eyes is helmed by the PD of Will It Snow For Christmas, Only You, and What Happened in Bali and writing is the screenwriter behind Operation Proposal and Boys Over Flowers. I love love love the PD but conversely majorly loathe this screenwriter, and now Gu Hye Sun’s involvement makes sense if it’s reuniting her with her BOF screenwriter. Over on the MBC side of things, the Hotel King screenwriter previously did Feast of the Gods and the daily Goldfish and this time she’s paired up with the PD behind Just Like Today and My Life’s Golden Age.


Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae for Hotel King Up Against Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun for Angel Eyes — 53 Comments

  1. I think I’m going to go into drama hibernation. I just screamed noooooo at both leading ladies. One overacts and is too diva(ish) while the other is too cutsey and weird.

    Where oh where have the good leading ladies gone?

  2. What? I want a Lee Junki-Han Ji Min pairing. I think both fit perfectly w/ Angel Eyes. Gu Hye Sun tends to over-act. Aughh. Not happy.

  3. Lee Dong Wook is my only korean guy CRUSH!! If I however hear that he is takin, there would be no more crush for me anymore. T^T

  4. As much as I love a LJK/HJM pairing, I am just super glad he’s no longer in Angel Eyes. Hopefully, he’ll in the Joseon vampires drama instead. I think LJK will be perfect for the vampire role with his fair complexion.

    I am definitely watching Hotel King if both LDW/LDH are in. I love their chemistry in MG.

    • Agree.
      I loved the idea of the pairing but I didn’t llike the family Makjang for lee jun ki cause he definitely deserves to headline a good project. Now that he’s out I can do some praying for him to be cast in the scholar who walks the night (I don’t know why but this is the first time I like a k-title in a while.

  5. I for one am thrilled about the casting for Hotel King! I loved My Girl and as one of the first korean dramas I watched back in the days when I discovered kdramas it definitely holds a special place in my heart. I really hope that Lee Dae Hae signs on so that I can put it on my must-watch list ^o^

    • Me too =) My girl was my first korean drama. After watching it I was HOOKED. I loved how funny she is in that drama and same with him. After watching this drama, sadly i became a k-drama addict. Sadly I couldn’t stop since then

  6. I’m so excited for this cast. The story is not interesting or new but who cares! I want to see them back together! My girl and Full House were the doors I entered Kdrama world through…

    Ah I’m sooo glad LJK declined that role! Now I don’t have to watch it.

  7. Honestly, I’m glad LJK is not in Angele Eyes and GHS is since I hate melo dramas and now I don’t have to feel regret that I can’t watch a LJK drama. I didn’t like him in MG either, but then again I found the entire drama annoying.

  8. S**t at the leading ladies for 2 of my favourite men.

    Yes I can be flamed here but GHS does not make for a warm persona no matter what role/personality the female lead is. And she kissing LSY?

    This ahjumma just became an irate fan. Stupid casting directors.

  9. We miss this two best Korean ACTOR’s in the screen, who we believe will make a hit for this upcoming drama, looking forward to LEE SANG YOON and GU HYE SUN!

  10. Ahhh, Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae!! I loved My Girl both times I watched it, even if it was several years apart and a totally different experience upon rewatch. LDW & LDH’s chemistry is a given, but I dunno if I can sit through 32 episodes of Serious Bizness.

  11. I already said this on dramabeans, but I love My Girl and I really really want to see LDW/LDH together again! Just hope the drama is well written…

  12. MG puzzled and fascinated me. I think it may have been my third or fourth drama.

    I could not understand LDW’s character at all, and I didn’t see the appeal from this tall skinny guy. I thought LDH was adorable and really really wanted her with Junki…Must admit the kisses swayed me, as usual.
    Bittersweet Life made me a fan.
    LDW looks a lot better with more weight and army abs, shoulders, pecs and delts (pecs and delts). Sing with me!

  13. the minute that i found out about the hotel king i was so excited, can’t wait anymore of lee dong wook. can’t wait to see him, thank you so much SBS. we love you!

  14. My Girl was my second Kdrama ever, and pretty much made me love rom com dramas. (My first K drama was Stairway to Heaven b/c I really had no clue what I was getting into.)

