Tomorrow’s Cantabile Releases Script Reading Pics and First Official Stills of Conductor Joo Won

Y’all know that Joo Won does nothing for me, but hot diggity does his first official character posters for Tomorrow’s Cantabile look drop dead handsome. Everything is just perfect in the hot off the press two posters from the attire to the attitude to the background. I always appreciate the production putting creativity to use in ways not just to be different but to produce something attractive. The cast of the K-adaptation of Nodame Cantabile has been hard at work filming for the last three weeks, with the script reading stills released last week showing the leads getting all into the story. There’s a palpable sense of relief around this particular drama even if the idea of Korea doing Nodame itself still has many fans of the original manga wary. Having Shim Eun Kyung playing Nodame, here her name is Nae Il which translated as tomorrow, goes a looooong way in selling the drama even before the first stills drop.

This will be Shim Eun Kyung’s first drama in four years since Bad Guy and also her first long time coming leading lady role. She’s not just a phenomenal actress for her age, she also has a track record of picking good projects. Joo Won was linked to this drama first and his legions of fans will understandably think he’s got the looks and acting chops to pull off the character of Chiaki. The rest of us skeptics to his allure will have to wait until the first reels roll to render judgment but the first stills are good enough to allay some concern for now. Joo Won also has a great drama picking track record as long as one completely erases 7th Grade Civil Servant from his resume, LOL. Tomorrow’s Cantabile is on my radar but not one of the upcoming dramas I’m terribly excited about. I’m one of the group of folks that liked but didn’t love Nodame Cantabile so a K-version makes me curious without being overly attached.


Tomorrow’s Cantabile Releases Script Reading Pics and First Official Stills of Conductor Joo Won — 11 Comments

  1. I actually really liked the manga, anime, and live action JDorama versions of Nodame! From Joo Won’s pose in these stills, he does capture Chiaki’s attitude and style from the manga. I’m very excited but trying not to go in with too high expectations!

  2. Yay! First Yeon Woo Jin, and now Joo Won! Ojakgyo Brothers reunion! 🙂

    Couldn’t really get that into Nodame as I found it really, really slapstick and very mangaized….

    Liked the premise, though.

  3. Koala, I hope this drama rocks your boat so you can understand why so many of us love Joo Won. Then it’s all aboard the Joo Won train. Choo choo!

    Hey, if it could happen with Lee Jong Suk, who was also one of your allergies in the recent past, I have hope for Joo Won 😉 Heh.

    • + 1

      I’d rather use a naval image instead. Please, Mrs Koala, come aboard the ♫love boat♫ and “ship” this young man’s heart. 😀

  4. I like Joo Won but for some reason I think that Sung Joon would have been a great Chiaki as well. I am curious to watch the remake although I’m quite wary at the same time since I actually really loved the Japanese version so much.

  5. I dont know anything about the original but willcheck this out on account of joo won and shim eun kyung. Joo won was myfirst klove in my gateway kdrama ojakgyo brothers but honestly, i havent been following his last few projects for various reasons.

  6. Joo Won’s never impressed me. I like Shim Eun Kyung, I know she can pull Nodame off (I just hope that the korean Nodame will be like Nodame)
    I’m just in general concerned that this adaptation will not be as funny as the original.
    Hoping that they wont make Chiaki into some traumatized genius who goes around moping.
    All I know the Japanese Stresemann was hilarious, Takenaka was brilliant. In Ng’s poor Tamaki can’t stop laughing everytime Takenaka recites his lines.

  7. I am interested in watching this drama solely for Shim Eun Kyung. I like Joo Won, but I have never actually finished any of his dramas. Also, I never got around to watching Nodame when it was airing. I am glad I didn’t so I don’t have any expectations from this drama.

  8. Maybe I’m the only one but i just don’t get the chiaki vibes from those stills watsoever…..but Shim eun kyung baby <3 my only reason to try this series.

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