  15. I dont know why all people talk badly about Goo hye sun! There are so many actresses who have an expression less face!! But when GHS’s name comes, all ll bash her irrespectively knowing nothing about her!! It shows how bad you are! Not she.Watch all her dramas and then say that! Her dramas might have got less ratings at times! But dont forget who she is ! Getting low ratings is not a big thing! Because there are histories where great dramas earned nothing! Dont forget the fact that she has be chosen for BOF as jandi after auditioning some 200 actresses! If she is not capable she wouldn’t have got awards! She never gives up anything that she loves for anyone and especially not haters! And the admin of this page or whoever wrote the article, your article should talk in general but it seems bias! If you hate her dont post anything related to her! If you are gonna post about her, be neutral in your article and do be biased!Its encouraging haters!

    • It’s her blog so she has the voice to opinion. Why restrict it? Blogger should have the right to voice out their opinion. Keeping an unbiased opinion is quite boring and pointless in blogging. Might as well go read at Soompi and All-Kpop.

  16. Omo another anti-ghs blog!i thought dramabeans was the only one..its dissapointing to see such negativity when the drama dint even start..
    i have to reply to this..ahjumma?she is born in the same year as yeh so if hyesun is ahjumma yeh is an ahjumma too..And han ji min is a super-ahjumma then born on 1982!!
    lee junki he is a good actor but even his last drama dint do well,his popularity dint help with the poor ratings!!

    • why bring another actor & actress name? tsk tsk think twice if you want to defend on your bias cz it’s only can make a mess. Just sayin, if you know what i mean.
      No matter how much you said good things about her, if people don’t like, people just don’t like. And i think people in here only talk about they who don’t like her acting, and that is their opinion. You have your own opinion and their too.

      • i m using other people’s name to give an example of an ahjumma..dats it!!being the same age if one is called an ahjumma and the other a diva that makes no sense!!
        2ndly there were comments saying that they were relieved that ljk is not doing that drama..i wanted to say eventhough he maybe popular his popularity dint help with the ratings of his last drama!!and i m not even being bitcy its just a comparison and woww an effect..so just think how ghs fans mite feel when u people write such nonsense about her..who is asking to like her?dont like but dont be so mean also!!

      • Oh boy relax!
        You also being so mean to LJK then, your comparison by said HJM super …. also so mean.

      • You started it, lol.
        Since LJG is not an actor who tends to do melos, rom-coms, and family makjangs, it has nothing to do with viewers who relieve for LJG not in AE. Also his previous dramas got impressions and good reviews.
        On the other hand, yes, rating doesn’t depend on his popularity either, just on the genre that tv audience in korea like. His dramas are heavy genres without romance that’s why they didn’t get first spot in rating but he always gains respect and love from international viewers after every project. He’s just an actor who doeasn’t jump from one makjang to another than picking a quality project by taking time. Thus, he’s still one of a kind k-actor who has versatility to get the trust from many PDs out there.
        So think before writing a comment to bash other actor you don’t like. The result is only your bias’ fandom will get more hate.

      • You take revenge then? LOL
        Did you even read “ahjumma” on comment above that she meant was for herself (writer). “This ahjumma just became an irate fan”, read carefully. Even she meant for others, you act like it something serious even taking another name to comparison and bring someone’s drama ratings while people here not talking about it.
        Just “ACT COOL” lah, people here seeing her as an actress that means they are being objective towards her, different from you as her fan who know the whole about her and being more subjective either maybe objective.
        I always know GHS was nice person, but seeing how her fans act when come to this situation, well … whatever I say seems useless, you don’t even know who i’m defend here, being fans not always support bias blindly and even back to bash another bias (you said you don’t bash? You bash, doesn’t matter who the first) but know how to react and if can’t take it just let it pass, coz know whatever I do nothing can change people mind set about her, like what I said they’re being objective towards her as an actress, even though they really hate her also as a person, nah just let them, for what? for my bias sake, that is what I can do to support her, support can do in many way. I know my bias well why bother with them who don’t like her, they don’t like her acting, they’re happy their fav out cause they want their fav to act with their fav too, even though they bring the other down, can’t they just want the best for their bias based on their perspective? You also want the best for your bias right? want her to act with best actor if could happen with your fav too, can’t they? It just you would said but I’m not bring the other down. Then it just they’re express in different way, and you couldn’t ask them for not doing that, it’s their freedom. They’re just don’t like her acting. Maybe maybe in another day they would like her acting, or maybe don’t even change. Who know . . .Just don’t be serious lahh, even GHS also love freedom right? I think you know so well about her. You also have freedom to support her, but HERE in this blog or in another blog where they’re state their opinion and talk much about casting and drama that is why this blog made to discussion and they’re K Drama fans, different when you’re in blog or forum place where mostly people are her fans and support her. You can support her everywhere you want, but AGAIN in this place or another place you would see so many DIFFERENT OPINION because they came FROM K-DRAMA FANS, can’t take their comment? You know what best you could do for the sake the one you love.

  17. If her comment is mean, then your comment about GHs is also mean! If your fandom gets affected you get hurt, similarly we too!! Stop bashing GHS ! Blogs have to give readers a good feeling..if you are getting angry just because we said bad comments should not be there in a blog because its her own blog, then you too have no rights to comment about an actress who hve huge fans like other actresses too and also its her wish to take that drama or leave it..if you want see or else leave..

  18. @sweetiekyu bash?omo even if i read my post again n again i cant see anythng bashful against ljk other than saying that his last drama got poor ratings.if that is bashing then 2day i learnt a new meaning of bashing!and whatever u said about ljk i know it well coz i too enjoy watching his dramas and i know he a wonderful person but it still does not make him that great that everyone kept saying that they are relieved that he opted out now that hyesun is in..respect and love ur actors but bring down others,call them names thats the right thing to do huh?and u expect her fans to just take it?i usually dont even reply to such comments but i could bear this time..and i used the other girls’s name to give a comparison on how the same aged girls are referred so differently.i dont enjoy bashing like some people do,so dont accuse me of bashing neither m i intersted nor do i enjoy it!

    • These days the weekday-dramas don’t get giant ratings, even the topped-rating ones. Even MS didn’t reach 20% before TW ended so it got decent rating, many praises and couldn’t be called poor rating. Not to mention GHS, just explained about the nature of rating in korea related to your mention about LJG.
      Since LJG is a male actor and GHS an actress, it’s unreasonable to be serious with viewers who left comments about LJG. Also comments here of the cast are about their acting, neither about rating nor popularity so your comment seemed to be that way by other readers. Also taking the other actors’ names and talking unrelated things to against of others’ opinions are not a proper way to solve for your bias though.

  19. Calling her an ahjumma was a very nice thing to say,and was so related to the drama and acting,i dint know..woww i m so enlightened 2day..
    Be it anything i say u will twist it in a very different way,meaning that whatever others say about hyesun is so right but comment on ur fav(which is not even bashful) is wrong!

  20. Ghs reminds me oh park shin hye – they both kiss with pursed lips. I wondet why they do that? To stress that they are pure, chaste or something? They’re like 20+ not junior school kids…. Sorry, proceed to bash me 🙂

  21. @dee… I just didnt get it? Really? Why bring up LJK name? I dont see his fans say anything bad to GHS here! They just express their relief cuz his turn down the offer…thats it.I think its a normal thing! As fans they just want The Best for their bias ( I think its the same to you right?!)And there is nothing wrong with it.

    • Ya ya HERE bashing ghs is a normal thing,i get it now,but just commenting on ur fav actor’s drama is a mean thing here!this blog is just not 4 me..
      its my mistake that i thought atleast some reasonable people might understand what i meant and what made me upset as a ghs fan..but i m just wasting my time here explaining..
      ok before i leave one more thing i dint bash ljk nor the other actresses..if u all still cant get what i meant i cant help it, when my exclamation mark is also a problem!
      Wont explain anymore,when the above comment itself is asking ghs and psh fans to bash her.lol.are these people sick or bullies?
      phew!landed in a strange blog..

      • The one who misunderstood the meanings and took other actors’ names (to revenge???, haha) is acting like the only right person here. Now not only taking other actors, also calling others who are not GHS fans as sick and bullies. LOL~ shame, shame

  22. Wasn’t you who didn’t understand well whom the word ahjumma being used for? At least, that made other ppl and their comments here to be more reasonable than yours.

  23. @dee I think there have been some misunderstanding here. If u read carefully @ck10z is refer to herself as ahjumma, not to ur GHS!

  24. i love LDW and LDH , i’ve watched the first 4 episodes of hotel king and its really great,cant wait for them to finish the whole story.. must watch it guys..

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